Prison Architect Breaks Out It’s Third Alpha Update

Prison Architect really seems to be turning around Introversion’s fortunes. With more than $400,000 made since the release of the alpha, their out-turned pocket linings might be facing inward once again. And now the alpha has reached its third stage, adding in fog of war, and a new CCTV system. There’s a video to prove it.

The management sim really seems to have recaptured that piece of people’s hearts that’s perhaps been left aching since the ’90s. Take a look at the latest features:

You can get the game yourself for a not-that-cheap $30 in its alpha stage. Although if you wanted, you could pay $500. They all get you immediate access to the alpha, and obviously the final game when it comes out.


  1. Faldrath says:

    “Its”. Sorry :( Proceed to discuss the update!

  2. BlackestTea says:

    I bought my way into the Beta yesterday (as a quick purchase after my wallet got stolen before I blocked my credit card =(
    It really itched my fingers to be building a functioning eco-system again, like in those good old bullfrog games. I didn’t get to play more than an hour past the tutorial, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend when there will be more to do. I also really like how Introversion in general tackles difficult subjects such as this. They are treading a thin line, for sure, but so far they are doing it well, in my opinion.

    To be honest, I also kinda like that the tiers start a bit higher (at thirty) and then increase in smaller increments than in the case of most kickstarter-alikes. This is not simply a pre-order, it’s about supporting the game and the company and this being Introversion (I played Defcon to death), I’m very happy to do so.

  3. matnym says:

    I don’t like the fog of war the way it’s currently implemented. I like being able to see my creation with its walls, floors, things and whatnot.

    It would be better if they made the fog transparent. Enough to see your stuff but still suggest you don’t have full vision of that area.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      Completely agree – the floor plan should remain visible with only the prisoners themselves obscured

    • godwin says:

      It seems that you are able to do that in “deployment” mode as they showed, albeit with everything rendered in a simplified style. My issue is actually that the fog is not operating with true line of sight, which I think would make more sense than just a radial uncovering. This could also give CCTVs an advantage or tradeoff in being able to provide more and constant coverage. There could also be “audio fog of war” implemented, which could make sense as a radius, where guards can hear things happening without or before actually seeing them, and so on. It’s interesting to think about how situational awareness can be expanded – lighting vs infrared cameras, for example, and how you may not put cameras in the shower room, etc. The premise sounds exciting, so I’ll definitely be watching this game’s development.

  4. angramainyu says:

    Prison Architect (eventually) needs a zombie mode. Just sayin’.

    • DrZhark says:


      +1 internetz to you sir

    • LTK says:

      Yes, if ever there was a zombie apocalypse, leave it to the government to get the zombies arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated for their crimes against the living.

      • x1501 says:

        The private market, of course, would find a better, more benevolent and humanistic use for them. Doesn’t it always?

        • diamondmx says:

          I think the best use for them would be to replace the poor zombie AI in most computer games.

      • angramainyu says:

        No, I was was thinking more Walking Dead style — you build the prison, then the infection starts spreading and you see how well your build survives as the zombie infection takes over your inmates and staff.

  5. hypercrisis says:

    Game looks good, but what is with the Igor in the video “ahhhhhh YESS!!! YESS!!!” “hahaha yesss YESSS” it’s pretty annoying I want to hear the man speak, not some simpleton making stupid voices

  6. lordfrikk says:

    Damn, how many years it’s been since the last really good tycoon game? At one time there were a lot of them. Of arguable quality, mind you, but still… the whole genre sort of vaporized.

  7. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    I would buy this, but 30$ for a top down 2D strategy game, is a bit rich.

    I mean; just a quick look through steam, I can get torchlight 2(20$), Chivalry (25$), Natural Selection2 (25$), and of course hotline miami (10$)

    • benkc says:

      So wait for the full release, when it will be cheaper. (At least I believe that’s the plan.)

  8. eatfrog says:

    I sure hope this will be cheaper when it comes out. I’d totally buy it for ~$15. $30 is too much.