A Multitude Of Synths: Acid Defender

This should be a noise instead of a picture.

BLOPPITY, BUMP, TSSSHHH, BEEE BLOOP. I used to be in a band, but looking back I don’t think my instrument was ever plugged in. My job was to stand on a stage and look moody. Perhaps my lack of ability goes some way toward explaining why I’m so excited whenever I find a game or toy that lets me make music just by clicking a button or two. Acid Defender is a brilliant browser-based music-making experiment and I haven’t listened to anything else this morning. BEEP, BLOOP, BEEPITY, TSSSHHH. Play it here. Via @jennatar.

There are a couple of other audio experiments, including one inspired by Conway’s Game of Life. That one is kind of terrifying. I keep pressing ‘reset’ and hoping that the next iteration won’t sound like a choir of haunted angels regurgitating glass harps.


  1. Bork Titflopsen says:

    Whelp, not working for me. Too bad though, I always enjoy these experiments.

    I remember there being a game where a few people could make music together by clicking on some sidescrolling lines for notes, producing different sounds according to position and color.

    Edit: Found it, it’s called Plink.
    link to labs.dinahmoe.com

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I’m pretty sure I posted about that one but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. It was great!

      Shame it’s not working for you. Probably a browser issue, I’d imagine? I’ve only tried it with Chrome.

      • Bork Titflopsen says:

        I am using Chrome too and I’m not planning on installing Safari. I’ll check again later though, see if there is something on my end I can do about it.

    • BlackestTea says:

      Also not working for me. Using Chrome, just updated. I can click around and it will move blocks and change their color, but there is not sound, no red squares and the timer isn’t moving =(

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      There is also ToneMatrix, featured on Wildfire Worlds’ trailer.
      EDIT: Ninja’d a million years ago. :|

  2. Zanchito says:

    I’m a sucker for music games.
    @Bork: I know the one you’re talking about, was thinking about it just yesterday! If I find it in my favourites, I’ll post the link.
    [Edit] We’ll, I’ll be damned. I simply clicked on the “music” tag under the article and there it was, just the next in line!
    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  3. Dubbill says:

    Not a game, but in the same vein if you want something with a bit more Chesh: http://tonematrix.audiotool.com

    • Oh Tyrone says:

      I can confirm that this thingy, though indeed not a game, is one of the best things on the internet. Stupidly easy to use and everything you do sounds great.

      EDIT: Thank you, by the way, for what I assume is the original page. I only came across it via an embed on someone’s tumblr, and didn’t exactly know how to google it.

  4. The First Door says:

    Well, I’m slow today. I spent ages wondering why when I caught all of the red dots the game punished me with less music. Woops!

  5. pupsikaso says:

    I wish there were games like these that gave visual feedback rather than audial, for us hearing-impaired.

  6. fysx says:

    It should run on Chrome and Safari.

  7. Ostymandias says:

    a slowly disintegrating TB-303

    i like it

  8. seventhrib says:

    Adam is officially, or as officially as I can make him with my no clout, the best headline writer on RPS.

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