Sir, You Have Reached Your Kickstarter Goal

It’s rather of note that Sir, You Are Being Hunted is being developed by Big Robot, a team led by one Jim Rossignol. Who happens to be an owner and editor of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. BIAS.

And so it is that Big Robot are rolling around in Queen-faced money. Bar sociopathic lunatics withdrawing pledges, Sir, You Are Being Hunted will be receiving the £40,000 they so politely asked for, and therefore should have the funds to complete the game. So long as Jim doesn’t bet it all on a horse or something. And quite significantly, there’s still 25 days to go. They’ve also updated with some new footage, which you can see below.

Stretch goals will likely be announced soon, since there’s still a good three and a half weeks remaining to see their socks increasingly filled. And this is what it’s funding:

Jiiiiiim – can I borrow a fiver?


  1. SocraticIrony says:

    Oh… I was rather hoping the player character wouldn’t have a gun.

    • Laurentius says:

      My thoughts exactly. Hunted not a hunter even if outclassed by upper csusts robots…

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      I believe you can still play non-lethally, if you are really that upset about it.

    • wodin says:

      Your cutting out alot of sales by doing that. All game developers have to have that in mind when designing a game, giving a choice is the best way to go. I expect the game can be played with or without.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:


      • Smashbox says:

        I think we’ve pushed through. The amusement derived from these comments has been falling steadily at each instance, but I think the trend has finally bottomed out. It’s hard to say whether this is statistical noise, but this comment may become more humorous again, if only slightly.

        We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Muzman says:

      You may not start with one. Might have to go ransack a farmhouse first.

      • Josh W says:

        I think that would be a very good idea, as requiring people to do stealth to get a gun would mean that they could slowly gain an understanding of the important parts of the rules of the game, rather than treating it as a shitty shooter “how many bullets to kill them!” “There are too many of them!” people would treat it as a running away game and then gain some measure of power back by finding the guns.

    • DanDeath says:

      It was mentioned somewhere that it’s STALKER-inspired.

  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say YUS! FARKIN’ GET IN!

  3. Bhazor says:

    Quick quick! Come see the hypocrisy inherent in the system!

    • f1x says:

      Bloody peasant!

    • dontnormally says:

      Meh @ you.

      This game would receive coverage here regardless of who was making it.
      Full disclosure has been adequately announced.

      There are better battles to battle, even if it only took you a few seconds and years of snarksperience to typity-type up.

  4. mingster says:

    Well done. I backed you can’t wait.

  5. Llewyn says:

    But if Jim were to bet it all on a horse he could win A MEELION POUNDS and just think of the games he could make then!

  6. Milky1985 says:

    Good to see it funded, i pledged £45 so looking forward to seeing my name on a gravestone in a years time which thinking about it is an odd thing to look forward to!

    • One Pigeon says:

      I did something similar, in that I was going to purchase the minimum just to support and get the game. Then my boss offered me a small amount of overtime for this morning (around £50 worth, that I’m working now. Shhhh) and THEN I saw that my name would be on a gravestone or monument.

      It’s fate I tell Ye! Either that or I’m a sucker and Jim disguised himself as my boss yesterday.
      Either way: GRAVESTONE!

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Make sure to check your money for “Bank of Jim”.

  7. Stellar Duck says:

    Sir, you are being congratulated!

    Awesome news! I can’t wait to try this one. Will chip in towards the end of the Kickstarter when I get some money again.

  8. spacedyemeerkat says:

    Well, I am pleased I pledged and that it’s met its goal but feel a little disappointed by that video. Looks a little… generic (although obviously a work in progress!).

    • hello_mr.Trout says:

      maybe the tenseness doesn’t translate well to video? like, when it is *you* that is being hunted, you’ll feel more on edge perhaps?

    • Milky1985 says:

      I thought the video was good, shows what normally happens whenever i make plans in these sort of games, the one word that is said a lot is balls as well when things go wrong

    • Zogtee says:

      Now that Jim and the team has money, they can add features required by PC gamers, like unskippable cutscenes, hours long tutorials, and endless escort missions.

  9. DaftPunk says:

    Looks creepy :D

  10. c-Row says:

    Why are some of the robots shooting other robots? Aren’t they all after you first and foremost?

  11. Henke says:

    Meanwhile the Distance kickstarter remains reluctantly crouched at the starting line… *sigh*

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      He’s not going for speed?

      • Tacroy says:

        It’s all alone in this time of need :(

        • Henke says:

          Yup. The sun has gone down and the moon has come up, and long ago Sir You Are Being Hunted left with the cup. :|

  12. felisc says:

    Now how about a rps kickstarter to record some podcasts again, hey ? I miss those.
    (Although i guess it’s more about time than money…)

  13. dangermouse76 says:

    I wonder if there are any plans for co-op ( edit : see multiplayer is planned ). Dangermouse would like this !

    Also I would l love degrading health based on needing to eat and drink.

  14. Cytrom says:

    Kinda looks like like stalker… gameplay seemed a bit simplistic, but i see potential.

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      Yeah! Was thinking this too. Game shows much potential. :D

    • ritalingamer says:

      I got a STALKER vibe too – it seems to share the concept of creating elaborate, failure-prone plans to deal with multiple enemies when you’re outgunned.

  15. moocow says:

    If only Jim had pitched without a video, or any gameplay footage, or technical details or concrete game design ideas he could have raised £300,000 like Elite

    • Iain_1986 says:

      That’s just a ridiculous comment to make.

      • Hardlylikely says:

        I know, the very notion that someone could get that sort of money with a nebulous proposal for a long teased piece of vaporw…oh I see. You meant something else. Sorry.

  16. wsworin says:

    Congrats! Wish Jim the best with future development.

  17. Chaz says:

    For some reason in my head I keep reading the title as “You Sir, Are Being Hunted” as oppose to “Sir, You Are Being Hunted”.

    Just seems to sound better to me that way I guess.

    Anyway, pledged. I really wish I had the money for the Talisman edition, but went for the Early access digital edition, as I think the game is looking pretty damn good already.

    • neolith says:

      That’s funny – my mind tends to do the same thing to the title…

    • Nallen says:

      I read it in the voice of Ironman’s JARVIS for some reason, always starting his sentences with ‘Sir,’ and sounding rather weary about all the danger.

    • jpupu says:

      I think Jim has told it is being said by the sir’s butler. In which case the less in-your-face “Sir, you are” makes more sense.

    • Leetables says:

      I continue to read “Sir, You Are Being Haunted. As if just meeting a gentlemanly spectre.

  18. Solar says:

    Backed! Stretch goals to include multiplayer/co-op? Missions, randomised subplot objectives per play through, game modes/achievements (big robot hunter (bring back the greatest robot trophy), cartographer(map out the island in preparation for land development/tourism), journalist(interview key figures, take photos, send reports off the island at great personal risk… Who or what is the whisk’er man?), smuggler/archeologist (bring in or out valuable contraband/artifacts to upset the stiff upper lip). In general mooooorrre!

  19. StranaMente says:

    As Alec said on twitter, all we’ve got to do is to remember to cancel our pledges the day before the end and shatter his dreams.

  20. Voice of Majority says:

    It looks more like “Sir, You Are Stalking Robots” than being hunted by them. Atmospheric environments (and robots), though.

    • Pindie says:

      If you listen to them the AI coding needs much improvement and money will go towards that as well.

  21. Beanchilla says:

    I love the way the game looks and can’t wait to see more added to it.
    Also the decision to use the music you did was a great one in my opinion. Makes the game way more moody than it would have been otherwise. Combined with the color scheme the game is much darker than I would have imagined it based on the description.

    I am extremely excited to play this.

  22. Secundus says:

    the gameplay and graphics look pretty cool but fuck me that is the dumbest premise ive ever seen

    • Tom De Roeck says:

      “not the premise it deserves, but the premise it needs”

    • The Godzilla Hunter says:

      Dear sir,

      I do hope you are not attempting to make light of such a grave situation! Being hunted by robots is both an extremely dangerous situation, and one that is far too common. Why, I had a cousin who spent the greater part of last autumn being hunted in Northumberland by a variety of mechanical robots! I do hope that you will realize the error of your comment, and apologize promptly.

    • theleif says:

      You have obviously been to the British countryside.

  23. Pindie says:

    I was disappointed by lack of “tally ho!” in robot speech.
    A robot dog would also be cool.

  24. Lemming says:

    Well done Jim and friends!

  25. Crazy Horse says:

    “Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wobbots”

    Looks great!

  26. Stevostin says:

    I hope the soundtrack is here to stay.
    I am starting to get a feel of it. Now the main thing that’s needed for the ultra addictive gameplay combo is to be able to enter those houses and find useful stuff inside. Also, wolf traps. You have to admit that would be just the game to abuse them.

  27. derbefrier says:


  28. tigershuffle says:

    Read it and weep adventure capitalist pigs ;)
    link to

    ill get mi cloak

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I quite like the sound of that scheme to fire a cheesecake into space. FOR SCIENCE!

  29. popedoo says:

    Well done Jim! The game looks great. I hope you get a ridiculous amount of extra money for no apparent reason. :)

    Why not make a stretch goal to manufacture official ‘Sir You Are Being Hunted’ hats?

  30. Hardlylikely says:

    Trailers are best when things go wrong! Congratulations gentlemen.

    Will there be fog? If so, could it please affect sound as well as hide the player and NPCs from each other? I haven’t seen mention of fog, but it feels like it should be there. Any environmental hazards we will need to watch out for while we are fleeing in terror? Am I inciting feature creep right now?

  31. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    It’s procedurally generated British countryside, so no!

  32. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    The music is awesome…perfect!
    I don’t get the part with the birds?

    • Strangerator says:

      The birds startle when someone or somerobot is near them.

  33. MistyMike says:

    Why couldn’t Jim just fund SYABH with the fortune his family’s wintersports equipment company makes?

  34. mckertis says:

    So, now that its definitely being made, maybe you can actually start explaining the part where the gameplay is starting to be fun ? From that video i definitely, still have next to no idea why i should have any interest in this.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Now you know how I feel every time I see a dubstep/metal scored video featuring American special forces/cyborgs/mighty warriors pointing and clicking on other men to make them die in space/the middle east/a generic tolkienesque fantasy world.

      It’s so nice to be on the inside looking out for a change.

  35. Strangerator says:

    I have high hopes that this game will be loads of fun. So far it looks like a nice sandbox in which to play, now we just need either objectives or things that can be made into objectives.

    I.e. will houses be more heavily guarded but contain valuable survival gear?

    Will there be annoyingly infinite robot respawn? Can areas be made safer if you manage to rid them of robots?

    I like that inventory exists, and that items have actual size. It’s refreshingly old-school.

  36. lazy8 says:

    The video was shot in the 5 minutes it was not raining, just to make sure it wasn’t too depressing.

  37. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    GREAT music! Very much enjoyed the soundtrack. And I like that the landscape is Britain in late Autumn. Bravo.

  38. DyingTickles says:

    I think AI should be the focus of most of the additional funds. A game like this will require awesome AI.

  39. iucounu says:

    Stretch Goal: Getting killed is either Game Over or you can choose to become a mischievous invincible poltergeist screwing with the robots. This mode will be called “Sir, You Are Being Haunted.”

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Stretch goal: Robot trackers are dispatched from Bath to hunt the player in real life.

  40. Shooop says:

    Congratulations sir. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out.

  41. ix says:

    Grats! I chipped in, mostly because it’s Jim.