Rift: Storm Legion Is Now, Uh, Legioning

Look, we just want to find out why everyone is dressed like this.
Rift’s big expansion, Storm Legion, is now available to play. You can tell because there’s a launch trailer posted beneath my words. Storm Legion, it seems, contains a catalogue of giant demons and evil magical robot things, as well as fancy boats, fancy cloaks, fancy mounts, and fancy fancies. I quite fancy it, to be honest, but I’ve been wearing my anti-timesink harness for the past year, and so far it has deflected the nightmare gravitational pull of MMOs.

But what about you lot? Anyone still playing Rift? Anyone going back to fight these giant beasties?


  1. hemmingjay says:

    I have subscriptions for multiple games but this is the only one that is really worth the money. Hop in and try the trial to level 20 and see for yourself. Nobody can put their finger on just what makes this game great, but I’d wager it’s the subtle way it meshes the best aspects of all MMORPG’s that came before while still having it’s own identity.

    • Adekan says:

      The Trial had originally gotten me hooked on the game. I soon purchased a copy and subbed, however by mid 40s the game became kind of dull. The big invasions and rift closings that were so fun/interesting before get played out pretty quickly when you’re closing 30-40 of them per leveling area.

      Being the grouchy self absorbed asshole I am, I didn’t interact with the community much and thus can’t comment on that.

    • Wreckdum says:

      I just resubbed and bought the xpac yesterday. Then i realized I’ll be playing GW2 all weekend for the event… Then Hitman Absolution and Planetside 2 launch next Tuesday. Whelp that was the shortest time I’ve ever spent in Telara!

  2. skyturnedred says:

    I bought Rift last spring, but I don’ think I made it past level 30 during the free month. Mostly due to time constraints, but now that I have more time to play, I kinda feel like going back. I really liked the soul system, when you get bored with your class, just switch some souls around and suddenly you’re playing something very different (though you’re still just smashing the number keys).

    Also, I miss having an MMO to to log into, even if just to goof around and chat with your guild mates.

    • hemmingjay says:

      You touched upon the very best element of this game. The guild community is excellent!

  3. Kwix says:

    I’m thinking of giving Rift a go. Would anyone care to send me an Ascend a friend invite please?

    Invite received, thank you v.much.

  4. Dances to Podcasts says:

    …where you shall face the dangerously demonic MISS UNDERBOOB!

  5. CaptainHairy says:

    Gotta say, I didn’t think that I’d be getting a subscription when I received a free copy of the game from a Raptr reward.


    6 months later, I bought the expansion too.

    It is very MMO, but I think it’s done what MMOs are well enough that most people who aren’t hostile to the concept as a whole will find something to like in Rift. I like the class flexibility, landscape variety and excellent dungeons (not had a chance to test much of the new ones, but Hammerknell Fortress in the base game is insanely great). Others may well be drawn to the odd, Sims-ish facet of the game that comes in Dimensions, or the varied PvP (that I am assured is good, although I personally don’t do it).

    And yeah, the first 20 levels are free, so no real reason other than time to not give it a pop if it tickles your fancy.

    But if you do, make sure I know about it so I can use my Ascend-a-friend. Gotta get me a corgi.

  6. Hardmood says:

    played rift in beta, played it 2 month or so after buying the the CE and played it a while later again for two month just cos i was bored of other games.

    its a really nice mmo so far, even pvp is…mhhh ok.
    but what made me really sick was the fact that even the fartiest farts of farts can play with 2 macros thru the game…cmon, its disgusting. “oh blabla u dont need to use macros blabla” standard answer numer one, “u dont use use macros and cookiecutterbuild?-> BÄM kick” standard answer number two…

    in fact its an pretty nice game being able to be played by bonobos…at least bonobos with creditcard.

    so, no…but maybe one day when they decide to make a shard were macros are disabled for those willing to manage their builds with their brains.

    • Stratovarius says:

      They had an update about a month ago that completely overhauled every class, making them all less macro-based. You don’t have to use macros anymore.
      Before you complain about something in a game, first make sure the game even still has that flaw.

  7. malkav11 says:

    I just couldn’t bring myself to care about Rift’s world or story, which is generally the death knell for my interest in any game, much less an MMO where I’m being expected to pay $15 a month. It’s a shame. I do think it does a lot of other things right, and I might dip my toes in again from time to time if it ever went F2P.

    (Not -always- a death knell – Torchlight II’s story is entirely forgettable, for example, and I played that to completion and will go back for more. Same with Dead Island except for the finishing part – still working on that.)