Farming Simulator 2013 Is Your New God

What’s weird about the above image? I mean, other than that anyone paid for Medal of Whatever: Whatever Whateverer.

Don’t fuck with FARMING SIMULATOR 2013, yo.

Number two in the UK PC retail charts ain’t to be sniffed at, and there is no shame in losing out to the latest installment of the evergreen money fountain that is Foot-to-ball Commander in its first week. Meanwhile, VGChartz reckon it was the best-selling game in the world last week, although as I understand their charts are at least partially created by pulling of numbers from an orifice usually used for post-digestive processes.

Europe loves to farm. A return to a pastoral, self-sufficient idyll, rather than the bleak encroaching moneypocalypse mood of today, perhaps?

The game hasn’t done quite as well on Steam, just missing out on the top ten for last week, which looks like this:

1. Football Manager 2013
2. Left 4 Dead 2
3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
4. Natural Selection 2
5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
6. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
7. Borderlands 2
8. The Walking Dead
9. Dishonored
10. Dead Island Game of the Year Edition

FS2013’s absence leads me to wonder about what kind of audience the game has recruited. Clearly, it’s people who prefer to buy from shops rather than online (that UK chart only representing retail and etail sales, which means it’s 99% irrelevant but still throws up points on interest). People who may not even be aware it can bought online, perhaps. People who aren’t even online, maybe. Which could be because they live out in the sticks. Which might mean…

Of course! Everyone buying Farming Simulator 2013 is a farmer! They’re doing a little bit of pre-breakfast farming simulation, then going out and farming, then coming home and doing some farming simulation until the wee small hours. They’ll be very excited about the upcoming DLC aimed at better recreating the farming experience, which carries the working title Farming Simulator 2013 Simulator.

If you are a farmer and wish to spend your time simulating farm, this is the kind of thing you can expect:

And you could experience it for yourself without spending any money – thus saving your pennies for more shotgun shells and green wellingtons – here.

Edit – oops, sorry, I forgot this. Don’t know what I was thinking.


  1. pupsikaso says:

    This makes me so curious what kind of person buys Farming Simulator…

    • abremms says:

      I have farmed enough in real life, tractors are fun to drive and all, but I cannot imagine wanting to spend my free time driving virtual tractors.

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      Anyone who makes MLGxXxPr0 videos set to dubstep on youtube.

      • Phantoon says:

        Actually, that was already done, for Farming Simulator 2011.

    • President Weasel says:

      Darn it, I was going to say that’s clearly the disk-only chart and pretty much everyone is buying their games from an internet these days, but you cruelly already covered that in the story.
      If you’re going to go around making fairly obvious yet cogent points like that it’s rather unfair on the commentators; bad show, Alec Meer, bad show.

      As to what kind of person buys Farming Simulator, I think they’ll skew older than the PC gaming demographic, which is already fairly old (we’re all 36ish on average these days, right?) and I’d also suggest they’re a far smaller audience than the people who bought XCOM from Steam. The lack of a single, reliable, all-the-PC-games-that-have-been-sold-including-the-actual-numbers chart for UK and European sales is hurting PC gaming; the money men need figures (and powerpoint presentations, and things explained to them sloooowly and simply)

      • Archonsod says:

        I’d guess it’d be those of a certain age who remember playing with toy tractors, train sets and similar when they were younger.

      • RF says:

        Actually, the “average” gamer is a 35-year-old Cantonese woman. This is actually based off the various average values.

        Mean: 35 years old, since that’s the mean of all the ages of all the gamers added up together.
        Mode: Cantonese, since the majority of gamers are actually Cantonese.
        Median (or it could be mode): Woman, due to the vast majority of women who now play Facebook games.

      • Araxiel says:

        PowerPoint Presentation Simulator 2014

        You heard it here first

    • benjymous says:

      Bored housewives who think it’ll be like FarmVille?

    • cyrenic says:

      At the store my one year old grabbed the box and kept saying “Tractor!”.

      So they’ve got that demographic locked down.

      • eks says:

        Perhaps there is something to this. I mean, when you want to play a video game with your child on your lap what are you going to choose? A farming sim where you can drive around on a tractor or the latest man shoot and let them watch you blow people’s heads off?

        That’s a rhetorical question of course. If you actually play the latest man shoot with your little kid and let them watch you blow heads off, I’d rather not know and would prefer to live my life in my ignorant little bubble with sunshine and lollipops.

        • pupsikaso says:

          There are more games than manshoots and farming simulators, you know? Yes, you couldn’t figure it out by seeing a list of top10 games, but it’s true, variety in video games truly does exist.

    • Arathian says:

      I guess my kind of person. I play vicky2 almost obsessively and I am an economist IRL. I would guess it is the same thought process for farmers.

      • Gaytard Fondue says:

        You play a game that has an economy that creates money out of thin air? Blasphemy!

        • Dozer says:

          Er, this is how the real economy works. Fractional-reserve banking: the banks lend money they haven’t got, creating money when you take out a loan, destroying money when you pay it back.

          • Gaytard Fondue says:

            Not quite what I meant. I guess you have to actually play the game to understand what I mean.

          • xao says:

            ” I guess you have to actually play the game to understand what I mean.”

            Three posts up: “I play vicky2 almost obsessively”.

    • dglenny says:

      I bought it – well, 2009 – for my son to play. It’s a good environment for dynamic play without too many constraints. He doesn’t water any crops, put it that way.

      And it has its appeals as a sort of Zen state, a little like how Tetris used to feel to me: I once spent an entire Sunday afternoon preparing, planting, harvesting, and then repeating a field. To make enough money to buy my son a cool-looking harvester. Which he then drove into the river.

      I was annoyed and relieved in equal parts when I found out I could just type the amount of money I wanted in the XML file.

    • DaWalrus says:

      Well, I tried out the 2011 one just because it was different. A good and realistic simulator, game that doesn’t just rely on explosions, gun fights and pornography as the only stimuli, is a healthy change of routine for the brain.

      My interest didn’t last too long though because of the lack of content and sense of achievement.
      Might get this one just to see how much they have improved it and at the same time encourage and support a fresh trend in the AAA game biz.

      • enobayram says:

        I also have an inexplicable desire to play this game. I guess gamers have a curiosity related disorder.

    • ahac says:

      Yes, who would play a farming simulator? That’s not normal. Normal people play killing simulators….

    • Jiblet says:

      Me! I bought it! I even paid twenty English pounds for it on a pre-order.
      Im not even a farmer,at least not any more! But my parents were, so it’s nice to use it as a bit of a flashback to my childhood.

      It’s also a bloody brilliant bribe for my 2 year old son. “If you go to bed nicely now we can play combines and tractors in the morning”, though he’s usually happy going to visit the chickens.

      I know its a terribly easy target to mock, but it’s actually quite fun.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      From where I live (Rural neighboorhood), it’s the most installed game I find on other people’s computers: most of my dad’s friends are farmers, and all the computers they give me to fix are all owned by the sons of said farmers.

      So yeah, sons of farmers.

    • mrtypo says:

      I went into my local PC World at the weekend, they only had two PC games: (1) Street Sweeper Simulator (an absolute steal at 97p) and (2) Farming Simulator.

    • Guvornator says:

      “What kind of person buys Farming Simulator…”

      Screw that, what kind of person is STILL buying the Sims 3?

  2. sinister agent says:

    Spreadsheet reorganiser, laborious number increaser, and agricultural drudgery approximater. Way to smash those PC stereotypes, UK.

  3. aliksy says:

    I think the only games on that chart that don’t fill me with faint contempt are Guild Wars 2 and xcom.

    • bard says:

      I must admit i was also a bit nauseated until I reached ‘Euro Truck Simulator’ followed by the number ‘2’ at which point I noisily vomited all over my keyboard.

      What. The. Bloody. Bowel. Movement.

      How is this a game and who buys it and most of all, why is there a sequel? I NEED TO KNOW.

      • Gaytard Fondue says:

        Millions of people pay 15 bucks a month to play WoW, that’s really all you need to know. People apparently like to suffer while “playing” games.

        • Shadram says:

          Some people like WoW.

          Also, can we report user names here?

          • Gaytard Fondue says:

            Interestingly you’re the first person who seems to have an issue with my user name. It’s stupid but it’s randomly generated, that’s why I like it.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Having only played the first Euro Truck Simulator I’d say there were plenty of room for improvement. And looking at videos for the second it seems they’ve done just that.

        Incidentally I enjoyed the first one. It was almost zen, driving from Nice to Köln and just goinf with the flow. Same reason I sometimes enjoy Train Simulator.

      • skinlo says:

        Its actually quite a good game, try the demo, its probably much better than you expect. If you buy it though, I’d recommend getting the no limiter mod, much more fun going downhill at 90mph in a 15 ton truck and night in the rain.

  4. Kestrel says:

    I don’t understand any of this.

    • Ross Angus says:

      For all this isn’t a game I’d be interested in playing, I’m really pleased that The Sims, Foot-to-ball-man and this kind of thing all are non-violent. The three best selling (in retail) series of games feature zero guns. It’s a beautiful thing.

  5. Hairball says:

    It’s all because of this video.

  6. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Come on, RPSers!

    EDIT: Ninja’d. :(

  7. MrTrent says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting the Farming Simulator 2013 WIT.

  8. Freud says:

    The result of cultivating a fan base.

  9. 1Life0Continues says:

    E-Farming E-Sport…get on it MLG.

  10. Crazy Horse says:

    I demand a Wot I Think!

    This is obviously one of the most popular and influential PC games this year and it is only right that you enjoy it and tell us how much you enjoyed it. The whole thing.

  11. piecoughed says:


  12. Paul B says:

    Cos I got a brand new (virtual) combine harvester and I’ll give you the key

  13. Chris Evans says:

    Pleasing to see a game like this performing so well in the charts, always enjoy seeing the underdogs mix it with the best.

    Worth noting too that Euro Truck Sim 2 is still up there in the Top 10, would love to see it get more coverage. The latest dev blog talks a little bit about the performance of it – link to

    • FKD says:

      I was just logging in to say essentially the same thing (and I’m having a good time with Euro Truck Sim2, myself). What I find interesting is everyone seems surprised that a game like this exists, and yea, I get that the idea of /farming simulator/ is pretty corny (haha!). However, really how is it any different from any other sim? Why is a train simulator where all you essentially do is give it gas and brake considered more legit than a sim where you would be doing that, plus raising and lowering whatever crazy combine antics there are (as you can tell I’m neither a farmer nor have I played this game). And the same thing goes for any flight sim, or racing games! Why is it so hard to understand that some people would be interested to atleast experience a part of life they never will, and why is it not as “serious” a game as Flight Sim 2000?

      • Chris Evans says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more. I find the idea of Train Simulators alien to me, but then I have no real interest in them, whereas a Farming Sim does for some reason have an appeal to me.

        At the end of the day, FIFA is a football simulator the same as Football Manager is a mangement simulator.

        Titles like Farming Sim and ETS2 might be obscure to most people, but they are really quite popular within their niche.

        I think, at the end of the day, that a lot of damage has been done to the reputation of the ‘sim’ market by the dire titles like Driving Simulator and Street Cleaning Simulator. The genre would stand up better if developers hadn’t jumped onto the bandwagon established by the initial success of Farming Sim.

        For a sense of scale for the success of Farming Simulator, it has gone from being published by Excalibur, a relatively small company, to Focus Home Interactive, which is exponentially larger and has dealt with a wide range of large titles like Of Orcs and Men.

        • Hahaha says:

          “I think, at the end of the day, that a lot of damage has been done to the reputation of the ‘sim’ market by the dire titles like Driving Simulator and Street Cleaning Simulator.”

          You seem to be missing the craptastic “sim” that is sitting at the second spot.

          • Flailing Penguin says:

            I dunno, I thought left 4 dead 2 was a pretty good zombie apocalypse sim

  14. Phinor says:

    VGChartz isn’t the most reliable source but here’s the GLOBAL weekly charts: link to

    Farming Simulator is #1 by a fair margin, although this is for individual platforms, if you combine Worffighter numbers for example, it goes to #1. But still, this is insane. I thought Farming SImulators were a joke, something you buy because it’s a stupid joke to do so – or maybe they still are, the joke has just got way out of hand.

    • Rosveen says:

      Farming Simulator – 80% of their sales come from Europe, 53% from Germany alone. What is wrooong with us?!

      • Obc says:

        sounds about right if you ask me. i couldnt tell you why and wouldn’t have bet on it, but it isn’t suprising to me that it sold over 200k in germany. in some way the game seems very german. something our lovely german bureaucrats would enjoy. getting back from the post office or city hall and chilling the rest of the day with a good ol’ farm sim xD

    • Lobster9 says:

      I love that the chart itself is so confused that it just shrugs and lists it as an ‘Action’ game.

  15. zookeeperme says:

    I work for a mid-sized company that manufactures farm machinery, and we were tickled pink to find out that someone out there has modded our machines into the 2011 Farm Simulator. Here’s hoping that someone mods our stuff into this one, too.

  16. MajorManiac says:

    EA’s business practices may not be that nice, but they sure know how to hog the sales charts.

  17. Deadly Habit says:

    If you add anime graphics and waifus it’s acceptable and sells a ton as well (Harvest Moon, Rune Factory).

  18. Unaco says:

    “People who aren’t even online, maybe.”

    They’re going to get a shock, I think. It requires Online Activation.

    I’m not surprised that games like this are made, and sell, and (shock horror) are popular. It’s the PC we’re talking about… the platform for simulators, and management games (which is what it is, apparently). There is a genuine fascination with “setting something up and watching it run”, to steal a phrase from RPS Steam chat where we’re just discussing this, or to watch it grow, to try and succeed with it. Like playing a US Foot-to-Ball game and just doing the training/management, or building something in Sim City. Hell… Foot-to-Ball Manager is #1.

    Maybe a little shocked that it’s AS popular as it is… there are more people playing this on Steam just now, than are playing Chivalry. Maybe the “ooh, look at this! Innit weird?” press that this and similar games get recently, are bringing them to the attention of more people, and so more sales.

    • Emeraude says:

      This really. That it exists is a no-brainer to me. That it has a modicum of success I can accept without batting an eyelid… But that sales number ? Makes me smile more than the edited dubstep video.

      PC Gaming, it is a silly place.

    • Llewyn says:

      Peak Steam players number for today is 3360, which is a lot more than I would have expected but not amazing for a new release. But I can’t shake the suspicion that the retail sales charts are subject to manipulation, and that nowhere near 403,000 people have actually taken physically purchased copies of FS2013 this week.

      The 200k German sales I can obviously believe, it’s the other 200k I have a problem with ;-)

  19. Sic says:

    Oh, lord.

    It’s going to be hard to maintain the Glorious PC Gamer Master Race™ façade after this.

    • Emeraude says:

      How is this NOT part of the glorious master race package – if I dare use such bold language on such a oh so very very public board ?

    • Hahaha says:

      You can maintain that outlook while mods are already doing much worse? XD

  20. Torgul says:

    So yea …. I registered just to comment.

    Since when did the writer of this article fail to realize that 1000’s of kids visit this site. At what point did it seem OK to him to use that sort of language. RPS just lost a ton of respect from me. I visit this site every day. I probably wont be such a frequent visitor from now on.

    I wonder how many people feel just like I do?

    In fact why don’t you guys just test it. Make sure every article from now on has at least one “F” word …. on the main page no less and lets see how many readers you lose over the next few months?


    • sinister agent says:

      If you can find one kid old enough to read RPS who has never heard the word ‘fuck’ before, I will spend the rest of the year removing bricks from my house and eating them.

      • lasikbear says:

        And if they really wanted to get those kids to keep reading they should probably add a lot more “fucks” to just about every article.

      • melnificent says:

        Oh you mean like an junior school indie gamer?…. oh hang on that’s my daughter on her netbook. And she’s not heard the word fuck before……. a few other choice words (shit, bollocks, damn) maybe.

        Do you need milk with those bricks?

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      Torgul: are you joking?

    • Vorphalack says:

      To make up for your lost traffic I read the article twice.

    • Alec Meer says:

      I can assure you’ve we’ve been merrily swearing away since the site’s earliest days, and will continue to do so until the heat-death of the fucking universe.

      • Llewyn says:

        Indeed. I was intrigued by someone who visits the site every day but had never previously thought to read any of the fucking articles.

      • sinister agent says:

        Wait, wait, wait. There’s a fucking universe? Which universe is this then, and how do I get off?

        • MacTheGeek says:

          If this was the fucking universe, you could get off. But since it isn’t, you’re stuck here.

    • dajjal says:



      I can stoop no lower

    • Canadave says:

      Logged on just to reply, because I fucking agree with you 100 per-fucking-cent! Fuck all this fucking swearing on this fucking site! It’s just getting over-the-fucking-top!

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Won’t someone think of the fucking children!?

      They can’t all be little angels like the darling in this vid.

    • Dilapinated says:


      But seriously, the “Children might see your website, so no naughty words!” argument is so ridiculously outdated it’s almost quaint. In the current context of the internet being so ridiculously prevailant in people’s lives from a young age, do you really believe that a website that clearly aims for a mature audience of gamers saying fuck once in a while is a problem here?

      I’m not saying that no kids come on RPS. But you could say that of any website; to say otherwise would be to attempt to prove a negative. What I am saying is that the internet as a whole has both far ‘worse’ things, places that kids are more likely to frequent, and plenty of mixtures of both. If you’re worried about your children going to websites with unsuitable content, the onus falls on you to moderate their internet use, not every person who posts content to the internet.

  21. Inglourious Badger says:

    Ban this sick filth now! I don’t want my kids pretending to be shotgun owning farmers, culling badgers, slaughtering pigs and whatever depraved acts they get up to with all those chickens and piles of horse faeces. What is this country coming to! Sick and wrong!

    I need another game of Hotline Miami to calm my nerves now. Won’t SOMEBODY think of the children!

    • Soon says:

      Hotline Devon.
      “Hello… I’d like you to uh, remove the heads of lots of, uh, people. Then if you could dig a mass grave and fill it with the rotund bodies of a million, uhm, children. I expect you there at 5am. Thanks.” *click*

      Cue running around to filthy electronic samples whilst harvesting wheat and planting seeds.

  22. Drake Sigar says:

    I am convinced everyone who buys Farming Simulator is performing a global-scale practical joke meant to tutor us on the nature of fads and bring to light certain truths in the games industry. Then again, I also thought planking was a brilliant joke meant to make fun of how when enough people do something silly, everyone else will follow… and then everyone did. Does that make the joke funnier or ruin it? Was it even a joke to begin with?


    • Ich Will says:

      I thought the latest fad was tossing – chucking your camera in the air to try to take a self portrait and posting the results online, including the inevitable “I smashed my brand new £2000 Nikon” shot

  23. rawrty says:

    Trying to figure out what a Farming Simulator Simulator would be make my head broke.

  24. Ross Angus says:

    What I found interesting about the Steam chart this week is that this is the first week since DayZ went viral that Arma II Combined Operations wasn’t in the top 10.

    That’s a seriously long time for any game to be in the chart. let alone a game which has been out so long.

  25. arioch says:

    I would guess it is almost entirely due to the yogscast video about it….

    Those guys main channel is the the most watched one on youtube by a fair margin.

  26. Stellar Duck says:

    Man, there are a lot of narrow minded people here it seems.

    If people enjoy farming or driving a truck or a train in a virtual space is that really so worthy of contempt?

    Meanwhile we throw money after Obsidian so we can be a dwarf and have a sword? Or celebrating tasteless trash like Hotline Miami? Bah!

  27. Victuz says:

    I’m going to make a wild and completely ridiculous claim based only on the statistics that I just made up!
    All of these sales were made by Youtubers who were hoping for a quick buck because for some reason farming simulator videos are really popular!

    Bask in the glory of my genius.

  28. Heliocentric says:


  29. Etnos says:

    I don’t understand the hostility towards folks buying Farm Simulator. Not everyone is a “gamer” in the traditional sense of the word, not everyone is looking for escapism..

    The most diversity in videogames the better.

  30. Solidstate89 says:

    I’ve actually been greatly amused by the videos that Jesse Cox and Crendor have been putting out. They even did like a 2-hour livestream of playing Farming Simulator 2012.

    I haven’t laughed that hard in days.

  31. tungstenHead says:

    I would actually consider buying Farming Simulator if it didn’t have dumbed down, arcade tractor handling and controls. I am nearly completely serious.

  32. derbefrier says:

    Although I wouldn’t buy a farming game these days, I do remember in my youth spending way to much time on a little game called Simfarm so I will not judge :P.

    • Consumatopia says:

      See, SimFarm or any kind of Farming Tycoon/Manager/Business game I can understand–a game where you buy plots of land, equipment, labor, seeds, etc and need to turn a profit.

      And I’m sure I’d have a lot of fun with some sort of Garry’s Mod-ish thing with lots of farming and industrial equipment to just mess around with (in fact, if someone made a game like that with dirt and fluid simulation, I bet it would make a lot more money than any of these Simulator games).

      The part of this I can’t wrap my head around is actually wanting to drive a virtual tractor over a field doing farmy stuff with it for more than 15 minutes. I’m certainly not judging, I just don’t understand. Is it…practice? Wish fulfillment? Some sort of protest against excitement?

  33. SDCARob says:

    I don’t think its contempt for the game, its just so weird. I saw this pop up on the Steam store took a glance at it and discarded it immediately then I saw it kept coming up on Coming Soon and Top Sellers and was in awe. I mean if this is your kind of thing more power to you.

  34. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Is there a correlation between system requirements and best sellers?

  35. MadTinkerer says:

    All right. All right. As much as I’ve desperately tried to ignore Farming Simulator news on RPS, I am now convinced that it is relevant to PC gaming. On the other hand, the Battlefield and Medal of Honor series are still currently not relevant until someone makes one that can possibly be distinguished from it’s competition as well as the previous years’ installment. Which makes Farming Simulator more relevant than either of EA or Activision’s top efforts.


  36. Retorrent says:

    Well I guess that answers my question I ask myself when I see this game on steam. I always think “Who the hell buys and plays Farm sim games that they keep making these things?” Apparently a lot of people do.

  37. D3xter says:

    Well, you should see the German Charts, it’s always a BestSeller here: link to

    1. “Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013” – PC (NEU)
    2. “Fußball Manager 13” – PC (NEU)
    3. “Medal Of Honor: Warfighter” – PS3 (NEU)
    4. “Forza Horizon” – Xbox 360 (NEU)
    5. “FIFA 13” – PS3 (1)
    6. “Medal Of Honor: Warfighter” – PC (NEU)
    7. “Medal Of Honor: Warfighter” – Xbox 360 (NEU)
    8. “Professor Layton und die Maske der Wunder” – 3DS (NEU)
    9. “Pokémon: Schwarze Edition 2” – DS (2)
    10. “New Super Mario Bros. 2” – 3DS (6)

  38. JimDiGritz says:


  39. El Mariachi says:

    I would imagine that a large part of the demographic is older folks we wouldn’t typically think of as “gamers” — people who mostly play golf games, or Mahjongg. Sort of a modern European version of the U.S. demographic that made Deer Hunter (no relation to the film, disappointingly) such a big hit ten or twelve years ago. (Even older Americans like a bit of shooting things with guns in their otherwise pastoral leisure pursuits.)

  40. drewski says:

    I’ll review this if RPS buys it for me.

  41. wodin says:

    Eurotruck was No2 last is why I’ve been looking more towards boardgaming..again..solo boardgaming thats pretty restrictive, but god after the constant disappointments with PC games these days I’m starting to give up…The odd one has initial WOW factor but that tails of into ho hum (XCom, Dishonored).

  42. Alexrd says:

    I really don’t understand the surprise, nor the necessity to make an article about it. Much less question someone else’s taste on videogames. The (Farming) Simulator franchise has existed and been successful for a long time, but nowadays any game that doesn’t have guns and/or first person view is viewed as something from another world…

  43. Malibu Stacey says:

    Meanwhile Dota 2 is getting 130k+ players every day and growing without even being out of beta, yet will never show in any of these ‘charts’ because it’s free -> link to