Testing Drive: Ravaged Has A Demo

It was probably about half way through Knee Deep in the Dead that I realised the most ridiculously brilliant of all possible futures would be the one in which first-person games allowed the player to commandeer vehicles. Basically, Blood + Carmageddon. No surprise then that my younger self was absolutely livid when I played Rage last year and complained about occasionally driving a buggy. Seamless transitions between vehicular and on-foot combat have long been desirable, and multiplayer shooter Ravaged looks like it might impress on that front. There’s a demo now, so you can find out for yourself. There’s also a new trailer below.

Ravaged is out now. £15.99 or £38.99 for a four pack. The full game features eight maps and the demo has two of those, each with its own game mode. One mode is called Capture the Resources and the resources are not a flag but probably weight about the same. The other is called Thrust and tasks each team with capturing control points, which isn’t as exciting/novel/disturbing as the name led me to hope.


  1. JBantha says:

    tip: If you are a user of Alienware arena you could had get the demo a week and so ago.

  2. Sheps says:

    I bought Ravaged a few days before it officially came out and after playing the beta I was thoroughly disappointed.

    I went into it expecting a Battlefield esqe game with a Mad Max setting. Instead what I found was what felt like a half finished game with horrid controls. After a few hours of playing I asked for a refund, it simply wasn’t fun to play.

    • Wreckdum says:

      Who is giving this game a 9/10? ROFL I’ve been playing since beta because I preordered. This game is terribly incomplete. And even if it was polished up comparing it to Battlefield is still ridiculous and out of their league.

      Comparing it to Battlefield multiplayer? Jesus as I was reading the quotes I was thinking WHO WOULD MAKE THESE CLAIMS?! Who would put their reputation on the line making those claims? Clearly they are nobodies. I didn’t see a single quote from any respectable review site/magazine.

      • Sheps says:

        Where did I compare it to BF? I said, and read closely, “EXPECTED” a battlefield ESQUE style of gameplay. Which isn’t hard to imagine in a semi open world team based shooter with vehicular combat.

        Point being this game is garbage. The premise is fantastic and one that with more money, more time and more care could be fantastic but Ravaged is a sloppily made mess that would have been out of place in 2002 let alone 2012.

    • TwwIX says:

      Can’t say that i am surprised. Another half assed title brought to you by same studio that you gave you such fine titles, like, Frontlnes: Fuel of War and Homefront. Yes. 2Dawn Games aka. Kaos Studios aka. Trauma Studios aka. Never Should Have Ventured Beyond Making Mods Studio.

  3. Didero says:

    Good to see they went for underdressed female characters and overdressed males ones :|

  4. pblackburn says:

    Tried the demo of this recently and really didn’t enjoy it. Looked gorgeous and great fun in the trailer, but I simply didn’t get on with it at all.

  5. CobraLad says:

    Um… Am I the only person with Steam, who played demo like 2 month ago?

  6. Citrus says:

    At least RAGE had more colours than brown for a change.

    Also, this game will suck. My free prediction.

  7. Crazy Horse says:

    What we really need is another pure arcade style vehicle combat game like Carmaggedon and Twisted Metal. I can’t for the life of me understand why this most awesome of genres is so overlooked on the PC and is barely present on the consoles. The PS3 got a Twisted Metal a year or so ago but that’s pretty much it save for a few titles which are pretty “meh”.

    Not talking about realistic vehicle handling in a grey-brown manshooter, it’s more about the classic balls-to-the-wall larger then life arcade frenzy game we all secretly love . Nothing better than combining brum-brrrum-brrrrrum! with bangbangbangkaboom!

    • Severian says:

      Couldn’t agree more. As a huge fan of the Twisted Metal, V8, Demolition Racer genre, I’ve often lamented the lack of quality entries here, esp. for PC. I actually had high hopes for the defunct MMORPG Auto Assault, since it seemed like it had heart. No love for vehicular combat.

  8. Pod42 says:

    I was so hyped for this game, it just didn’t deliver. I hate saying that because it’s clear they’ve put a lot of effort into it.
    While BF2 was awesome, and Frontlines was meh, the feeling I get from Ravaged is the two mixed together.
    It’s more polished than the beta, so give the demo a try if you were still interested.

  9. Gorf says:

    Because this game reminds me of Rage, i thought i’d mention ive just seen “Rage: Anarchy Edition” (PC DVD) for £2.92 on Amazon.co.uk.!!

    • strangeloup says:

      I got it for about the same price in Gamestation the other day (it was a fiver, but I had a couple of quid on my points card whatsit) and it’s certainly worth a look for cheap, if only because id Tech 5 is actually pretty bloody impressive.

      The game itself is solid but unremarkable; it neither does anything especially wrong or particularly new and exciting.

  10. HKZ says:

    RAGE was one of the worst games I’ve ever played, making a comparison to it for this game makes me believe that they are one in the same. Pass.

    • Matt says:

      You must not play very many games then.

      • HKZ says:

        I play plenty of games, and have for many years. My current top games as far as hours played are Skyrim and BF3 with over 100 hours each. RAGE is/was a shitty game. From crashes to desktop on release, graphics that were laughably awful and broken on even the highest end PCs, to incredibly stupid and easy to beat bosses, RAGE was and is utter shit to me. It never worked right, they “fixed” the graphics issues by locking out the console menu (where actual working fixes were made and dissemenated through forums when the patches didn’t do shit across the board), and quite a few bosses could be beat by literally strafing left to right about 10 feet without you getting so much as a scratch.

        The game was garbage all around, almost no one in the press had the balls to call out id and Carmack for their completely shit game, though. That’s the last game I ever buy from those morons. I don’t particularly like EA, and BF3 was the first game that I bought from them in a very long time, but I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of BF3. I literally can’t play RAGE at all because the patches broke the graphics completely. There’s about a 2 second delay for the fancy “megatextures” to load when I look around, (my hardware is more than powerful enough to play it) and locking me out of the console stops me from applying the same fixes/changes that worked in the past. That game is shit, from start to finish.

        • paddymaxson says:

          RAGE was shitty in the middle section and the end level.

          At the start it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Nice punchy feeling guns, good pacing, interesting enemies who move in cool ways.

          Then later on it became a bit of a coridoor shooter with lots of enemies sitting behind cover.

          The driving was “OK”, not “Big Rigs Over the Road Racing” bad but not “Twisted Metal” good.

          Overall I’d call it a good shooter with bad level design later in the game. The final “boss” was utter tripe.

          That said….I thought Ravaged was a sequel to RAGE based on the above screenshot.

          edit: I had to go down to an older graphics driver to play it though, but it played just fine, with the settings modified for the 16k textures (default is 4-8k)

  11. matveev.sergeev says:

    Great game, not quite on par with CoD but still good.


  12. Ravelle says:

    The demo server is the only server being populated at the moment so you can better just play the demo instead of buying the game.