More Bastardly: Stealth Bastard Deluxe

The word 'bastard' wasn't allowed in game titles back when I was a lad so we called them 'Bad Dudes' instead.

I felt like I should have paid somebody at least a pound or two when I played Stealth Bastard last year. What began as an experiment in stripping stealth mechanics down to their furtive fundamentals was released as the speedy and stylish offspring of Metal Gear and Super Meat Boy. Next month, anyone who did play the free version and found it pleasing will be able to purchase Stealth Bastard Deluxe from Steam. The price isn’t available yet, but the Deluxification comes in the form of eighty levels, new equipment, a connecting narrative and “lots of new ways to die”. There’s a trailer for the non-deluxe below and that version will remain available even after the Steam release. Discover it here.

I can’t help but wish Curve had gone for the name Super Stealth Bastard, but other than that it’s good to see another shadowy figure creeping into view, even if he’s not exactly a newcomer.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    Excellent. Now can we have a deluxe edition of Super Crate Box please?

  2. kerbal says:

    Will this run on my ubuntu linux rig on work?

    • Charles de Goal says:

      I’ve just tried the non-Deluxe version and it works very badly with Wine (no sound, slow graphics, weird error messages about some missing files in E:\Games (!)).

  3. Drayk says:

    i did not give those guys the money they deserved, so i’ll buy this for sure ! Excellent game

  4. tomeoftom says:

    Was an excellent game.

  5. povu says:

    So much glorious stealth news this month.

  6. Yosharian says:

    Looks pretty cool, might pick it up.

  7. JD Ogre says:

    Damn. Too many games to buy in the coming months. STOP RELEASING QUALITY GAMES, PEOPLE!!! :P

  8. Jason Moyer says:

    Beat every level of the original version except the last one (which is a bitch). Absolutely phenomenal game. Possibly my favorite platform game of all time.

  9. wodin says:

    WIll have to be good to beat the Ninja game. This looks like one of those that requires pinpoint timing which in the end can drive me nuts and never o back..the beauty with Ninja is it gives alternative routes..

  10. mangrove says:


    I never understood why it was free in the first place. I would have paid for it, and now I will.

  11. Syra says:

    Brilliant game and well worth paying for! I even designed levels :D

  12. Tiax says:

    Damn, I wish Hotline Miami had eighty levels. :’ |

    • The Tupper says:

      I just wish it worked properly.

      • celozzip says:

        i can’t believe they released it in that condition. one of the devs had almost 3 hours of play in his profile on release so i assume he would’ve known it barely works.

        • The Tupper says:

          I don’t like conspiracy theories but it does stink a bit. They had a ‘patch’ immediately ready to hobble the game (removing, amongst other things, the controller facility altogether) upon release, giving the impression that they’re on top of things. Then nothing for days. The game was clearly not ready for release and it beggars belief that they didn’t know.

  13. MrLebanon says:

    im in the office with no volume, i watched the entire trailer humming the 007 theme

  14. G-Lord says:

    I’ve had the link to the original in my bookmarks for ages without trying it. I guess I can wait some more days to get right into the deluxe version.

  15. ThaMarchHare says:

    I was thinking after its been out for a while, there should be a humble stealth bundle with this, gunpoint, and some other somewhat stealth related games.

  16. SkittleDiddler says:

    Bethesda should take note: this is how you release a deluxe version of a game while leaving the original intact and available to your customers.

  17. celozzip says:

    super meat ninja? just read it has an editor too, this is gonna go down a treat on steam workshop.

  18. MrNash says:

    Great game, hopefully the creators can pull in a few bucks from getting it on Steam, and with it buy all the pies. Aaallllll the piiiieeeeeezzzzzz!

  19. jamesgecko says:

    Yes! Do want. Probably. I kind of want to play more, but only if there’s a lot of new robots and mechanisms and gimmicks to keep things interesting. “Lots of new ways to die” sounds promising.