Hot Chip: Spud’s Quest Gets A Demo

One of the more delightful current retro Kickstarter’s is Spud’s Quest, which is asking for a mere £5000 in the effort by the one-man dev team to create a retro platformer that “draws it’s inspiration from retro classics like the Dizzy series, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid.” With just under two weeks left on the clock, there’s now a demo available. This contains “the whole of the Earth Temple, which is the first temple/dungeon in the game.”

I’ve posted the Kickstarter pitch video below for good measure.


  1. brulleks says:

    Looks good, lovely colourful design.

    One thing: I hope the name ‘Fili’ is a place holder. It would be a shame to see another promising Kickstarter project get into legal trouble.

  2. Text_Fish says:

    Meh. I’m not really feeling the demo. Visually it’s all very trendy, but the game play is frustrating for the wrong reasons. I don’t want to have to re-kill the baddies every time I switch room, especially when only one of the playable characters is changing room. It just added another layer of tedium to that already quite boring switch puzzle. Games like this should reward skill and lateral thinking rather than just patience.

    • Caenorhabditis says:

      I totally agree. Especially since hitting bats with those things you throw is so tedious. Actually, I´m mostly just tired of killing bats and snakes for the millionth time in the thousandth game.

    • jamal says:

      You do kno this is based on dizzy? One of the most frustrating games in existence lol

      • Text_Fish says:

        lol yeh i red tht 2 lol. They’re frustrating for different reasons though. Dizzy was frustrating because it was difficult, and to a certain extent for technological limitations at the time of its release. Spuds Quest is frustrating because it’s tedious and because its designer has chosen to ignore wonderful advances in technology such as being able to save the state of a room when you’re not in it — I’m sure he consciously made such design choices for nostalgic reasons but if you ask me some things are better left in the past.

        Perhaps this is simply an art or history project in which case it’s very well done, but as a game I don’t enjoy it.

        • EricShaun says:

          Dizzy was frustrating because you’d jump to a ledge and end up rolling down a hill into a lake. Ah good times.

          • noizz says:

            They fixed in the IOS version so you wouldn’t die after falling down from few screen height… although you’d still have to backtrack for good 5 minutes to get to the high ledge again :>

  3. Lemming says:

    I was hoping this would get a shout out. It’s British and it’s Dizzy-like. I hope it makes its target!

  4. jamal says:


  5. EricShaun says:

    Spud’s Quest!! Here we go

  6. jrodman says:

    Holy moly, it’s a Dynarri. Kill it! Or put on your agonizer.

  7. The Random One says:

    Man, I thought I wouldn’t be interested in this game, but having played the demo, I underestimated just the extent of my complete lack of interest. I guess having to kill two bats twice while at the same time fighting the sluggish controls does that to you.

  8. MadTinkerer says:

    Pro tip: don’t try to see what happens if the stone block squashes the frog. It doesn’t work. Instead, the frog slowly floats up out of the level and the game crashes.