Absolutely Crabulous: Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores Event


How do you feel about giant crabs? I ask this because they tend to be quite a divisive subject (I’ve lost a good many friends over debates about the merits of their anachronistic cultural leanings and gigantic torso-cleaving claws), yet Guild Wars 2 is tackling it head-on. Lost Shores – which kicks off on November 16th and runs until the 18th – is a colossal “once in a lifetime” world event that centers around said colossal crustaceans. They’ll invade, they’ll fight, and they might even do a fun dance number to a mash-up of the decade’s most memorable showtunes. Meanwhile, some of the less-crab-focused new additions – like a series of “fractal” mini-dungeons – sound quite interesting. Delve into the break’s mysterious depths for more.

That was a very large crab. But he/she/it/crab will only be a small part of the weekend’s proceedings, which also include a defense of Lion’s Arch against hordes of the things on November 16th, the introduction of a completely new area called Southsun Cove on November 17th, and a gigantic final battle against the Ancient Karka (aka, the crab wot with all the bigness) on November 18th.

As for that crazy fractal dungeon – titled Fractals of the Mists – well, here’s how it works:

“You’ll be pitted against a series of unique ‘fractal’ mini-dungeons that get harder and harder as you progress, giving you unlimited levels of challenge! With great risk comes great reward, including new weapon sets, a back-slot item, new Ascended loot, and much more.”

Meanwhile, a new PVP map called Temple of the Silent Storm will also be part of the update – but only in beta form, because ArenaNet wants outside input before permanently adding it to the rotation.

But will there be more jumping puzzles? And what about terrible crab puns? I’ll be pretty pinched off if I don’t see at least one or two or 37. I mean, come on, ArenaNet. Pick up the carapace.


  1. Revolving Ocelot says:

    So, where’s the weak point?

  2. Arathain says:

    For anyone who has stopped playing, will this event have the game claw its way back into your heart, or has the whole thing gone a bit sideways?

    • mentor07825 says:

      Doubt it. I stopped playing the game when I realized that being lvl 80 felt like I was lvl 30, along with the feeling that my exotic gear didn’t feel like it had exotic stats.

      In short, I constantly feel like a wimp. So I stopped playing, as progression meant nothing anymore, and went back to Eve.

      • rb2610 says:

        Don’t you just love it when someone completely misses the pun(s)…

        • EPICTHEFAIL says:

          Crab, I missed it entirely. I sea the rest of the board haven`t done much better, though.

      • aliksy says:

        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

        I don’t know what you meant by feeling like a wimp. If you don’t feel powerful when downscaled from 80 to 30, you’re doing something wrong. Whenever I go back to low level areas I stomp all over everything because the downscaling isn’t very aggressive. It also helps that the +bloodlust/+accuracy sigil bonuses don’t seem to get downscaled.

        And yes, I’m crabby about this.

        • EPICTHEFAIL says:

          So… you can still hit things for massive damage? Without having to attack their weak point? Next you`ll tell me it`s historically accurate.

    • dE says:

      Definitely shuffling sideways in my case.
      I love the size of the world and I like some of the ideas. However, I really couldn’t get to terms with the super simplified and restrictive skillsystem. An example to signify my problem with it: GW1 gave you the freedom to design your skillbar the way you wanted and felt necessary, picking skills from two classes at a time. It felt a lot like setting up a card deck in that regard and allowed for some really crazy and diverse builds.
      Heck, when GW1 turned a tad stale for us (guildmates), we used Random Seeds for our skills and rolled endgame dungeons with whatever they spit out. And the magic is: We made it work.

      GW2 on the other hand needed a bloody patch to re-arrange the fixed weaponskills of the Guardian Greatsword. GW2 is odd in that it is almost completely irrelevant in what skills you pick. Your weapon skills are hardlocked by your choice of weapon – so your playstyle is hardlocked by that same choice. If a situation in a dungeon seems like certain skills might be favored (like let’s say condition removal) the game will go out of its way to make sure you don’t pick those skills (like let’s say the conditions are instantly re-applied to you).

      There were a lot of other issues as well, but those were more a big collection of small issues. In the end, I can appreciate that it is the perfect game for some people. That’s great. It just isn’t for me and by sheer design choice, never will be. My own fault that I expected it to carry over some of the crab from GW1.

      • aliksy says:

        I kind of agree, but I think you’re overstating how simplified it is. You do get to pick 4 utilities and an elite, so it’s not entirely locked down. Plus traits interact with weapon skills, though not as obviously.

        I’d like to see them add more utilities, maybe some more weapons, or maybe like weapon-styles so you can get different skills when using the same weapon type.

        I’m really, really glad they didn’t go with the traditional “here’s 4 hotbars full of skills” model, or the “here’s this skill, and 3 levels later you learn a slightly better version” thing.

        I also don’t know what you’re talking about with dungeons and condition removal. I’m not big on dungeons so maybe I just missed what you’re talking about.

        Generally I find the PvE in gw2 to be a lot easier than gw1. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I probably don’t like it.

        • dE says:

          My point of reference here is Guild Wars 1, that allowed you to pick 8 skills (no more) from a large selection of skills. I don’t like overgrown hotbars either, but thought the combination of a large pool and the limitation of 8 skills made up for great tinkering opportunities.
          Best comparison in how the skills and the skillbar worked would actually be Magic or similiar card trading games.

          Didn’t see you mentioned playing GW1 yourself. Sorry. Anyways, my post was meant to emphasize the skillchoice and point of reference.
          I also kinda agree with PVE seeming easier.

          /edit 2:
          Dungeons and Condition Removal:
          It essentially boils down to: If a bossmob is marked with “Deals Conditions”, a party with a full bar of condition removal won’t be good enough. It’s one example.
          Others include: Bosses being highly resistent to crowd control, where you could use it the most. Or instant kill attacks often coming in several huge doses so Boons like Block or conditions like Blind are triggered before the big chunk of instant death hits home.

          /and another late edit 3 (sorry)
          I’d also like to emphasize: The game is probably great fun for others. I’m not trying to trashtalk it. Go, have fun with it. More power to you.

          • skalpadda says:

            I really liked the skills system in GW1 so I’m with you that far, but I don’t feel like GW2 isn’t offering enough choices. You essentially choose the five skills on the right bar and then 2-4 different weapons in the sets so that’s up to 9 different points of customisation. Then add in traits. Granted the initial pool of skills to choose from isn’t as large or as freeform, but for me personally it’s enough.

  3. MuscleHorse says:

    This update looks rather snappy.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Meh, I couldn’t give a crab about it

    • The Random One says:

      Quiet! Didn’t you see what happened to the other pun thread? People are too crabby and beachy to play along! You’re walking on seashells here, so be shore not to offend anyone and sink before you speak!

    • Arathain says:

      I thought it’d be a cold day in shell before RPS commenters didn’t snap onto pun-bait dangled in front of them like that. My face looks like boiled lobster.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        You just destroyed any possibility of continuing that pun thread with your comment. I hate you.

      • Phantoon says:

        That’s not normal. Could be Cancer.

  4. aliksy says:

    Meanwhile, some players (many players?) are filled with rage over the announcement of a new tier of gear. I don’t want gear progression, I don’t want gated content. That goes against one of the main selling points of Guild Wars, but here they are adding it anyway.

    • Wreckdum says:

      They are adding a level 80 tier of gear which the game currently does not have. IMO they are finishing the game. Exotics are cheap and too easy to get to be considered level 80 gear. Not to mention you can start getting exotics at level 60.

      The new gear will have minimal stat increases so it is not game breaking nor does it lower the value of exotics. Exotics currently sell for the price of the mats on the trading post. Nothing will affect that. And the only way to get the new ascended armor is in the new dungeon.

      And finally, the infusions only work on the new PVE mechanic called “agony” which you are only affect with while doing the new dungeon.

      Long story short. If you don’t do the dungeon. Don’t worry about the gear. Unless you think have 50 less of a stat is game breaking and you can’t survive in WvW without grinding an entire set for +50 power and precision or whatever stats you choose.

      Screenshot is a side by side comparison of the new ascended ring vs an exotic ring of the same stat combination. The only difference is 5 power and precision and 3% magic find. o0o0o0o0o

      link to wiki.guildwars2.com

      • aliksy says:

        You’re wrong and you should feel bad.

        Exotics are “too easy”? Screw that idea. This idea that you need to “earn” your numbers/gear is wrongheaded. Leave that for skinner boxes and other poorly designed games that aren’t fun on their own.

        Even if the +50 stats are a small difference, that’s still an advantage for players who grind out these items. That’s not going to make people happy, even if the actual numerical difference isn’t a big deal. Hell, they took the orbs out of WvW because the stat bonuses (+150 for all 3) were too much.

        Assuming the new items only make a small difference is also a pretty big assumption. How do we know? What’s next? Ascended++ gear? Hell, even these items could be a big difference. If ascended items have more +crit damage, for example, you could be looking at another 10% damage output once you have a full set.

        This also perpetuates a ‘rich get richer’ problem. Someone who has the time to grind out these new items now gets another numerical advantage. Thanks. My casual friends who wanted to dip their toe into WvW really needed another disadvantage. This is really going to encourage them to play more.

        What they should have done is have infusion be a modifier that affects current gear, like GW1. It could even add dungeon-specific bonuses if they really want to.

        That’d still be a bad idea because you’re splitting up your player base. I want to run this dungeon, but now I need to find people with a similar amount of -agony bonuses. Thanks, anet. Didn’t LotrO try that, and most people hated it?

        • ScubaMonster says:

          And yet people bitch about nothing to do at end game. ArenaNet will never win. Also, you’re missing the point. This is gear for the special event dungeons. It won’t be needed in anything else from what I gather.

          • aliksy says:

            I don’t know what the people who bitch about “nothing to do” are talking about. The world is very large and full of events, there are jumping puzzles, many dungeons, weeklong world vs world matches, structured PvP, several crafting professions, and probably other stuff I’m not thinking of. That’s not even touching “try a new class/race”. If people only care about mythical “end game” stuff they’re probably missing the point, and should play something else.

            Also it’s not a matter of the new items being needed for the new dungeon (which is also bad, because content gating and player segregation are bad), but that the bigger-stats items will be used in WvW and PvE. In WvW that gives some players an unfair advantage, and in open world PvE it risks making the already easy content even easier.

            GW1 had no gear treadmill, no stat bloat, for years and it was wonderful.

          • waaaaaaaals says:

            Arena.net are suffering from politician’s logic with the addition of a new tier of gear.

            “People at max level want something to do, this is something, they must want it.”

            However you look at it, it’s a dual content gating system through higher stats (somewhere around 8% better) and through a resistance system, something which has never pleased MMO playerbases.

            I can’t help but feel that if they had included the massive amount (around thirty) of activities they promised for launch, people wouldn’t have run out of things to do so quickly. Instead they cut all but Keg Brawl out and left it at that.

          • RvLeshrac says:

            I like GW2, but fuck you people who think grinding for 18 hours a day is “fun.”

        • Potunka says:

          I agree with a lot of Aliksy’s points. I just want to mention that there has been some clarification on the Ascended items. They are meant to fill a gap between Exotic and Legendary gear. While some Ascended items (maybe all) will be BiS, Legendary items will also retain their status as BiS and are being upscaled to do so. Legendary tier is where the grind is for those that want it in GW2, and ANet wants to keep it that way.. Don’t need to touch the fractal dungeons to BiS your character all out.

          Also, there will be “Ascended++” gear. It seems ANet is taking on a philosophy of end-game progression that is really only meant to affect that portion of end-game. As they add more dungeons, they will add more monster-specific conditions to apply to the player, and you will need to build up more resistances on the armor. At least that is the impression I got. Fractals is adding the “Agony” condition. What comes in the next content update? I doubt the important game-wide stats will be increased further, though.

          I’m not defending their decision, but ANet realized Exotic gear was not the grind they meant it to be, so they’re leaving that to Legendary and now Ascended. I do wish Ascended was more like GW1 Infusion. I played GW1 much longer than probably any other game in my life, the only competitor being Counter-Strike. I definitely don’t mind a lack of gear progression.

        • Cruyelo says:

          ” Hell, they took the orbs out of WvW because the stat bonuses (+150 for all 3) were too much.”
          …and +15% health. That’s the big part.
          Also because the buff was controlled by the strongest server, making them stronger.
          It’s not much of a comparison.

          Also : it seems like Ascended items won’t let you customize them with gems (instead having Infusion take that slot) and may be coming (at least some of them) with Magic Find on them.
          This makes them less useful than exotic items if you don’t want MF.

          Right now it seems like a lot of people are jumping the gun when complaining about this. A lot of people are mad because of their past experiences in other games, but don’t think about how this specific change affects GW2 and why it may not develop the same way as it has in previous games.

          People should be watching Anet to make sure they don’t start moving the wrong way, but right now everyone is just overreacting like crazy.

          • Phantoon says:

            Yeah. The health meant a lot more, and the orbs were Cheater-bait, which they didn’t like. They just benefited the server that got the early jump on it, which would help that early lead become a win with less effort.

            My server is crushing the opposition now that there’s no orbs.

        • Truth says:

          Just thought I’d mention, they didn’t take WvW orbs out because they were too powerful, they took them out because of hackers who were too easily exploiting this mechanic.

    • mmalove says:

      One could argue, they’re a bit crabby about it?

      • InternetBatman says:

        Sounds like some players are feeling a bit shore. I hope they don’t cancer their subscriptions.

        • The Magic says:

          Put your claws together for that magnificent use of starsigns. I could snap in a few puns myself I’m no punmaker. I am unfit for it, right down to my exoskeleton

  5. squareking says:


  6. deadly.by.design says:

    I’ve been playing too much Borderlands 2, as I wanted to run up and shoot its weak points point-blank with an explosive shotgun.

  7. DickSocrates says:

    I know this reflects on me only, but I had honestly forgotten Guild Wars 2 even existed.

  8. mraston says:

    Haha Crabulous. Who thinks this stuff up!?

  9. Phantoon says:



    RIP AND TEAR (the weak points)!