Another Robochance To Roboplay The Hawken Robobeta


“Do we have keys for that?”

Games journalism IN ACTION. This was our response to news that much anticipated F2PFPSMechMMO Hawken is to squeeze in a second round of closed beta in a mere three days time, ahead of an open beta in mid-December. We’d, uh, better try and get ourselves on that. TO THE SENDING AN EMAIL CAVE!

If you’ve already obtained a beta key by means fair or foul you’ll be able to join the second closed beta, running from Nov 8 (i.e this Thursday) to Tuesday the 13th, and is the terribly modern way of things these days, this time you’ll also buy your way into the beta for $5. (Or more, up to $60 if you want bonus stuff). The access can’t be bought just yet, but it should pop up on the website soon.

The Hawken folk offer various social media based ways to obtain keys, which you can see here, but I’d be willing to bet they’d also give you a key if you got the Hawken logo tattooed onto your scrotum. It’s the least they could do, really. You can also try the Enlist page, though it’s a total lottery. Really, you’re far better off going with the injecting ink into your nutsack thing. I just can’t see any downside.

The thing to know about Hawken is that it is very pretty, in a ‘there are no primary colours in the future’ sort of way.

Oh, and the open beta – or ‘release version’ as I like to call it – starts on December 12 this year.


  1. rawrty says:

    I wonder if they will allow us to keep exp and the currency points earned in this beta for the release since they are charging for access.

    • MrUnimport says:

      Wouldn’t count on it. If you don’t want to lose progress, don’t play the beta.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        Yes, Heaven forbid you should play a fun game and then be forced to play it again.

    • sharks.don't.sleep says:

      As far as I understand they are selling bundles that contain beta access and not the access itself.

      And I haven’t seen any beta without a final char/stat wipe on release.

      • c3po says:

        I believe that Firefall promised just that… it’s still beta, but there’ll be no more XP wipes!

  2. MistyMike says:


  3. Martel says:

    MMOBomb is giving away keys as well, looks like they have 9k left as of right now

    link to

  4. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    How do the initials MMO get to go along with Hawken? It’s not MM in the slightest!

  5. Jim9137 says:

    I can’t stand her doing what she did before

    living like a mech queen in a desolate warzone

  6. xcopy says:

    Wait, let me get this straight:

    You can pay for access to a beta version of a game that will be free2play in its finished state?


    • Phasma Felis says:

      The basis of capitalism is that money can be exchanged for goods and services!

      In this case, the good/service (whole different argument there) is early access to a video game.