Crofty Little Devil: Tomb Robber

I am being puked to death

I spotted Tomb Robber over at yesterday and meant to post about it then, but something work-related distracted me. It was probably either Mickey Mouse, dragons or space-chickens because I have a very strange job. I’ve managed to focus on the entirely more sensible activity of artefact hunting now, with the demo of this flip-screen adventure. The full version isn’t out yet but this early sample is accomplished. I don’t think Tomb Robber has any anti-aliasing, but it’s enough like the treacherous and superb La Mulana to deserve attention.

If you want to be a successful robber, don’t shoot every snake and scorpion that gets in your way. Even if you hate them and their poison, it’s almost certain that you’ll hate the vomiting mummies more so save precious bullets to kill them. Again.

If you weren’t expecting undead monstrosities then you really shouldn’t have travelled all the way to the tomb. If treasure is buried near dead people, the dead people will wake up and greedily protect the treasure, even though they have no use for it. Filthy lucre, eh? Even if we can’t take it with us, in some ways it often seems to take us with it.

The use of an extra button when reloading makes the revolver actually feel like a revolver. Actually, it makes it feel like there’s an extra button to press on the keyboard to pretend you’re opening up a revolver chamber, it’s not really like holding and loading a gun at all, but it is a fun way to pretend to put bullets in a gun. Also in the plus column, my character’s head came clean off at one point but because I had a first aid kit he tended his wounds and dived straight back into the tomb. Good man.

Tomb Robber is from the developer of The Crypts of Despair, which is condensed roguelike that I played years ago. I’d totally forgotten it existed. Play both!


  1. Bushcat says:

    Looks like Roland on the ropes from my Amstrad 464 days.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Mein Gott! Someone else played it??! The Roland games were all hard as nails! I don’t think I ever reached the “top” of a level in The Ropes, or the exit of the cave in Caves, and certainly never made it to the black hole at the end of In Time.

      • paddymaxson says:

        I have a very fuzzy memory of that title.

        It was about climbing ropes and you could switch to adjacent ropes to avoid things, right?

  2. Citrus says:

    And Eidos isn’t going to force them to change the name? I thought the post was about Tomb Raider game (2D version) at first.

    Not that I care for that or this game either, just saying that I am surprised they haven’t been forced to change the name.

  3. Greggh says:

    I like the sound from Legend of Zelda LttP when you pick some of the stuff up.

    Cannot even compare to La Mulana IMHO though… lots of work must be done before that. Nice job so far.

  4. Skabooga says:

    Ha! Fun stuff, I love the gun reloading mechanic more than I have a right to. Of course, that didn’t stop me from finishing the game with some 40+ bullets to spare; I probably could have used it a little bit more. For such a minimalist game, I appreciate all the little flourishes and details added, like when the snakes leap forward to strike you.

  5. RvLeshrac says:

    Looks like Montezuma’s Revenge.