THQ Games Slip-Sliding About All Over The Place

No wonder it slipped.

Troubled THQ, as they must be sick of being called, have more bad news. Three of their biggest games have take a slip on this unseasonably early Wintry weather, with South Park, Metro: Last Light, and Company Of Heroes 2 all being announced as falling into the farther reaches of the future. But in better news – as Polygon spotted – it’s confirmed that a new Saints Row is definitely happening, along with the mysterious game from Turtle Rock, and a Homefront 2 for some reason.

Because company financial years and actual time that humans live in have absolutely nothing in common, these things get a touch confusing. But when THQ says that Obsidian’s RPG, South Park: The Stick Of Truth has slipped into “early fiscal 2014”, that isn’t quite as bad as it seems. It could be as soon as April 2013. Or indeed as late as February 2014, but let’s be hopeful. Originally it was aiming for the 5th March, so it might be just a minor matter – but of course one that changes into which year its money will pour.

The other two games, as Polygon reports, are now aiming for tucking themselves just inside their “fiscal 2013”, hoping to be out in March. Metro’s had quite the time of it – back in February we were writing a very similar post, explaining that it had slipped from Summer 2012 into “Q1 2013” (which could mean any time between 2500BC and Space Year QX3000). You’d have hoped that would be a January, but now they say March, and it’s hard not to wonder how much farther that one might reach.

Company Of Heroes 2 seems more of a surprise, and was again pledged for “early 2013”. March still seems pretty early in the year to me, but THQ said in their financial declarations that it was later than planned. Naturally THQ explain all the delays saying that it’s important that the games be given time to ensure they’re as good as they can be. And that’s true. So, good.

Although I’ll tell you what – if you’re still silly enough to pre-order publisher-funded games months before they’re out, well, look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a wally.


  1. apocraphyn says:

    The last sentence totally looks like “publisher-funded” was hastily edited in.

    • John Walker says:

      Well it wasn’t. I was stressing the difference between helping an indie game to get made, so there weren’t smart-arse comments…

      • apocraphyn says:

        Ah, I was only teasing. (Besides, there’s no avoiding smart-arse comments. Case in point).

        Anyway, hope they get out of this slump. They’ve made a fair few gems, of late. Darksiders (both 1 and 2) is definitely worth a look if you’re into Zelda-alikes.

        • Syra says:

          Yeah I really like THQ they have been behind all the wh40k games which I have loved relic being one of the greatest devs around. Also some gems like stalker and metro. Hope Dawn of War3 is in the works!

          • Hirmetrium says:

            It’s not.

            When Dark Millenium Online tanked, and it occured to them they couldn’t make it, both Vigil and Relic took MASSIVE hits. Relic’s primary experience has been the 40k Universe, and a lot of the DOW2 staff had been lending support to Vigil.

            It cleaved a huge chunk out of Relic. DOW3 WAS in the very early stages, and has been brutally slaughtered – most of the people who made DOW2 what it is/was are gone. Patch support has ceased, because there is nobody to support it.

            At the moment, Relic’s entire existance hinges on COH2. I don’t think they are working on anything else, and if they are this new financial news will mean its going to get stopped.

            And, make no mistake, Relic will go down with THQ, who will only sell them if they get an offer to save the company (and even then, I doubt they would). No other publisher needs an RTS studio – 2K have Firaxis, EA has… whatever the corpse of westwood is, Trion works with Petroglyph, MS have in house, GPG did SupCom2 with Square, literally the only person left is KONAMI, whom I don’t see branching into the west anytime soon.

          • MacTheGeek says:

            Firaxis made an RTS? When?

          • Metonymy says:

            DoW is the only THQ thing I like, and it’s fun because Warhammer is fun. The game itself isn’t.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          Zelda-like? Really? Never played them, but I thought they were more God of War and Devil May Cry kinds of games? Hmm. I may have to pick up DS2 this winter holiday.

        • socrate says:

          The first Darksider was good…the second one was just boring and felt short and uninspired with to much of more of the same without the really good balance and ambiance that the first one introduced and a very awkward loot system that felt extremely unrewarding.

          The First DoW was also very good but the second one was just like an awkward table top without the fun element of the table top and i really never understood what people found good in that game since it seemed to revolve around multiplayer only.

          Company of Heroes and its expansion as to be one of the best RTS of all time,but with so many DLC that seem to plague THQ game i am not interested in paying for that at all at this point and seeing how they tend to water down their follow up title im not expecting much from CoH 2.

          Metro was…ok…wasnt revolutionary or actually THAT fun and same goes for Stalker who remade their game a gazillion time to get it right just once and at that point i had lost interest with them always removing fun stuff and adding boring or good stuff….its like paying full price for each beta phase.

  2. TaroYamada says:

    It’s a shame. THQ is probably my favorite western publisher, they’ve taken some risks and not all paid off, but they took risks none the less.

    • werix says:

      Basically this. THQ has made some of my favorite games in recent years. Saints Row 2 and 3 and all their Warhammer IP stuff I just love. I was actually going back the other night playing Space Marine because it was just such a good game. The single player felt like you were a space marine, too bad they totally borked the multiplayer on PC. And don’t get me started on the first DoW, which is the best RTS I’ve ever played; some of the races were unbalanced as all hell, but that is what made it so good.

      I really hope they get out of this. I wish they’d release some more stuff instead of pushing it so I could throw money at them.

  3. Drevyek says:

    Looking forward to Metro:LL (not pre-order looking, more like week-2-buying looking). Space Marine was a great single player; had a great story (WH40k!) and some of the most meaty melee systems I’ve played in a while.

    Chin up, THQ. It’s not all bad!

  4. Goodtwist says:

    THQ… Come to think of this: link to

  5. Monkey says:

    Homefront 2? If THQ are throwing what little money they have at that dead 3 legged horse….

    Plus i always seem to read it as Homeworld, which is a double whammy of disappointment

    Plus plus, if they fuck with COH2 me and THQ are going to have a BIG problem

    • BobbyDylan says:

      I also read it as homeworld sequal, and my heart skipped a beat.

    • Syra says:

      homefront2 is being developed by crytek, pretty sure they announced that like 2 years ago.

      • belgand says:

        The concept could be solid, but one of the big problems is, as the recent article addressed, it shouldn’t be focused on trying to be a Call of Duty killer. Rather, a tense, engaging, heavily story-focused game about being a partisan would be really interesting. Something more along the lines of what Spec Ops: The Line was trying to do.

        Give us, as players, a chance to interact and bond with a character and then have to face the decision of whether to kill him when he’s found to be collaborating with the enemy (a cliche, yes, but it can be done well… just look at the excellent scene in Army of Shadows) and give us real consequences for both choices, not just tacky moralizing in support of either approach.

        Make us scrounge for resources. Maybe fighting over food intended for civilians. It could seriously help our cause, but what’s the cost when it hurts the people in whose names we’re supposedly acting? Can we truly use it to a greater good even if it means that some civilians might die?

        For that matter, the classic idea of retribution-based tactics to discourage the resistance. At what point are we doing more harm than good? Is it correct to pursue our own agenda when it means that innocent people will be executed if we continue? What does it mean if we capitulate?

        Less Red Dawn style histrionics and jingoistic fervor and more about bringing the harsh realities of war home in a story that could easily be set in any nation. I’m most concerned that they don’t want to bother creating a truly interesting game and instead just want yet another blockbuster manshooter, except set in the suburbs and fighting a racistly generic East Asian enemy (like how the Red Dawn remake only made a few superficial changes to change China to North Korea) that has been thoroughly dehumanized.

        • The Random One says:

          Aye. Homefront’s central idea is “One day, when a country with a culture is invaded by a wealthier, technologically superior army, the US may be the victims, not the perpetrators.” The problem with the game that came out is that it then appends “BUT WE WILL STILL KICK ASS! URRAH! *fireworks going off and bald eagles screaming*”

          If the game was remade by devs cognizant of how their fictional US is essentially a metaphor for Iraq made palatable to Western audiences it might actually end up being interesting. Since the game is no longer in the hands of an American studio there might be hope yet.

          They’ll need to reboot the story though. Nothing good will come out of having your economically superior invading force be a country whose current main source of national income is “foreign aid”.

          • Lev Astov says:

            Well said, both. I am very hopeful for a better story coming from Crytek. I rather enjoyed the first, really, but more for what it promised than the game that was delivered, if that makes any sense.

            I really want to see more games where you’re fighting for your own homeland’s freedom, since that’s the kind of thing a lot of us fantasize about, but never really want to see happen to our countries.

  6. Xardas Kane says:

    I wish Darksiders 2 wasn’t a financial flop. Such a great, fun game.

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      It wasn’t a flop. It simply failed to drag them out of the ditch.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        AFAIK it hasn’t even gone past the 2 million mark. Which means it hasn’t recouped its cost, what’s left for dragging them out of ditch (5 million copies).

        • Eukatheude says:

          2 millions * 50 bucks is a lot, did it really cost that much?

          • Xardas Kane says:

            With the share retail stores and console owners get? Yep. All AAA titles do.

          • Xocrates says:

            While the game didn’t sell as much as it needed, it certainly sold well enough not to be considered a flop.

            Of course, it probably didn’t help that the game was released feeling half-finished and with a rubbish PC port.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            When the THQ boss talks about 5 million copies link to and you don’t even get half of that, what do you call it? Success?

            Jason Rubin begs to differ.
            link to

          • Xocrates says:

            The game sold about as well as the original. If they expected the sequel to sell over twice as much I would say it’s a problem with their expectations, not with the sales numbers.

            “The company is doing a little better than expected since Rubin took charge: its $91.8 million in sales for the quarter ending September 30 was above the average analyst predications of $84.4 million, which it attributes to strong sales of Darksiders II. ”
            link to

            The problem isn’t the game selling poorly, many successful AAA games sell about as much, the problem is a management one.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            I’m not saying it isn’t a management one. Such expectations for the sequel to a game that sold 1.2 million copies are naive, but THEY ARE THERE. THQ DID expect more and they are the ones calling the shots, so I am genuinely worried about Darksiders 3.

            EDIT: Worse yet, their next game will probably be a FPS. Sigh*

  7. Ichi_1 says:

    If they end up rushing Metro: LL out the door to get some monies in I will be a very sad panda

  8. Rich says:

    I just hope the eventual collapse of THQ doesn’t take Relic with it.

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      I’m sure someone would buy Relic.
      EA maybe.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        Actually EA will never buy Relic, it conflicts with their own internal studios.

        • Syra says:

          Conflicts with? Rather they would be diversifying their portfolio of great RTS studios. I’m sure every major publisher would love to get their hands on relic, it’s just a shame THQ will sink with all the IP rights to company of heroes etc (games workshop will reclaim warhammer40k but it might be a very long time before another studio makes a brilliant dawn of war)

          • Xardas Kane says:

            Their own RTS studios, genius. And that’s hardly big enough of a market to invest more money in.

            Activision won’t buy them, cause, you know.

            UbiSoft I don’t think would buy them. They hate anything PC.

            The only ones I see getting them are 2K. And I like 2K, so I see nothing wrong with that

          • Renegade says:

            Perhaps Square Enix they have done pretty well recently with some smart moves and they are definetly lacking any real RTS games in their portfolio.

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            Tactics Ogre 4eva, b!

    • Monkey says:

      Relic could go independent and kickstart Homeworld 3 for a zillion dollars

      • Shuck says:

        Kickstarter being Kickstarter, they’d probably be lucky to get half of what they needed.

  9. HisMastersVoice says:

    It’s a sort of a book cooking move. They’re leaving the 2012 fiscal year for the wolves and are making sure the first quarter of 2013 looks as good as possible.

  10. Choca says:

    Metro Last Light and Company of Heroes did have precise release dates. Metro was supposed to come out on february 15th and CoH 2 on january 15th.

  11. Zankmam says:

    Why the hell doesn’t anyone mention WWE 13? It will earn huge amounts of cash for THQ…

  12. BathroomCitizen says:


    If only THQ would make Dawn of War 3… If only…