30 New Indie Games By Known Devs For $15 For Good!

30 new experimental games from proven indie developers, for $15? Cripes. And it’s not even a bundle. This is a Kickstarter-based fundraiser for something called LA Game Space, where developers like Steve Swink (Shadow Physics, Scale), Cactus (Hotline Miami), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), Bennett Foddy (QWOP, GIRP) and Santa Ragione (Fotonica) have contributed never before released games in a bid to raise funds for a non-profit organisation.

So what is LA Game Space? It’s a planned warehouse conversion to create a space for artistic game developers to create and experiment, exhibit, and have access to the tech they need. And it’s a non-profit. You can learn more watching this video:

As a Kickstarter, there are obviously rewards. The main push is on the $15 level, that nets you the 30 unreleased games. Even if the hit rate is low amongst them (and with the calibre involved, that’s unlikely) that’s still a great bargain. Then hoof up to $55 and there’s a t-shirt designed by Bryan Lee O’Malley. These people clearly have the right friends. Go higher and you’ll find people like Derek Yu and Adam Saltsman getting involved with pixel portraits, and so on.

I’ve had my hands on Steve Swink’s in-the-works contribution, Inputting, and it’s already fantastic. A game where the method of control becomes a factor in the levels, from the simple idea of manoeuvring a ball by moving platforms corresponding to keys, to flying a ship where the WASD keys that move you are literal factors in the environment, obstacles to avoid. It’s tough to explain, and it’s a damned smart idea.

So, clearly we can’t judge the quality of the games coming out of this, so can’t recommend you throw your cash toward it. But just the concept of the Game Space seems an idea I’m pleased to support.


  1. lordcooper says:

    But I have too many games already. I’ll never get to play Deus Ex at this rate :(

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Bah, just wait for the remake.

      • Shralla says:

        I doubt there will ever be one. It’s pretty silly the way people keep assuming there will. Not everything gets whored out, you know.

        • povu says:

          New Vision + HDTP + Deus Ex Revision mod + Biomod. There. Game remade. Better than ever. Once it’s all done. New Vision and Biomod are out but Revision and HDTP are both looking at 2013 release.

  2. micro_explosion says:

    Should there be a link to the kickstarter page in here somewhere?

  3. seamoss says:

    How about dem lynx?

    link to kickstarter.com

  4. Smashbox says:

    Wait, Pendleton Ward is a developer? He is rad and I want his game.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Agreed. Adventure Time makes My Little Pony look about as smart as a picket fence. If Ward is actually making games, I want in.

      Dubiously, one of the founder packs for this kickstarter includes a dubstep entry. Ugh.

      • jonbro says:

        dublab is not dubstep, it is more of a wide ranging good and unheard of music station. They may play dubstep, but I havn’t heard much while listening to it.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Thanks for the correction. I keep forgetting that the word “dub” has several definitions in music.

    • eks says:

      Knowing he was involved made me instantly back the project.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      He’s the younger, more talented developer in the family, compared to his brother Infinity…

    • lhzr says:

      rad, indeed!

      also his other game should come out next week for nds and he’s got a new online series that i’ve just found out about \o/

  5. masscrap says:

    Wish I had $300 to throw at them… I would treasure my pixel portrait past becoming worm crap.

  6. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    25$ for 24 hours of dubstep is a steal, buy buy buy

    • spectone says:

      Yes that has me interested but in what format will you receive the music?

  7. golem09 says:

    How is the hipster ratio?

  8. jorygriffis says:

    God, I live like ten minutes from the LA arts district. I hope this comes to fruition!

  9. Lone Gunman says:

    This is so tempting but i am a poor student and I can’t justify handing over money for games that don’t exist yet.

  10. eueisdfb says:


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  11. cowardly says:

    Since Gaijin is mentioned no support from me. They should get some kind of customer support first.