Should You Play Planetside 2? Questions & Answers

I’ve been playing lots of lovely fresh organic Planetside 2. Sometimes during this process my eyebrows were raised. Sometimes they were furrowed in a frown. Other times they were sort of neutral. And other times still they were gyrating up and down like tiny face-wings.

What does this mix of expressions mean? I’ll tell you.

Jim, Should I Play Planetside 2?

Sure, I mean why not? It’s free, and you get to run around in a ludicrously pretty sci-fi world that is vast and spectacular, while playing a reboot of the 2003 territory capture game made by devs who have clearly spent the past decade playing a lot of Battlefield.

BUT – and this is a big but, I cannot lie – it seems to be having some serious teething problems right now. Particularly in Europe. Try, but I’d advise patience. It’s not pretty.

Battlefield? Surely it’s nothing like Battlefield 3?

Well it’s very different, granted. It’s lasers and persistence and hovertanks and dudes with jetpacks. BUT there’s a lot here that can be seen as in the same first-person ballpark: the class-based system (the original game just allowed you to unlock different equipment types), the overall battle ambience (which is brilliant), and subtle things like being able to use Q to spot enemies for your team.

Tanks? So it’s vehicular? Will I be able to compete as just an infantry type? Will I get tanked and air-dominated right up?

Not at all. I killed a tank as an infantry guy the other day. I’ve not shot down an aircraft on foot yet, but I am sure it’s possible. And of course infantry are necessary to take and hold the capture points across the map. While the vehicular battles are incredible when they kick off (especially between organised groups of tanks) the real work is done by the grunts.

Why do they call them grunts?

I don’t know.

Aha, actually I tricked you. I played the beta for a bit and didn’t think much of it.

Well you already have an idea about what you did or didn’t like about it, then, haven’t you? But I would say that it has evolved a bunch during that time, and that stuff like the capture mechanics and teamplay have evolved a bit in the past few weeks alone. It should continue to change, too, given its live status. SOE are plotting player-built based down the line, which makes me unduly excited.

Pah, evolution. It’s hardly any different to the 2003 game!

You’re not wrong there. It is a direct remake. And that’s no bad thing. The original was far ahead of its time, and was brilliant despite SOE making a bit of a mess of it. I’m genuinely glad it got a second chance – it’s perfect for F2P. I am a sucker for extreme prettiness, too, and this has to be one of the best looking games on the PC right now. The original game didn’t even look good for 2003… And there are serious refinements, too: not just to the overall feel of the thing (combat is way slicker this time) but to the territory systems, and the way that the battle is directed into specific areas. It took the original PS months to get into this sort of shape, and it was always a bit awkward. This works far better.

And isn’t the performance dodgy?

Sure, it’s madly CPU hungry and there’s intermittent lag. It’s particularly cruel to AMD users. These aren’t reasons not to give it a try, of course. I’ve had some of the most entertaining battles of my long digital career in just the past few weeks, and that’s had ups and downs.

Okay, fine. I will play. But can I solo it?

It’s pretty open to those people who just want to drop in and shoot some stuff. I’d expect you to take a couple of hours to really get orientated, and that’s faster if you work with a squad. Voice comms are a good idea. An even better idea is joining up with the RPS outfits, who are getting organised in this thread. They’ll see you right.

So we’ll see you in there?


But What About All That Eyebrow Stuff In Your Intro?

I needed something to put above the cut, didn’t I? But basically I was trying to convey that the course of the game does not run smooth. It’s not perfect, and it’s basically 2003 remade with modern fancies, but it is a lot of fun. Also I have fantastic eyebrows, and like to draw attention to them.

Thanks for your time!

Isn’t that my line?


  1. phelix says:

    When will they stop hating AMD CPUs? 15fps on lowest settings possible, while Intel folks with comparable processors get twice as much, isn’t exactly my definition of a smooth experience.

    • Kilometrik says:

      I have a Phenom II X4 and it rarely dips below 30 (extremely rare and at most it dips down to 25). Mi average FPS seems to be around 45/50 and it’s really playable that way. SI maybe it’s just you.

      • Azdeus says:

        Phenom II X4 955, 4 Gb RAM and a radeon 5850 Black Edition and I mostly run at 30 FPS in battles aswell.

        • JoeyJungle says:

          I have similar specs, but your graphics card is just a bit better and I was wondering what graphic settings you’re running on? 1600×900 with the medium graphic settings seem to be the best graphics/fps setting right now, I was wondering if I should try fiddling with them some more.

          • Azdeus says:

            I’ve got no Ambient Occlusion or Fog Shadows on, medium shadows but everything else on high, resolution is 1280*1024.

            Oh, and the processor is running at 3.2Ghz.

            My CPU is what is keeping me back according to their inbuilt FPS-meter, only when I’m on an empty field and getting 60-70 FPS does my GPU pop up.

            Weirdly though, the game says my memory is “full” when I want to actually record anything.

          • Mr. Mister says:

            I think you meant graphics·fps

        • derbefrier says:

          I got similar specs(2.8 Ghz quad core) to your processors and a 560 and was able to run everything on high..then I got into a huge battle and now I see myself having to go down to at least medium or some sort of in between, it was still very playable but there were some pretty bad dips in FPS when shit really hit the fan The game is gorgeous and pretty damn fun. I just hope its lasts. I dont know my exact FPS was but usually in games like this it hovers between 30-40 and probably dipped sown in the 20s at its worst if I were to guess.

        • phelix says:

          To clarify, I’m running on a Phenom II X4 965 (oc’d to 3.8) with a 550 Ti and 8gb ram. The game runs terrible regardless of settings, other ‘modern’ games run significantly better.

        • MadMatty says:

          Phenom II X4 955 Black, running at 3.2 Ghz – Gcard: ATI 5750 1GB –
          4 Gigs of main RAM, PS2 uses 3,5 with Vista.
          Graphics set at 1600×1050 medium quality, renderer at 75% quality.

          Framerate 40-60 with less than 20 people nearby.
          Framerate in big battles at the end of the beta was about 15 :(
          possibly due to my slow 800mhz ram- not sure…could have improved much with the launch patch..ill find out later today.

          my CPU metres read full usage of the two first processors, but only about say 70% of the last two, so theres still hope for better framerates… something about Sony needed to program in threading? i dunno.
          Gonna overclock it about 500 mhz, that should be perfectly safe with the 955, but i think the cooler needs to be fairly ok…a opassive cooler might not do.

    • Lev Astov says:

      I have an Intel i7-2600k with dual GTX 560 Ti’s and I still only get 25fps on medium settings. Way less when I’m taking fire, conveniently… I think the game just has random issues.

      • darkChozo says:

        Huh, weird, I get 40-ish FPS on high with a 2500k and a single 560 Ti. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if they specifically optimized for Generic2011GamingPC.

        • Kemipso says:

          For the records, the game runs smoothly and dropped below 30 fps just once on my machine (I presume the drop was due to some website updates on my 2nd monitor).

          I’m using an “old” i7 950 cpu, a NVidia 460(stuff) and a humble 6GB of ram (although it’s a pretty good low-latency corsair set).

          Did you try to update your drivers for your GPU?
          Here is a link to the beta NVidia drivers which (allegedly) improve the perf on Planetside 2:
          link to

          • Lev Astov says:

            I have all the approved drivers and everything. The game also has perceptible input lag for me, so I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s dependent on something absurd like the motherboard southbridge.

      • Koshinator says:

        I’m using an i7 3770k and a single 670gtx, and at 1920×1080 never dips below 60fps with everything on max settings (looks gorgeous), but i know people who have similar setups to mine that get less than 40fps…. It seems this game just doesn’t like some setups

      • Kdansky says:

        That should really not be the case. I’ve got an i5 with a 660, and it’s much faster than 25 fps. Clearly, something’s wrong.

    • SuicideKing says:

      That’s probably more of AMD’s problem. Well known that Intel outperforms them clock for clock (perhaps core for core might be more appropriate).

    • Wreckdum says:

      AMD and ATI have been having financial issues for a reason. Because they blow nutsacks. I guess I could be called an Nvidia fanboy seeing as I haven’t owned an ATI card since 2005. But guess what. I haven’t had any PC complaints since 2005 either. =D

      • DrGonzo says:

        You’ll get the same stories from both sides. I gave up on Nvidia after having an 8800 explode, getting it replaced and it exploding shortly after. Switched to a 4850, and been with AMD ever since and not had any issues, plus I prefer their CCC. But it’s always a case of whichever is better at your budget, which fluctuates all the time.

        • MadMatty says:


        • fish99 says:

          Remember nVidia just makes the chips, it’s the oems that make the boards, power and cooling solution, and are most likely to blame if something ‘explodes’, and are 100% to blame for sending you a dodgy replacement. I still have an 8800 card sat in the cupboard that’s been heavily used for many years and is still working. The 8600 in my 5-yr old laptop is still going strong as well.

          I’ve had both nvidia and ATI cards fail on me over the years, and it was never the actual chips that failed.

          Also if you don’t have a dust filter on your case, eventually any video card will just get clogged up with dust, overheat and die.

    • Bensam123 says:

      I don’t think this is just a AMD thing, I have a i7-860@3.8ghz and battles definitely get really nasty as far as lag goes. I just think the game is a dog of a performer sometimes. That is with all my settings on low. Matter of a fact changing my settings doesn’t really do a whole lot of anything, I just keep them on low just to make sure.

      I’m not entirely sure why AMD would specifically have worse performance issues then Intel, unless the game was optimized specifically for some of Intels featuresets. AMD BDs have comparable performance to a midgrade i5 and piledriver has performance comparable to a high end i5. This could be a thread scheduling issue…?

    • Noburu says:

      My much better, and OC’d desktop only runs the game at 50fps AT BEST on the lowest settings. I only get slightly worse frames on my much crappier laptop that also has dedicated gfx card.

    • says:

      This is very fantastic game. and also you described very well

      Everything is ok, now we should enjoy the game link to

  2. godofdefeat says:

    I JUST Hope that the EU version of this game will get fixed soon enough.

    • Lamellama says:

      O no, I am in the EU! and I was going to play it tonight. What is the problem?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I am playing on EU right now through the Steam version. Are you guys using the solo client?

      • Cooper says:

        The Steam version downloads the US client.

        Which works fine with beta accounts, but not for new players: SOE have moved their EU accounts to ProSieben (beta players stay with SOE)

        New players in the EU need to get the client from

        And create an account with ProSieben and use their client…

        • Utgaardsloke says:

          This is an enormous hassle, could not get in tonight. Goddammit!

        • fish99 says:

          Thank god I tried the PS2 beta and can therefore avoid these clowns.

        • VikingMaekel says:

          What a mess.
          For me this is not that big of a deal since I don’t have a datacap. But for people with one, this is horrendous.

    • biofryd says:

      You can circumvent the EU crash…just create a SOE account, download through steam and access with your SOE account. You can still play on EU servers….worked for me….dont download the crappy prosieben version…..or use vpn

  3. Ian says:

    Does the game have good eyebrows?

    • Lev Astov says:

      Sadly, no, but it does have graphics!

      (I love judging how close my shots came to aircraft by seeing the tracer light reflect off of their fuselage.)

      • Ian says:

        Good point, how many graphics does it have?

        • darkChozo says:

          Well, you unlock a new graphic every couple levels or so that you can put on your shoulder. So a ton. [this counts as a pun, right?]

          • The Tupper says:

            Can I buy some graphics instead? I don’t think I’ll have time to see them all in the FTP style.

          • darkChozo says:

            Not sure if you can buy the level up decals; they’re the standard master-sergeant-shooter-person fare, albeit with cooler names (at least for the VS). You can buy other ones, though, there’s a bunch of cosmetics up for purchase.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            Dear darkChozo ,

            We regret to inform you that the comment you submitted for pun approval does not meet our quality standards. We wish you good luck on your future pun endeavours.

            Best regards

            TROLLFACE Inc.

          • The Random One says:

            If only you could wiggle your eyebrows at other eyebrows.

  4. Lev Astov says:

    I really wish there was a built in command structure within the game. If there is, I haven’t seen it yet. Why do they keep pulling these things out of modern games, like BF3 losing the commander?

    I know they intend for player outfits to take up the slack, but many people won’t get into that and will just try to lone-wolf it for lack of any outside communication.

    Also, Jim, your writing never ceases to amuse me.
    /me beats his eyebrows and flies away.

    • darkChozo says:

      There’s supposed to be to some extent. Last time I checked (ie. sometime in beta) it wasn’t implemented, but at the very least there should be global command chat. There’s also a fair bit of control from the squad leader (4 waypoints, basically), not sure about platoon level. The devs have said they’re going to be implementing a player-controlled mission system (presumably similar to the current hotspot system) but I’m not sure where that’s going. And they have a silly long plan that involves a lot of player-generated stuff that can loosely be filed under command structure.

      • Lev Astov says:

        That’s good to hear, but it seems a bit wrong to release the game before some way of organizing the team exists.

    • sinister agent says:

      Anyone trying to solo will die very soon, with the possible exception of snipers, who will be able to avoid some encounters, but even if they get lucky and don’t run into a group or some vehicles, will instead find that they run out of ammo and then die.

    • Cooper says:

      It is possible to chose the command options as you level up.
      This allows platoon and squad commanders to communicate between all other squad and platoon commanders, as well as place empire-wide requests for defence / offence. At higher levels it allows you to send messages tthat the whole empire will see.

      It’s not quite as powerful as PS1’s “CR5s”, but it’s almost there.

      Thing is, these leveling options are behind a level cap (level 10 which I just reached tonight) and a fair amount of “cert” points.

      Wait at least a week before there are enough platoon leaders with these tools to provide this top level coordination. But it will be there.

  5. Koozer says:

    I hear on the forums that to minimise CPU use one may consider lowering effects, particles, terrain quality, and number of voices (under audio). I still only get around 10-20 fps during battles, if I’m lucky :( (Using a trusty old 3GHz Core 2 Duo)

    • Gorf says:

      Do you think i’ll be ok with my core 2 quad (q8400) with gtx560Ti and 4 gb ram? (and be able to have at least some pretties on?)
      I’m gonna be upgrading my cpu to an i5 2500K soon, but not for a few weeks at least.

      • MaXimillion says:

        I’m running it on a q9400, and my FPS drops to 20 when in busy areas. So depends on your standards , it’s too low for smooth gameplay IMO.

      • DrGonzo says:

        I have a 2500k, an AMD 6850. It runs ok with everything at medium and 1080p. Playable but it does chop from time to time.

  6. Stellar Duck says:

    “BUT – and this is a big but, I cannot lie”

    I see what you did there. Nice!

    As for the game, I’ve just installed it and will be looking forward to some RPS based planet shoot.


  7. zind says:

    Anyone else having a terribad graphics experience? Ever since the last big patch during the beta, and still after release, I start getting glitching and bad textures and artifacting within 30 seconds of the game starting up (or coming back from an alt-tab, or redrawing everything due to a settings change, etc). This is the only game it’s doing it on (although I had similar problems with Splinter Cell Conviction), and it’s happening on three different driver versions.

    MSI GTX580, i7-3770K, 32GB Corsair DDR3-1600; temperature isn’t an issue

    • Bedeage says:

      Try setting the 580 to reference clocks maybe?

      I have noticed that my card (560Ti HAWK) is getting to the stage where it is having trouble with some DX11 titles, lots of artifacting. The new W8 drivers are terrible for me too, though as you say you’ve tried 3 different versions it sounds like it’s a different problem.

    • Lev Astov says:

      Other than general slowness, no, I haven’t seen artifacts like that. I have seen glitched consoles in the game which spawn you into vehicles in some nether world full of glitches and gaping holes in the fabric of space, though.

  8. protorp says:

    This is the first MMO(type) game that’s drawn me in – ever; I’ve always stuck to coop with friends in the L4Ds, Borderlands, Magicka etc. before.

    Despite the clunks, the scale, the ebb and flow at both tactical and strategic level, the sheer immersion of the thing have utterly hooked me. It’s like shiny scifi less-hardcore Arma; with the constraints of realism thrown off the level design becomes that much more directed through giant futuro-structures and exagerrated mountains and canyons, all of which give so much scope for fluid engagements.

    Soloing in the beta was still loads of fun – playing light assault as an annoying harrassing scout around the edges of big engagements makes me cackle – but tagging along with an outfit is awesome. Last Friday with the RPS NC outfit was one of the best few hours of gaming I’ve enjoyed in a very long time.

    • absolofdoom says:

      I was wondering if I was the only one that was reminded heavily of Arma playing this.

    • sinister agent says:

      I too thought of arma lots, both when running at a base as a common grunt alongside other grunts dotted about while tanks and explosions go off everywhere, and while sneaking about as a sniper, trying to get the lay of the land and scope out enemy movements.

      I particularly like how you can sort of half solo it, by doing stuff off to the side of a battle that isn’t piling in with your team, but does help create diversions, thin out or harass the enemy, or even open up a second flank. The balance of team and individual fun seems to be done really well.

  9. Lagwolf says:

    Really poor fps, it crashes once an hour (or so) but when its working I rather enjoyed it. I agree with TB that rushing it out in its current state is a bit of curious move. And yes the latest patch made things worse.

  10. Sayori says:

    Wow… so informative…

    • reggiep says:

      Did you just step out of a time machine from 1992?

      • Surlywombat says:

        No way!

      • Xardas Kane says:


        link to

      • Sayori says:

        So, don’t be shy.
        Share with us. What did you learn from this? Not a word about the bugs.
        Not a word about the terrible EU launch.
        Should you play it? Yes, if you can login…

        • darkChozo says:

          I think he was referring to your vernacular, which is either from the nineties or from Borat. Also, if you were to hypothetically read the article, the fourth paragraph is not one but several words to that effect, with caps and italics to match. Not to mention that a report on what are likely transient, technical launch issues is outmoded pretty quickly and is the type of story that RPS tends to gloss over (rightfully so, in my opinion, but feel free to think differently).

        • Herkimer says:

          “Sayori says:

          ‘So, don’t be shy.
          Share with us. What did you learn from this? Not a word about the bugs.
          Not a word about the terrible EU launch.
          Should you play it? Yes, if you can login…’

          The article says:

          “BUT – and this is a big but, I cannot lie – it seems to be having some serious teething problems right now. Particularly in Europe. Try, but I’d advise patience. It’s not pretty.”

  11. porps says:

    tried it.. just another “realistic” (read : slow) fps game. Ok, it looks fabulous, but even i can strafe left and right while holding a gun, i see no reason why a trained soldier should have trouble with it. Crosshairs that waggle about as if your gun is made of paper and you’re trying to shoot it in a gale… whatever happened to being rewarded for having good aim in fps games?

    Will probably appeal to people who grew up playing slow paced console shooters like cod or halo but it sure as hell isnt for me.

    • Shepardus says:

      As someone whose favorite FPS’s are Warsow and Tribes, I actually quite enjoyed my time in the beta (haven’t yet had the chance to play the new release), though for very different reasons from why I like my aforementioned favorites. It’s actually probably the only “modern” shooter (for lack of a better term) that I’ve both tried and enjoyed, because to me Planetside is more about the experience of being one little soldier surrounded by a perpetual war rather than the details of the gunplay itself. I’m not sure if that experience would be better if they gave more control and speed to the players’ shooting and movement, but I totally see where you’re coming from.

    • Asurmen says:

      I’m slightly confused as to how you class it as slow and not requiring good aim? You die so fast and headshots > anything else.

    • DrGonzo says:

      realistic? I’m flying about in my purple space disco plane. Slow? I’m flying about in my purple space disco plane.

      Console shooter? I’m flying about in my purple space disco plane.

      • Azdeus says:

        For no particular reason, I feel like I should point out your purple space disco plane is half as fast as an Me 109 (WW2 fighter).

    • Shepardus says:

      I imagine you’d be best off piloting scythes and magriders.

  12. Spider Jerusalem says:

    it’s closer to battlefield 2 (on sci-fi steroids) than the mess battlefield 3 became, i’d say.

    • SuicideKing says:

      True, that’s what i feel too (about both PS2 and BF3).

  13. MOKKA says:

    Is it really true that some part of ProSiebenSat1 (a German Media corporation) is responsible for the European version? If so this is almost a deal breaker for me, at least when it comes to spending money on this game.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Correct, they are. They also fucked it up: EU players are crashing left and right, Beta participant stuff isn’t showing up, their support is dreadful and, of course, they are even less trustworthy than SOE.

      However, for the moment, legacy SOE accounts can just use the US client and play on EU servers, which is exactly what I’m currently doing.

    • FFabian says:

      Why? Because of Nazis?

      • MOKKA says:

        No, just general distrust against them. They are also partially responsible for the abysmal state of German TV.
        Supporting them with my money would just feel wrong.

    • Sayori says:

      Well, I have no idea why Sony has outsourced EU to them.
      Hell, even Gameforge would have been better.

  14. pakoito says:

    This game was a constant test to my color blindness. And I failed, failed, failed.

    • Koozer says:

      No my friend, the game has failed you. /wisened old man voice

  15. GeneralVonDoom says:

    I get 60FPS constant without Vsync my specs are Intel I5 3570k default clock GTX 670 default clock 16GB RAM 1600mhz

    when I think about my FPS sometimes dips to 45 wow this game is poorly optimized although I do play on max everything and the game worlds are MASSIVE! and has allot of players so really its understandable…

  16. AshRolls says:

    I spent this morning spec’ing an £800 gaming monster to play this game as my current machine is finally on it’s last legs. Then I realised I would be spending £800 for one game and snapped out of it. I REALLY want to play this, having played and loved the original, but I just can’t justify the expense. Damn you wallet. Hopefully there will still be a strong community next year so I can join in some fun then. Have fun soldiers o7

    • reggiep says:

      You shouldn’t have to spend that much. Go AMD + ATI instead of Intel and Nvidia and save yourself a few hundred quid or bucks or whatever you call them.

      • AshRolls says:

        My current machine is an old faithful dog, it’s on it’s last legs bless it. I need new monitor, disks, case, the works so it get’s expensive easily. I lean towards Intel + Radeon for the last few years.

        For anyone that is interested this was my proposed rig, it’s a mini-ITX beast, I want to love it so much but our love was never meant to be (are you listening boss, give me more money!). link to I can highly recommend for anyone looking for hardware advice.

      • Snakejuice says:

        This game is very cpu hungry, there is no AMD cpu that will give you a smooth gameplay experience with this game so that is kind of a bad recommendation IMO!

    • fish99 says:

      Don’t need to spend £800 IMO. The game runs well enough on high settings, on my i5-760 and 660 2gb, and you’ll get a better CPU than mine, a 660, mobo and 8gb ram for around £450 IIRC. 660 takes a single power connector too so your current PSU could well be fine.

      Also if you get really into the game you’ll be saving money on not buying so many other games.

  17. Brise Bonbons says:

    I wonder, is anyone else feeling really done with persistence at the moment? Maybe I’ve been hitting the DOTA too hard, but I find that I really just want games that have all their rules and options focused into a discrete match(or campaign, in the case of say, X-Com)-length scope.

    I’ve been trying to get back into Guild Wars 2 and catch up with my friends, but I feel like some switch has flipped somewhere; the whole process of persistently progressing now feels roughly as compelling as the latest CoD game’s “Hold E to tell point man to open door” sequences.

    Clearly this is my problem and not Planet Side’s. But I can’t help wondering if I’m alone on this one.

    EDIT: Said another way, I feel like Natural Selection 2 is a much more exciting release, and I wonder why there hasn’t been more talk of it.

    • Xardas Kane says:

      a. They talked about it quite a bit.
      b. I did feel like that for several months. Eventually though I kind of got fed up with LoL (as was in my case) and got back to more.. ungamey games.

    • MrUnimport says:

      You’re thinking of progression rather than persistence, I imagine? Persistence with regards to Planetside 2 just means that a base stays captured until someone else captures it.

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        I was not 100% clear in my initial post, but I was referring to both persistence and progression, for slightly different reasons.

        Progression because it has become almost synonymous with vertical power creep, and as a result tends to lead to non-choices instead of interesting gameplay choices. “Should I upgrade item X to the one with better stats or not” sort of choices.

        Persistence because I feel like games like PS2 and GW2 are starting to fall into the virtual world equivalent of the uncanny valley. It’s very close to realistic, with objectives you can capture and must defend in real time. But the gamey aspects feel that much more out of place as a result – i.e. here’s this realistic persistent world where nothing ever changes, where people who die come right back after 30 seconds, and where a huge number of soldiers disappear at a regular time each day to go to sleep/work/spend time with family.

        I feel like we need some entirely new way to represent and model the passage of time and the meaning of actors and characters in virtual worlds, or at minimum some new ideas on how to abstract time and space in a way that is less interested in dry realism and more in imparting the sensation of existing in vast time and space.

        Sorry, I’m working through my unformed thoughts on the matter at this point, so I’m not making much sense. Clearly a large part of it is just that I don’t want to play this sort of game, and that’s fine. Not saying PS2 is bad or anything – seems quite the opposite.

  18. neofit says:

    Not fair, the day is almost over and we still don’t know anything about Farcry 3. You promised a review for the 21st, so QQ and all that!

  19. mrmalodor says:

    Start Planetside 2.
    I spawn, I die.
    I spawn, I die.
    Fuck this shit.

    • mr.ioes says:

      Start Planetside 2.
      Account credentials aren’t accepted.
      Have 1GB left on my SSD.

    • darkChozo says:

      Saw this complaint in the other PS2 thread, where does it come from? PS2 has about the strongest spawn protection out of any FPS I can think of. Most of the time, getting spawn camped gives kills to the guys being camped, because they can sit behind one way shields and take potshots at the campers. Hell, the only way I can think of how you’d be spawn camped with the current mechanics is if you’ve somehow been Sunderer camped, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. Not to mention you choose your spawn, just go somewhere else.

    • povu says:

      The game used to spawn you at your faction’s main base which is safe, but now it tends to drop you straight into the action, at least the first time you enter the game. Then if you choose to respawn nearby you can still get murdered over and over if the base is getting harassed by a large force.

      So respawn at the main base if you’re getting overwhelmed at your current location.

      • sinister agent says:

        Yeah, this sounds like the most likely explanation. The first time you spawn, you’re dropped in what I think is a random location within a region. 2 to 1 you’ll land right in front of some bastard on the other side who’ll shoot you in the face, but from then on, if you respawn, it’ll be at one of the nearest friendly bases, which will generally be safe unless they’re currently in the mid-late stages of a major assault.

        TL;DR: keep at it. If you won’t even give it more than two or three lives, you… well, I’m struggling to think of an end to that sentence that isn’t quite rude.

    • jonbro says:

      download installer, installer crashes right after I log in, uninstall.

    • Asurmen says:

      So because you died twice you decided to completely give up on the game? How in god’s name do you get through any other game?

    • fish99 says:

      So you’re prepared to put in the effort to make an account, download and install the game, but you give up playing it after 30 seconds? Also after your first death you would have seen the deploy screen and had the chance to pick somewhere safe like the warpgate. If you don’t know how to do that check out the tutorials –

      link to

      TBH though with so little patience I doubt you’d ever enjoy the game.

  20. deathrune says:

    You should not.

    fx-8150 and hd 6970 at 20 fps, seriously please fix this soe

  21. Tei says:

    Its a good game.. In the making. I suggest anyone to test all faction weapons and play wih the faction that fit best his playstyle. If anyone need help to learn whats going on, please ask about it in our foru
    . The more the merrier and in this game theres always room for another engineer, sniper, tank driver or pilot.

  22. Shortwave says:

    AMD X6 @ 3.8ghz, 16gb 1600, 2X 2gb 6950 (Unlocked and overclocked to 6970+) on an SSD.
    Pulling 15-30fps anywhere it matters.. I have been so very patient with so many games lately.
    My 120hz monitor is weeping in sorrow. If I wanted 30fps I’d be playing games on a console.
    This is just sad.

    Since when has 30fps been generally acceptable by the masses on PC?
    Could someone please inform me? Because my bleeding eyes beg to differ.
    What’s the point in even having a gaming mouse when we’re getting 30fps?
    There is no point, trust me. This game is broken, much like every other beta I’ve played lately.
    Yes, they are betas.. The sad part is, they keep getting released with seemingly even worse stability.
    Should people play this game? : /
    Should people PAY for this game? Just, no.
    I’m sick of devs simply adding more and more flashy useless content before the game even runs properly. Get your priorities straight guys. Unless of course you have the full intention of driving your game into the ground and squeezing out every last possibly penny you can from any sorry bastard who hasn’t realized how crap the game underneath all the flash really is.
    I’d rather be playing in an empty box map, at least I’d be able to freakin’ aim properly.

    GUH! O.O Sorry guys, I feel better now..

    • Snakejuice says:

      I had AMD Phenom II X6 1090T based rig.
      I bought 120hz monitor.
      I weeped.
      I bought Intel i5-3570K based rig, kept old GPU.
      I smiled!

      • Shortwave says:

        I don’t quite get that honestly.
        I have no issues with some of the most graphically demanding games on the market now.
        Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Hard Reset.. Red Orc 2.. All on eyefinity will be pulling 80+ FPS really. And much more.

        But somehow in some new games coming out on the same engines, with lesser graphical fidelity..
        Even on my 1366×768 monitor I can’t get a stable 30fps? LOL. And it’s my CPU’s fault really?
        Because tons of other people with high end Intel builds are getting shit performance either which can be read about in these very comments and on the forums.. RIGHT.. Right.

        Fanboyism at it’s finest right hurr.
        /me golf claps
        Keep up the good work.

        • Reefpirate says:

          I guess you can call me a fanboy if you want, but people don’t seem to realize what they are trying to accomplish with PS2 and how that goal is impacting performance. Crysis 2, BF3, and other modern look-pretty games may run perfectly fine on your machine but they also aren’t trying to accommodate 2000 players on the same large map.

          It doesn’t matter if the players are on your screen or not, they are represented in all sorts of data that can be accessed immediately by you via your map, the capture point mechanics, chat channels, VOIP, etc. Also, even if they are not all on your screen at once, the engine has to prepare for the potentiality of them all arriving at the same location at once.

          I’m not sure if you ever played EVE, but even when zoomed out so the spaceships are little tiny dots, in massive battles it often degenerates into slide-show mode. In a Planteside battle with hundreds of ground and air vehicles and hordes of infantry, all conforming to the physics and lighting engine, ballistics and collision being checked on a thousand different projectiles at once, and making sure that everyone’s PC is communicating with EVERYONE ELSE’S PC accurately over a very large and unreliable global network I don’t see how you can complain that it’s not reaching 60 updates in a second like the relatively lightweight BF3.

          Is PS2 suboptimally optimized? Sure, it could probably be improved forever with infinite amounts of time. However, the engineering feat that they have pulled off within a 30-40 frames per second constraint is really quite impressive.

        • Crankwerk says:

          This baffles me, but your lack of understanding of programming or computers is …just that – fanboyism perhaps – but I get 60+FPS with:

          overclocked old Sandy Bridge i7 processors
          overclocked Geforce GTX680
          SSD drives and only 6gb DDR 3 ram

          Now the game before they optimized it for FPS with this engine looked better than Bf3… So can only agree with Reef on this…

  23. aircool says:

    Haven’t noticed any framerate or lag problems or owt like that at all. Give it six months for the creases to be ironed out and the leaders to emerge and it will be like the good old days…

    And the good old days really were good. I’m glad they just remade the game rather than making a sequel.

  24. Popcornicus says:

    A direct remake? It’s less a ‘direct remake’ of its predecessor than Battlefield 3 is a remake of Battlefield 2. Nearly all of the gameplay mechanics are different and improved, which is more than you can say for DICE sequels.

  25. VileJester says:

    Sorry english isn’t my native language but what does that mean ?
    “it seems to be having some serious teething problems ”
    Does it mean the game isn’t very mature/well defined yet ?

    • darkChozo says:

      More or less. A teething problem is a problem that primarily affects an early version of something. It refers to how a baby’s first teeth cause a lot of discomfort (the teeth coming in is known as teething). So right now, PS2 has its share of issues, but most of them seem to be just a consequence of launching and not due to rotten teeth, so to speak.

  26. Phantoon says:

    It’s much, much better than the beta. A lot of work has been done in improving it.

    Not getting as many performance issues as you guys seem to be across the pond, but it’s pretty disconcerting when a magrider you’re firing on just turns and leaves at mach 5, because it left ten seconds ago and connection issues yay.

    Still, it’s play a lot better than the beta did.

  27. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    Game Error G37 every time for. And now can’t even access the Sony forum page discussing the problem, so I guess a whole heap of people are getting error.

  28. Berzee says:


  29. strangeloup says:

    I really wanted to like this, having heard all kinds of Good Things about both the original and this sequel, but the only bit they seem to have taken from the MMO side of MMOFPS is there’s really really a lot of people constantly. No objectives other than what you set yourself, no storyline, no motivation to fight the other sides apart from they’re on a side that’s not yours. And not even the vaguest suggestion of a tutorial unless you want to alt-tab out of the game to go to Sony’s site and listen to some dudebro talking you through it.

    I might be approaching it the wrong way, but if you expect me to give even a nano-toss about the factions and the planet, maybe more than a short paragraph on each faction (plus your choice of which terrible soundtrack you want) and a 20 second “hey here’s a planet you’re going to fight people” would be good. Obviously for balance reasons no one faction can have a clear advantage over the others, so it’s pretty much like asking me to care about whether I get put on Red or Blu in TF2. It doesn’t matter and I don’t have any investment in it.

    • Shepardus says:

      I honestly can’t think of a better reason to fight than the fact that they’re on the other sides. From the start it’s always been about the player interactions in a sandbox environment. I personally think a more detailed narrative would take the emphasis away from the stories created by the players themselves and wouldn’t help what makes the game tick.

      Though an in-game tutorial would be nice.

      • strangeloup says:

        I suppose I was just expecting something different. I thought it’d take more aspects from the MMO side of things, which SoE have been at least moderately good at (until they change things and cock it all up) than just “there are a lot of players”.

        Having played Global Agenda a moderate amount, which is sort of a MMO TPS, I thought PS2 would be along similar lines but upped in scale. GA had a rather decent tutorial/introduction thing which you played solo, and could skip if you knew what you were doing already, but as well as explaining the controls and game systems it did a good job of setting the scene. Even something like that would be a good addition to PS2; I cannot for the life of me fathom why they thought dropping you into the middle of a massive fight, where you will almost certainly die in seconds, was a good way to introduce new players to the game.

        • Premium User Badge

          gritz says:

          Actually, there’s a considerable amount of backstory if you’re into that:

          link to

        • OfficerMeatbeef says:

          Yeah, the factions don’t matter unless you want to be a crazy person who swears fealty to one or the other. You pick one because you need to be sticking to one otherwise everyone just switches to whatever is winning. Honestly they boil down to:
          TR: Peace Through Unity! (Socialist Scum) Our stuff has a bit higher rates of fire/bigger mags.
          NC: Freedom for All! (Capitalist Scum) Our stuff is a bit more accurate and hits a bit harder
          VS: Alien Tech is Awesome! (Technocrat Scum) Our stuff is weaker but has a wider area of effect.

          Yeah there’s no real storyline beyond “Our faction wants more land! Get more land!” but honestly there doesn’t need to be. It’s an FPS, so the story is ever individual engagements you find yourself in. Like the time you stood against overwhelming odds and managed to hold the line until your air support arrived and pushed the advance back. Or the time you drove a tank for 5 minutes across rocky terrain to roll up on an enemy squad’s flank that was keeping your guys pinned down, sending them scattering across the plains (only a few of the lucky folks in one piece) so the rest of you squad could push up to the cap point. Or just the time you perfectly calculated that shot from your cannon, in a fraction of a second, to disintegrate the irritating cocky fighter plane that just tried to do a flyby on your poor ground-shackled armor.

          In other words, it’s like being a soldier in any real conflict: the ideology doesn’t matter a bit when you’re in the shit, it’s about the people at your side. Except in this case, you’re told right from the start “don’t worry if you die, we’ll reconstruct you again wherever!” so it’s literally just an endless war for ground and glory. It’s not just the vast numbers of players that make that special, it’s the vast terrain and how controlling that terrain shifts the lines of battle that matters. Honestly, compared to nearly any other FPS on the market, that’s more than enough.

          However, totally agreed that the “New Player Experience” as they call it is completely horrendous at this point. I was able to intuit MOST of the game mechanics after a few hours but only via patience and extensive experience in the FPS genre, which is completely unfair to expect from average players. Even then,after a few weeks in the beta I still died in seconds after initial landing following the new and totally insufficient tutorial video, because although it at least smartly puts you in a squad there’s nothing intelligent about where it then deploys you at all. Terrible first impression? Absolutely. The really unfortunate thing is that it’s basically really not that complicated at all if you’ve played something like Battlefield before, but you wouldn’t know from the lack of guidance it presents.

          I figure they will add more integrated tutorials as time goes on and they’re able to shift some focus from “oh hell we need to just make this big crazy thing WORK” as there’s no question someone required them to launch this before it was fully baked. That doesn’t excuse it, but in the meantime the various vid tutorials and reading a bit through the official wiki are unfortunately the best option. That, or ask here if you’d like to be shown the ropes.

  30. chewbaccasdad says:

    I’ve seen a few people here complaining that the Steam version loads the US version and then you need to download the client again from that German company – not so.

    Go to Steam/SteamApps/common/planetside2 and find LaunchPad.ini

    Edit it and at the bottom add a line that says:


    Bada bing, bada boom, launches through Steam.

  31. Sc0r says:

    Well… my first look at it gave me the impression it was like massively pay2win, all you need to do is just pay your annual 120$ (what the hell)

    • Herkimer says:

      I really don’t feel that it’s P2Win, and I write this as someone who has never Ped and will likely never P unless we decide my daughter doesn’t need food or education anymore. It’s easily possible to play competetively and have fun with the basic loadout. It’s also possible to earn cert points quickly enough through playing to unlock better gear on your favorite class or vehicle. Want to specialize in more than one class or vehicle? Then yeah, you’re going to be putting your time in compared to someone who pays.

    • sinister agent says:

      I’ve not paid a penny, am unlikely to (at least for a few months), and so far I haven’t even looked at what can even be bought. Stuck entirely with the default gear and classes, I don’t even know what else is available – I’ve yet to fall into a situation where I felt anyone bought better odds against me.

      It’s early yet, of course, which may be a factor, but I’ve not felt any hint that paying will put you on a different plane to peons like me. Whether someone’s paid or not, my trusty rifle can still put a hole in their face.

  32. Blackcompany says:

    I want to play this. I do. Persistent world at war. Vehicles. Even air vehicles, which I’m pretty sure are called something else. Excellent graphics, FTP. I really do want to play this.

    But I play with an XBOX controller when I game, and I know that means not only a disadvantage to me, but alas, to any teammates as well. And I cannot bring myself to drag my team down in a game like this.

    So its back to Borderlands 2 with me.

    I am, however, eager to hear stories of PS2 war.

    • sinister agent says:

      Honestly, if there’s ever a fight where a single player’s failure to shoot quickly spoils things for a team, something is going terribly wrong. Many battles I’ve been in were a swarm of players where everyone was so busy fighting they wouldn’t even notice if you were slow, much less care. In fact I’ve taken out a dozen soldiers with an extremely loud sniper rifle from about thirty feet away, and they were so busy shooting people my friends in another direction that the survivors didn’t even notice until I got careless.

      Just go for it!

    • fish99 says:

      Unless you’re actually shooting your own guys, you don’t hurt your faction by playing ‘badly’.

      Also I’m sure anything involving flying would work well on a gamepad, probably the ground vehicles wouldn’t be too bad either – twitch skills don’t matter when you’re aiming a slow turning tank turret. There’s also probably some infantry roles you could fulfill without being great at shooting, like engineer or medic.

      • sinister agent says:

        And even if you do shoot your own guys semi-regularly, it doesn’t particularly matter. I’ve done it several times (including once with a rocket launcher. Oops), and been outright killed by teammates a few times too. It happens when people are new as it takes time to get used to identifying enemies on sight, and sometimes just out of panic, uncertainty, or someone unexpectedly moving into your way (or you into theirs). I doubt anyone sane will hold a grudge.

    • Shepardus says:

      Having an extra person on your side is always nice; even if the person’s terrible it’s still better than not having the person in the first place (except for teamkillers, of course).
      In Planetside 2, the more the merrier :)

  33. sinister agent says:

    This is the first MMO I’ve ever enjoyed past the introduction. Having a blast so far, and you can absolutely shoot down (some) aircraft on foot, although you’re unlikely to unless you’re playing as heavy infantry or perhaps sniper. I’ve shot a couple of fighter/bomber things down with the machine gun, and done some damage with sniper pot shots, but to be honest, i’ve yet to be killed by an aircraft at all. They seem to be designed or players tend to take out vehicles exclusively, probably because they move too fast for anything else to be practical.

    I play on foot almost exclusively, with short excursions to hop in a base defence turret or hitch a ride on an APC. Haven’t even tried a vehicle yet, and I’ve no inclination to. Infantry combat is lots of fun, although you can be overwhelmed by vehicles – most classes will be powerless against an armoured target, but then that makes sense, and encourages you to stick with friendlies who can help out.

    Personally, I favour the sniper class, because you can cloak and simply avoid anything too big or numerous to handle, and/or tell everyone where it is so they can take it out. Also because you can act as a scout and stealth bastard, intercepting an enemy infantry group in the wilderness, popping the head off their medic just as they start their attack, and vanishing into the night.

    Simply put, if you like FPS games and large-scale gun combat, this is absolutely worth giving a few hours at least. If you don’t like the feel of the guns, just try another team.

    The only significant downsides so far for me (I’ve never played the original or beta) are that it does a poor job of explaining what you should be doing and how to do it, and that something about it turns my PC into an oven after a couple of hours. But it probably needs dusting out anyway.

  34. Metonymy says:

    Why do I have to press/toggle a button to sprint? Why does an idea like this even exist?

    Why do I miss my targets? I’m pointing right at the guy!

    Why am I reloading a gun? I thought this was the future?

    Why do the vehicles have acceleration times and slow turning responses?

    Why is there obvious visual lag, related to net latency?

    Why does every single building and open area look exactly the same? How many hours were required to create the overworld? Was it more than 10?

    Why is the definition of a ‘class:’ you don’t have access to most of the player’s abilities?

    Why are these developers getting paid money? Why aren’t they stocking toys for Christmas?

    • Shepardus says:

      “Why do vehicles have acceleration times?” Did you expect them to reach top speed instantly or something, or am I misunderstanding this?

      • Metonymy says:

        As long as we’re responding with questions, how about this one: “Is driving a building-sized slug fun?”

        Or I know, “Why would anyone attempt to simulate reality, with a medium whose entire selling point is it’s ability to circumvent reality?”

        • Shepardus says:

          Seems to be fun for plenty of people, otherwise games like Mechwarrior wouldn’t exist.

    • sinister agent says:

      What the hell else are they supposed to do? Have the game psychicially deduce when you want to sprint?

      Honestly, aside from the latency (which didn’t happen to me personally, but I’d imagine is all but inevitable here and there are a bajillion new players pile onto the high-resource, free game with thousands of players), most of your questions are as ridiculous as they are obnoxious.

    • Shepardus says:

      tl;dr: Planetside 2 tests different things and focuses on providing a different experience from what you seem to be looking for. It’s not perfect by any means (especially with the technical issues), but I’d argue that it does a pretty good job at what it’s trying to do.

      Planetside 2 isn’t Quake, nor does it intend to be like Quake (by which I mean fast movement without sprinting, perfect-accuracy weapons with no recoil or reloading, etc.). The two aim for very different experiences, with Quake being a raw test of individual movement and aiming skills, and Planetside 2 focusing on creating the feeling of being “immersed” in a continental war, while also promoting squad-based teamwork.
      Many of your questions could be answered with “to make it more realistic and more immersive,” but that’s a fairly boring answer, so I’ll avoid that.
      With that in mind:

      “Why do I have to press/toggle a button to sprint? Why does an idea like this even exist?”
      A “sprint” function creates a tradeoff dynamic between movement and shooting, which makes the decision for an offensive squad to push forward require more planning and commitment, giving the defensive side more of a chance to stop the offense if they push forward before the defense has been neutralized. To me it’s kinda like trench warfare in that regard.

      “Why do I miss my targets? I’m pointing right at the guy!”
      Weapon inaccuracy is one way to limit the usefulness of certain weapons at long range, which I think is important when you’ve got so many players all firing off shots at once and people are often getting killed from pretty far as it is already. Besides, I don’t think Planetside’s focus is on testing individual aiming skills, so while weapon inaccuracy would be a travesty in, say, Quake, it doesn’t strike me as being so bad in Planetside. It also increases the amount of missed shots which adds to night-time explosive prettiness. :D
      Sure, you could also use damage drop-off to limit the people getting killed by stray bullets from a mile away. Some (many? not sure) of the Vanu guns actually do that.
      If you’re not hitting targets right in front of you, then it might be lag, which I can’t answer for.

      “Why am I reloading a gun? I thought this was the future?”
      Besides the fact that reloading is intuitive and familiar to most FPS players, reloading mechanics create a small but significant tactical consideration (timing reloads to avoid getting caught while reloading, while also limiting the amount of bullet spam.

      “Why do the vehicles have acceleration times and slow turning responses?”
      The maneuverability loss compared to infantry serves as one of the tradeoffs balancing vehicular combat with infantry combat, making it easier for others to hit the vehicles and balancing maneuverability with raw movement speed. How maneuverable you want it exactly varies on personal taste, but many of the vehicles are actually fairly maneuverable if you get used to the controls, especially the Vanu-specific tank and fighter.

      “Why is there obvious visual lag, related to net latency?”
      Can’t answer for that since I don’t know much of the technical details of Planetside 2 or other online games, and I haven’t encountered a whole lot of lag myself, with the lag I have encountered not being surprising or unusual at all for an online game.

      “Why does every single building and open area look exactly the same? How many hours were required to create the overworld? Was it more than 10?”
      Yes, I do think they could have made the bases have more variety in their design. But I’m sure it still took more than 10 hours to create the world. It does take time creating three 64km^2 continents.

      “Why is the definition of a ‘class:’ you don’t have access to most of the player’s abilities?”
      Limiting the usefulness of individual players forces them to work in squads if they want to be useful. If everybody could do everything then there wouldn’t be reason to work in teams except to overpower the enemy with numbers and firepower. Similar reason to why TF2 has classes with limited roles.

      Why are these developers getting paid money? Why aren’t they stocking toys for Christmas?
      Because they made a game a lot of people (myself included) seem to like, despite its flaws. And Christmas isn’t for another month.

      • Metonymy says:

        My point is that call of duty games (planetside 2 is a call of duty game) are complete and utter garbage. Anyone over the age of 12 has no business pretending to be a soldier man and shooting the other mans.

        You brought up quake. You’re familiar with a game that is almost as good as doom2, why are you defending trash?

        Please don’t respond, I already know you have nothing to say. I read your entire post.

        • Kaira- says:

          “planetside 2 is a call of duty game”

          I’ll wait here and wait for you to explain yourself.

          • Pleiades says:

            Why would you want to wait for an explanation from such a moron? He can’t even understand the reasoning behind sprinting or reloading ffs LMAO…

  35. vaalir says:

    So, you are playing as vanu and NC? i’ll see you ingame, trough the other end of my rifle…


  36. dsi1 says:

    No multimanned tanks… WHY DO YOU HATE US SOE???

    • Harlander says:

      The big tanks have two seats, a driver/main gun one and a secondary gun one. At least on NC…

      • Shepardus says:

        Same with the TR Prowler, and I’m pretty sure the VS Magrider also seats two.

  37. ZephyrSB says:

    So I thought I should finally get around to signing up on the forums so that I can join the outfit, but then I don’t get my activation e-mail and I can’t find anywhere to re-send it – Help!

  38. Kromaxx says:

    Don’t get this game!!!! They are scamming players right now with their station cash. It only unlocks weapons and cosmetics for a single character. Not account wide. So if you join a server, then want to change, you lose all that money you spent on unlocks and cosmetics.

    F’n rip off!
    Buyer beware!

  39. Suits says:

    So you cant play this on a 32bit system

  40. sophof says:

    Sounds like my PC is finally too old for a game :( Too bad, I thought about giving it a try, but won’t upgrade for a while I think.

  41. ikbenbeter says:

    My only problem is the horrendous lag. I have huge periods where I can move but everything else stops or keeps going in a straight line. Of course, this leads to flying tanks and such, but those are only funny so many times (especially considering I usually get shot before I reconnect). On the odd minutes it likes me, though, it’s great fun.

  42. horusrogue says:

    Runs great with no noticeable FPS drop on my 8320 at stock with 8GB 1866 RAM. GPU is a GTX275 896MB

  43. Uncompetative says:

    Sometimes I think it would be nice if PC developers created games for the systems we actually have, not the “falling–back-through-a-wormhole-from-the-future” bleeding-edge kit they get to muck around with. I am not suggesting that they are dishonest in marketing games that can only be played at low frame rates in a pixelated resolution, with all the graphical enhancements paraded in the screenshots turned off. I am merely remarking that by the time the average PC catches up with their game’s intended quality threshold the media are being encouraged to shout about something even greater and its online community is now a ghost town.