Ghost Recon Commander Commands No More


I would say that it’s not been a great couple of weeks for the Brenda (nee Braithwaite) Romero / Tom Hall / John Romero gang. The Old School RPG Kickstarter was closed early once it appeared that its curiously vague pitch wasn’t resonating with as many folk as hoped, and now the Romeros’ Ubisoft-published Facebook game Ghost Recon Commander has had the plugged pulled after mere weeks. However, the Romeros got married yesterday (in Disneyland, no less), so hopefully it’s actually been a great couple of weeks for them despite all this.

The now Mrs Romero has not rested on her newlywed laurels, however, and has been spending some of what should have been her honeymoon trying to find new jobs for those Lootdroppers laid off as a result of Ghost Recon Commander’s sudden death.

She’s already had a fair bit of a success finding new work for some of the team already via a torrent of Twitter activity, and if you’re a studio in the market for new heads it’s worth a scan of her feed. Lootdrop apparently have another two projects in the works, and a third not far behind.

Ghost Recon Commander, ambitious by Facebook standards but nonetheless faintly horrible, is combination of a sorta-strategy affair that you sees shooting cardboardy men in order to collect GhostBucks and Facebook-traditional Farmville-style building/compulsion loops. It’s still running at the time of writing, so if you want to go and have a curious nose at it now’s the time to do so.


  1. mentor07825 says:

    I vaguely remember thinking to myself when this was first reported that it was going to bomb. Hate to be right though, at the cost of people’s jobs.

    • frightlever says:

      Nobody wants to appear insensitive but in general things are better when sub-standard or unpopular work is punished and good work is rewarded. Thus, a meritocracy.

      Also, no badger cull this year. Boohoo for badger-culling jobs?

  2. Surlywombat says:

    I find most of these facebook games, really push the idea of what a game can be, and not in a good way.

    • Simon Hawthorne says:

      Facebook games: A shell containing ‘gamification’ with a complete lack of actual ‘game’.

    • Shuck says:

      I’d argue that the problem, right now, is that they don’t. More specifically, that they’re pretty much all using the same basic mechanics, the same notion of what a Facebook game is, that were set down a while ago and not innovating much. It’s a terrible design constraint and doesn’t do much for the long-term future of Facebook games. They’re broken in exactly the same way, so if you dislike or get tired of one Facebook game, it’s improbable you’ll like any of the others.

      • Brun says:

        That’s good though, because Facebook games should not have a long-term future.

        • Shuck says:

          No, they should have a future – but a future in which they’re mechanically and thematically diverse and generally worth playing. It’s too important a platform for games, for multiple reasons, to just dismiss. Facebook has brought a lot of people to games, and I’d like to see them be given something substantial and worthwhile to play with. Both Facebook as a platform and the audience it brought with it have created interesting opportunities to grow the medium (if we can talk about games as a medium, which we really can’t but I will anyways) in ways that we’ve not seen before. Those opportunities have been largely squandered, but that’s no reason to throw the whole thing out. It’s a reason to try harder.

  3. Serpok says:

    I remember giving this a try at the time of release, being starved by lack of TBS at the time, but was imideatly turned of when found out that the only wait to add units to squad was to recruit facebook “friends”.

    • skyturnedred says:

      This is the fault with pretty much every game on Facebook. I’d like to play a game on Facebook occasionally to kill some time, but as I hate getting requests to play games as much as the next guy, I refuse to bother others with the exact thing I hate too.

  4. S Jay says:

    Kind of sad that such nice art assets are used on Facebook games, which usually are as much a game as clicking a button every 3 minutes.

    • Baboonanza says:

      That’s a good point actually. Chances are all of those art assets are just going to be locked away on a server somewhere. What shame when there are lots of programmers who could make good games with them.

      • wodin says:

        yeah looks much better than Xenonauts for instance..but would have fit perfectly into that game.

  5. Somerled says:

    Congratulations, Romeros!

    Er … on the wedding. Not on the double belly flop.

  6. The Random One says:

    Sad news for the devs being laid off, and hats off to Mrs. R nee B for being ready to help them.

    … But what I find so oddly fascinating is that the Romeros had planned to get married during their Kickstarter campaign. What points to either really poor planning… or really great (but also cynical) planning.

  7. kwyjibo says:

    Was this cancelled because it was genuinely rubbish, or that none of the future war people want to play facebook games?

    Take a look at the stats at link to

    The audience was still growing.

  8. CKScientist says:

    Did John Romero make her his bitch?

  9. helpleo says:

    Wai wai wai, you mean John Romero married Brenda Braithwaite on Disneyland, and that is not the top news? I need my game industry gossip, goddamitt!

  10. Bhazor says:

    So win win then?

  11. drewski says:

    …pictures of spiders?