Chivalry Lead Talks Future Things, Promises Updates

Limb-lopping sword ’em up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare rather impressed Adam, and it seems like it’s been popular with you guys, too, because Torn Banner are toasting their success with a new patch, a Q&A video (below) and the promise of free updates for the game in the near future, fleshing out things like spectator mode. Relatedly, they’re talking about pushing towards e-sports support, even. The patch already did a lot of work with the issues people had raised, and you can see the the full patch notes here.

What a nice chap, eh?


  1. Loque says:


    Chivalry: Medieval Porcupin

  2. mondomau says:

    This game is bloody good fun and it’s nice to see the dev team are planning on supporting it – I’m particularly looking forward to the SDK being released as I suspect the game has a lot of potential for some awesome mods.

    • Snowskeeper says:

      I swear, if I see someone use that joke one more time…

  3. SandmanXC says:

    The fact that he acknowledges that the game is “a foundation” is great.

  4. Teovald says:

    I have not played this game yet (too little time, too many sales & too many personal projects) but it looks like a perfect candidate for a Clang integration !

  5. The Random One says:

    Looks like I’ll be getting this over War of the Roses after all.

  6. Derppy says:

    Sounds awesome, but I can’t really see eSports potential in this one.

    While the game is a ton of fun, the combat system is rather shallow and doesn’t take too long to master, at which point the outcome of the fights becomes pretty random. The more skilled player often loses in Chivalry, which isn’t good for a very competitive environment.

    If the game combat had the level of depth WoTR has (direction, power, momentum, angle, armor collisions/penetration etc.), where mastering the system and accurately hitting the weak spots of the armor/body and blocking every strike is very difficult, then maybe.

    Just to clarify, I think Chivalry is a superior game, because of the variety in gamemodes and maps, I’m currently enjoying it way more than WoTR, but it’s still like comparing Skyrim combat to Mount & Blade combat.

    • Snakejuice says:

      “While the game is a ton of fun, the combat system is rather shallow and doesn’t take too long to master, at which point the outcome of the fights becomes pretty random.”

      I have to disagree with this. There is a lot going on with timing, footwork, combos, kicks, ducks/jumps and feints. It definitely is not shallow and random if you know what you are doing as a good player can consistently win vs worse players, even heavily outnumbered.

      “The more skilled player often loses in Chivalry” <- Sounds like you've been getting your ass kicked! :D

      • Claidheamh says:

        Exactly my thoughts. Combat in Chivalry has a lot more depth than WotR’s.

    • mondomau says:

      Nonsense. I dare you to go up against one of the Devs or the high level Beta testers.

    • Rognik says:

      This is mostly false, although I can understand the impression. Fighting in Chivalry is all about out-predicting your opponent, and if you attack a sword-flailing newbie as if he were more experienced, yes, you will frequently die. However, if you can identify him as a newb, it is very easy to parry his attacks and/or hit him in between his strikes.

      If anyone doubts Chivalry’s potential as an eSport, I would encourage them to watch this video:
      link to

      It’s also worth considering that an essential part of any eSport is having a game that’s fun to watch, and Chivalry certainly is. In fact, the developers estimate that they owe 80% of their success to YouTube, precisely for that reason.

      The only problem I really have with combat in Chivalry is that it does tend to get really messy when someone has really, really high ping. When fighting such a person, their strikes can hit you when they appear to be complete misses on your screen. Also you’ll take damage ages after their attack actually hits you, which is very confusing.

      • derbefrier says:

        how to beat noobs in this game that swing wildly is simple stay back wait for him to make a slash move with his big 2 handed sword (cause noobs always go for 2 handed weapons)duck under his slash, move forward so that his slash goes over your head, then stab him in the crotch. Then feel awesome because you stabbed someone in the crotch

  7. felisc says:

    It’s a very nice game, chopping heads feels great after a long hard day. And in the game.
    One thing though : archers are filthy filthy people.

    • mondomau says:

      Archers are a pain in the ass, but they are really only a problem when they work in coordination with melee troops. Otherwise they are pretty easy to close with and butcher. Man that’s enjoyable.

      • Snakejuice says:

        But it feels awful when I close with an archer and then he’s really good with daggers and butchers me! Sure I can handle good players but because many players are new my default state of mind is “archer = easy prey” and then I get a nasty suprise in my throat/back. :D

        • Scarf Ace says:

          The dagger is a much underestimated weapon! When I play MAA I actually prefer using one when I go up against vanguards.

  8. Snakejuice says:

    I love Chivalry, more so than WotR. Both games have their merits however and for me the perfect game would be Chivalry with the hitboxes, bandage system and weapon/armor customization from WotR!

  9. Nameless1 says:

    When they decide to improve the horrible controls, I’ll be happy to buy the game. They already made something in the latest patch but It’s not enough. For me at least. They should look at M&B, those are pretty much perfect.

    • tubby says:

      Thats bullshit, the controls are prefect and you can rebind most of it, the fact remains that this is a game aimed at replicating intensity, fast fights and make it feel more authentic/natural. WotR and M&B systems are horrible for fast intense fighting and they’re just plain clunky and unrealistic in terms of controls.

      The chivalry controls feel natural and fluid and you’ve so much controll without any clunkyness or wierd control scheme.

      In my opinion this is the best melee game we’ve ever seen , its solid, fun, skillbased, stable, good netcode and has a great developer behind it. Game of the year 2012 without a doubt tbh, while I always wanted a Rune 2 , I doubt anything could beat this anytime soon.

  10. LJFHutch says:

    I just love how it’s about timing, footwork and teamwork rather than reflexes.