Sir, You Are Being Kickstarted

WARNING: Entirely self-promotional announcement ahead. (Love you!)
Over the past couple of years I haven’t just been blogging, I’ve also been making games. I’ve been making those games with two friends, Tom Betts and James Carey, with help from a bunch of other splendid people: artists, programmers, actors, musicians, and designers, all of whom I’ve been lucky to know. It’s been a strange experience, but it has also been with a very specific goal in mind: to make the kind of games that I want to play. The culmination of our efforts in this regard currently reside in Sir, You Are Being Hunted, a procedurally-generated first-person stealth, combat, and survival game which we’ve been making for most of 2012. It’s been going brilliantly, and despite all the complexities of making such a game, we have a working prototype. Now though, I need your help. With the launch of Kickstarter in the UK, we’ve pitched the game for funding. I will be profoundly, personally grateful if you would back it.

You can watch our pitch video – which includes loads of footage from the in-development build of the game – below.

Again, thanks for taking a look at this. It’s terrifying, and it really means everything to me. Here’s the Kickstarter page.


  1. kieranxp5 says:

    Looks great, backed. Goodluck!

  2. phelix says:

    Do the robots have British manners?

  3. fencenswitschen says:

    Sir, you have my shotgun.

  4. Timmeister says:

    First time i’v backed something on Kickstarter (can you believe it)

    Game looks awesome, best of luck!

  5. MajorManiac says:

    This feels like a momentous occasion. I’ve been reading Jim’s work for years, and to finally see him making money from creating games is brilliant.

    Not that they must, but I look forward to seeing what John and Alec make in the future. I’m always more than happy to throw money at them as they are fab.

  6. princec says:

    The Puppygames massif has backed your shenanigans. Now go! Write code! See if we beat you to the release.

    Cas :)

  7. pupsikaso says:

    What is this… I don’t even… And right after the scandal with Rab?
    FFS just take my money!

  8. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Is there an option to get the supplemental art grimoire .pdf as a physical book bound in human skin with a cast iron spine and horrific scratching at the confinement of space-time in the minds of those nearby?

  9. Greg Wild says:

    Sir, you are being funded.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      This is very much the optimal comment for this article.

  10. SocraticIrony says:

    It would appear Mr Rossignol was sadly born without ears.

  11. JBantha says:

    Sir, you are being funded…Oh wait,this is almost exactly as the title. No fun in here-

    Yeah, that. I wan’t my name on a gravestone wrote down on Handwrite-like type, so the fools can not know my name. (?)

    • JBantha says:

      Also,if you extra goal to multiplayer, it better be something like Journey meets L4D2, since we all loved the thing.

  12. cptgone says:

    caveat emptor! we don’t want Bi9 Robot to become too successful, do we? we are entitled to our daily RPS, are we not? i’ve no time for games anyway, i’m trying to work my gaming backlog.

    also, the only in game phallic symbols seem to be the trees. notice how they look? pretty weird for a phallic symbol, if you ask me. pretty dead, too.

    just cause this isn’t a f2p game doesn’t mean i can’t complain about the disadvantages of f2p games either. and where is our vanity shop? huh?

    the trailer brags about how “everyone who plays the game is gonna get a different world”.
    do these guys think we’re stupid? that we won’t realise that means we only get a tiny part of the game each?

    however, the £45 pledge’s award is a good deal:
    “your name will appear on gravestones and monuments in the world”.
    i’ll send the names and £ shortly.

    oh and thumbs up for including a dead rabbit as loot. i do hope the game isn’t one of those linear affairs where all you can do with a dead rabbit is cook it.
    *ducks for cover*

  13. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Oh, it is not a good day to be my wallet.

  14. rapier17 says:

    Alright Jim, alright, fine, here’s my money. Fortunately I shall now have a game to look forward to for 2013.

  15. Jim Rossignol says:

    Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far. We are honoured.

  16. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Will this game have NPCs that don’t attack or hunt you?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Sort of. (To be revealed!)

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Wow, for me “Sort of” is the best possible answer! Game sounds exciting, I want to know a lot but I’m better off knowing very little! Especially in exploration games.

  17. HothMonster says:

    Hehe look at him standing there pretending to be a real person. We all know your a digital construct of an elite gaming hivemind Jim. Quit trying to fool us with all your standing about and talking. Also, your creative lead is showing.

  18. daz_uk says:

    Pledged £60.
    Love the idea Jim, been reading about it a lot.

    When I’m ready, can you return the favour for my proceduraly generated 1st person dungeon romp?
    Keep watching this space!

  19. Tacroy says:

    When James Carey showed up to talk, I thought his title was “Lord Designer”.

    You should change his title to Lord Designer.

  20. derbefrier says:

    very cool. I really like the look of this game. I may have to finally back something on kickstarter because of this. Good luck!

  21. oceanclub says:

    Backed; really love the look and genre of this game. Was tempted to pledge £50 to get my name on a tombstone, but the cat needs a tooth out this month….


  22. Maldomel says:

    Backed, and I might add that it’s a pleasure to back this, even though I usually hate this kind of self promotion. I think you are being very clear and transparent about the whole thing, so it’s cool.

  23. frightlever says:

    So… what do we reckon? £200k+? Let the sweepstakes begin…


  24. frightlever says:

    What payment processor do Kickstarter UK use? Do they take Paypal or Google checkout?

  25. Shakermaker says:

    Over 10K already in less than six hours. Kudos, Big Robot team!

  26. jonfitt says:

    I’ve been watching Sir since the early postings and I’m very keen to explore that landscape.

  27. Walsh says:

    What, no left handed robots? This is outrageous discrimination!

  28. BathroomCitizen says:

    I’m SO gonna fund this with my next paycheck!

    …not with the whole paycheck, mind.

  29. LieutLaww says:

    Backed :)

  30. clownst0pper says:

    This looks absolutely fucking brilliant!

    Apologies for the language (but it warrants it)

  31. Salix says:

    Oh so very backed, been waiting for this for a while.

  32. udat says:

    Backed :)

  33. Beastbaron says:

    Pledged 18 quid, use it wisely.
    Also dying to support RPS directly by subscribing, but the paypal requirement is stopping me. Can’t be arsed to set it up mainly but they are also evil etc, any chance that you guys can set up an alternative payment method?

  34. Ghoulie says:

    So Warren Ellis just tweeted about Sir, You Are Being Hunted.
    I didn’t know you were friends with Warren Ellis, Jim.
    You need to tell us these things. And if you’ve already told us then you need to tell us more often.

  35. newprince says:

    It’s an open-world sandbox where everything that happens is a result of chance encounters with evil robots.

    THAT’S how you pitch a game, noobs.

  36. GallonOfAlan says:

    12 grand and most of the planet is still in bed as of yet. Looking good.

  37. Brainkite says:

    Just sent my bank a request for a 40 000£ credit.

  38. Brainkite says:

    The answer is that I owed them aproximatly that money.
    Try to choose wiser your audience next time.

    (Awsome, i’ll take you one piece of that 40£ version just can’t wait for your game. Hope your pledged amout will be blown away.)

  39. Urthman says:

    My only concern is that you say you want to money to hire an artist. But I really like the look of the game right now and I’d hate to see another artist come in and give the game a makeover.

    Also, whoever you’ve got at Big Robot picking music for your games needs to be Vice President in Charge of Music For Life. I love the music in Fallen City and the trailers for Sir.

  40. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    Sir, you are being handed my money!

  41. tomnullpointer says:

    Hey all,

    Just had to pop in to say thanks so much to everyone who has pledged,
    and for all the kind words. Exciting times…

  42. Simian9 says:

    I love the fact that it’s just so British!

    Good luck. You Sir, have been funded, at least by me.

  43. Vorphalack says:

    I will be funding this game at the last second, as is the style of the time.

  44. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Good luck guys.

  45. fenriz says:

    Unless there’s some kind of adventure puzzles drill, my 10bucks bill stays still.

  46. Soon says:

    Were the robots originally developed to protect all those ash trees?

  47. Zarunil says:

    Sir, You Are Being Flaunted?

  48. wodin says:

    Will it take debit cards? Credit card only is really restrictive I feel.

    • Klatu says:

      I paid with an RBS Visa debit card if that’s any help Wodin.

  49. TaroYamada says:

    Why do you need money from us when your co-worker is Jim Carey? He’s one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Quit scamming us.

  50. Scandalon says:

    Curse this infernal exchange rate – Doubling the price to $30 to go from (tasty looking) digital bits to bits + bits in .PDF format is a bit steep, alas, so I may have to stick w/ Tier 1.

    Just explaining the connections and “bias” up front, simple and direct is the way to go – the only “awkwardness” will be if the game turns out to be a bit pants – then any WIT or Verdicts will be interesting. :)