Wot A Lot Of Jottobots

Whatever you’re planning to do tonight – perhaps the cinema, theatre or a booze-pit – there’s a possibility that at some point tomorrow you’ll decide you want to play a game. Hopefully not in the way that the tricycling toy from Saw plays games, but instead by sitting in front of your computer and pressing buttons to make things happen on the screen. If you also have your nation’s equivalent of an American dollar handy, you’ll be able to buy Kyle Pulver’s latest release, following Snapshot. The new game is actually an older project made for artxgame, which pairs indie developers with artists. You can see it below.

Jottobots’ art was created by J. Otto Seibold and it’s a platform score attack game with an extendable time limit. It’ll be available tomorrow for one dollar.

Saying ‘Jottobots’ out loud soothes even the most savage soul. Unless you’re saying it while watching a man that you have imprisoned cutting his own spleen out with a paperclip, in which case you are probably the tricycling toy from Saw and nothing can soothe you at all.


  1. BlackestTea says:

    May I just comment that it is grossly cruel to tease “you might feel like playing a game tonight” and then telling me that the game is only available starting the next day?
    Now I feel unfulfilled =(

  2. pupsikaso says:

    Is some kind of “Saw” movie coming out in the UK this weekend or something?

    • rawrty says:

      I think it’s just the evil guy from Saw’s catch phrase ‘I want to play a game.’

      Though personally I prefer ‘Shall we play a game?’ from Wargames and its connotation to Global Thermonuclear War if we are talking movie quotes related to playing games.

      • felisc says:

        And what the hell is that tricycling toy ? There’s no way i’m checking on youtube, i plan on sleeping tonight…

  3. Feferuco says:

    Games need more of this, every game. There are a ton of amazing artists native to video games already, and their stuff is great but often their stuff is immediately recognizable as “video game stuff” and also share some other not so great traits like the inescapable need for big boobs

    link to cghub.com

    But then you bring people from outside the world of games and interesting results start to show up. Again, not that art from video game concept artists isn’t interesting, it is just that we’ve seen it a lot many times already.

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  5. Kefren says:

    I’ve not seen a penis gun in a game recently.

  6. Phasma Felis says:

    Damn, this looks fantas–

    “score attack game with an extendable time limit”

    Oh. Never mind.