MechWarrior Online Open Beta Starting Monday

Very few things on this Earth can stop a fully operational giant robot. One of those things is another giant robot impacting the first with equal and opposite force. This is known as Cyber-Newton’s 23rd law, and he personally destroys all who dare oppose it. All the other things that can stop a giant robot, meanwhile, are crushing realities of game development. Case in point: the recent delay of MechWarrior Online‘s open beta. Stability apparently wasn’t up to snuff, so Piranha decided to tinker away a while longer. Now, though, it’s in acceptable shape, so the robots will begin rocking, socking, and vaporizing each other early next week.

The open beta kicks off on Monday, October 29th. Notably, it’ll begin with one final data wipe, so if you’ve been participating in closed beta, say goodbye to all of your goodies. However, Founder’s Program bonuses and in-game currency will be reimbursed, so this isn’t highway robbery or anything.

Meanwhile, if you’ve opted to stick to the sidelines up to this point, there’s not much to stop you from giving MechWarrior a go now. Just register on the official site and – starting Monday – you’re in. It’s definitely worth at least a quick look, too, by RPS’ estimation – which is largely handled by our official Estimate-O-Tron, because manual estimation is for peasants. Anyway, by compiling Jim’s impressions and some random numbers it made up, the Estimate-O-Tron declares MechWarrior Online “promisin6392%%%&.” That’s good, I think? Truth be told, I don’t interpret these things. That job belongs to the Interpret-O-Tron.


  1. Hellifant says:

    they still not having EU servers yet?

    • mrmalodor says:

      Nope. They are refusing to comment on the status of EU servers, which leads me to believe that there will be none. Ever.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      I’m playing on a feeble 8 meg connection on Virgin of all things.

      The game plays fine dont worry about it.

      • mrmalodor says:

        If “fine” means extremely delayed, then yes, it’s totally “fine”.

        • Bobzer says:

          5MB connection from Ireland, haven’t once had a latency of over 100ms.

          • aepervius says:

            A friend of mine told me that from Hessen/Germany with a DSL (I think DSL 1024) he got a horrendous round trip way above 200ms. I take it with a grain of salt without being able to check myself, but if it is true, then it isn’t very playable.

          • Davee says:

            I’m in central Sweden on a 2.4 MB connection and it’s unusual for my ping to go below 140 in MWO. Not okay. For a quick (and maby not great) comparison: PlanetSide 2 plays just fine on a packed US server whereas MWO immediately suffers huge hit detection and rubber-banding issues – dunno if it’s the ping itself being too high due to round-trips or their netcode being too sensitive…

            It’s been like this since I first got into closed beta a few months back. I hope they can get it fixed up so more of us can get on with better feature and balance testing. :/

  2. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    Phew, I could use a breather in Mechwarriors beautiful countryside before dipping back into Hawken’s vertical and noisy cities…

  3. DK says:

    An utterly terrible decision by the way, what with the gigantic update that introduces Double Heat Sinks (the single most game changing piece of technology of the setting) was not only just introduced, but also *completely broken* (the DHS don’t actually *work*). Yet they are going Open Beta before even one fixing patch.

    They’re trusting their in house testing to fix everything in one patch, the same in-house testing that completely missed the biggest, most important tech of the last update not actually doing anything whatsoever.

    • PatrickSwayze says:



      B E T A.


      As in, not a final finished product. As in, come help test this game and also get to play it EARLY before it is COMPLETE.

      • Taidan says:

        Semantics. They call it “beta”, yet they gladly accept customer’s money in the same manner as any other released game.

        At the end of the day, it’s a label to give fair warning to their potential customers, but it’s not a total get-out-of-jail-free card.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          You bought into a beta hurrrr durrr.

          Deal with it!

        • PopeJamal says:

          They haven’t taken any of my money yet. Anyone who gives money to a beta project has every right to complain, but no right to be SURPRISED when things “suck”.

          If people stopped “buying into” faux Betas, then maybe the devs would learn to stop doing them. Also, why should the devs pay people to test their game when they can get people to PAY THEM to test their game?

        • Whisperduke says:

          Actually when closed beta purchases reached the 5 million mark they stopped accepting money. They’re not here to rip you off but they are a company and they do it for the money. IT IS beta no matter of your personal views and is a continuing work in progress. People should be happy they’re allowing playtime of the unfinished product. Better then fully releasing a broken product with constant patch updates.

          • Taidan says:

            Whsiperduke, to put it bluntly, your information is wrong.

            They never stopped accepting money. They stopped selling Founder’s packs at a certain (very recent) date, which was set well in advance, (then extended by at least a month) but by then they were taking MC payments from their closed beta testers. The only reason that the Founder’s packs were stopped was to make them a more “desirable” limited option, there was never any plan of aiming for a certain amount of money.

            In reply to your second part, like I said initially, semantics. Call it a beta if you like, but if it’s on open release and they’re taking money, it’s a launched product. (If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…) The only reason these F2P games use terms like “beta” and “launch” is as a tactic to create publicity and deflect criticism.

      • nanowired says:

        You’re not using that phrase right.

        It’s a beta, however letting bugs go into the public release like that is unprofessional.

        It’s a bug, not a feature. Fix it.

        • Shralla says:

          They’re going to! You idiots are acting like they’re just releasing the game, never to look at it again. It’s still an open BETA. Just like open BETAS in other games. Except this one is free-to-play, meaning the progression from closed beta to release is different than in pay-to-play games. Get used to it, because literally every f2p game is exactly the same in that regard.

          • nanowired says:

            Perhaps you need to reread my post.

            Public Release = open beta. Not full release, but still out to the public.

            It’s just something that needs to be fixed BEFORE they go open beta.

          • hurleybird says:

            Well, with most open beta’s you have a wipe when launch hits, in MWO’s case there isn’t going to be a wipe. There’s really no difference besides what you call it.

            The last patch introduced (and broke) double heat sinks, broke the economy, broke the netcode so that many hits won’t even register on targets that are standing still, broke balance by taking out collisions (the devs say they weren’t entirely happy with the implementation and they will be adding the feature back in the future), introduced a major graphical bug that makes your screen go completely black, and they are saying that there won’t even be a hotfix patch before open beta hits. It’s a really bad move, and the vast majority of people currently in beta seem to be against it.

      • andytt66 says:

        No. I’m sorry, but once you start taking people’s money, that constitutes a release for me.

        You can *call* it an “Open Beta” as much as you like, but after you have done your final reset of cash store, in-game currency and exp, that’s it. (There will be no reset of stats/cash after monday). Your game is out in the open, people are playing it, and you have released.

        I’ve been a defender of MWO on this board in the past, calling people out for making inaccurate claims like “the Founder mechs are better than normal mechs, thats Pay 2 Win”. Was rather disappointed this week to find out that the developers have added a new “Hero Mech” in this patch, only purchasable by cash (rather than credit earnt in-game) with a configuration that, indeed, is unobtainable through non cash-store means. The very thing I’d been pointing out previously that they very specifically *hadn’t* done. (If people are interested, they actually removed the version of a mech in the game that would allow this config through in-game currency, claiming it was a “placeholder”)

        So yeah, bit disappointed really.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          It’s balanced. It lacks one of the weapons that a Hunchback of a similar build has and goes a touch faster.

          BALANCED I SAY

          • andytt66 says:

            Heh. I’ve got absoutely no clue about medium mechs, I drive an Atlas.

            If the “Yen Lo Wang” Hero mech was just a reskinned Centurion-AH that let you earn C-Bills faster, I wouldn’t care. At all. That sounds exactly the sort of thing that cash shops *should* be doing.

            What makes me sad, is that now if I get hit on the head with a shovel and decide that I really want to pilot a Centurion mech with an AC20 in the arm, the only way I can do that is to pay actual cash. There should be nothing in the game that you cannot attain via skill and time.

            Bryan Eckman, Creative Director of the devs, said in a recent Q&A session that it wasn’t a problem to him as he didn’t regard any variant of a chassis as giving any particular tactical advantage.. which rather misses the point.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            I promise you its a bit shit.

            You will never be missing much.

            /buyers remorse

          • andytt66 says:

            Oh wait, just discovered another reason to loath the HeroMech. Which I will now complain about, even though people will not see it on a days-old story.

            Okay so, to unlock tier progression on a particular MechWarrior chassis, you need to unlock all the “standard” upgrades for three variants of the chassis, before you can get to the “advanced” upgrades, with me? And to unlock a standard upgrade, you need to own that particular chassis. So, if I wanted to get advanced upgrades on an Atlas-D, for example, I’d have to purchase and unlock all standard upgrades on, say, the Atlas-D, Atlas-K and Atlas-RS.

            There are only three Centurion chassis available, one of which is the HeroMech. (After they removed the Centurion-AH variant as mentioned above).

            This means, if you want to get the advanced upgrades on *any* Centurion chassis, you’re going to have to shell out the cash to buy a HeroMech to get the standard upgrades on it.

            Now that just flat-out sucks.

          • Taidan says:

            In defence of PGI, they will be adding a new Centurion in the next week or so to replace the AH, but it needs a bit of gear they haven’t actually added to the game yet.

            On the flipside, you are entirely right. There was no need to remove the AH in the first place. I was just starting to get my head around it, then they pulled it right out of my sticky grasp!

        • nanowired says:

          Yea I agree about the heromech. It seems they wanted to provide a “pay for more cbills” mech in game, but instead of picking one out with a wildly different configuration, they went with a mech which they had to gimp in the first place.

          The mech they chose was famous for a few reasons, but it also had a MELEE WEAPON. So, without that, it’s just the normal variant of the mech. It’s like adding a Hatchetman sans hatchet.

        • LeeTheAgent says:

          That reminds me of that time I got married to a man. I told him, once I give you this ring, I don’t care what’s dangling between your legs. You’re a woman. And it’s totally not gay.

          Too bad it turned out I was the bottom. :\

        • sidhellfire says:

          It’s good to know that those games I’ve supported by kickstarter got already released.

      • DK says:

        The Devs consider Open Beta a launch for MWO.
        And the point wasn’t that the bug was in there in the first place. That’s what a beta is for. My point is that, by their own definition, they’re launching *without* letting the Beta tester test for bugs.
        I know it’s a Beta – the problem is that PGI doesn’t seem to know it. They prefer to rely on their own in-house tester, which have repeatedly let incredibly obvious bugs through the net.

        • pupsikaso says:

          I am so fed up of clueless idiots that know absolutely nothing about the process of internal QA.
          If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then SHUT UP.

          • aepervius says:

            I know quite a lot on software QA. I am involved in software devlopment for a Central reservation system.

            bottom line is even in the version you give tester, you DO MAKE SURE that at least all main feature works half way (I am not even pretending fully working).

            A main feature which do not work at all is acceptable only if you wanr in advance “feature X is not working in version y” to tester. Was it told in the patch that the feature would work or not ? if it was not mentioned either their dev process is bad , or their comms process are bad. Either way it does reflect poorly on them.

            beta is not an *Excuse* to allow all sort of bad process to creep in. Beta only means feature complete now tackling debugging. You still have to make proper announcement in patch or proper test beforehands.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            Uh oh, we got us an expert here!!!

      • aepervius says:

        It is true that it is only a “beta” (feature complete but not yet debugged enough to make a release) that does not excuse missing a main feature being fully broken. No really. That indicate that some feature might not even be tested at all before being released in a beta version, not a very good sign and very indicative of a chaotic process on software development.

    • impar says:

      Read the Beta forums.
      Only the HS of the engine are broken.

  4. Taidan says:

    While I really like the direction PGI are going with this game, and still see it as having the potential to be a true masterpiece, their definition of “acceptable shape” appears to differ wildly from any other meaning of the term I’ve seen used previously.

    The netcode alone renders the game nigh unplayable for most, what with them reverting to 1999’s technique of almost everything being done server-side. The upshot of that is that nothing in the game actually is where you think it is, and those awesome headshots you’ve been making? According to the game and all spectators, you’ve been hammering a harmless hillside for the last five minutes, while the mech you’ve been aiming at has been dancing a merry jig around you shooting up a completely innocent building.

    I won’t even get started on the continuing balance issues the game suffers from, or the current problems with their in-game economy and payment model, which are leading the game teetering on a knife-edge over a pit of pay-for-power gaming.

    Apart from all of that though, game’s a blast. Get in, and give it a go when you get the chance. Just don’t expect to be competitive straight off the bat, it’s a steep learning curve, and if you’re a “free player”, you’ll be tragically under-armed for the first few days.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Far as I can tell from playing it all yesterday after staying away from it for several months, the state is pretty good. Of course, people expect open betas to be a demo and completely representative of the game in its finished state, so yeah, by that definition it’s not suitable for open beta. But other than that, it seems like they have a good production line going and are able to introduce features to the game in a reasonable and thought out manner.

      • nanowired says:

        I agree.

        I Feel that open beta should of taken place AFTER the implementation of Community Warfare, however from PGI’s standpoint they are NOT getting the data they need from the current set of testers(they are calling it testing fatigue) so they have to go to open beta to get real numbers.

        and honestly I don’t blame them.

        • andytt66 says:

          I’m a naturally cynical person at the best of times, but I can’t quite shake the feeling that “beta fatigue” is another name for “we’d like people to start paying us money now, please” :)

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            I’ve got testing fatigue. There’s not much more to test, really. The same crippling balance issues that they refuse to fix, the same four maps that get unacceptable fps, and poor netcode. We’ve tested these things, reported them to be broken, and they’re not getting fixed. The only new things they’re releasing for us to test are the new mechs, which really don’t change balance all that much; one mech is much like another when you can customize them this much.

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        Thing is though, the definition of a Beta is that it is feature complete. This isn’t even close. The point of a beta usually is that you have almost all the content in, you just need to test what you have for performance, usability, and in the case of games, balance. As far as MWO is concerned, right now they don’t have half the mechs or parts in, remotely enough maps, or their featured gametype. That’s going to make it awfully hard to test the three things a beta is supposed to test.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Sounds like connection problems to me, are you being throttled.

      I play on a shoddy 8 meg copper wire virgin connection and I’m often the leading player on my team despite the servers being US bound.

      • Taidan says:

        No, I’m not being throttled. Playing on a 65mb line from the UK, sitting around 100ms.

        The problem is that the problem is pretty well hidden, so if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you probably won’t notice it. It will affect you all the same, though. You’re probably the same guy who moans about how bad the aim of the rest of your team is when you’re spectating, amirite? (Hint: They’re not bad shots. On their screen, they’re hitting 100% on the time.)

        I can also be the “leading player” on my team, as and when I choose to. Doesn’t mean I’m playing well, though, just means I’m exploiting certain builds and tactics to bump my score. Managed to keep a 9.5 kill ratio in the green for a week or so, but I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a benefit to my team for most of those matches. I was just exploiting a fast mech boating small lasers, which is pretty much invincibile in the game as it stands, unless you get SSRM’d.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          Only ever seen one person struggle like that (yesterday actually) but they adjusted and seemed to do okay.

          A lot of fast connections can still have pretty dreadful pings.

          Have you looked at speed test online?

  5. mrmalodor says:

    My experience with MWO has been nothing but horrible and I recommend staying away from it if you value your time and money. You will be disappointed. It’s a sinking ship.

    • nanowired says:

      My experience has been just the opposite. It’s been a great game, and while it has a lot to grow I’ve seen a taste of what it might be and it’ll be awesome. Comments about Netcode make me scratch my head, as I’ve had zero problems on it – and I’m using wireless – and I often play with EU players who also do not have a lot of problem with it.

      They recently took a step back and removed collisions, probably in favor of waiting until they have them properly coded.

      the only real developmental problem I’ve had with PGI is that they recently listened to a loud minority who was complaining about having to use teamwork in a teamgame, so PGI is planning on applying a nerf to Teamwork which will not actually fix the problem(which is related to how the minority is playing the game, not the game itself). Ingame communication tools are sparse at best at the moment, but hopefully they’ll rectify this.

      • Taidan says:

        My experience of the game has been somewhere in between, pointing slightly towards the more positive side of things.

        I would recommend that everybody go in and try for themselves. Just keep an eye on the forums for hints and information, but at the same time be wary of the community, they can be pretty caustic.

        • mrmalodor says:

          Pretty caustic is an understatement. They are more caustic than a thousand vats full of hydrochloric acid.

          • Waswat says:

            If you found that community to be that bad… I wonder what you’ll think of the HoN or LoL community.

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        When you say they nerfed teamwork, are you referencing the fact that premade groups of eight people who are very good and on TeamSpeak can no longer join & repeatedly steamroll ungrouped teams?

        • nanowired says:

          In a group of 2 and with teamwork, I routinely steamroll pugs.

          Pugs who communicate, get mistaken for 8 player premades and routinely steamroll other pugs.

          Your idea of what is actually happening is a mistake of your own perception, and incorrect. More so, you are incorrect that this change is going to actually fix the problem you are having.

          any team from 2 to 4 players is still going to steamroll pugs.

          People who group up from 5 to 7 players will no longer be allowed to play in those groups.

          People who play 8 teams will get all they wanted without having to result to quirky team configurations to insure a matchup.

          Pugs who refuse to communicate(IE You and everyone who is complaining about the phantom premade menace) will still get steamrolled.

          So yea, a pretty unnecessary change. And No, there won’t be a premade per team.

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            So when I join a match, and either hear “Hello from Eridani Light Pony, good luck and have fun!” or “We’re the goons, prepare to get rolled, [slur against gay people]s” and then procede to get flattened 8-0, my preconception of what is going on is wrong? Thanks for letting me know. Will keep this in mind.

  6. PatrickSwayze says:

    Seriously, what is it about this game that attracts the QQ babies?

    I have had nothing but fun with this game. The are constant changes and improvements and content added to the game. It’s great seeing it go from strength to strenght!

    • nanowired says:

      Most of the people with zero problem with this game have a history with older games, if that gives you some sort of clue.

      CoD strikes again.

      • mrmalodor says:

        I have a long history with older games, including MW titles.

    • mrmalodor says:

      The only babies I’ve noticed are the ones shouting “BETA BETA” and “LOL QQ” at every legitimate criticism.

      • Thirdstar says:

        Indeed. I’ve found most of the current beta crop of players (specially Founders) are completely unable to be objective. All criticism is countered by BETA! and QQ!! and L2P!! Note the examples in the comments are incapable of being civil.

        There are some very good ideas in MWO but it is a very flawed and limited product at the moment. It may improve, it may not, that remains to be seen and I’m perfectly willing to give the Devs enough time to work out the kinks. However, the attitude that all criticism is whining is counter intuitive to the whole point of a Beta. And lets at least admit that in the F2P space Open Beta is for all intents and purposes the same as release.

        • nanowired says:

          Silly troll, go back to troll town.

          For the unitiated,
          People who actually hold the opinion that people who explain things as beta are just being fanboys/unobjective are people who cannot read.

          For example, when you are accepted there is a big sign that says READ THIS. In there, are several links. One of them points to placeholders.

          People like the above two, will complain about the existence of those placeholders as if they were a full part of the game and will forever be that way…

          • mrmalodor says:

            And this is exactly the type of childish response you would get from an MWO fan. Straw men and accusations of trolling.

  7. MrNash says:

    I’m not sure if I should try it myself or just let my Giant-Robot-Game-Play-O-Tron handle it.

  8. Mad B says:

    For the Whiney bitches complaining about MWO its beta fools.. if you are complaining you shouldn’t be in BETA..

    and for those who are in closed beta signed a non disclosure agreement.. so whining on this site about stuff that needs the kinks worked out. is really lame..

    Stop crying like little babies and get playing and making bug reports so the game can get the quality control it deserves..

    And for those whining about stuff being broken in while in the BETA stage.. pull yer head out of yer ass it will help you think clearer..

    • dE says:

      This comment is comedy gold.
      Sidenote: Check up on your facts. Especially the NDA one.

    • DK says:

      Except they lifted the NDA ages ago.
      And they’ve repeatedly stated that they themselves, PGI, the devs, consider Open Beta *launch* (“soft launch”). So all the “it’s a beta don’t QQ” people should maybe shut the frack up, because it’s not actually a Beta anymore – by the Devs own definition – once it goes Open.

      • Thirdstar says:

        I’ve seen criticism of the PuGstomps (matchmaking), repair costs, hit detection etc etc constantly deflected by OMG IT’S BETA! It’s just not going to fly anymore.

        On a related note I’m amused by the ‘Feedback’ that if you’re getting stomped in PuGs maybe you should find some friends and get on TS. Barring the fact that not everyone may want/be able to do that, what do the keyboard warriors think will happen when the matchmaking actually starts working and premades start facing other premades? I doubt they’re going to be as magnanimous when the shoe’s on the other foot.

  9. dE says:

    Am I odd, that I care more for the customisation than the actual mech action? MWO is a great game in my books, but I won’t be playing it. The aspect I’m most interested in, is hamstringed by the payment model. I’m not mad that they went the way they did, it’s just not appealing to me.
    But during the Beta, I often found myself wanting to experiment with the mechs – but bounced off the huge time investment needed to make that happen (several hours of play, just to afford a new reactor for example). Every change ended up taking huge bites out of my budget. I get why they do it though, it’s their business model after all. It just so happens to be sitting atop the one aspect I was looking forward to.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      You could always…… PAY! SHOCK HORROR!

      • dE says:

        Did you practice hitting countries with nukes? By what kind of margin did you miss every single time? Are all those Nuclear Tests, all around the world, a result of you trying to get the point?
        Because if they are, you know, just saying – you should try reading comprehension first next time. Doesn’t seem like it’s your forté either but it might be worth a try.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          If you don’t want to pay you need to learn to play.

          • dE says:

            Now you’re just thick for the sake of it.
            Why are you even pissing my direction? I’m not trashtalking the game, for crying out loud.

      • mrmalodor says:

        Pay for a free game? LOL. I would pay as much as 50$ for a premium, competitive MW game, but not this thing.

  10. elshar says:

    I have been looking forward to this game for a long time since i have always been a great mechwarrior fan (both the pc games and the rpg settings) And as thus decided a while back to buy a founders package.

    Here is a list of my problems with it after playing the beta for a while. I did stop playing a few months ago because of progress being wiped all of the time and the repair costs being totally out of wack.

    Most of the weapons are useless either becauses of their damage/weight ratio or the serverside hit checking deciding your ac/20 round missed after all.(Most ballistic weapons seem to have a delay caused by the server checking , missiles oddly enough seem fine most of the time but have another delay caused by the poddoors opening /closing)

    The fact that you have to elite 3 different variants of the same mech to master it just seems added as additional grind. No reason is giving why i need to grind a missileboat variant to get better at a brawler.

    The maps are small and generic. No familiar names or places

    The game runs very badly compared to say crysis 2(or the living legends mod)

    Compared to for example world of tanks you situational awareness is severely reduced, the minimap is aweful. And the base capturing mechanic for example doesn’t get interrupted by enemy fire hitting the capturing mech.

    But most importantly the game lacks fun. And the community seems to be the most hostile i have ever encountered .

  11. Stuka_JU87 says:

    Does anyone know if this fully supports joysticks yet? I tried using my saitek x52 a few months ago and after about an hour of tweaking it still worked horribly.

  12. Wombats says:

    Beta fatigue? I had beta fatigue.
    The game was not fun, played World of Tanks instead.
    Having said that, its free to check out now so give it a burl.

  13. Fatboy85 says:

    I personally really like the game. The combat is fun as is the customization of your mechs (if you get to that point). It’s still pretty much BETA (or not even that – maybe ALPHA would be more appropriate).
    It has a lot of flaws (sadly), but hopefully it’s shaping up to be a good game.
    The good:
    -nice and meaty combat, that rewards caution and teamwork.
    -the feeling that you are actually piloting a mech is at least as good as in MW3
    -customization is nicely done. not too complicated and not as restrictive as mw4
    That said, there are also a lot of problems with the current beta-build:
    -hit-detection of really fast moving targets is sub-optimal
    -double-heatsinks don’t work as intended
    -currently it’s too expansive to pilote your own mech, because of huge repair bills (previously it was more lucrative to pilote your own mech, because trial-mechs only earned a percentage of income)
    -LRMs are overpowered (they do too much damage per missle)
    -Pug-stomping is still in the game (though they will gradually remove it [and if you don’t know what i mean by pug-stomping: a premade team of experienced (mostly) players fighting against a loosly held together group of people, who usually scatter to the four wind in 5 seconds – it’s ugly, but at least it’s quick])

    @mrmalodor: what is actually your problem with a game you don’t want to play anymore? I’ve seen you in every single MWO discussion. Has the game scarred you in some unimaginable, horrible way us mortals can’t comprehend?
    The game is free for everybody to try out and form their own oppinion. If this oppinion doesn’t equal yours, so what?

  14. SkittleDiddler says:

    Thanks to PatrickSwayze and nanowired, I know exactly what F2P game I won’t be getting into anytime soon.

  15. You rebel scum says:

    Not sure if it’s just me doing something wrong or having incorrectly set expectations, but after spending a few hours in a trial mech saving enough for my own, I was severely disappointed with the cash flow when I purchased a shiny new hunchback. The repair costs just seem to be outrageous. If I lose a match after being steamrolled by a premade, when repairs/ammo are taken into account I’m left with a profit of 30k c-bills. Considering a new (decent) mech costs upwards of 3-4million I find this pretty harsh. After a good win you can expect something around the 100k mark but considering your income is dictated largely by the skill/loadout of the random team you’re allocated to via the matchmaking service you really don’t have that much say as to whether you’re going to win or lose.

    I find it far more financially efficient to run matches in a trial mech – you’re pretty useless due to the average/inefficient loadouts but at least your income isn’t decimated by the extreme repair costs. Also just like to say that making a complete newbie grind for hours and hours in order to get their own ‘fun’ customiseable mech is certainly not a good way to entice new players into a game (especially in beta) – just feels like hard work (and then when you get there your income takes a huge hit, unless you’re running with pre-made groups).

    Am I just failing miserably at this game? I often output a fair amount of damage and almost always get a few kills/assists but it seems that if you expect to play without throwing down cash you can expect an epic grind for the entirety of your career.

    • Thrak says:

      Repair costs are borked right now – getting fixed in the OB patcharama apparently.