How Live Action Trailers Should Be: Heroes & Generals

I think I pick this shot every time. I like this shot.

Publishing games is weird right now. Heroes & Generals – the very impressive-looking multi-layered soldier multiplayer from reto-moto – was recently snapped up by Square Enix as something for them to publish. Two months after it successfully made its way through Steam Greenlight. Which is just plain odd. It’s like finding out Proctor & Gamble raised some money through a cake sale. Although, in fairness, the chronology was reversed. Either way, it’s hopefully good news for developers Reto-Moto, who have just released a new trailer.

The game that combines FPS with strategy does so in a rather elegant fashion. You can play, funnily enough, as a Hero (soldier) or a General (general), the former charging about shooting at each other in skirmish multiplayer battles, while the latter sits in his tent, smoking a pipe, occasionally sending men out to die, come back to life, and die again. It’s a large-scale war, fought on the small scale by the majority, orchestrated on the large scale by the few. You can read much more about it in my preview from the Summer. Or perhaps you’re already playing in the beta.

I love that the trailer isn’t any less cheesy for having Square behind it. A bloke on the toilet, rather than fifteen scantily-clad nuns sucking on pistols or whatever.


  1. JBantha says:

    I’ve started to see that you get really behind with some news (as this, which I saw over a month ago), so… were can I send you suggestions?

  2. KeyboardGato says:

    saw the trailer on RPSs youtube, hopefully i’ll get beta access soon, looks pretty good :D

  3. pupsikaso says:

    I feel like we’ve seen this trailer on RPS before…

    • pupsikaso says:

      Oh yeah, actually, right in the same post that you yourself linked, lol
      link to

    • Unaco says:

      5 months ago, yeah. Though this one is slightly shorter, and the order is edited a little. There’s nothing new in this video that wasn’t in the one from 5 months ago though.

  4. Vashu says:

    Hi, I’m one of the developers from Reto-Moto and yes this trailer is a short version of the Original trailer called Come Out To Play. We made the short version as a celebration of the cooperation with Square Enix!

    I hope you like it and we are sending out a large amount of beta keys these days, so it should be possible to get inside and try Heroes & Generals out!

    Thanks RPS for the kind words! :)

  5. takfar says:

    I have a problem with this. So, you can play as a general or a soldier. Apparently, the general controls where and when to send the soldiers, choosing their battles, so to speak.

    If that is the case, a team with a good general will always be facing enemy forces with inferior preparation and force. I mean, if a truly good strategy is applied, most battles are won before the troops collide – or so Sun Tzu would have us all believe. Which means, if you have a good general, the game will be little fun – mopping up unprepared and/or unsupplied enemies; while if your general sucks, you’ll be constantly facing overwhelming odds, and probably losing a lot. In most games, battles start in equal footing and with balanced forces for a reason.

    But then again I might be getting it all wrong. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Well, I guess sometimes being a good general involves sending part of your force up against nigh-impossible odds.

      To stay with Sun Tzu, “Throw your troops into danger and they will survive; put them on deadly ground and they will live. Only if the troops are in situations of danger will they turn defeat into victory.”

    • Surlywombat says:

      It doesn’t work quite like that, as a “general” you send your squads to positions on the world map, if there are enemy units there it creates a skirmish, but it is expected that everyone will be both a hero and general.

      As a general you will tend not to send the your units to a fight where they will be out numbered. If it does look like you will be, people work together to send units to the front lines, reinforcing skirmishes where necessary.

      Since there are many skirmishes going on at once, if you want to jump in and be a “hero” you choose where and when to fight.

  6. max pain says:

    I like how the shooter in the picture is compensating for the airplane speed.

  7. Born2Rune says:

    I have been in the Beta for a little while now, and really enjoying it. It is very much player driven, you can still win an objective despite overwhelming odds if you have good teamwork and strategy. What really draws me is the player driven story. I was in an objective where we was on the defense, we had lost many of our control points to the axis and down to our last few men, they was rolling in on us with tanks and planes. We was hold up in a church dodging MG fire and grenades, then suddenly some tanks came rolling in through the town and new men and planes..a general had just sent us reinforcements and it gave us breathing room to be able to push back the axis advance. We took back our control points and won the match. Was truly an epic battle and one of my most memorable moments in gaming. Go sign up for the beta and you will see what I mean.

    • tigershuffle says:

      will have to try and get back in to this…. love the trailer :D
      Not played since beta first launched……as i got sidetracked by Dayz

      Reminded me a lot of Forgotten Hope2 (BF2 mod) …..which is a good thing :)