I Rather Like The Look Of Clark

Clark is a spatial puzzle game from Golden Tricycle (/adds to list of developer names that sound like they must be a euphemism), intended for computer machine as well as i-type devices. In it we take control of a simple Wall-E style robot called Clark, an autonomous loading machine which gets embroiled in a plot involving the destruction of his factory. His only ability – shifting blocks around – happens to come in handy as he defends himself and his chums against dismantlement. There’s a walkthrough of one of the levels below, and it gives you some idea of the simple grid-based design that the game is working with, but also the complexity that the puzzles should be able to reach for.

The game is scheduled for “Q2” next year, and it looks like it could be rather entertaining.


  1. ocelotwildly says:

    Ooh, that looks rather charming. The level in the video reminds me of the lovely Prism: Light the Way that I puzzled my way though on the DS.

    I wonder if all the levels are going to feature beam splitting / redirecting etc, or whether there is more variation in the block shifting puzzles. Either way it looks like it’s worth a try!

  2. shadoghost says:

    This reminds me of Mr. Robot from Moonpod. That game was pure gold, one of the best hidden indies I’ve ever played.

  3. PopeRatzo says:

    This kind of Borderlands-style art actually gives me a stomachache for some reason. I really don’t understand it. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are the kind of games I would normally love, and they’re well-made and the gameplay is terrific.

    But the art – the look of the textures and environments – cause me a negative physical reaction.

    This game looks to have the same “comic book in 3D” look to it. I wish I understood it.

  4. pertusaria says:

    I enjoyed MacGuffin’s Curse, so I’m willing to give another block-moving puzzle game a go if it has character.