Latest Day Z Patch Includes Community Contributions

As promised in the discussions of how the mod would develop in tandem with the standalone game, Day Z‘s mod version has been patched to 1.7.3 with contributions from the wider community (as opposed to just the original dev team.) Discussing the patch on the Day Z forums, Rocket posts a list of everyone who has contributed to the latest update, and encourages others to get involved: “There is much being done, new features and content. Official support is also being made available to community development team members for some requests, where possible.”

There are no new features in this patch, sadly, as it’s all bug fixes and tweaks, and although dogs are “in” they’re no workable yet due to some missing features. Dogs, it seems, will have their day(z).


  1. secuda says:

    That picture looks all well and dandy, but then again if you look close… is he riding the dog? madness.

    • BoZo says:

      Why thank you, now I can’t unsee it.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I assumed he was riding the dog and it was a silly mod.

      • strangeloup says:

        I thought it was going to be introduced in the patch. Rideable dogs from which you can snipe, that would be gold.

        • RakeShark says:

          For some strange reason I was also thinking of Dragon Age as I saw the picture. Ride-able dogs that will lick off the blood and/or beans from your face.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      These cows are very small, those cows are far away.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      I always initially parse this picture that way and momentarily become somewhat more excited about the game than is strictly called for.

  2. Barnaby says:

    As cool as this is, I’m still waiting for the standalone to drop before I come back to it. I am curious how dogs will function and what you will actually be able to do with them once they are fully implemented.

  3. ryryryan says:

    I recommend everyone who already has it and waiting for the standalone version to install it again, use DayZ Commander (which makes using the mod insanely easy) and download the Namalsk map. Having a blast on it currently, and I’m glad I got it installed again. The map includes high hills which affect the temperature much more, and finding starting equipment is a bit more forgiving.

    • Sidion says:

      But are the Hackers gone?

      • sinister agent says:

        Nope. I booted it up a couple of weeks ago after months of disuse. Shot a bandit in the face from two feet away with a lee enfield rifle, twice, and nothing happened. Sad little prick is running around with top-level equipment and still can’t win a fight against a peaceful wanderer with an antique weapon without more hacking. Honestly, why even play if you’re that terrible?

        It’s a shame really, as I hadn’t been killed up to that point (barring that ‘climbing a ladder with a pistol out kills you’ bug ages back). Left a bitter taste, unfortunately.

      • Miltrivd says:

        The only solution to hackers until the standalone comes out is playing in private hives with GUID whitelisting and active admins, usually they set extra anti-hacking features and server side apps as well. It doesn’t completely make the servers hacker-proof, but they are in a 1-time-offense basis (if they manage to bypass the extra security measures), one thing they do and they will be removed instantly.

        It has been working fine for me, and there are private servers for all flavors (forgiving and less hardcore flavors mostly, sadly)

      • ryryryan says:

        They’re not gone, but I’ve not come across a hacker in my 25+ hours of Namalsk playing.

      • varangian says:

        Judging by the numbers – 38k playing in the last 24hrs – the population of the original global hive servers possibly consists entirely of hackers. Since I, briefly, played it everyone seems to have legged it to private servers for a better experience. Rather destroys the original concept of being thrown into an unforgiving world populated by strangers and having to find ways to survive if groups of likeminded people just set up their own private sandbox instead. Unfortunately Rocket seemed unable or unwilling to deal with the obvious problems so the number of people interested made like his nickname, briefly soared to the heavens then plummeted to earth. Maybe he should change his moniker to Burnt Stick.

        • dee says:

          He’s said multiple times that it’s his highest priority for standalone.

  4. MajorManiac says:

    Is it now possible to play on your own private game with some friends (in the same way as an ARMA 2 warfare game)?

    I like the idea of survival and working as a team, but hate having to put up with other players I don’t know.

    • Grey Ganado says:

      You just need a private server and you can do that.

      • pupsikaso says:

        Oh gosh, I was hoping Rocket got rid of the private servers by now…
        I mean how do you justify private servers in a game where all servers are connected to each for persistence? Log into private server, spawn all the good equipment for yourself, then reload to any public server and go wild. How is this fair for anyone?
        If you’re having private servers your character there should never transfer over to any public server or ANY other server.

    • Deadly Habit says:

      There is a singleplayer mod, but it got cease and desisted as I recall. You can still find it, but it’s stuck on like version 1.2.3 of DayZ.

  5. elloco says:

    I really adore the Mod/Game!

    It gives you anything that Fallout 3 and Vegas did with ‘simple needs’ mod + the thrill of unpreditability due to you don’t know if anyone is around the corner and if he’s a friendly person or not.
    I also love the cooperative part of the game and if you want to ‘make yourself a beast, to get rid of the pain of being man’, than do it!

    But the darn hackin’ makes me crazy, you can’t even finish a car to work, because if you finished it there is at least 50% chance that it was teleported during the time you’re logged out. 2 weeks ago a hacker teleported my truck from NE-Airfield (in front of my eyes) and i found it later North of Stary Sabor with all the other vehicles on that server. Later the same day a hacker teleported himself to our positon and killed us as he did with all the other players on the server…

    Once hacking can be dealt with i would be glad to rejoin for surviving. Right now I will follow the progress of mod & game and will every now and than check out what happened.

  6. tigershuffle says:

    Nice update……though lots of it was to some extent in Redux already ;) ….but nice to see community led update to keep us entertained til standalone

    Play on public hive servers if you like lonewolfing………but expect hackers once youre on a server with 20+ (arseholes just love an audience :-/ )
    Whitelisted servers with friends with Teamspeak for fun.

    for inept wrinkly 30+ aged Dayz players …check out Fogeyz site ….. expect accidents though as some us are very old ;)

    The standalone will be awesome if Rocket and the team can pull it off.