Left 4 Dinosaurs: Primal Carnage’s Free ‘Chopper’ DLC

This week, on Primal Carnage: The Sitcom... 'Dude, I swear, I've got things under control. Just get off my back, OK?' [cue raucous studio audience laughter]

I opened my nasally Pteranodon vocal passages and shrieked for more interesting stuff to do in Primal Carnage, and – as if by magic/coincidental timing/but I really hope it’s magic – Lukewarm Media answered. The first batch of DLC’s been officially dubbed “Get to the Chopper,” and it’s about, well, getting to a chopper. And also away from dinosaurs. Both of these goals seem fairly conducive to that oh-so-admirable goal of not being used as a chew toy by a slobbering T-Rex, so hooray. Better still – that is, if you value good deals over your own mortality – it’s free!

Get to the Chopper’s releasing “later this month,” and it’ll include a brand new map designed specifically around the new game mode. The basic idea is that humans are valiantly attempting to traverse a “linear” pathway en route to an escape ‘copter, and it’s up to the dinosaur team to stop them. Personally, I recommend draping a cloth image of a helicopter over a T-Rex’s mouth so that the humans will unwittingly climb right in. But that’s just me.

Anyway, it sounds a bit like Left 4 Dead – except probably sans hordes of mindless NPCs gumming up the works. I’m also not sure how I feel about the idea of linear environments, given that I think a tense, foliage-and-flare-utilizing game of hide-and-go-seek could be pretty incredible. Who knows, though? Maybe something more like that is in the cards for further down the line.

In the meantime, it’s good to see Lukewarm building on top of obvious potential without charging players a cent. That’s an extremely respectable goal, and – for the sake of a certain lovelorn Pteranodon – I hope it works out for them.


  1. Mario Figueiredo says:

    A free DLC? And right on the first DLC?


    • Baines says:

      It’s free probably due to the complaints of the game’s lack of missing objective modes. In the old days, it would have just been put in a patch, not an expansion.

    • wnxdafriz says:

      All future game modes are planned as free dlc to not divide the playerbase, that means maps and gamemodes = free… this has been the mindset and should be the mindset of every developer big and small

      all dlc that costs money will focus on cosmetic stuff like skin packs

  2. felisc says:

    What ?! But we’re barely done with yesterday’s dino pun thread ! Do they expect us to come up with a new one everyday ? I’m sorry, this dlc has to be delayed.

  3. Slinkyboy says:


    • derbefrier says:

      Its a great game buy it.

      There now there’s no need for one :P

  4. LennyLeonardo says:

    This DLC needs to have a chewing tobacco item that turns you into a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus.

  5. orange says:

    If this game mode starts with Arnold shouting “GET TO THE CHOPPA” then I will buy this game.

  6. Zelius says:

    That’s all well and good, but when will someone finally do the same for the dinosaur genre as DayZ did for the zombie genre? I’m talking immersive survival on a dinosaur infested island. Hunt or be hunted. Who’s gonna make it happen?

    • Clavus says:

      That’s my dream game. I hope to live long enough to see it happen one day.

  7. Optimaximal says:

    Featured Image text clearly needed to be ‘clever girl’…

    Grayson, YOU’RE FIRED!

  8. Surlywombat says:

    I like the sound of this. The dinosaurs in this game are so well done, they seem wasted in just the DM. The animations, texture work and sound design are all fantastic. The atmosphere is amazing, especially on the night time map.

    One thing I’d like to especially note, the T-rex causes a camera shake for the human players when it is near, however they have balanced it so well it becomes just difficult enough to notice that the T-rexs can sneak up on you when the game gets hectic.

  9. DaftPunk says:


  10. Clavus says:

    They’re also adding a dinosaur skin DLC, which will cost a few bucks. But that’s to be expected. I’ll probably buy it since I love me some giant reptile customization.