In Which Far Cry 3’s Jason Brody Punches A Shark

Put up your dukes, shark. Let's settle this.

Admittedly, Jason does other things in Far Cry 3‘s new story trailer aside from punching a shark. But really, is there any tale more gripping or universal than that of one dude, one shark, and one fist? The biting, the panicking, the punching as beady little eyes register no pain. In that moment, we find the truest definition of the human condition: not shark. And then, after that brief spasm of profundity, we get Jason talking about his captive friends and such. He speaks with conviction, too, but I think we all know what’s swimming around in the back of his mind: he punched a shark, and he liked it.

OK, yeah, it seems a bit cheesy. The crazy cast of villains will probably be decently entertaining, but Far Cry 2 this ain’t. Then again, FC3’s creators have said there’s more to it than meets the eye in the past, so I’m hoping the thick layer of cheese smeared across the lens is purposeful – not simply a product of, well, writing a story for a first-person shooter.

In other news, Far Cry 3 went gold recently – for all platforms, including PC. So its very un-Ubisoft day-and-date-with-consoles launch seems to be moving ahead unimpeded. Specifically, it’s dropping November 30th in the UK and December 4th in the US. Will you be lining up to finally settle the score between man and exceedingly hostile wildlife?


  1. whoCares says:

    I like cheese.

  2. ninjapirate says:

    Dude! He slapped a fi-ish. He punched it, why would he hit it?

  3. Network Crayon says:

    Really getting trailer fatigue, not just Far Cry 3 either but in general.

    • phelix says:

      They’re too reliant on Michael Bay-esque mechanics.

      • jezcentral says:

        Have you noticed they have followed the growing trend of not showing the PC game in the pack shots? Here, they show it in the second shot, right at the end, but the one at 2:37? Not there. Does the PC version not have pre-order bonuses?

        Last night, I noticed a TV ad spot doing the same. (EDIT: This may have been AssCree3, so this instance could possibly be explained by a staggered release.)

        • db1331 says:

          My favorite is when they show a trailer fully comprised of PC footage, then tack on a “Play it best on Xbox 360” advert at the end.

  4. Velko says:

    I punched a shark and I liked it, the feel of its cartilaginous jawbone

  5. Njordsk says:

    punching a shark bitting your leg. Yeah why not.

    Also BEARS ! Lacks dinosaurs though.

  6. c-Row says:

    Specifically, it’s dropping November 30th in the UK and December 4th in the US.

    And not a single “No Oceans!” complaint in sight.

    • Maldomel says:

      But we know why this time: sharks!

    • mondomau says:

      Wait, so the one time it happens in reverse and Nathan doesn’t happen to mention it, you decide to be a smartass? But yes, this is equally ridiculous bullshit.

      • c-Row says:

        It just amuses me that it seems to be fine if it favours the other side for once.

        Do you always call people names on the internet?

    • Ovno says:

      Suck it US gamers ;p

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      They’re probably still in shock about not having an ubi special last minute PC delay (yet) and the rest hasn’t sunk in yet.

  7. Riaktion says:

    As someone who hasn’t been following Far Cry 3 at all…. I must say that trailer as really made me sit up and take notice.

    I do like a bit of narrative to my shooters… .. I’ll certainly be paying attention to how this reviews now.

    Just wonder if my PC is up to the task… hmmmm…

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      This is going to be the shock great game of 2012. I have a bet on at ladbrokes.
      “Far cry 3 will be awesome” – 100/1.

      Already got my pre-order in. I’m that confident.

    • Pindie says:

      It’s a console game, so yes, your PC is up to the task. Silly question.

      • Riaktion says:

        Good point. Well made.

        • SuperNashwanPower says:

          Maybe not. High performance specs include a gtx 680 and 8gb RAM. Recommended specs are a DX11 1gb graphics card with quad core and 4gb RAM.

  8. Bhazor says:

    “In which Far Cry 3’s Jason Brody”
    “Jason Brody”

    • phelix says:

      Damn, man! You made me just relive the night I took shrooms and watched this for hours on end.

      • Oozo says:

        And you emerged from that experience intact and sane enough to still be capable of articulating complete phrases? You, Sir, are a better and tougher person than most.

        (Seriously. I somehow never watched this before. It makes me feel very, very conflicted about being… you know, a member of the same species that did this. Proud. And fidgety. And lots of other, unspeakable things.)

    • El_Emmental says:

      This call for a JasonQuest with the tigers/sharks, explosions and whatnot.

      Perhaps when the game is released and we can get a good bunch of screenshots…

    • dee says:

      Less relevant but stallmanquest is still my favourite

    • The Random One says:

      While you’re at it don’t forget to watch/play Haircut (by the same guy who did Brodyquest). It doesn’t have sharks, but if you play it right it has bears. Planet Bear.

  9. Keymonk says:

    “The crazy cast of villains will probably be decently entertaining, but Far Cry 2 this ain’t.”

    So you might say it’s a Far Cry from being a fitting sequel?

    • Blackcompany says:

      oh far crying out loud….

    • Unaco says:

      Far Cry 2 was a far cry from being a sequel to Far Cry (and a far cry from being a good game). Maybe that’s how Far Cry sequels work… they have to be completely different from the previous game. At least this is going back to the tropical island setting of the first game… that’s something at least.

      • El_Emmental says:

        The “Far Cry sequel” series is Ubisoft desperately trying to make its own adventure/spectacular FPS, while not looking like Call of Duty (they leave that to Homefront) or Crysis (you can only have one ‘okay gameplay and neat graphics’ FPS game). They never really “fail” miserably, nor “succeed” triumphally, but they keep going on.

        I find it rather hilarious, watching a bunch of producers, executives, investors, managers and finally developers, trying -rather pathetically (in a funny way)- to nail a product in a market they don’t really understand.

        It’s like watching a drunk guy trying to walk up some stairs in the street while holding a package in his hands, he’ll eventually get upstair, but the journey’s gonna be quite a scene to see, and you can be sure you’ll have a few laughs.

        • Magnusm1 says:

          The gameplay was exellent. The game’s high quality isn’t based on graphics.

          • El_Emmental says:

            I know, Far Cry 2 gameplay, when fixed (thanks to community mods), was pretty good and quite enjoyable – it’s just that in terms of commercial success, it’s a “try hard, do okay'” running gag: nobody is really hurt badly (the game sells fine), but the outcome is never as good as planned.

      • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

        “and a far cry from being a good game” — you’re right, it went far beyond “a good game” into the heady realms of “intelligent, attractive, captivating, challenging, and generally just bloody fantastic”.

        • Unaco says:

          Bwahahahaha… Good one. You should probably put some ‘sarcasm’ or joke tags on your post though… others might not get the joke.

      • Iskariot says:

        Well Unaco, personally I enjoyed Far Cry 2 a lot.
        Once you get used to the ever present roadblocks and learn to enjoy taking them out or evading them, the game is a lot of fun. And FC2 featured one of the most beautiful open gamingworlds I have ever seen.

        • Donjo says:

          Yes, once you got used to the truly terrible bits it was quite good. I did enjoy it, it’s just annoying that it could have actually been brilliant…. if it had been opened to the modding community it would have been. There’s a good chance the new one will fall into the same trap as the previous two, good ideas and gameplay ruined by some absolutely aweful design decisions.

          • El_Emmental says:

            wait a second, you do know there IS mods fixing these issues, rebalancing weapons, fixing roadblocks repopulation and AI chasing ? Like this one: link to

    • Riaktion says:

      You might be right… I suppose we’ll see.

      However seen as I felt that Far Cry 2 was a terrible game…. I’d say *that*was a Far Cry from a fitting sequel.


  10. Pindie says:

    Blocky shark with texture stretch on his nose. Water effects missing. Bad PR.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Yeah but in the picture it looks like its singing.
      Which is kind of cute

    • Lev Astov says:

      Not to mention the fact that it’s attacking for some reason, rather than just prowling around curiously.

      I’ve complained about it before and I will continue to do so. Games need to cut it out with the inexplicably aggressive sharks (and other wildlife).

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Not attacking. Belting out Nessun Dorma

      • Max Ursa says:

        poor shark, swimming along nicely, starts yawning and some guy knees him in the mouth and punches him in the nose! the injustice of it all!

  11. lazy8 says:

    Am I he only one who sees this trailer and thinks it is the prequel for Dear Esther, it seems to explain a lot of what went wrong on that island.

  12. Iskariot says:

    Can’t wait for this. Without über DRM this is a sure buy for me.
    I am looking forward to exploring the isles and I hope the gunplay is at least as satisfying as it was in Farcry 2. I loved the feel of the FC2 weaponry. I want my Dragunov back.

  13. Azophi says:

    After months of being but a glimmer in the periphery of my rubbish eyes, I’m beginning to take notice. Far Cry the first got me into PC gaming as but a young boy, and this could be a damn good re-imagining of it.
    As long as they aren’t going to surprise us with mutants this time. Not even mutant sharks.

    Of course, I have no PC to play it on right now, and my little Macbook Air would cry poorly-cooled tears at the thought of it, but I’ll definitely sound a little glum about not getting to play it on release.

  14. Vagrant says:

    You will believe a shark can cry

  15. Synesthesia says:

    “like” skyrim?
    “an echo of” some other game?

    Hm, i wonder if i wouldnt be better off just playing some other stuff. Are those really the best quotes they could find? I think they just put “far cry 2 this aint” and seal the deal.

  16. Bob says:

    I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took (on) a shark in the sea.

  17. Paul says:

    I think this game will surprise a lot of people, story wise.