Race The Sun Is “An Arcade-Style Infinite Racer”

Race The Sun is quite pretty. Like you. Unlike you, its free demo version has 375k plays on Kongregate. In it we race a paper-dart type ship across an infinite landscape. How far can you get? If you’re anything like me, not very far. But the story does not end on that sad note, no. Because developers Flippfly are engaged in some kind of peculiar crowd-utilising effort over here. They explain: “When you buy the game, you get a “Flippfly Vote” that you can cast on our Voting Page. At the moment, there are two features for Race The Sun to be voted on (multiplayer, and mod tools.) At the end of the voting period, we’ll add more items, so anyone who’s purchased any of our games will have a direct say in what we work on next (your votes will never go away.)”

Interesting. There’s a rather beautiful video below, too. For you to make judgements about with your mind.

I can never get enough infinity.

See what I did there? So clever.


  1. warthog2k says:

    3D Deathchase! link to worldofspectrum.org
    They should get @RevStu to review it.

    • Nix Nada says:

      I thought ‘Spectrum’, too, looking at that screenshot, but it put me in mind of Glass. link to worldofspectrum.org

      I love the Spectrum, but can’t get into using emulators. It’s just not the same playing a game when you’ve not sat through ten minutes of squealing first. You don’t feel like you’ve earned it.

  2. kristian says:

    I like the graphics, and was interested about the game from watching the trailer. But the problem is that it’s just another “Endless Running” game and with this feature set should be on iPhone, androidPhone or the wPhone8.

    I hope they realise that PC enables you to develop with much more precise controls and a much more complex experience.

    Endless running games are “ok” and can be fun, but there’s just a huge ton of those games free on the PC right now.

    Hope these guys get some purchases though!

  3. PleasingFungus says:

    I remember playing games like this years and years and years ago. They had simpler graphics, of course.

    Might try this out after work, if I remember.

  4. DickSocrates says:

    Space Harrier vibe. Also kind of makes me wonder why more games aren’t about great physical experiences? Why doesn’t someone make a game where you can just fly really fast over terrain? Just Cause 2’s flying mod is popular for a reason, yet so many companies still want you to shoot things or read a load of old nonsense. Games could be as amazing as dreams.

    • oWn4g3 says:

      Why doesn’t someone make a game where you can just fly really fast over terrain?
      That was exactly my thought when playing this game with a gamepad and a big grin on my face. It’s a very relaxing experience and challenging at the same time. After three runs I hoped that this game would become something bigger and happily found out that I pre-purchase it.

    • zokier says:

      idk, I have some pleasant memories from LockOn. Just setup a empty custom mission, jump into a MiG-29 (or other jet) and have fun. Even if LockOn was semi-serious simulator, you could ignore most of that when just flying for fun. Fast jets fly plenty fast when you push them to, and while LockOn scenery was bit barren, there were still canyons to zigzag and bridges to fly under.

      If you got interested, then Flaming Cliffs 3 might interest you too, it’s a semi-official expansion from the dev team. Upgraded graphics etc.

  5. rawrty says:

    Infinity scares me. I think if I get too good I’ll end up going insane like that guy in The Jaunt.

  6. AeornFlippout says:

    One of the developers here :)

    First – thanks for the writeup Jim!

    Second – if anyone has any questions for us, I’d be happy to answer here.

    Third: – there are some coupons left from this Reddit thread if anyone wants one:
    link to reddit.com

    Cheers :)

    • Mccloud says:

      Ugh, even /v/ has more valid opinions than Reddit.
      Anyhow, your game reminds me of this other much loved game of mine, that I for some reason can’t remember what is called.
      It’s a about a sphere, a ball, it you wish; that races along a predestined line, and your goal is to avoid a number of shapes and forms along the way. It is aesthetically satisfying.

  7. Bhazor says:

    Out of curiousity, how fast would you have to go out race the sun? I mean as in traveling around the equator in a straight line so that the sun appeared to stay in place.

  8. AeornFlippout says:

    One more thing: We’d really appreciate upvotes on Steam Greenlight :)

    link to steamcommunity.com

  9. eueisdfb says:


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  10. LionsPhil says:

    So it’s a game in which you play Jeremy Clarkson in a Jag?

  11. spectone says:

    I played the demo a while back while flipping through some games on greenlight. My Impression was that although quite pretty and having decent controls it didn’t have enough depth to make me linger.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I agree. The idea is really nice but for me its just one of those games I wouldn’t play too much to warrant a purchase. The gameplay is nice, though. Has a good feeling of speed to it.

    • AeornFlippout says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely working on making the game a slightly deeper experience, without making it overly complex. We do like simple games :)

      Some of the things we’ve got in the works:
      – More game modes with varying levels of difficulty
      – More player objectives and abilities, with things like “flight wings” etc. that add some interesting choices and gameplay variation.
      – A steeper progression of difficulty as you progress through the stages, with some pretty crazy dynamic events (the trailer kind of teases this with the giant bomb sequence.)
      – In-game leaderboards
      – Possibly Coop multiplayer
      – Possibly mod tools.

      But all in all, we think it’s worth the price of a Starbucks coffee that we’re asking ;)