Dino Release Day: Primal Carnage Now On Steam

Oh man, thanks so much for the help. That dinosaur almost got m-- HEYWAITAMINUTE.

Are dinosaurs the new zombies? Could they end up becoming our next guiltless gun target du jour? Between Dino D-Day, Orion: Dino Beatdown, and now Primal Carnage, pre-history’s least lovable lizards have recently found themselves in our crosshairs more than, well, ever – largely because crosshairs didn’t exist back when they weren’t asteroid dust. Problem is, no one’s really figured out how exactly to make this brand of incredibly¬†asymmetrical combat shine just yet. So then, can Primal Carnage soar where others have flapped helplessly with their tiny T-Rex arms and fallen off a cliff? Let’s find out. Let’s find out together.

Primal Carnage is out on Steam right now for the rather un-multiple-stories-tall price of $14.99. Apparently, though, it’s a bit unstable at the moment, with some users reporting start-up problems (which can be fixed by disabling anti-aliasing) and a few other assorted crash issues.

Here’s hoping everything gets (dino) sorted soon, though, because I’m interested in finding out whether Primal Carnage is simply all-out chaos all the time, or if there’s more to it than that. Also, I can’t help but wonder how much longevity it can muster with only five locations and one mode. And, most importantly, will the inevitable DLC include hats? I sure hope so. If my T-Rex can’t sport a comedically tiny top hat while flossing human remains from his teeth with other human remains, then no deal.


  1. lumpeh says:

    My kingdom for a Carnivores remake! :(

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Carnivores was such a blast. Had a whole trophy room full of T-Rexes, I did.

  2. wodin says:

    The first person, third dinosaur view point looks better than the game where your a mouth with teeth.

    • iHavePants says:

      Perhaps, but it controls much, much worse.

    • Mordsung says:

      The third person works well because they’re outside with lots of room.

      Natural Selection levels are tight corridors.

      Also the actual accuracy of your bites is far higher in NS2.

  3. Jams O'Donnell says:

    “Lukewarm Media” sure is a name to inspire confidence.

    • Chaz says:

      How about “Tepid Software” or “Reheated Digital”?

      • Droopy The Dog says:

        I was gonna suggest “Ambient Programming” but that’s probably already the name of an electronica genre.

  4. DarkLiberator says:

    The game is actually pretty fun, compared with Dino D-fail or Beatdown. Been playing since early beta and I’m quite impressed with it. It won’t last long without other gamemodes, but the devs are already lining up other gamemodes (Personally would love to see CTF with dinos) and maps (free of charge of course).

    Graphically its excellent looking, nothing beats the sight of two T-rexs charging down at you. On a quiet server with a few players it can prove to be tense, you just walk around till suddenly a raptor ambushes you and runs off or suddenly grabbed from the air. Or, if you don’t like quiet and tense, go on the hectic chaos of the bigger server populations.

    • Dilapinated says:

      I roughly agree with all of the above. I’ve been playing it for a while in the Beta, and I recommend it, though I think the current offering of maps and game-modes is a bit scant.

      Nothing beats the atmosphere of stalking through the nighttime air base level as a human, trying to get to the safety of your peers before one of the dinosaurs spots you.

    • Howard says:

      Could you give us some word on how it plays? It looks pretty fast and furious so I am guessing it is more in the Unreal Tournament/ Quake camp of playstyle. Would I be right?

      • DarkLiberator says:

        Its extremely fast paced, I never played much Unreal, but it reminds me of Quake but with way different teams. Both sides can be powerful depending on what situation. The humans advantage is they have range and the only dino that has it is the spitter dino (forgot the name) Dinosaurs may be fast but they’re bad at cornering. T-Rexes will instakill you if you’re near them, but they are usually easy to avoid if you know what you are doing.

        There are also boxes of spare ammo and health around the map for humans, and corpses around for dinos to regain health, but both sides are vulnerable when they’re rehealing or rearming.

        The game isn’t perfectly balanced and everyone wants to play with dinos, but this is a really fun game that I’ve spent hours in with my buddies. Teams can be stacked obviously and it sucks if you’re by yourself just getting slaughtered, but when both teams are equally skilled, getting a victory is very satisfying just seeing your team win by one.

        Anyways, if you are undecided, there’s plenty of gameplay on Youtube if you want to see the mechanics, etc.

        • Juan Carlo says:

          That’s what sucked about DIno-D day—everyone always wanted to play the dinos so the teams were lopsided.

          Someone really needs to do it like L4D where you have specific objective each map, then you switch from human to dino and vice versa after each round. That would be the best I think.

  5. Clavus says:

    Been playing the beta too. It’s great fun. I do think they’re releasing too early though, they should’ve used their beta time to hammer out the bugs and smooth out the experience, and add another gamemode. Deathmatch doesn’t keep my interest for too long, so I play in short bursts.

    It’s one of those games you keep coming back to. “I could be playing a raptor in Primal Carnage right now”.

    • kevmscotland says:

      Also a beta tester and I completely agree.
      They are rushing this out the door far to early.

  6. Brun says:

    pre-history’s least lovable lizards have recently found themselves in our crosshairs more than, well, ever

    In before Turok remake (which would be awesome).

    On a related note, who inherited the rights to Turok after Acclaim went bottoms-up?

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      I don’t know who has the Turok franchise, but if you want some guilty pleasure Dino shooting (and you own a console) you could do a lot worse than Jurassic: The Hunted. I actually thought it was kinda fun.

  7. Dare_Wreck says:

    If you want dinosaurs in hats, try Dino Run SE!