Rise Of The Triad Dredges Up A Dev Diary

I was trying to find a screenshot that could serve as a visual representation of how Interceptor hopes to treat ROTT's legacy, but all of them are full of people who are dying and on fire. I do hope that's not an omen.

Rise of the Triad is one of the last games anyone expected to spring back into the spotlight via what will go down in history as the year everyone finally decided necromancy was kind of cool, but it’s actually not doing half-bad for itself. Sure, it’s another retro revival shooter, but the immaculately coifed folks at Interceptor seem to understand exactly what powered the original: total lunacy. There were dog modes and magical baseball bats and castles and jump pads and flame walls. Modern shooters pretend to make sense – even when they really, really don’t. Not so with ROTT. Watch the Interceptor gang explain the method to their madness – with words and not guttural howling noises, somewhat surprisingly – after the break.

So it sounds like levels will be a bit more straightforward, which might not be exactly what diehard fans of the original want to hear. Mazes are out, but beyond that, it’s too early to judge whether this will be a linear slog or secret-laden romp that takes a flame-spewing bat to any notion of downtime. That, I suppose, will come down to level design chops, and Interceptor’s still pretty unproven in that arena. And every arena, for that matter. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Also interesting: all sorts of spiky, spinny traps are still in the mix. Will narrowly dancing our way through them be fun, though? Or is this a relic of the past that should really just stay buried – ala, say, first-person platforming segments? I’m hoping for the former, because platforming when – in most cases – you do not actually have legs is something of a frustrating challenge. It’s fine to be tough, Rise of the Triad, but please don’t be mean about it.


  1. Vurp says:

    Its definitely going to be better than CoD:Black ops 2.

    • Citrus says:

      I have played both games as well. And both of them are ok. Had fun. Shot people. Had fun.

    • elmo.dudd says:

      I’m looking forward to both for the same reasons: They don’t take themselves seriously, and have lots of toys.

  2. NailBombed says:

    This looks like it will be great fun. Not played the original ROTT in ages. Hope there will be even more LUDICROUS GIBS….

  3. lumpeh says:

    There better be a dog mode in there if they want my hard earned readies

  4. Low Life says:

    Ah, Apogee. Very unrelated, but I’m reminded of this awesome E3 trailer for Duke Nukem Trilogy: link to youtube.com

  5. Paul says:

    Looks positively awesome. Great effort for basically a bunch of modders. I hope after this they could finish DN3D Reloaded that they started.

  6. Nikolaos says:

    I hate the desaturated look. Doesn’t fit the manic tone.

    Serious Sam 3 had a similar problem on it’s default colour settings. Hopefully these guys take a leaf out of Croteam’s book and add the option for a more vibrant colour scheme.

  7. bisquack says:

    Played it at Quakecon this past August. It was extremely meh. Granted, it was a world-premiere, so the game could have changed; but, it was categorically sub-par to anything today. The napalm launcher was beyond overpowered. If you didn’t have this gun, you’re scrambling to get it. First person to get the gun, could easily stay alive and just launch WALLS OF FIRE AND DEATH.

    But I did win a shirt. So that’s all that mattered.

  8. The Dark One says:

    That marketing guy needs to tamp down. He made me less interested every time he over-emoted a line.

  9. Spacewalk says:

    Some might say that the lack of mazes will be a good thing.

    • Jackablade says:

      I do seem to remember a fair bit of aimless “I’ve splattered everything that moves against the walls. now where the hell do I go” wandering in the original. Getting a balance between that and the more modern level design tropes will be key to making a modern ROTT work, I think.

      • socrate says:

        But when you think about it really,without this it just end up being a blood kind of remake more then a ROTT remake.

        But the visual look of the game really doesn’t make it look like a ROTT game it just look like all the modern bad WW2 or WW3 game were everything seem to be in the dark for some reason or full of shadow were you can’t really appreciate a good animation kill or sequence.

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  11. Cytrom says:

    I liked what they said.. but the video looked terrible.. like worse than duke nukem forever bad. The level design felt very unorganic, as if they tried to make those dull, weird maze like levels that make no sense with modern, realistic looking graphics. It just feels weird to mix the two.

    • Amun says:

      Yeah — they went from a game that featured brown and gray levels (compared to duke3d or doom) and made it even less visually appealing.

  12. InsanityBringer says:

    I like the sound of the gameplay, but I must agree with the graphics criticism. The original ROTT had a very distinctive style (now that I think about it, a lot of the big-name games from its era had a distinctive style, at least this what I see when I think of things like Descent), but now it feels a bit more generic. Still not terrible in my eyes though.

    • Jackablade says:

      Ah yes, the “We’re using a level editor designed for Commander Keen” art style. I’ll agree, it would be nice if they could carry through some of that abstract aesthetic to the new game while moving past the entire world built of square stone pillars look.

  13. Sardonic says:

    This game needs to come out so psychedelic eyeball can LP it.

  14. ResonanceCascade says:

    I’m pretty excited about this, actually. There are lots of games that try to do the nostalgia thing without actually being like those old games in anything other than spirit (Painkiller, SS, etc.). I wouldn’t mind at least one real throwback.