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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Your Boulder

Lets all buy all of the cheap games! I’ve listed them all here. Right here. Ok, not right here, but a little bit after these very words you can find the highlights of this weekends digital gaming offerings. For even more of the gaming cheapness, and deals across all platforms, get yourself over to It’s the bargain bucket:

Jet Set Radio – £2.99/similar prices in other currencies
I’m pretty surprised to see this HD rerelease reduced in price so quickly. I’m not stopping to ask questions though. This game still looks the part, and this new PC release is basically fine, although I can’t imagine it controls very well without a controller of some kind. This is a brilliant off the wall game, like what Sega used to make at their most creative. It’s a bit of a fiddly bastard at times, but when you sting together a series of well placed jumps and grinds, it feels excellent. Remember kids, graffiti is art. However, graffiti as an act of vandalism is a crime.

Rock of Ages – £1.74/€1.99/$2.49
Rock of Ages is off it’s nut. Rather than a stage show staring a man that hates women and probably himself, this is a pythonesque ball rolling sim/tower defence game thing. Here’s wot Jim thought:

Rock Of Ages has a simple premise of the kind that makes for strong videogames: you roll your boulder down the map to smash a gateway. If you can smash down the gate (which takes a few attempts) then you can crush your opponent, and that’s level complete. Simple enough, except the map is a huge slope that graduates through the levels into being a series of slopes with different routes and islands. This means that the immediate challenge of the game is in actually driving your boulder down a slope and hitting the gate at maximum speed, so as to cause the most damage. But there are a few further layers of complication to come.

God bless Ace Team.

Bioshock & Bioshock 2 – £4.65/€5.79/$7.49
Available as either a version that activates on Steam, or as one that doesn’t. Both use Securom, because 2K seem to like installing nasty things onto the computers of their paying customers.
Shockingly good value, here. The original Bioshock might not be the best immersive sim out there, but it’s a game full of fantastic locations, interesting story, and for all it’s faults it’s packed with great ideas. No doubt that Bioshock’s critical and commercial success helped pave the way for the likes of DXHR and Dishonored. The sequel had improved combat, and had a few great sections, but it was largely retreading the same ground. Both totally deserve a play, and the new one is looking pretty sweet too. Here’s wot Alec thought of Bioshock the second.

Left 4 Dead – £3.24
Left 4 Dead 2 – £3.74
The two L4D games combined contain more zombies than you can shake a bottle of pills at. Here’s wot John thought of the sequelier of the two games:

I’d almost forgotten those moments. There’s only three of you still alive, the rescue helicopter is right there, in view, and you can’t move. One companion is pinned to the ground by a frenzied Hunter, another is barely alive, fallen from the path, trying to negotiate a route back, and you – you simply can’t move. There’s so many of the Infected surrounding you, pouring from over fences and climbing from a hole in the ground, swamping you, and no matter how many you kill more take their place. And the rescue boat is just there, you can almost touch it, and you can’t move.

And the rest is here.

Deal of the week
Rayman Origins – £4.99/similar prices in other currencies
I wasn’t too keen on this at first. Sure, the lovely brightly coloured high res artwork was instantly appealing, but the controls were a bit too floaty. I stuck with it, and gave myself a bit of time to get used to the movement, and it started to click. It’s a great little platformer, with brilliant music and some brilliant level design, and at this price I’d say give it a go even if the demo didn’t seem up your street. I guess they do make them like they used to. Read wot Alec thought here.

Also of note:
Latest Indie Royale is pretty good.
Super Meat Boy – £2.49/similar prices in other currencies. Registers on Steam.
Sonic Generations – £4.99/similar prices in other currencies. Registers on Steam.
Nordic promo at GOG.

You can find more cheap games over at

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