Step Right Up: Dungeonland Beta Signups

Unlike intrepid magely adventurer Craig Pearson, I haven’t played Dungeonland but when Paradox publish a fantasy-themed game in which players co-operate and die pathetically and hilariously, I reserve the right to compare that game to Magicka. Of course, I also reserve the right to say it doesn’t actually sound all that similar to that particular four-player farce, with an emphasis on unique class abilities rather than confused sorcericide. Beta signups for the theme park themed ARPG are now open. A random selection of applicants will receive access and signups close on December 1st. You can also watch a video below. It’s not new or anything like that, I just thought someone might have missed it.

Does this seem like something you’d like to partake in? Sign up now.


  1. aliksy says:

    I really, really liked Magicka, so a game like it might be great. But part of the reason I liked Magicka is that it didn’t have any bullshit “grind out some levels to improve your fire damage!” Not sure if this game’s going to have that nonsense.

  2. Chufty says:

    But I have 5 friends

  3. squirrelrampage says:

    Why does the backstory remind me so much of Sfar & Trondheim’s “Dungeon” comics? Not that this is a bad thing! Not bad at all…

    • Ericston says:

      This is basically the theme of part 1 of the Donjon Parade series, that’s probably why. :-)

      Donjon is great. Everyone should read it.

      Coincidentally, yesterday, my lady and I were discussing starting a Kickstarter to take Sfar & Trondheim out to dinner, get them really drunk and get them to agree to write a game set in the Donjon universe. (We’d also need money to pay other people to make the game.)

      • vivlo says:

        Donjon lovers, here on RPS ! it’s a great day !
        and Ericston, i’d definitely back it :p though i have mixed feelings, cause i really want more to see other Donjon books than a game from it.

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  5. vivlo says:

    This is not so good at all. In the feveriest days, i would dream of an ARPG by the Magicka team, not including levelling, just the exact same gameplay as Magicka. 5v5 battles with that so unbalanced and crazy gameplay would be awesome beyond words. But this ? well maybe fun but… no innovation anywhere…
    edit : oh wait, it’s not at all what i thought. My bad.