Sir, You Are Being Kickstarted

WARNING: Entirely self-promotional announcement ahead. (Love you!)
Over the past couple of years I haven’t just been blogging, I’ve also been making games. I’ve been making those games with two friends, Tom Betts and James Carey, with help from a bunch of other splendid people: artists, programmers, actors, musicians, and designers, all of whom I’ve been lucky to know. It’s been a strange experience, but it has also been with a very specific goal in mind: to make the kind of games that I want to play. The culmination of our efforts in this regard currently reside in Sir, You Are Being Hunted, a procedurally-generated first-person stealth, combat, and survival game which we’ve been making for most of 2012. It’s been going brilliantly, and despite all the complexities of making such a game, we have a working prototype. Now though, I need your help. With the launch of Kickstarter in the UK, we’ve pitched the game for funding. I will be profoundly, personally grateful if you would back it.

You can watch our pitch video – which includes loads of footage from the in-development build of the game – below.

Again, thanks for taking a look at this. It’s terrifying, and it really means everything to me. Here’s the Kickstarter page.


  1. Bob says:

    Holy Crap! In the few hours since Sir has been kicked it’s nearly reached the 20,000 mark.

  2. Klatu says:

    Any chance of one of the stretch goals being a couple of Jeeves and Wooster style robots? Voiced by Fry and Laurie of course.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      At £50,000 Jim gets a digestive biscuit. £55,000 means Jim gets a custard creme, and at £60,000 he’s upgraded to a chocolate bourbon. If the total reaches £70,000 he gets a chocolate hob-nob.

    • lasikbear says:

      I would give at least $100 for Statler and Waldorf

  3. strangeloup says:

    Being of somewhat uncertain financial status at present, I had to click “Remind Me”. I fully expect to receive an email in due course reminding me that RPS is pretty much my favourite gaming site and that I really liked AVSEQ (despite being quite rubbish at it) and if I don’t support this I’ll feel guilty forever.

    At least, I’m assuming that’s how it works.

  4. edwardoka says:

    Not yet 24 hours gone and already more than half-way!

  5. I want to stab you to death and play around with your blood. says:

    I hope this game features copious amounts of stabbing. Also, the string quartet music in this alpha trailer is outstanding. Hopefully it appears in the game:

  6. wsworin says:

    This looks great, love your work on the procedural generation and the A.I looks interesting, we’ve tweeted it. :)

  7. Inigo says: