The Interstellar Marines’ Team Tell You About Prologue

Zero Point, the team behind ambitious tactical sci-fi FPS, Interstellar Marines, have sat down to talk to you guys about their “Prologue” game. With just a few days to go on their Kickstarter they are still a long way from their $600k target, and they’re aiming to tell you enough to get you excited about their project. As they explain: “Since our Kickstarter campaign started it has been clear to us that our explanation of Prologue has been somewhat vague. So we decided to sit down in a cozy environment, with the limited time that we have, and go through the experience from A to Z, like we’ve never done before!”

Take a look at their ten-minute video below.

Every time I see this I am bowled over by it, but I can’t help thinking they’re biting off a lot for such a small team. Fingers crossed for them anyway, I know the terror of being in a small team like this, and their ambition is admirable.


  1. AngoraFish says:

    With $125,704 raised of a $600,000 goal with 4 days to go, I’m pretty sure that this one is a lock for going back to the drawing board, regardless of how many videos they produce and how good those videos are.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Too many awesome Kickstarters unfortunately. I’m relieved Hero-U made it with just hours to spare. Still have hope for Maia but if it makes it, it will be another really close one.

      Semi-offtopic: Speaking of crowdfunding, I’m sad Black Lake probably won’t get to be one of the four prototypes for Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight. Judging from the artwork and description, it’s basically the spiritual successor to Psychonauts, I thought people would be all over that. Oh well, I seems I get three out of my four favourites (Spacebase DF-9, Autonomous, the White Birch).

    • Teovald says:

      I have been remotely following their project for a long time. So I backed their project on Kickstarter, but I am getting more on more pessimistic on their ability to deliver such a game.
      The landscape is becoming more indie friendly now that Unity is an indie friendly solution adapted to such projects but I doubt they will go anywhere without some more funds to have a bigger team.
      Pushing Interstellar Marine on the side and starting making less ambitious indie games to get some cash and renown before using them to fuel the dev of this game in a couple of years would maybe be a better idea.

  2. caddyB says:

    Oooh X1-Alpha ( Future Cop LAPD ) on the background.

  3. Dubbill says:

    They’ve been taking preorder (Spearhead) pledges for this for at least 2 years. Surely a large portion of interested customers will already have made a payment to them which makes reaching any Kickstarter goal that much harder.

    • sneetch says:

      Yep, I suspect that is the case for a lot of people. I know I gave them my money back at the start of 2010 (after a previous article by Jim) and we haven’t seen all that much about the actual game I paid for – the co-op RPG shooter, not some multi-player demo – in the past almost-three-years so I’m sure as hell not giving them any more.

      • buzzmong says:

        Sadly this. They’ve already had stuff from me and tbh, even though they’re a small team, they seem to be making bugger all progress.

      • TormDK says:

        Yup, I tossed my 50 USD at them awhile ago as well as a Spearhead member.

        So they can’t really keep asking for more. It’s time to deliver.

    • Allenomura says:

      “I have been remotely following their project for a long time. ”

      The alert gaming world probably has. What with “Spearhead” and occasional media drops (glimpsed intermittently) I see the name “Interstellar Marines” every other season mentioned, and I remember it looked enthusiastic, wanted to boast of being a AAA quality project from an indie studio, might be interesting, and is continually “there” with nothing that can be critiqued to show. Their familiarity may be harming their cause.

  4. killuminati says:

    I’ve upvoted for this game 2 night ago on Greenlight. Thought what I saw on the GL page was good (mainly the animation of the sharks.. really good for an Indy Team) but 600K seems way too much to get from kickstarter by a semi-unknown developper.
    Good luck to them tough!

    • Shuck says:

      And the bigger problem is that the amount they’re asking for is only a small fraction of the total funds they need to finish the game.

  5. Prime-Mover says:

    Horrible horrible Copenhagen accents. With that aside, I’m still somewhat confused as to what this particular shooter is supposed to bring to the genre. In the totalBiscuit interview the bald guy suggested it was a combination of Deus Ex and system shock. But from this interview it just seems like a typical FPS tutorial training camp, with xp.

    • DK says:

      Prologue is the best part of any modern Call of Duty title (the spec ops missions from Modern Warfare 2), combined the rpg aspect and skill progression of System Shock, in a hard-sci fi setting. And it also happens to have the single best gunplay and sounds of any shooter – something you can actually verify for free if you play their bullseye shooting range tech demo.

      The full game is going to be basically System Shock, including the coop functionality.

      They even have the voiceactress who did Shodan – and she’s doing an AI for them. I think she might go evil at one point.

      • Citrus says:

        “The full game is going to be basically System Shock, including the coop functionality.

        They even have the voiceactress who did Shodan – and she’s doing an AI for them. I think she might go evil at one point.”

        Wow, sounds like the game is really aiming for originality in every way possible.

        And it also happens to have the single best gunplay and sounds of any shooter

        DAT CLAIM..

  6. Zeewolf says:

    I feel that if you’re going to succeed on Kickstarter as a new developer, you either need to make something totally innovative or you need to make something in a genre that the big publishers aren’t covering very well. This, well, this just looks like an FPS. A potentially pretty good one, yeah, but it’s not like there’s this huge demand for FPS-games that the traditional publishers aren’t already covering with AAA releases.

    • luckystriker says:

      I think you’re right. Although I have kept an eye on this project, if I were going to spend say $20 on more FPS content I would plonk it on the 2 Borderlands 2 DLCs.

    • Shuck says:

      Yeah, FPSes in general are a bad fit with Kickstarter. It’s hard to get people that excited about another FPS, and even if they could manage that, it’s completely impossible to raise the sorts of funds needed for (anything close to) a AAA game.

  7. Syra says:

    Come on, these guys have been taking money for this project which disappears on and off for the last 5 years or so and produced little more than a tech demo out of it all. I wanted to fight shark rats ages ago. Why should anyone trust them enough to keep pouring money into this black hole now?

  8. TheXand says:

    It looks so generic :|

    • DK says:

      It really doesn’t. It looks realistic – the only realistic hard sci-fi FPS around for years. If you can’t tell the difference between that and something else the problem lies with you.

      • DrGonzo says:

        I don’t think it looks generic either. But only because I poked around a bit. If you just see the name Interstellar Marines and a couple of wrong screenshots it just looks like yet another space marine based shooter. They could really do with a new name, but they’ve been plugging it with this one for so long I guess that’s out of the question now.

  9. Shadowcat says:

    Jim: If you mentioned Terri’s name in the summary, I suspect this story would garner attention from many people who weren’t previously interested in the game. She does have a fairly huge fan base, after all.

  10. devil_92 says:

    I would so love to have this actually come out and succed in its kickstarter…but i doubt that it will actually D:

  11. Martinnord says:

    1. According to this update link to
    from april(bottom of the page) there was only 2570 speaheads, which is not a lot considering this community website has been around since 2009. Infact the team has claimed that they had been able to be 30% funded by the community so these spearheads sure must have given a lot. Those curius where the rest of the funding came from I can tell you that the game director Kim has a “rich uncle” named Gert who has been able to fund them a little.

    2. “disappears on and off”
    If you followed their community website ( you would see that ZPS has been keeping their community constantly updated for the last 3 years, with 148 well written articles as well as a lot of video-logs on their youtube page. On top of that they have been replying to a lot of questions from the community in their forum.
    It might seem like they are disappearing because “surprisingly” its not easy to get media coverage from all the time from major gaming sites, or even just one.

    “I paid for – the co-op RPG shooter, not some multi-player demo”
    When it comes to technology a multiplayer is really just co-op with more players and no NPC’s in it, so deadlock wont be too hard to implement co-op into. But instead of letting us wait while they get the core gameplay and the AI done we can play this multiplayer which is surely better then co-op with no enemies.

    I have been following ZPS for the last 2 years and therefore I has been able to learn quite a lot about interstellar marines and the development it has gone through, So I thought I would just give you people some facts whether you like the game or not.

    • Citrus says:

      “It might seem like they are disappearing because “surprisingly” its not easy to get media coverage from all the time from major gaming sites, or even just one.”

      No shit. You have to actually create something you are claiming to be aiming for (a Sci-Fi game like SS2 and DX.. games which they always quote) to get some press. Right now all they have is a shitty COD MP rip-off since..ever.

  12. Pindie says:

    Honestly, they keep confusing me about what the hell the game is.
    RPG elements, persistence, AAA visuals and style while at the same time they keep saying it’s a love letter to old tactical shooters.

    It looks very tactical Intervention, not so much Raven Shield. It is action oriented, not stealth oriented.

    My head does not fling up and down like this when I run IRL…

    I think the point was best made when they made a WTF with TotalBiscuit. He just kept asking to find out why this game needs to be made and what is exceptional about it but could not get a clear answer.

  13. Martinnord says:

    The game will both be and steam, and be DRM free

  14. frightlever says:

    Ah. Mistook this for Steam Marines from Steam Greenlight. But now I’ve discovered Steam Marines has playable demo builds so I’m off to play that now. Thanks Interstellar Marines video!

  15. bill says:

    It was a preview of this game that got me started reading RPS… but that was, what 4-5 years ago??

    Considering they’ve been getting money from supporters via their spearhead and badges options for years now, i’d hope they’d have a little more to show by now. Some of those things were pretty expensive, if i remember correctly.. (but i might not as it was years ago!)

    • Martinnord says:

      bill please, they have gotten no where near enough from those speaheads and badges…please scroll up and read my comment.

  16. Citrus says:

    Watch this >> TotalBiscuit Interstellar Marines – Interview & Multiplayer Prototype Gameplay

    Hilarious interview which just screams “DON’T DONATE TO US CAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WTF WE ARE DOING“.

    1) They publicize this as a SP game similar to System Shock 2 (I guess using the name of all the good games is a thing with Indies) then proceed to do nothing but create MP prototype that looks like a COD/BF3 rip-off.. only with shittier graphics thanks to Unity.

    After reading their forum (and reading some fans calling TB a amateur.. ironic) it seems the developer didn’t even prepare a proper map to demo for something as important as PR.

    2) No one knows anything about SP except “this is going to be true sci-fi whateverbetgameverSYSTEMSHOCK2IPLAYEDITderp”. Where is the progress on SP?

    3) The guy who is in charge is seriously lost. He has no idea where he is going. Reading their forums it seems the community has more faith in this game than it deserves considering the developers is busy showing nothing and wasting money from publishers and now Kickstarter (which will fail).

    4) Instead of preparing proper Kickstarter material in advanced they make a video in last few days to reach a absurd goal for a project that has been in limbo since forever (watch the TB interview). This speaks a lot about the people in charge (or more like a person in charge). They aren’t prepared for anything.

    5) Don’t donate. Donate money to a project with a competent person in charge instead. A project that doesn’t quote thousand good games trying to soak up their glory while their own project has nothing interesting going on for it.