The Forever War: Battlefield 1942 Is Free

Loading screen art is a great way to avoid posting screenshots of a really old game

I’ve got bad news for a certain, uh, vocal portion of our readership: you might have a reason to not completely hate Origin. I’m kidding myself – obviously you’ll hate Origin no matter what forever and ever. I know you, young man. But you’ll still go and get your free copy of Battlefield 1942, blessed with the fine price of no-pennies in honour of its 10th anniversary, even while loudly decrying the entire system. THE INTERNET.

The entire BF lineage is 10 years old in fact, and while Battlefield 3 might be DICE’s current going concern the first, World War II-set game, 1942, is very much still alive and well. After this, even more so. I long ago lost the little sticker with my install key for the game, so I’m damn well taking advantage of this, I tell you what.

I’ll also be very interested to see what this does to the game’s community – I’m expecting a pretty huge resurgence, to be honest with you. It remains a great game. Wake Island4EVA.

Yes, Mister No Never How Dare They Pants, you do need Origin installed or to install it to get this. I haven’t established if it contains any, all or none of the expansions, but I’ll update this post once I know.

Or maybe I’ll just keep you hanging, much like that I

Update: nope, looks like just the base game. And it really doesn’t look bad for a decade old, either. Wouldn’t mind some more shadows, though.

Update update: If you’re struggling to find the download, check the ‘demos’ section of Origin. Obv.


  1. otaku4225 says:

    Now this? And after I got 2 legitimate free 20 dollar coupons from origin. Sweet.

  2. Sc0r says:

    Bf1942 was the only exceptionally good game of the BF series in my opinion. everything after BF Vietnam was dumbed down or going in the wrong direction.

    • Nick says:

      bf2 was far from dumbed down, if anything its the best from a tactical point of view.

      • DrGonzo says:

        Bf2 was great. I always prefered it to the original as it had more depth, the opposite of what the op thinks. I then went on to prefer 2142, because again it added more depth. But then BF3 did take things in the wrong direction imho.

      • communisthamster says:

        BF2, for all its good points, also introduced the hated persistent ranking/unlocks system which has plagued many subsequent games with a disgusting pavlovs dog mentality towards multiplayer.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          BF2 abandoned the stale WWII setting. But today it’s the modern warfare that has grown stale.
          I prefer 1942 because of the setting, and the low tech weaponry has more “charm”

        • Nick says:

          Its ranking system was very very slow, the unlocks were sidegrades, it was a far cry from the ADHD addled versions of BC2 and BF3.

          • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

            Yes, but there’s no denying it was the beginning of what we see today, and a lot of people took issue with it back then too.

      • Ottoman_SFE says:

        Project Reality easily makes BF2 the best of the series.

    • SturmovikDrakon says:

      I find 2142 to be the best game, actually

      • EPICTHEFAIL says:

        2142 was a freaking masterpiece.. I don`t care what EA does, if they make a remake of that game, or a sequel (surprisingly likely, given the inbound near future bandwagon that CODBLOPS2 will inevitably start), I`ll pay a premium subscription. I would happily pay just to see it resurrected in Frostbite, if only to tear shit up with a Titan`s guns and see how much of an effect it actually has. Not to mention the fact that maps with Battlewalkers had a habit of spontaneously turning into Mechwarrior.

        And to think that I usually tear into anyone who shows a hint of nostalgia.

      • Nick says:

        I’d like BF2 with the BF2142 engine/gameplay improvements personally (like, say, mines can be crouched past, LMGs working in a similar way, commander artillery only being lethal if you stayed in it, rather than the second it landed near you, AA weapons actually being effective)

        I liked 2142 but it had too few great maps, titan mode was a poorly balanced clusterfuck and too many extra ways to detect eveyone and mark them on the map.

    • mortarman says:

      bf1942 will have new master server see this link

      link to

      we will not go quietly into the night we will not vanish without a fight
      We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! from ea!
      we are one community all bf1942 fans! we have to set aside our differences and work as one to save bf1942!

      please share this info all over the internet we wont let bf1942 die
      if your a bf1942 server admin
      name your server go to

      i hope that will raise some eyebrows

      i hope ax simple schindler’s list moongamers and many more servers that are well known will name the server this way for the next 2 weeks

      this new master server will fix the freeze of death! on update list

      if you care for the old battlefields and they do close bf2 bf2142 don’t buy into that pay to win cod clone bf3 bf4 crap and

      join the new master server on bf1942 show you do care for the real battlefields and let ea keep it shit

  3. Atrocious says:


  4. WoundedBum says:

    Good news definitely. Never owned this one, although I did think it meant the newer Xbox/PS3 only one which would have been good too.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      No, actually. BF1943 is pretty bad. They removed a lot of player freedom and you can’t even drive the aircraft carriers.

      • EPICTHEFAIL says:

        “You can`t even drive aircraft carriers”. Um, are you sure you`ve got your priorities straight?

        • Koozer says:

          Are you insinuating that taking 2 hours to drive your aircraft carrier into the beach at the airbase isn’t the best thing ever?

  5. maximiZe says:

    Nah, I’m not getting it.

  6. alilsneaky says:

    Wut? A year ago when I asked to add my copy of bf1942 (box copy obviously) to origin because my disc2 had cracked they told me they couldn’t help me.

    Anyhow: bf1942 is the only battlefield anyone ever needs, just install Desert combat and enjoy.

  7. Aaarrrggghhh says:

    I would love to get this but the link only redirects me to the german Origin frontpage. Another EA promotion where Germany is left out.
    Fun times!

    • quijote3000 says:

      One thing I love about Steam, the offers are worldwide (or almost). Other digital outlets, almost the same. Even in the few cases where they aren’t worldwide, at least they are nice enough to temp me. However, the Origin link outside US-UK, only lets you visit the origin frontpage (spanish, in my case). That’s it. I can’t even find the page for battlefield 1942 in the spanish version of Origin. Sucks. Really, EA, 2012 and you still don’t get it?

      • gladius2metal says:

        and you can select the language of the games.

      • twig_reads says:

        It was just recently when people in eastern europe could only get russian version of Borderlands 2. Not all eastern europe countries are even slavic. But ofcourse only EA does that, because they are evil :D

        • JoeGuy says:

          That was a distribution problem with the localization team, not Steam being jerks. EA intentionally are excluding Germany, not screwing up localization distribution and then actually bothering to correct themselves :-/

    • Sceptrum says:

      Yup. Not for the Nordic either it seems. Can’t find the game in Origin at all.

    • Buemba says:

      Look for it in the “Demos” page. At least that’s where it is in the Brazilian store.

      • Aaarrrggghhh says:

        Thanks mate! This seems to do the trick!

      • Sceptrum says:

        Thanks. Found it. Still strange placement…unless its a hidden demo and you are prompted to buy mid-battle…

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Thanks for the tip, downloading now.

        What an odd place to have a full version of a free game. Unless EA are yanking our chains, of course.

  8. StranaMente says:

    If I’m not ninja’d I’ll be the first to say that I’m not hating Origin per se, as I would love for a good alternative to steam (Gog isn’t yet there). But I still strongly dislike their practice related to privacy. It’s not that I have something to hide, it’s a matter of principle and I will stand to this as long as they do.
    And before you say that, I know that steam has its fair share of failings too, but I prefer how Valve behaves way more than EA.

    • BrotherCabbage says:

      Have you seen Steam’s policy on that note? They’re not that different.

      Although I suppose I trust Valve with those powers more than I trust EA.

  9. Armitage says:

    Those links are redirecting me to the US homepage, and I cannot find it from the search bar. I am dissapoint :(

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I live in the US, and for some reason the link on the main store page in Origin is leading me to the “Free Games” page, but 1942 is not showing up at all. It’s not even showing up when I do a search.

      EDIT: It’s listed on the “Demos” page, as per Buemba above.

  10. brulleks says:

    As someone who already bought the game years ago, and hasn’t really enjoyed any of the series after BF2, if this sparks a repopulation of BF1942 servers I will be overjoyed.

  11. EddieV says:

    Apparently, not available for Europeans….. shame, could be my first Origin game :)

    • alilsneaky says:

      Origin in a nutshell:p all their freebies and almost all of their specials are US only.

      • Martel says:

        Doesn’t even show up for me in the US…unless I’m missing something, but I can’t even find it on their site.

        Edit* Found it thanks to others. For me it also shows up on the front page of the Origin store if I go through the client, just not the website.

    • DalamarNL says:

      In case you’ve missed it in the comments above, it should be in the Demos section.
      Got it myself just now (I live in the Netherlands).

  12. The JG Man says:

    Nice typo in the URL. If only they were giving away 2142 for free! It’s a shame though, as during whatever happened between EA and Valve/Steam, 2142 was in the process of being added to Steam. That obviously hasn’t materialised. If it did, it probably would’ve been a good resurgence for a fantastic game.

    Still, free 1942? I won’t say no, especially considering my disc for it is, urmmm, somewhere in this house.

    • Jengaman says:

      That’s my favorite of the series… That Titan mode was a good time. And I think that one dealt with squads the best way.

  13. Alec Meer says:

    I am sorry the URL says ‘2142’, that’s my stupid fingers and the post saving my draft headline. If I change it now it screws up RSS, so, yeah.

    • The JG Man says:

      Subliminally writing your favourite BF? (It wasn’t meant to be accusatory, sorry!)

    • Memph says:

      Meer, you big tease. Snatched me this all the same, as my discs are also ‘somewhere’, and I vaguely remember the possibity that one is in more than a single-piece. Some Desert Combat has to be played – it’s been way too long since I stole and nose-dived an enemy bomber into their own base laughing maniacally.

  14. skinlo says:

    Hmm, can’t be bothered myself. Origin is a strong enough reason for me not to play this 10 year old game.

  15. KauhuK says:

    You can actually get it for free but you need to go trough this link: link to

  16. Christian says:

    Nope, still hate Origin.

    (just kidding, I never really hated it…but I still don’t think it’s earned its right to exist in the first place just yet with the overpricing and all, esp. when I see stuff like this and it’s not available where I live.).

    Stupid me. It’s also available in other Regions (at least Germany): just in the ‘Demo’-Section. :)

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Bad Luck Origin.
      Gives away game for free,
      Still accused of overpricing

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      What version of our universe are you writing from, if I might ask? The prices are the same as on Steam as far as I can see, and it mostly offers the same functionality, albeit in a more convoluted way, with the exception of Steam groups. Besides, Origin is a direct competitor to Steam, meaning they can`t go completely off their rocker, and EA aren`t actually doing that bad a job of maintaining it (I use to launch ME3 an such, and it crashes much less frequently than the game itself).

      • Christian says:

        Well..seeing that Steam also is a bit on the pricy side (at least when they’re not doing one of their sales..) it’s a worthy competitor. It just hasn’t been around for that long, that’s all.

        As I said: I don’t really hate it, never have.

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      Origin is a lot better now than it was when it launched. It still can’t hold a candle to Steam, but it’s at least tolerable. It won’t scan your computer for games anymore and you can choose opt out of the hardware survey when installing.

      As a bonus, it doesn’t even need to be running when you’re playing. It will open to launch the game, but after the game is running you can exit. This is actually suggested, since Origin is still Origin and will inexplicably consume many more processor cycles than it needs to.

  17. Cytrom says:

    No ads, no microtransactions, no DRM that kills your kitten, just plain free?

    This must be a conspiracy, or Anonymous hacked the emperor’s (a.k.a. John Riccitiello) notebook.

    But seriously, its kind of ironic that the best of the battlefield ‘franchise’ (I hate that word) is also the cheapest now, and this could easily destroy EA’s shitty F2P BF titles (Heroes & Play4Free) if they haven’t been cancelled yet… although there are still plenty of people with terrible tastes and lots of money to spare to keep them going I guess.

    In any case.. this is good news for those who dare to (re)install origin.

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      Well, I would not call Origin “DRM free” unless BF1942 in this version runs fine without Origin.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Well BF2 and 2142 run even if you uninstall Origin so it should be fine. I’d guess 1942 is in the same boat.

      • Snuffy the Evil says:

        Origin will need to open to launch the game, but it’s the same as BF3 in that you can exit once the game is running and everything will be fine. In fact, it’s actually suggested that you do so because Origin, being Origin, will inexplicably take more processor time than it reasonably needs.

  18. smg77 says:

    Not even close to good enough to get me to install Origin.

    • Jenks says:

      There are literally zero games on the Origin store that I’m interested in that I don’t own on another platform. The truth is EA could offer every game on the service to me for free and I probably wouldn’t be bothered to install it.

      I’m not even an Origin “hater,” I’m just completely apathetic to it.

  19. Faceless says:

    “I’ve got bad news for a certain, uh, vocal portion of our readership: you might have a reason to not completely hate Origin. I’m kidding myself – obviously you’ll hate Origin no matter what forever and ever.”

    See, that jab would have worked if RPS staff weren’t sceptical of Origin themselves. It’s okay, though, pot still loves you, kettle.

    Granted, I neither hate nor love Origin, but I do think it’s impractical, redundant and unnecessary.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Skepticism and hate are sometimes two different things, you know.

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      Well, I have to admit: Origin has come a loooong way since release. It froze my PC every time I started it for several seconds (maybe trying to connect to EAs demon overlords?) until a few weeks back. Not it even starts faster and the overall feel of it is way faster and fluid then Steam (okay, given, Steam isn’t really famous for it’s fast and fluid interface)

      Origin still lacks some of the fancy stuff Steam has, but who knows where Origin will be in a year if they keep on going forward this way.

  20. JohnnyK says:

    Things to note – the expansions are not coming, and you can’t play with people who have the disc version as it’s a different version.
    Also, there is no anti-cheat.

    • Punctured Bag says:

      Thanks for the info – sad, but perhaps there will be a few weeks of people on servers for this version.

      (didn’t Coral Sea have a cool cheat where you could parachute down inside the island of the carrier and snipe people waiting for planes? Good times…)

  21. leQuack says:

    Wow, a free game that after ten years shouldn’t cost more than $5 anyway. Could this be the shining bright star I’ve been waiting so long for which finally convinces me to install Origin?


  22. Clavus says:

    BF1942 + Desert Combat mod = poor man’s Battlefield 3. At least back then flying a helicopter was a skill.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I’m trying to find a link for a working version of Desert Combat, but no luck so far. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised that EA have somehow made this version of 1942 mod-proof. As it is, the game doesn’t have auto support for widescreen (easy enough to fix manually), and I was disappointed to find out that the campaign is actually just a bunch of boring-ass bot matches. I haven’t bothered to try multiplayer yet, and I don’t think I’m ever going to.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      No way!
      BF3 is poor man’s Desert Combat.

    • hippocrat says:

      When flying helicopters was a skill: yes, this. Since BF1942 Desert Combat I have tried Vietnam, BF2, and 2142, and none of them are as interesting, primarily for lack of responsive, ginned-up, arcade-y flight mechanics. It took me nearly three weeks to get good at flying choppers with a joystick (and I still have trouble with a mouse) but once I got there, man was it fun.

  23. pupsikaso says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not getting Origin just to install a free copy of 10year old BF1942 that has been dead for over 5 years now. Even if I did lose the original CD key like you did.

  24. fish99 says:

    It’s still DRM, just like Steam. There’s still things you can’t do with most digital games which you could do with boxed games, like lend them to family or friends. It still bothers me that our household had to buy 3 Skyrims when 1 Oblivion was happily shared. Yet with console games, DVDs, music CDs or books, you can happily and legally share them.

    And before anyone says ‘just lend you friend your steam login’, yeah, like I want to lose access to my 230 steam games for the 200 hrs my friend plays Skyrim, plus doing so is banned under the T&C. Sharing games, it’s a little right we used to have that has quietly vanished while no one noticed.

  25. Tei says:

    This article needs the intro of BF1942, because is epic and nostalgic memories.

    link to ( the BF2 is good too )

  26. pertusaria says:

    Thanks for the Joe Haldeman reference! That’s an amazing book.

  27. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    This is awesome! While I own BF1942 and can easily find the disks for that and Road to Rome, it’s pointless because there aren’t good, populated servers I can play on. Hopefully this will bring back some BF1942 players, and new ones, so we can play the best multiplayer FPS ever, again!

  28. Scouter says:

    Well bad company 2 keeps stuttering and I can’t be bothered to play PS2 until release so I won’t have to worry about issues, is this any good?

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Many would say the best multiplayer game ever. So yeah.
      Plus it won’t stutter, it’s been patched to perfection to run on really old machines. I haven’t played this version in Win7, but it’s safe to assume that at least it won’t be graphically demanding.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      If you were weened on more contemporary multiplayer games like Bad Company 2 or Red Orchestra 2, I’d say give 1942 a pass. It suffers from the same problem as Battlefield 2: too many established elite players and not enough servers that cater to noobs like me. Besides that, the interface is archaic and the graphics are butt-ugly.

      I’m sure it has its charms, especially for those who have been playing it for years, but there’s a limit to how far charm can carry a game for newbies.

      • 1Life0Continues says:

        In the same boat.
        The elitist ‘L2P n00b’ crowd puts me off playing basically any kind of MP game. No-one seems to want to help you improve, rather just yell at you for not doing what you were never told to do.

        And ‘play the campaign’ is a lousy damn excuse, because AI != human. You can’t improve against humans by gaming an AI.

        I got this out of curiousity. Any noob servers about?

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          I haven’t managed to find one yet, but my first foray into MP was a match full of noobs busy TK’ing each other and two other players who were rightfully frustrated with said noobs. I suppose that could count as a newbie server.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          Since it’s such an old game that just went F2P I’m sure most of the players are noobs also.

          And you can get better playing the AI because you learn the maps, how to drive various vehicles, etc. Then you do plateau and any more improvement must be done online.

  29. rocketman71 says:

    Answer is still NO. Not even free.

    Besides, I still have my version from 10 years ago, when EA where not such douchebags. It has 90% less malware. I’ll keep that one, thank you very much.

  30. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    So since this is a free game, can’t the cynics just pirate it and not worry about origin? It uses an in game server browser, right? Cracked servers play cracked games, like olden times?

  31. 1Life0Continues says:

    If you get it from Origin, copy the key they give you down, pirate a non-origin copy, then add in the legitimate key, wouldn’t that solve the problem? Still legitimate key, same game but no Origin, and everyone wins?

    I’m asking, because I went and got it, and it boots up Origin on start; I can’t find anywhere to disable this. I’m not exactly an Origin hater (I just don’t think EA is fully upfront with the things it’s doing in my PC) but I’d prefer not to have another memory hog on my already crappy system.

    • JohnnyK says:

      Not the same game – the Oirigin version is not compatible with the disc version.

      • 1Life0Continues says:


        Ah well. Always a catch, I suppose.

        • Sidion says:

          I wouldn’t worry so much, Origin’s footprint isn’t that bad anymore. The equivalent of half the resource usage of having a firefox window up.

          Also doesn’t seem to communicate too often with their master server (As long as you’re not clicking about in it.)

  32. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Has anyone managed to get Desert Combat Final to work, game just crashes to desktop as soon as a match loads with DC_Final set.

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      DC Final works fine here. Did you install 0.7 first?

  33. Suits says:

    Not bad, but not enough.

  34. Mallobaude says:

    Still have the original cd+case and all on my desk, so HATE ON EA for making something free which I already have! ._.

  35. Adekan says:

    On the one hand, I’ve been wanting a copy of this since my BF1942 jewel case ( I know, Physical Media right? ) went missing oh-so-many years ago. On the other, Origin.

    Nah, I’ll tough it out. One gaming service is enough.

  36. caddyB says:

    I don’t hate Origin. I just can’t be bothered.

  37. bangalores says:

    I’ve always wondered how long it took them to decide which year to use in the title…

  38. malkav11 says:

    And just think, if this game ran off EA servers, they would have shut it down 8+ years ago and never would have been able to do this.

  39. FOURPLAYuk says:

    Found my login from years ago and got my password to make a rare comment on RPS:

    Since I’m here, I’ll say I’m a British PC gamer, I love RPS, check it every day and love most of your opinions on things gaming related so thank you RPS.

    About this however… EA/Dice making bf1942 free … on origin means nothing to me, I still object to the origin terms of service on principle and will never use orgin for that reason. I’m a huge battlefield fan, I remember being a teenager and me and my older brothers downloading the BF1942 multiplayer demo one summer and it being the best fps ever.

    I went on to play 1942 and then vietnam competitively and we had one of the best clans in BFV in Europe but BF2 onwards the series fell from grace in my eyes, not only with the unlock features but also the core gameplay and “feel” of the infantry and – FPS – part of the game just did not “feel” right in BF2 and 2142 so I tried but never bought those games. (demos not piracy)

    The pre-hype, trailer and information for BF3 got me very excited but the prospect of origin’s terms made me feel very grim because I can never agree to allow a company the ability to basically monitor my whole computer if it wants, I found a solution of installing origin and the BF beta/demo within a sandbox with sandboxie, a method of completely limiting what origin can do or see on my computer but this was in the beta/demo before Punkbuster was enabled, apparently – and rightly so really for an Anti-cheat – PB has issues with being inside a sandbox, there are apparently work arounds for playing games with PB with sandboxie but going to such measures was too much for me so I never bought BF3 and will never install origin normally.

    I by the way love BF3’s “feel” I think it’s a great game technically, it lacks some key features to make the game good for PC competitive play, and the erosion of many pc games on that side is a saddening aspect of modern gaming.

    Another commenter noted that Steam has similar terms which it does, they are similar but to me there is a very significant difference, you give the right for steam to monitor and look at your usage of the steam folder but with Origin you give them the right to monitor the usage of your whole computer which I find is a very significant “bridge too far” to use an Operation Market Garden idiom :)

    So while I think making BF42 free is great, I find origin far from great and actually unacceptable.

    Sorry for such a long comment, I’m passionate about PC gaming, Battlefield games, and freedom.
    Have a great day

  40. Chubzdoomer says:

    This game has not held up well AT ALL. The map design is still as good as it ever was, but good god the gunplay is horrendous. The vehicles don’t control very well and take damage (and even explode) even if you just bump into walls or drive down steep inclines and none of the weapons feel satisfying to use. I think something the game still does well today despite the map design is flying. The planes do still control quite well and dogfighting is fun and rewarding, but if you’re on the ground you’ll quickly discover just how outdated this game feels. I can live with outdated graphics, but the gameplay just does not cut it anymore, folks. I can only recommend this to people like me who are fueled by nostalgia and would like to play the first game in the Battlefield series just one last time and relive a few memories. For the rest of you, save your bandwidth.

  41. boldoran says:

    Does anyone know if there is a dedicated linux server available for this version of the game?

  42. Campbell50 says:

    I had a good chunk of my life taken up with this. I still have the expansions. A lot of hilarity ensued, I remember one person asking for the key to open the parachute when THUMP, he landed dead in front of me. I laughed so hard I drooled on my keyboard.

  43. MadTinkerer says:

    “obviously you’ll hate Origin no matter what forever and ever. I know you, young man.”

    Were you typing directly to me, or is it the sleep deprivation? But seriously, indeed, until they at least rename Origin to something more tasteful it will just serve to remind me of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    (Why? Because it’s like Leatherface heard you really like your grandma’s rhubarb pies, so he’s gone to great lengths to recreate the recipe and he’s actually not done a bad job. In fact, the pie is great. The problem is that he’s wearing grandma’s face as he’s serving the pie.

    Bit of a faux pas, you see.)

  44. FesterSilently says:

    Honestly, they couldn’t offer the “Game of the Year” package with all the expansions? Like it’s still flying off the shelves, ten years later?

    And, really – drop the pissing contest with Steam: you would reach a MUCH bigger fan base, and get the word/goodwill out there to people who (like me, stupidly or not) raise their hackles anytime Origin is even mentioned. You might even (in the long run) (*gasp*) make more money! D:

    As a qualifier: I own and still enjoy BF1942 + all the expansions from time to time; all bought when they first came out (in other words: “at full price”), so it’s not like I’m trying to jump on the “FREE FOR ME!” bus or anything, here.

    I just think if they’re gonna be generous (*cough*) to their fans, they should simply do it right. :/

  45. drewski says:

    So, EA. You have finally found my gateway drug.

    Kudos. Sort out your pricing and this relationship might just work out after all.

  46. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Eh.. Battlefield 1942 is a great game but I won’t go for Origin. I wouldn’t mind buying it without but that’s never going to happen.

  47. Sayori says:

    * Installs the game*
    * Tries to connect to a server*
    * Invalid cdkey *
    * Uninstalls *