Hey, You, Come Play With RPS Readers!

Hats not optional.
If you’re looking for folks to play games with then look no further than our own forums and Steam group. There’s a Guild Wars 2 community on Gunnar’s Hold, and an XCOM multiplayer club for those with turn-based inclination. Perhaps even more usefully, the Arma 2 chaps run a big public Mumble, with channels for all sorts of games. If you’re in need of voice-comms for an RPS game, then why not hop on there? The Arma 2 contingent roll out every Tuesday, and I can vouch first-hand that it’s a fine way to make the most of that game. But what I am really saying is that whether you’re interested in Minecraft or in Planetside, there should be something there for you. So why not take a look?


  1. subactuality says:

    Maybe I will. Maybe I will!

  2. President Weasel says:

    I love these articles.
    Usually I pop in to say “we also play Blood Bowl!” but today I’m going to say that mumble, combined with a handy-dandy free website called Roll20.net, turns out to be a really good way of playing pen-and-paper roleplaying games, and that the RPS forums are a good way to meet some like-minded people who might want to start a campaign with you (at least they were in my case, your results may vary).

    (also there’s an EVE corp (may be dormant) and a Guild Wars 2, err, Guild, and a Perpetuum Online, erm, Robot Social Club Patrol Thing, and games of Solium Infernum and lions and tigers and bears oh my.)

    • Orija says:

      Man, I’ve been very, very interested in giving online tabletop gaming a try since there’s no one to play with where I live. It’s been a bit hard, living in a GMT+5 timezone and having tests and stuff.
      Still, I’ve got myself some literature on D&D for when I do get the chance.

    • The Random One says:

      Pen-and-paper? That’s not PC! BAN THIS SLICK FILTH

      It’s been years since I played a good campaign, I just might take you up on that offer.

    • Hanban says:

      If you want to try EVE out now is a great chance. RPSH have had a recent surge of activity where old veterans have come back to play again. Good times are to be had!

    • caddyB says:

      Oooh. We should play some… Dark Heresy.

  3. ChainsawHands says:

    We also play Blood Bowl! (And it’s only £6.99 if you can get someone who owns it to gift you it on Steam.)

  4. caddyB says:

    What we need is a DF succession fort!

  5. mentor07825 says:

    The RPS folks in GW 2 are fine people to play with. Funny, witty and usually up for anything. Also the RPS folks for Planetside 2 are equally funny for a good time.

    RPS are also forming up again in Eve Online, if you wish to take a look.

    • Thwap says:

      The RPS guys/girls/tentacle-monsters/other on RPS live on the Gunnar’s Hold realm and are indeed a fine group of people.

      The guild runs the full gamut of activities from Dungeons to WvW (think grand scale epic PvP between hundreds of players on huge maps) to crafting to scotch egg eating competitions to advanced pun-making. Basketweaving and crochet night is Thursday. Do please come along and say hello.

  6. Ian says:

    Or you could play FUMBBL for free if you’re cheap/want to try Blood Bowl (does it have a demo?)/don’t care about the graphics/are sick of Cyanide’s shit. It’s in the same Blood Bowl forum that ChainsawHands already linked so I’ll just freeload off him.

  7. Squire says:

    Anyone here play Diablo 3? I only have one other person who plays co-op with me, and he only plays sparingly at best

    If anyone on here still plays then add me – Kuranghi #2590 – we can have big big funs.

  8. Vandelay says:

    No one setup a Natural Selection 2 group yet?

    Speaking of which, no WIT?

    • Phantoon says:

      I can’t seem to find anyone to tell me if it’s as good as the first one, which is why I have nought bought it yet. Funds are pretty low.

      • El_Emmental says:

        If funds are pretty low, wait for the christmas sales (and a 4-pack), it’s pretty soon anyway.

        The game is currently much much better than during the beta, but still suffers from minor balancing issues. It is not “as good” as NS1, mostly because there’s still things to balance (including maps), and there’s a lot of new players still learning how to play the game – but once the game is balanced and players learned to play (and CoD kids left), it will shine.

        Same with commanders, there’s more Marines commanders than Alien commanders and the average commander is rather doing poorly (little to no microphone communication, lack of initiative, no constant rebuilding of RT, etc) – we need to wait a few weeks for things to settle down.

        NS1 also had the Combat Mode (pretty close to the Gloom system), which isn’t currently in the production pipeline (so far) on NS2, since the devs are patching and balancing the base game first (which is a very good thing). Custom maps are already being played/improved though, so the Combat Mode may reappear from the modding community first.

        • Vandelay says:

          I believe Combat mode is already available as a mod. Not played it myself, but I think it has been since the beta.

          Personally think the game is very balanced, although that is probably a discussion for the NS2 forum thread.

          • El_Emmental says:

            Combat is already there ? Nice :V I must have missed it somehow.

            Regarding balancing, -yes- it is quite balanced, much better than most other FPS indeed.

            There’s still the fact that the Fade can’t do much against the cheap-once-researched Jetpacks. There should be a Lerk or Gorge ability to disrupt the Jetpack engine imo. And/or a temporary disruption (can’t fly over 3 meters and for more than 1.5 seconds) of the JP when an Alien hits a flying Marine with a melee attack (Fade and Skulk would try to hit them in the air with Blink and Leap to bring them back to the ground).

            And EXOs coming up faster (and in bigger amounts) than the Onos in games when both team are equals in skills/teamwork. The difference is somewhat subtle but it’s there.

            These issues are currently being worked on and tested by the devs, it’s only a matter of a handful of days (2 weeks at max) to see them tweaked.

            The main problem with balancing is making sure the game is balanced *for the current playerbase*, and this is where waiting for the christmas sales (if you’re low on cash) is not a bad decision, as people will keep on learning how to play during a full month while UWE is tweaking the game.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      NS2 is awesome and it would be cool if there was a group. Somebody with initiative do it!

  9. BarneyL says:

    Tonight is the RPS Vanu Outfit night over in the Planetside 2 Beta, drop by the thread in the forums and someone can get you an invite. Get the client going early though there’s a big patch to download.
    For those after a beta key for the last few days before release,just askin the forum, most of us have a number spare now.

    • Cooper says:

      Yep. Download mega patch & come shoot some lasers!

      And many thanks for putting these together. We always get a larger turnout after these posts, they’re really effective.

      Which is gonna be vital for PS2. It’s currently about the most befuddling thing out there. The HUD is littered with unintelligble icons… But it’s less about complex meta mechanics & more about friendly types shooting lasers. And glowing slightly.

  10. Jockie says:

    The RPS LoL community can be found on EU West in the chatroom named ‘The RPS Tearoom’, we generally spam invites for ARAMs when there are enough people around and you can usually find people for games, allowing you to avoid the dreaded solo queue.

    • Dragon Master says:

      I’m shamelessly stealing this chap’s post(on a related matter, mind you) to remind you we have a running Dota2 division as well. The blocks are decent, you might even get to role-play a bit, depending on who you approach.

    • DiamondDog says:

      I would just say most of the games get organised on mumble, not a lot goes on in the chat. So it’s best to just jump on mumble and see what’s going on.

      I think we use a different server to the one Jim links to, but someone will tell you what the address is in the chat room.

  11. Phantoon says:

    Well, Jim. I’m not British, and playing any games on UK servers usually means things run a bit slow for me, and I don’t much care for that since I usually play shooters or League.

  12. MrLebanon says:

    I’m scared the chat logs would be nothing but puns

  13. Didden says:

    I’ll have to post about the EvE corp I run if anybody interested :)

  14. caddyB says:

    Logged into steam to join the group, found out that I was already a member.
    Curses, foiled again.

  15. djbriandamage says:

    Can anyone tell me whether, in Guild Wars 2, you need to be on a guild’s server in order to join up with them? I’m in a tiny guild with a couple of friends on a different server but I’d love to play with the RPS crowd as well if I didn’t have to make Sophie’s Choice, so to speak.

    • Malfious says:

      I’m pretty certain you can.. I haven’t tried it myself so don’t hold me to that :)

      • djbriandamage says:

        TYVM. I’m pretty sure you’re right but wanted to verify so that my friends don’t accuse me of jumping ship.

      • Thwap says:

        Yes, you should be able to. You can actually join more than one guild (you can only “represent” one at a time – earning influence for them – but you can switch freely, which would get you in on RPS Guild chat too) Take a look in the RPS forums link to rockpapershotgun.com and you’ll find the contact details for the chaps to talk to. We’d love to see more RPSers.

  16. CMaster says:

    I’m always disappointed that the Frozen Synapse league, which is now in it’s 14th season (even had it’s own youtube show at one point) and is regarded by the developers as pretty notable doesn’t get a mention.

    • El_Emmental says:

      I wish I was any good at this game, not getting owned by the base AI because of a rule I misunderstood :P

    • Fumarole says:

      At the very least a subforum would be nice.

  17. Roz says:

    Any Counter Strike players? Haven’t checked the mumble server so IDK if they’res a CS server.

  18. aircool says:

    Any TR PS2 action?

  19. Heliocentric says:

    Solium infernum board remains hypothetical ugly stepchild unloved by the post. We have a good run of timely completed games and a veritable herd of bastards ready to betray you.

  20. Gargenville says:

    The Steam group seems to be invite only. I suppose the persistent could hop onto its Steam chat channel to hassle someone for an invite but eeeehhh.

  21. richtaur says:

    Sirs, I would play games with you.

  22. Eddy9000 says:

    Is there any TF2 action? Looking for some more team-based play rather than healing heavy after heavy that doesn’t bother to throw out their sandvich for an injured medic.

    I’ll definitely be in for Planetside when it’s out, always shied away from the social aspect of gaming but think this might be the one.

  23. stoopiduk says:

    How does one go about getting invited to this Steamy video game cult? What does it cost? I have some lego.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      For some reason the web page says it’s invite only, but if you use Steam to view the group’s page you can just join it by clicking a button.

      • stoopiduk says:

        Bah, it was still showing as invite only in steam on my mac. I will try with the windows box later. Thanks!

    • Dragon Master says:

      For the low price of your soul, just google RPS Soul Transfer pact and after you’ve completed this oh-so-very-simple ritual, you’ll find your invite in your Steam inbox.