Tropical Tycoon: The Good Life

CryEngine tech demos make me want to go on holiday. Beautiful, lovingly crafted locations deserve to be explored with a cocktail in one hand and a camera in the other. To those who were annoyed when alien-mutant-monsters showed up in Far Cry, I say that you should have been annoyed when men with guns showed up. They ruined the laidback adventure of a lifetime. The trailer for The Good Life promises a tourism tycoon game about escaping the nine-to-five, which is far more desirable than being stuck in a war. Despite having typos and 94% less graphics than Far Cry, at least everything in it doesn’t keep exploding. Watch.

So close. Still, the ‘time to explosion’ rating is high. Unfortunately the pirates aren’t the only source of explosions and therefore aren’t the only mark against The Good Life’s idyllic facade. Natural disasters are nature’s attempt to make explosions, even if they don’t involve fire and shrapnel. Just as a process of ocular and cerebral evolution invented the first-person perspective, nature’s angry wrath set the tone for every Michael Bay film and graceless warshooter that man has ever made when it chose to kill our feathered friends the dinosaurs with a massive grenade.

Of course, no triple-A studios were around to see that because the only humans to co-exist with dinosaurs were bearded indie developers, but you can bet your last penny that Pliny scribbled the concept for ‘a hyperviolent multiplayer man-stabber with epic explosions’ on the back of a cigarette packet when he saw Vesuvius blow its top. The game was never released because Atari’s adaptation of Plautus’ Epidicus was so poorly received that it caused the burgeoning interactive entertainment market to crash so hard that it didn’t recover until the 1980s.

The Good Life is out on November 2nd.


  1. godofdefeat says:

    ˝Avoid pirates (with mininguns).˝
    This looks interesting.

    • The Random One says:

      How can I use the minigun to avoid the pirates? Do I throw it to distract them?

  2. MrLebanon says:

    “Master the technique to dock at any port”

    now this sounds exciting!

  3. Jesse L says:

    Enjoy your discount holiday in Uncanny Valley.

  4. kikito says:

    Wow, hello again GTA: San Andreas.

    “Live the live you’ve always wanted to live”

    Sorry dudes, I don’t know you, but boats never interested me. Even less so if they are being attacked by pirates with GATLING GUNS.

  5. carlthuringer says:

    It kinda looks like crap to me. Am I alone here? Am I alone thinking that someone stayed up every night for a month playing with daddy’s tools and is proudly showing off a new doghouse, and they used the shiny nails and screws but it’s leaning over a bit and the roof leaks and the colors are mismatched.

    • Lanfranc says:

      It does look a little unpolished, design- and concept-wise.

  6. Toberoth says:

    “Interactive missions.” The opposite of Warfighter, then?

  7. Guv says:

    Good set of lungs on them tourists, wish i could free dive at 100 ft in my khaki shorts…

  8. golem09 says:

    No game had ever more of a holiday vibe than Dead Island.

  9. Tridae says:

    for some reason I really really want to play this. I remember in the Far Cry days I made custom maps for my sister totally devoid of enemies but filled with little hidden things to find and places to explore. This is exactly that but with a little more purpose.

    • colossalstrikepackage says:

      Weirdly enough, this. I’m much more interested in the exploring aspect of this. The pirates are a little bit of a nuisance but I’m certainly hoping this is something that can be toggled off.

    • Lanfranc says:

      The name escapes me, but there was a PC game some, I don’t know, maybe 15 to 20 years ago which had you play a modern-day treasure hunter. So you’d have a ship which you’d outfit with various technical equipment, search around for clues to sunken treasures, and then you’d sail out to search and dive for it. Pretty fun, as I recall. Someone should do a remake of that.

  10. The Random One says:

    Looks like Just Cause 2 only smaller and without enemies (well, except for pirates). That sounds like something I’d like to play.

    Also looks like a bunch of rough unfinished concepts. Sad.

  11. G-Lord says:

    Those screens somehow remind me of White Gold.

  12. SAM-site says:

    I’m thinking Steam sale, I’m thinking around £5 and I’ll be on this in a shot. Looks like an afternoon entertainingly spent.

  13. charmed23 says:

    Any review for the game? Looks so chilled!