GTA V: Grand Theft Auto 5, Trailer 2

Gee-Tav’s Second Trailer Is Here! Well, below, anyway. It shows us a little bit more of the giant open world’s three-man story of glitzy gangsterism and vehicular vehicularisms. The game, which is due next spring, will apparently feature “yoga, triathlons, Jet Skiing, base-jumping, tennis, golf, scuba diving or go to the gym.” A bit like the RPS office, that. Only with less macho sportsmanship.

My, isn’t that fancy-lookin’? The same sort of dialogue and cinematic sheen we’ve come to expect, only prettier. It’s a bit of a shame that the dog looks more realistic than any of the people. But it’s a hell of a dog.

GTA V’s three protagonists – two of which are grizzled middle-aged men, for some reason – have an interwoven plots (a bit like an episode of Top Gear) and we get to see a bit of that here: with all three enjoying crime-based mishaps as they pursue their fortune. Quite how they will come together in the game, though, remains to be seen.

Not that we really care, the trailer seems to imply, because: driving out the back of a plane, a head-long train crash, and a jet fighter shooting down choppers.

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  1. Shralla says:

    Yep, looks like crap compared to what it should look like.

  2. Runs With Foxes says:

    So this is basically the same game Rockstar’s been making for a decade, but with a new story. Easy way to make millions of dollars I guess.

  3. The Random One says:

    I’m not sure if I want to play this game, but this trailer sure as hell makes me want to watch it.

    If only I was someone’s girlfriend!