Tentacles On Broadway: The Secret World Issue 4

The Macy's window display has escaped!
The Secret World‘s “Issue 4” update will burst flailing onto the streets of virtual Manhattan later this month. It’s going to include a raid in which you fight your way across the streets of the Big Apple, as well as a range of other content, including chainsaws. How you get the chainsaw seems a little gruesome. Can’t secret society soldiers just go to a hardware store?

The update is also – bizarrely – going to introduce The Albion Theatre, which will allow groups of players to use props and sound effects to put on “plays” in the game for other Secret Worlders to watch. Bonkers.

That theatre is a lovely idea – I wonder how much use it will actually get. The PvP balancing sounds interesting, though, since I’ve seen a few folk complain there isn’t enough reward in it. The target selection stuff seems like a big deal, too, although I expect it won’t really change things all that much.


  1. Phantoon says:

    Yes, “plays” hosted by time travelers.


  2. Wreckdum says:

    I am just so not a fan of any RPGs or MMORPGs that are not open world. Something about walking through a loading portal that just ruins the entire game for me.

    I’d rather have worse graphics and not have to endure a loading screen than ultra high res and tiny environments.

  3. Trithne says:

    I still hold that The Secret World is impossibly mis-named.

    Also I wish they’d stop putting everything in London. Although I guess New York gets a raid, but it and Seoul are ghost towns compared to London.

  4. herschel says:

    Bunch of chars hanging around an uberboss, executing buffs and [generic_attack_anim_2].

    I’m so sick of it.

    Look three articles below. Same story, different setting. *yawn*

    • SuffixTreeMonkey says:

      YES! Ten times this. I’ve played two MMOs recently with a friend (TSW and TOR) and I can’t stand it anymore. FPSes have usually the combat right, either one shot and you’re out or two-three shots and you’re out (I prefer the former). Although Skyrim had the “health bars” too, it usually didn’t feel that way, and with a lot of the intense killing blows it really felt that the blade can actually cut.

      TSW gets a few things better than others (skills for me, I can’t stand limited trees) but with assault rifles that behave like water guns, and swords being made out of plastic, the combat can’t really excite me.

  5. Ciergan says:

    I’m pretty psyched for this update. Funcom has been nothing short of amazing in communicating with the players. Pretty much everything in this patch is based on feedback.

  6. Snakejuice says:

    “assault rifles that behave like water guns, and swords being made out of plastic”

    THIS, so much this, I have played A LOT of MMOs and it’s like this in EVERY ONE. I wish someone did an MMO (not RPG but open world) with the combat mechanics of Chivalry!