All In All: Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall DLC

When the game of the TV series of the book A Game of Thrones was released this summer, Alec vanished for a few days. When we next saw him, he had the look of a man who has seen terrible things, all haunted and hollow. Turns out it’s a very long game and full of nastiness, although mostly of the intentional scripted sort. He said this: “it’s a troubled roleplaying game but also a really interesting and strong one. Every misfire is met by a triumph of some sort, and the one thing it is not is a lazy, perfunctory cash-in.” Is the new DLC a cash-in though? I don’t know! Screens and details below.

The new content takes place before the events of the game, exploring the “dark past” of Mors Westford.

Offering up to 2 hours of additional gameplay, this new quest brings us at the heart of the Wildlings’ territory, the merciless outcast warriors, sworn enemies of the Night’s Watch. What started like a simple patrol on top of the Wall will quickly become a real frozen hell for Mors and his companions.

“Real frozen” is my least favourite flavour of hell.

The DLC is out now and costs £3.99.


  1. Goodtwist says:

    The winter is coming.

  2. SF Legend says:

    He must be pretty cold, walking about with no shirt on.

  3. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    The RPS WIT for this has the most epic pun thread of all time.

    • Jams O'Donnell says:

      Oh god, you’re not wrong! How did I miss that one?

  4. Ich Will says:


    I thought it was a 4x type game which had little to nothing to do with SoIaF apart from the map? Guess I should have read a bit deeper!

    • Velko says:

      There’s another, earlier GoT strategy game, which you’re probably thinking of.

  5. revan says:

    Might pick it up. I’m playing GoT right now (Chapter 11). Flawed game, but good story.

  6. db1331 says:


  7. Deadly Habit says:

    Oh hell yes this was one of my top games of the year!
    Edit: blast not on steam yet!

  8. thomashanauer says:

    The DLC is steamworks? I’d buy over the site itself it could do the love of telling me in which version it’ll work.

  9. RogerioFM says:

    A lot of people did not like the game, I loved it though for it’s story, and I will sure as hell buy this DLC. To those who have not played, it is a good game with a great story and excellent protagonists. Just a warning though, I understand why a lot of people did not like it. The animations are bad, the graphics not so good, and the gameplay a lot like DA Origins, but not quite as good. And it is kind of glitchy too.

    But, since I play RPGs for it’s story I was very patient with all of it’s shotcomings, I enjoyed it a lot more than those big empty worlds of the Elder Scrolls games.

    • field_studies says:

      I’m curious, as someone who’s almost finished Risen 2 and really quite enjoyed it, despite it having nearly all the same shortcoming as you mention above, would GoT be a good fit as the next RPG I might play?

      • TheTingler says:

        I’ve played and reviewed both PC versions for Strategy Informer, and both have their strengths and weaknesses but are both still worth considering for the RPG fan. Risen 2 has a bigger open-world (GOT isn’t really open at all, a little bit more Dragon Age like) and slightly better voice acting, but is also far more frustrating. GOT has a pretty good story that I personally got quite interested in, allows for a number of Witcher-like player choices (not to the same degree but the fact that it even attempts them is laudable), and I quite liked the combat – but the voice acting is poor and feels like it could’ve done with another year to make it more expansive. Also bugs.

        You have to be slightly forgiving for both, but I still ended up enjoying Game of Thrones: The Game a lot more than Risen 2.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          As someone who plays RPGs for story first, thanks for the info. I’m willing to forgive a lot of shortcomings as long as the actual tale is good and engaging. I can understand why some are miffed at the port of Dark Souls, but I’m loving it, even without the resolution and frame-rate mods. Yeah, the need for a controller in DS is annoying, but in retrospect it’s pretty crucial. There’s a lot of areas that require a decent level of control over movement, and you simply can’t get that same level of fidelity with a keyboard as you can with analog sticks.

          I’ll have to pick this up during a Holiday sale. Loving the books and TV show, and if the story is good, I’ll probably like the game as well.

  10. Thermal Ions says:

    Whoops, I guess we know that Adam hasn’t may not have read the books.

    It is in fact, …the game of the TV series of the book A Song of Ice and Fire A Game of Thrones

    …given it’s set in the universe of the series rather than being a retelling of the first book.

    EDIT: I suppose it could be argued that the timeline runs parallel to the first book though, making it appropriate.