Avast! Spocean Reappears On Unity, Alpha Demo

If you can remember as far back as last year, then you might recall the fantasy galleon-crewing game, Spocean. At the time it was being developed in UDK, but it has since moved over to Unity, and now even has an alpha demo that you can play. The team sent word that after their initial reveal they’d been forced the shelve the game due to financial obligations, and had aimed to return to it. Happily, they report: “A few months ago, we found ourselves in a position to do exactly that, and we’ve been working like crazy people ever since (there are only two of us). The entire project has been ported to Unity, the net code has been re-written to support fleet battles with multiple ship types, and we’ve overcome a number of technical hurdles that had previously inhibited a player’s seamless, simultaneous awareness of inner/outer ship environments.”

There’s a new trailer, which you can see below decks. There’s an alpha which you can get here. And there’s a Kickstarter, which you can support here.


  1. Tei says:

    Nice. But the game seems to use only 2 wave files, and one is from a porn movie. Is this good or bad? Fun art direction, very low (but good) production values.

    • Erinduck says:

      It’s an alpha, so no assets are final.

    • marinojonesmusic says:

      Part of the Kickstarter campaign is to pay for a score! A colleague and I are composing approx 45 – 50 mins of a fully orchestrated score for the final release of Spocean (all current music is temp and doesn’t sound anything like the final music will). Hope you guys enjoy once it’s implemented! Bits and pieces will be integrated into the alpha builds as things are approved and finished.

  2. xp194 says:

    Looks like Air Buccaners on the high seas.

    This is by no means a bad thing.

  3. Carbonated Dan says:

    I love the concept and tried to get a group to play it back on the UDK version, but it was scuttled by many a buggy thing

    I’d argue that a mount and blade mod might have been a better kicking off point: assuming the engine can handle things getting shot (terrain is destructible) and moving, then it would offer solid ballistics, remarkable netcode and an actual melee system

  4. mckertis says:

    Apparently in this game you win battles by waiting until all the enemies are engaged in massive multiplayer homoerotic orgy, and then you board their ship and knock them up. Err…knock them out.

  5. tomeoftom says:

    I’mma punch the green crosses right outta ya!