Restoration Man: Ether

Ether is an independently developed first-person puzzler with a psychological mystery at its core. We saw the first video footage of its Cornish delights back in July and should be able to uncover more details soon. The plot involves mental illness and ‘ethereal projection’, an ability whereby men and women known as restorers can enter their clients’ minds and attempt to repair them. The game will be in two parts, with the first due early next year. There’s no combat, but expect both environmental and cryptic puzzles. A new video provides snippets of story and a brief tour of the game’s take on what appears to be an English coastal village.

I enjoy seeing places that are recognisably British recreated on a computer.


  1. phlebas says:

    Looks like Penumbra remade by Jonathan Boakes. Yes please!

    • ferdy says:

      I got the same vibe. If this harbour town is half as good as the Lost Crown’s then it’s an instant buy for me.

  2. Hairball says:

    Holding the lamp like that must be one hell of a workout.

    • Gregoire Simpson says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing, some strong arms on that character.

      Also, objects being manipulated by invisible hands totally ruin the immersion. How does the logic work, would he be able to hold a lantern in each arm and still open a door?

  3. merbert says:

    Seriously….did anyone manage to stay awake for this video?

    If so, please tell me how.

    Why would anyone bother to invest time and effort into making something so uninspiring and graphically naff?

    Pass me that shotgun will ya?

    • Ich Will says:

      I expect you like games I find dull too. Good job we’re all different and our tastes are ever changing.

      Pass me that puzzle that requires intelligence to solve will you?

      • Soup says:

        I love puzzle games and narrative games too, but this was incredibly dull even for me. It was mostly walking around the same familiar location with an incredibly jerky camera without showing us any interesting mechanics or giving much plot.

  4. yhancik says:

    They should have called that one “Dear Ether”

  5. mikmanner says:

    That dude has one hell of a strong arm

  6. sirdavies says:

    My left arm hurts just from watching that video

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