Cutting Loose: Warframe Closed Beta Begins

Mommy, daddy, look! I'm gonna be a tooth for Halloween.

Warframe continues to look like that combination of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and space mutant ninja turtles rhinos that I never knew I wanted, but I’m certainly not complaining. Sure, I’m getting a bit burnt out on variations of horde mode, but not quite enough to turn down Warframe’s seemingly bounteous array of versatile powers. For all the promise it’s shown so far, though, the third-person shooter/slasher’s actually still fairly early. It just rounded the corner into closed beta, where it will remain for all of time. Or until it’s ready for full release in a few months. For now, though, Digital Extremes has put out a new dev diary to celebrate. Send your eyeballs past the break in an aesthetically pleasing series of neon-lit flips to view it. Hopefully the rest of your body will follow.

Looks pretty solid, right? Admittedly, the powers were a bit more interesting last time around, but I suppose it’s promising that even the basic tank classes have a few neat tricks. As for beta plans going forward, here’s how things will shake out:

“The Closed Beta test for Warframe has begun and we have slowly started adding players into the game. The first people to play the game were randomly chosen from our VIP list. And, over the coming months, we will continue to add new Beta testers to the mix.”

There is, however, a catch: getting onto the VIP list requires referring people to the game. Granted, that’s not the only way into the beta, but it definitely ups your chances. So that’s a bit obnoxious.

Now then, the obvious question of the hour: has anyone already gotten in? If so, is it decent? Obviously, it’s still months out from a full release, so this seems like a “real” beta – presumably with all the bugs and imbalances that implies. But how’s the foundation beneath all that?


  1. Njordsk says:


  2. Choca says:

    People who have gotten in cannot talk about it, sadly.

    And don’t ask me how I know that.

  3. chr says:

    That guy on the left. That guy –

    a) He doesn’t say anything.

    b) His t-shirt changes colour half way through.


    • BoZo says:

      Crab people.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        He has been replaced by PERSISTENT PIPIN

    • I want to stab you to death and play around with your blood. says:

      They all appear to have changed clothes. Perhaps they used some sort of “Chameleon Ability” to avoid paying for their lunch.

  4. SelfEsteemFund says:

    Had no idea these guys were still around, I remember them from the good ‘ol UT days!

    As for this game, it’s not something I’d play because of the obvious unfair advantages that come with thirdperson but I hope it does well for them though & it’s good to see them back on PC even if they’re only testing the free-to-play waters.

    • Dominic White says:

      I’m not sure how you can consider third-person to be an advantage if every player has it. It just means that everyone is empowered, and that taking a defensive stance is easier than twitch offensive.

    • Spectre-7 says:

      Unfair advantage? The game is cooperative.

  5. CaspianRoach says:

    Multiplayer-only? Too bad, this game looks like fun.

    Also, the acting in this diary was very awkward.

    • Dominic White says:

      If you want to try something like this, but singleplayer, pick up Dark Sector – same devs, much of the same concepts, very similar character design. The PC port has a weird issue with widescreen only working in windowed mode, but otherwise it’s perfectly playable.

      • SuicideMachine says:

        It really looks like Dark Sector… before it scrapped and redesigned. Just look at it: link to – characters, part of a graphical style, music, movement. I think it’s pretty obvious, they recycled a lot of the concept arts and ideas from that time – it’s good, because people wanted Sci-Fi Dark Sector so badly and what they got was pretty big disappointment.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Really, really awkward

  6. Unaco says:

    It is rather lovely how the WARLIGHT really WARFRAMES the character’s WARFACE, in that top image.

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      I appreciate the use of WARLEADINGLINES too.