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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Iterative Value

I’m somehow still riddled with GameCity flu, but it takes more than germs in my body to stop me from chronicling the best deals in PC gaming every weekend. As long as there’s air in my lungs I’ll be around to inform you that a game you might want to buy is slightly cheaper than you might have expected it to be. This is my power. This is my curse. I guess I should plug SavyGamer and then get on with it.Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition – £12.42/€15.50/$19.90
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. It registers on Steam.
The game too strong to be confined to the consoles. Adam left the relative safety of the campfire to venture into Dark Souls, and somehow made it back to tell the tale:

I was trapped for hours, too afraid to go deeper, too weak to ascend. It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling completely lost and doomed to eternal death in a game for a long, long time. Curses, like so many boosts and buffs, do not immediately explain themselves and nor is a solution or purpose directly communicated. Experimentation and exploration are the key to discovery and victory.

The rest is here.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – £2.09/€2.99/$2.99
Still the best Splinter Cell. This entry in the neck-snapping, espionage-crouching simulator is the one where they got the open ended level design just right. Once the levels open up, there’s always multiple objectives that can be completed in different orders. There’s also optional objectives that will impact subsequent missions. It’s got a kick-ass soundtrack, and I hear the multiplayer is solid too. Are the servers still running? I never tried it.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £3.24/€3.74/$4.99
RPS’s own John “scaredy pants” Walker thought these things about this game:

The sense of urgency to get back onto a box, out of the water and onto the safety of a crate, is insane. The whole of my body tensing as the click of my mouse becomes more intense, more frantic, leaning forward in my chair as if that will help me climb to safety more quickly, my spine and chest tingling with urgent fear.

Tomb Raiders for cheap:
Tomb Raider: Legend – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
Tomb Raider: Anniversary – £2.49/€2.49/$2.49
Tomb Raider: Underworld – £2.49/€3.74/$4.99
I’m not sure if I’m qualified to appraise these, because I’ve never done any consultancy work for Square-Enix. I’ll give it a try anyway. I reckon Legend is the best one here, it’s probably a fair bit dated now, but it gave the series a much needed reboot at the time. Anniversary was a mostly solid remake of the first game, with some lovely looking environments, but they ruined the best bit in the whole game by turning the T Rex encounter into a quick time event laden boss fight, instead of just a GIANT T REX COMING RIGHT FOR YOU. Underworld I didn’t get too far in, because I got bored. Should I give it another try?

Deal of the week
Sim City 2000 – £1.49/€1.86/$2.39
There’s shedloads of great games as part of this EA promo at GOG this weekend, but Sim City 2000 is one the games that made me:

SimCity 2000 instilled a few qualities in me which I know massively shaped me in my child and then adult life. I learnt the value of ‘gaming a system’, working out the underlying rules, and manipulating and pushing them for maximum personal benefit. I also gained an understanding of the value of iterative learning. I knew after my first failed attempt of creating a huge sprawling metropolis that I could do better next time. And I did.

What a game. Also totally worth your attention are Alpha Centauri, all the old Bullfrog games, the Wing Commanders and the Ultimas.

Also of note:
A bunch of games where you pretend to pilot helicopters and aeroplanes, two for a fifteen currencies.

More deals can always be found over at

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