Not Forgotten: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Trailered

Beamdog’s remake of the classic RPG arrives on November 28th. With that in mind they’ve released a trailer to show off some of the improvements. These include: support for widescreen formats and resolutions that were imaginary at the time the game was released, new quests, new characters, and voices for those extras. They’ve apparently overhauled the original cinematics, and worked up the UI – something that’s very obvious in the trailer, below – to make everything a bit slicker now than it was back in the mist of the late 90s.

More info over on the main site.


  1. Big Murray says:

    Doesn’t look … that much enhanced?

    • Chalky says:

      Yeah, I guess I was expecting some sort of graphical enhancement too.

      • byteCrunch says:

        The original art assets were lost, so sadly any real graphical improvements aren’t possible. Even if they did redo some assets they would clearly clash with the older assets.

        Edit: Also anyone know why is a Linux version only a possibility? Despite supporting every other platform.

        • atticus says:

          From what I can understand from the tweets Trent Oster has been sharing, it’s quite a hassle to get things approved and such from the license holders (Wizards et al).

          Tweet from 16. nov reads “I’ve just sent back feedback on another draft, so Linux is progressing.”, so I guess it’s likely to happen at some stage.

    • PearlChoco says:

      Exactly my thoughts. But maybe that’s a Good Thing?

      • Maxheadroom says:

        were it not for it being in widescreen id have spent that whole trailer waiting for the ‘After’ bit

        • Continuity says:

          And there’s a mod for widescreen anyway. Waste of time if you ask me, its a great game to be sure but I played it to death in the 90’s, I have no justification for going back and playing it again now when I have 20+ unplayed new games installed.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      This post sums up pretty well the things that they have changed, and things they haven’t – either because they were contractually forbidden to change it (see the links), or because it would have been prohibitively expensive to.

      link to

      • Big Murray says:

        Isn’t it also somewhat prohibitively expensive to put out a remake which doesn’t look graphically or functionally improved enough for people to purchase it for £15?

        • Lars Westergren says:

          I guess we will see if the market thinks the price is right. I’m getting it for Android, and possibly PC as well.

        • Borgadzim says:

          I feel, that it is kind of a ripoff for $20

        • AmateurScience says:

          I think the *big* selling point is the tablet functionality, cross platform multiplay and (hopefully) arseing about free matchmaking.

          I’ve been playing a multiplayer campaign of the original once a week over the last several months with friends, and we have connection issues every week. We’re using a virtual LAN client – tuungle – that is great, but initially connecting everyone can be unpredictable.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            Being able to run it at 1080p with everything scaling correctly is a pretty big plus, for me at least.

          • scatterbrainless says:

            I was supremely underwhelmed until you mentioned this. You’re right actually: a really good, working multiplayer Baldurs Gate could be a lot of fun. Well done for officially doubling my interest rate, to 12.83%

        • Syt says:

          Considering that GOG and other places sell the D&D bundle that includes BG1&2 and more for 20 Euro-Credits I’m inclined to agree. For me personally, tablet compatibility is not a big enough draw – I tend to play these games for one or two hours at least – as I use my tablet most of the time when I’m out and about it’s not likely I’d log much game time.

        • f1x says:

          Yeap tablet its the only possible justification I could find for buying it,
          but just because of the lack of alternatives for tablet users when it comes to RPGs, there are some really decent ones out there but they are quite pricy aswell

          For PC its too hard to not think about this as a way to make money out of the Baldur’s name, after much arguing about the difficulties with the old assets and legal problems one can think, maybe make a new baldurs then, I think they said something about that if this project was succesful they would continue expanding the series, but looks again like another way of saying “come on give us your money and dont ask too much around”

          • PoulWrist says:

            I’d say the hundreds of bug fixes, improvements and implementation of playermade mods into it is worth paying for. And so I did.

        • PearlChoco says:

          Or maybe you could see this as a kickstarter-like investment for BG3 (with BG1 thrown in for free :) ).

        • ChromeBallz says:

          They made a HELL of a lot of under-the-hood adjustments so the game /just works/ . Rewriting large parts of the engine and optimizing it so all the 90’s ‘design ethic’ is gone. Instead of relying on directdraw and partly direct3d (whoever thought that was a good idea) the game now runs entirely on opengl, for example.

      • Rao Dao Zao says:

        “With more to come in the future as (mostly) free DLC.”


    • vaendryl says:

      doesn’t help the article talks about a remake instead of just an enhanced edition. these 2 things are very different in my book.

    • Vizari says:

      The biggest change I can see is the improved UI.

      And to be honest, that was what needed changing the most. Even with cracks and workarounds, the UI in BG sucks on current widescreen systems.

  2. Core says:

    Is this game still only available through the beamdog client?

    • atticus says:

      From link to :

      Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Windows is available as a direct download from Beamdog, with no client install necessary.

      • Core says:

        Lame. Would prefer if it was available through steam or gog.

        • Big Murray says:

          What is wrong with the world when people view having DRM as preferable to a completely DRM free purchase?

          • RobinOttens says:

            As someone who already has a perfectly fine DRM free version of the original from gog, and thus no interest in this. I would love if the enhanced edition got on steam at some point. If only for the larger audience and exposure it would get.

            And some people like the convenience of having all your games in one place, automatically updated, and available for download at the click of a button.

          • Core says:

            >And some people like the convenience of having all your games in one place, automatically updated, and available for download at the click of a button.

            This is why I would like to have it be available in other places than just beamdog. I don’t like having all these accounts to various small digital distributors, there is always that chance that they get hacked, and I have to get a new credit card etc.., or that they go bankrupt, and I lose access to the games I bought from there.

          • Godwhacker says:

            People like the Humble Bundle offer a DRM free version and a Steam key in the same purchase, so I don’t see why the same thing isn’t happening here.

            Well, apart from lawyers, bureaucracy, money, etc etc

          • Big Murray says:

            Except that’s an irrelevent point Core, because this is a completely DRM free release. You don’t need an account or a client with Beamdog. And you can add the installation to your Steam library at the click of a button, even if it isn’t a Steam game, so your games would still all be in one place.

            There’s simply no logic behind it. People just seem to want games on Steam for some kind of obsessive compulsive reason.

          • Lemming says:

            Of course there is logic behind it, you just don’t agree with his reasons. People like the Steam Community built in. Adding stuff to the Library isn’t the same thing, it’s just making the best of the cards your are dealt.

          • zeroskill says:

            You don’t seem to understand that “Steam” isn’t DRM. Steamworks is DRM. 3rd party developers are free to use the DRM if they want to, or not. Steamworks isn’t manditory to have your game on Steam. There are tons of DRM free games on Steam. The truth is, some developers, or publishers, want to have DRM in their games. It isn’t forced on them, they chose to have it in their games as a copy protection.

            It’s really not that hard a concept to understand. If somebody sais, I’d like this to be on Steam, he doesn’t mean “I want to have DRM on it”, but I want it to be on Steam so I can easily buy it without having to give my sensible information to 10 different services, and I’d like to have it sit in my Steam library so I can easily download it, delete it, and redownload as I see fit, in a comfortable manner.

          • malkav11 says:

            What? No, Steam is DRM. Developers can choose to force you to register it with and run it through Steam no matter where you purchase it as part of the Steamworks package, but any game you buy and run through Steam uses Steam’s DRM.

          • zeroskill says:

            I don’t think that you clearly understand the difference between Steam as a storefront and Steamworks as the DRM solution Valve offers to their clients. If it were how you say how come there are tons of games you buy from Steam that can be run from your PC without having to start Steam? Steam’s DRM isn’t manditory to sell your games on the Steam store and have it be downloaded from Valve’s servers. And thus, it would be perfectly fine for BGEE to be sold through the Steam store without any DRM attached. Get that in your head. Those are facts.

          • Fumarole says:

            Not to mention that no one here is advocating exclusivity to Steam. Having one more store option to choose from is good for the customer.

          • malkav11 says:

            I would prefer it to be available on Steam also. But it is counterfactual to claim that Steam isn’t DRM.

          • BenAffleck says:


            1. Purchase X-COM: UFO Defense (the old one) on Steam.
            2. Download it
            3. Quit Steam
            4. Navigate to its directory and double click ‘UFO Defense.exe’
            5. Play the game without having your Digital Rights Managed.
            5. Accept that steam is not de-facto DRM.
            6. Stop being so embarrassingly wrong.

    • gschmidl says:

      They sent out the pre-load links today (the server is, of course, hilariously swamped despite defaulting to peer-to-peer), and you can either download it through Beamdog or a stand-alone downloader which… connects to your Beamdog account.

  3. Taidan says:

    What with all the mods and unofficial patches we’ve all been enjoying for years, I guess the chances of this one being worth a damn is all going to ride on the quality of the new content.

    The tablet port is a great idea, though/

    • Subject 706 says:

      Yeah, I suspect most sales will be to tablet users. Might get it for my Transformer Prime, depending on the ineviatable RPS WiT.

    • atticus says:

      I’ve played Baldur’s Gate for hundreds of hours, both in its original state and modded every different way, and I’m welcoming this Enhanced Edition with open arms.

      Still too early to tell how it will play, but if they manage to create what they intended to, it will be a great improvement over the old BG1.

      All you guys claiming that you basically can get this for free with your original copy and some mods, should really take a “10 CD install, 25downloads, 4hrs of work”-reality check. Not to mention that what you get is BG2-engine, broken spawn system, overpowered abilities and new NPC’s with dialogue and story straight from the wastebin of Stephenie Meyer.

      • Hahaha says:

        What did you expect from the site where people think a fiver is to much to spend on a game.

        • f1x says:

          So we should just buy anything they trow at us without questioning?
          Should I rush to the store now and buy the last 3 CoDs then?

          • atticus says:

            Yes, prove our point and buy all games ever advertised in all genres at whichever price without thinking.

            Of course you should ask questions, but please be sure to seek out some answers as well. Is £15 too expensive for a collection of mods, available for free on the internet? Yes. Is Baldurs Gate EE a collection of freely available mods? No.

          • f1x says:

            I definitely think it is too expensive, not saying its not worth it, but its a questionable price comparing to other games out there on the similar range,
            specially if the concept is that you pay Beamdog for doing a compilation of something that already existed

            Not that I care who gets my money anyway, but I prefer to invest in new games rather than third party compilations,
            on the other hand the tablet version, if its gonna be 15 pounds aswell, its too expensive considering the market where you have Avadon or Avernum for half the price (which is already quite expensive)

          • Hahaha says:

            The expected response.

            Just so you know, gog are selling number 2 + expansion for more than you can buy it elsewhere…OH NOES

          • f1x says:

            Last time I checked it was 9.99$, for BG2 + expansion

            Which now its a fair price, now tell me why BGEE can’t be 9.99$ which is definitely a more accurated price (in my opinion) instead of barely 20$

            If you are talking about BG1 on GOG which is 9.99$, thats overpriced aswell

            Its not about having the money or not, wanting to spend or not its about a fair price considering the rest of the market-competition, of course I understand as a fan people will gladly pay any amount, but still its arguable if the price is fair or not

          • Hahaha says:

            Just so you know, gog are selling number 2 + expansion for more than you can buy it elsewhere…OH NOES

            LMAO the link dexter gives to the D&D anthology just makes the price gog are selling it at even worse

          • atticus says:

            I think you need to explain why a game that features a lot of new content and has had a recent development cycle, albeit based on an old game, should cost the same as a game which has had nothing new added to it for 11 years.

            I should point out to you that they’re aiming for a $9,99 price tag for the iPad-version, which is just the “old” BG1 with bugfixes and the new look. The new content they’ve made, NPC’s, quests, etc, will be paid-for DLC on iPad.

          • AmateurScience says:

            The iOS version *is* $9.99, but the new bits they’ve made are sold as two separate $5 DLCs. With the PC version we get the whole package as one $20 purchase.

            The problem here is with knowing whether the new content is worth as much as the entirety of the original game. I’m erring on the side of probably not, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

      • Taidan says:

        It’s not that bad. My original CD copy only came on 7 CDs, (including Sword Coast) and in the time between now and then I’ve also managed to pick up a single DVD edition and best of all, the GOG installer, which really cuts out all of the grief of an install. The high-res mods are pretty quick and painless to install, too.

        Apart from that, I’ve never played any of the non-Bioware-generated “new” content, but apart from that, isn’t that most of what this version is adding too? As I said, it all depends on the quality of said content, which I am much looking forward to hearing about when the game is released.

        • atticus says:

          Well, if you want to play BG1 in BG2 engine, you would need the CD’s from both games… But I see your point with the GOG-dl, I’ve got that one myself (and the CD’s, and the DVD :))

          I’m jumping the gun on this on the positive side as much as anyone who’s complaining about the price/content etc., but I really want to stress the point that a modded BG1 is not the same as BGEE.

          It’s fine to not want to spend £15 on a game you don’t want to play, either because you’re content with the version you already have, you don’t have the money, or have no interest in the kind of game, but calling £15 too expensive is just crazy.

          Maybe I’m totally out of touch since I live in Norway, where only a carton of milk or a box of matches would be considered expensive at £15, but still. Crazy.

          • Taidan says:

            …Which is why I never brought up the price of the thing as an issue.

            As far as I’m concerned, it’s a combination of a new patch and paid DLC for a game I already own. As somebody who’s already paid for the game three times, I’ve no problem paying £15 for that if it’s any good, especially if they’re throwing in a tablet port with it. (Do you get all of the versions for one price, or do you have to buy them separately for each platform?)

            The new under-the-hood tech stuff is a nice little extra, but it all depends on the quality of that new content as far as I’m concerned. Which is allllll I’m trying to say.

          • atticus says:

            I’m with you Taidan, I seem to have adressed several other commenters when responding to yours, so sorry for the inconvenience :P

            It seems you have to pay separately for each platform, unfortunately.

        • JFS says:

          I think most of the stuff that is being added is acutally under the hood. There is new content, but mainly there’s optimizations, a new GUI, improved usability (e.g. showing how THAC0 is calculated, new inventory), and lots and lots of bug-squashing.

          Personally, I think it’s worth it. I played the original BG vanilla in 640×480 this year, and while it was still super cool, I believe most people wouldn’t put up with it anymore. I believe this version is for the fans, and for the tablet crowd. I mean, what beats playing Baldur’s Gate on the loo?

  4. apocraphyn says:

    Gosh, the inventory looks slick. Looking forward to see what they’ve added/’enhanced’.

  5. Triangulon says:

    Like a few other people, I’m not convinced that this will be any better than the original with free mods. Having said that, I may well be tempted by the tablet version if it’s any good.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      Several BG mod authors (Ascension64 of BGT and Eriphine from 1pixel productions, for example) have worked alongside beamdog to get this to work. So some of the things you see here (Such as enhanced spell graphics and such) can also be found in mods.

      However, the fully voiced new content obviously won’t be.

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’ll buy it for the mac version. And cross-platform compatible multiplayer capability. And cause it’s Baldur’s Gate.

  7. Jackablade says:

    Were the combat quips always that irritating? Some of my memories of this game may have a slight rose tint.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      They weren’t that much irritating. At least to me. It needs to be said I replayed BG I and II plus the expansions a little over 2 years ago. So my memory is still fresh.

      The BG combat system is just another example of how ideas sometimes propagate in the internet. They get repeated often by people who don’t really know what they are talking about. They are simply repeating what they have read somewhere else and do it in an authoritative manner. Enough people do this and they end up imparting more value to an initial concept than that it was originally meant.

      There were some minor annoyances in the combat system of both BG I and BG II. But they were never at the level many of the comments you read these days seem to imply.

      • apocraphyn says:

        I think he was referring to the NPC barks, rather than the nuances of the combat itself.

        In which case I’d say yes. Nothing quite beats hearing a chorus of “So I kicked him in the head ’til he was dead! Ahahaha!” for the 29th consecutive time during a fight.

        • Mario Figueiredo says:

          I suppose. It depends on who’s hearing them though. I must confess they didn’t irritate me that much.

          The thing that sometimes got under my skin was how often everyone would talk at the same time during combat. It’s just… I guess, I’m privileged. I could just block it out from my mind.

        • AmateurScience says:

          SPARE NO-ONE!

        • Rao Dao Zao says:


        • Lemming says:


        • mouton says:

          I love how Bioware continues this tradition in Mass Effect 1.

          “I will destroy you!”
          “Enemy is everywhere!”

  8. wearedevo says:

    I don’t know what game you guys were playing in 1998, but that is just the standard Baldur’s Gate interface, spaced out a little for higher rez.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      If that is indeed the case, then what on earth has been taking them so long?

    • Cruyelo says:

      Look at the Inventory, Record and Journal screens. Much better than the original BG interface.

      • Qwallath says:

        Indeed, there are definitely some significant overhauls in inventory management judging from the brief shots in the trailer. Maybe they will elaborate more on it at some later point.

        • NathanH says:

          Something the trailer does not show is what the character information screen looks like. The old one was a random mess of information and the only real significant weakness of the old interface. There was some obscure information hidden on that screen that most people probably didn’t know about (like what their effective AC really was). I wonder if they’ve done anything with that.

          • bill says:

            Well! That might actually be worth buying it for! The first screenshot is a huge advance over the old one.. actually almost useful. the second one still seems to have all the information hidden in a small scrolling box, but hopefully they’ll work on that.

            If I get a tablet I might pick this up… as that might be the only chance that i’ll finish the game.

      • Arglebargle says:

        The user interface on the original BG1 was so bad that I quit playing after about an hour, with an original game set up with widescreen mods, etc. It was just awful. I can only imagine that continued playing of the game has inured its fans to the terrible design. That and the murky D&D rules have kept me away from the game, despite its reputation as one of the best of its type.

        If you are going to make every moment of play an irritation, I don’t really care how good the game might be….

  9. Qwallath says:

    While I’m really curious about the new content, I’m not really sold on the package as a whole. Frankly, at this point I feel I’d much rather play a fully modded BGTutu with enhanced NPC content et cetera, than a slightly expanded and overhauled vanilla BG, without all the mod content I’ve grown attached to.

    I’m curious what their promise to support the modding community will amount up to. If there were a way to (easily?) make the most important extra content mods compatible with the EE, we might end up with the best of both worlds in a while. If that happens, I think the EE will be worth its money much more than it is now.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      Some mod authors are currently working with beamdog.
      With Beamdog being able to fix, and actually fixing, a lot of hardcoded bugs in the engine by request from hte community, I think that this game might just become the new modding platform.

  10. Borgadzim says:

    Well, doing what the modders did over the years for free, and now they are selling basically the same game for $20 is a bit too much for me. I own both BG1&2, and with BG Tutu, basically everything looks the same. Well I can’t zoom, but that’s it.

  11. Slinkyboy says:

    I don’t care about graphics when it comes to Baldur’s Gate…

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Pretty much this.

      The changes to the core game seem way more relevant to me. We learned from very early, after the enhanced edition was first announced, that we wouldn’t get any major graphical enhancements and why. If anyone got distracted, now its a bit too late to comment on that.

      However, bringing Baldur’s Gate I (and II later on) a little closer to out present days, rewriting the graphics engine, rewriting the threading model, working closely with some famous moders to incorporate their major features, fixing existing bugs, adding new content, native support for High resolution, and a lot more… frankly, this is a much better BG I’ll gladly throw my money at,

      • PoulWrist says:

        +1 to you, good sir. Exactly my reasons for buying it. I gladly paid my 18$ to be rid of the hassle of trying to identify which mods are good, which don’t work together, what each does and so on and so forth… no, I will download and play this, and I will no doubt highly enjoy it for the hasslefree experience it is.

        Maybe you can get close to this if you spend weeks poring over arcane mod forums and sifting through dusty threads of 5 year old posts… meh.

        • atticus says:

          Tabbing in from facebook, I almost accidentally blocked you when trying to “Like” your comment :)

          Totally agree – this is exactly how I feel about it.

  12. AmateurScience says:

    Honestly, they’ve done a *really* bad job of advertising what’s ‘enhanced’ in this version that isn’t freely available through the sterling work of the Gibberlings Three (and many others). There’s lots of stuff but they don’t seem to be talking about it – example, the improved journal and inventory ui: all I’ve seen of it is a few frames in the above video. I’d like them to tell me a bit more about the cross-platform multiplayer.

    Basically I want them to tell me why I should be buying this game for the third (or possibly fourth time).

    • Big Murray says:

      The benefit of not wanting to commit suicide due to the hours-long installation process which a modded BG2 game entails.

  13. Merlkir says:

    Somehow they managed to make it look worse with the blatant blur filter all over. BG modded into the BG II engine with the widescreen mod looks much better, nice and sharp. WTF.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      At exactly what quality are you looking at that video?
      Also, the blur effect is tweakable from the game configuration files. This is now an OpenGL engine.

  14. antoniodamala says:


    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Their present contract only allows them to work on BG I and II. It’s my guess, if successful enough, they’ll get the chance to work on Planescape: Torment.

      There’s however one snag. Since Interplay lost all art assets for BG (which really is what publishers do best to old IPs and one of the reasons why we should get rid of this distribution model), I can’t even imagine what they have lost of Planescape: Torment.

  15. Inigo says:

    Neera adds the following Enhancements to Baldur’s Gate:
    • The Wild Mage Neera, a new NPC to join your party
    An engaging romantic adventure

    Ohhhh god.

    • JFS says:

      It needn’t be a romance with her, necessarily. Even if so, those were in BG2 as well, so it’s not really different now.

      Actually, come to think of it, helping an NPC through a romance of his and thus creating one of those infamous BG NPC couples would be quite cool.

    • Wizardry says:

      This is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t even buy this thing. Why would anyone want to ruin Baldur’s Gate by adding romances to it? The lack of romances was one of the key advantages Baldur’s Gate had over its sequel.

    • Radwulf says:

      I find their choice of a wild mage as a romance option decidedly odd. ‘Hey deary how about a bit of rough and tumble…my god!! why are you swinging tackle!!’

      It’s also strange that they included two male and one female romance for a game which probably has an overwhelmingly male playing demographic, although it’s more logical if they were all transferable to BG2EE.

      For those complaining it’s not as if you have to play through the romances. Although I would prefer an increase in friendship dialogues as well as most in depth character development is romance centred.

  16. oceanclub says:

    Given that I’ve 3 separate copies of BG2 (an original, a compilation CD pack and the GOG version) and _still haven’t finished it_, I can’t see myself buying a fourth copy, personally. OK, well, maybe when it’s on sale at some point.


  17. Network Crayon says:

    You know the one thing that hasn’t aged (though i’m aware it’s been reworked as much as the rest of the game) is the sound. Baldur’s Gate sounds incredible, especially the magic. it sounds so punchy, it’s glorious.

  18. D3xter says:

    I was surprised by how much they managed to screw this up, they had a winning formula. Just take Baldur’s Gate, an award-winning game still beloved by a great many people: link to , make it HD, maybe add some fixes and rake in the dough. Instead they decided to screw it up in every way they could possibly think of, first they couldn’t get the art since apparently it “doesn’t exist” anymore, following that they introduced the amazing blur-filter and that gold-edged excuse for an interface. Their entire new content with even more multi-species and multi-gender romances (I believe every single of the new NPCs has one) and some sort of arena dungeon that’s supposed to last for hours, all of it sounds like it’s custom-designed to rape the legacy of the game.

    This was one of the screenshots of an area they had designed themselves, a horrible blurry mess with stretched textures over 3D terrain showing they have no grasp of how the previous areas were designed (or simply don’t care): link to

    • D3xter says:

      Their new in-game map, that first appeared in this article: link to and had like 4-5 spelling mistakes pretty much sums up most of the development of this “Enhanced Edition”: link to

      • D3xter says:

        Since it brought them some bad PR they suddenly decided to make it disappear and pretend like the guy doing it doesn’t exist instead of admitting mistakes, they even deleted the thread talking about it: link to

        Despite him apparently being an artist doing professional work and him previously stating that he was commisioned for it: link to

        Not to say that most of the “fixes” they’ve made to the game directly stem from Mods that people had already made and they’ve asked for permission to use/implement, of course they will likely not get any reimbursement for their work.

        • D3xter says:

          They even used people and their passion for the game to translate it into different other languages: link to

          It’s like a bunch of children got handed a Pissaro and they decided to take their paintbrushes and paint all over it because they know they can make it better…

          It reminds me of that old lady who tried to restore a century old Spanish fresco and it became an Internet meme: link to

    • AndrewC says:

      Please write more about how you are against multi-species and multi-gender romance. It seems to anger you greatly.

      • D3xter says:

        Baldur’s Gate 1, to its benefit, didn’t have any “romances” whatsoever. BioWare writes rather terrible, contrived and awkward ones in general and they were only introduced in Part 2.

        What is the point of this contemporary exercise in fictional revisionism of creating and including new NPCs with the main reason seemingly so they can add “romances” to the game? Would you rewrite books and movies and do the same too? I remember Star Wars fans complaining over much smaller changes to the original works and Baldur’s Gate is a rather beloved franchise. Why are games so much different and how does this “Enhance” the original vision?

        Another such futile exercise constitutes in replacing the original Cinematics: link to with what they describe as “beautifully hand painted animated cinematics”.
        I’m not sure whether this was done because they thought the originals were too low resolution or to circumvent licensing payments for the use of RAD Video Tools/Bink.

        And let’s not forget the final great step in Modernizing the game by adding and making ample use of “DLC”.

        • AndrewC says:

          You see conspiracy everywhere, and this must make your life very difficult. I am sorry.

        • Qwallath says:

          I for one thought the romances in BG2 were pretty interesting, as well as many of the mod-written ones in the BG1 NPC project. It’s not really that much of a stretch to include them here as well.

          They were better than what I’ve seen in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, though I haven’t made a detailed comparison in my head.

          Bottom line: if done well, and I believe that is possible, it enriches the game. Besides, it’s optional content anyway. If you’re not interested in it, you can always have your character rebuff the advances in whatever cruel or sensitive way you want. That too, is roleplaying.

          • D3xter says:

            Are we talking about the same game, the one that would interrupt fighting with demons or having your brains slurped out by illithids for a romantic chitchat with your fellow PCs?

            All of which seem to end with the goal-fulfillment of sleeping with your potential partner and in general listening to their wretched dialogue and agreeing with everything they say up to that point. Worst of which female characters were struck with Anomen, sparking quite a few lynching fantasies with the ladies.

            Or the one that could literally drop a “baby-item” in your inventory: link to

            And I quote from the walkthrough-thingie:
            “In Throne of Bhaal, Aerie will offer herself to you again. This time it is quite safe to take her up on it – except of course for the inevitable result that Aerie gets pregnant. Should you want to see your baby, these conditions must be met:
            – The baby will be born no earlier than 33 days game time after Aerie announces her pregnancy.
            – You must have completed the fifth and last challenge in the Hellish Pocket Plane (fighting the Ravager).
            – After the challenge comes a love talk where you marry Aerie.
            – Now wait for 1 hour (real time – just set the game on pause and go get a cup of tea). Aerie will give birth to a healthy baby boy so long as there are no hostile or neutral creatures nearby.”

          • MistyMike says:

            It’s amazing how the audience (mostly teenage I presume) is starved for this kind of content. Even the most unintentionally campy and hilarious scenes are fiercely defended by people whose tender feelings were hurt by the criticism.

        • AmateurScience says:

          See the great thing about adding things to games, that makes it different from adding things to films, is that you can just ignore them. Add a new character that has a romance subplot, don’t take him/her in your party or (even better!) if they make advances at the PC, rebuff them. So everyone wins!

          • D3xter says:

            So people should buy this “Enhanced Edition” at a similar price to the entire D&D Anthology: link to for the privilege of ignoring these amazing “enhanced” features? Gotcha.

          • zeroskill says:

            D3xter, why do you have such a huge brain? Have you been born this way?

        • malkav11 says:

          I don’t think it’s so much that the original cutscenes are low resolution as that they’re the fruit of decades old CG technology and look pretty awful by today’s standards. Whether the EE replacements will actually be better remains to be seen, of course.

    • AndrewC says:

      This is tremendously entertaining. So not only are they incompetant, but they are talentless too, and liars, and exploiters, and, finally, developmentally challenged to the point of being children.

      I fear the lady doth protest like a motherfucker.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      It seems you have your mind all made up. And all just from looking at content while it was a work in progress. Amazing prediction skills.

      I agree. You shouldn’t get the Enhanced Edition.

    • atticus says:

      Well, I guess someone woke up this morning with high hopes for an appropriate comment section!

      And I thought I was the one who jumping too much to conclusions when judging BGEE’s prowess based on previews and my own expectations…

      You seem well-informed and quote relevant sources d3xter, but isn’t this a little overkill considering you (probably) haven’t played it yet?

    • Wizardry says:


      I agree with just about everything you’ve said here. Why ruin an RPG by adding dating sim elements to it? This was one of the main reasons why BioWare turned to shit. One reason why Baldur’s Gate 1 was a good game was that your NPC choices came down to their statistics. NPC choices in Baldur’s Gate 2 (and beyond) came down to which ones had the best personality. This emphasis on character personality and the move away from statistics ultimately led to the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age 2.

      The fact that these guys are adding NPC romances shows that they are rather clueless when it comes to how to improve Baldur’s Gate.

      • Radwulf says:

        I’m not sure I agree that all the characters should be boiled down to dry statistics. Why not have characters that are interesting *and* have a decent mechanical system for game-play. If you don’t like romances in a game just don’t play them.

        Saying that romances are a universal bane and need to be removed demonstrates a contempt for other peoples preferences and for their right to enjoy purely optional content which you disagree with. In my view romances are acceptable, what is less so is that too much character development only happens in romances whereas there should be more platonic options.

      • Lanfranc says:

        Good heavens. A role playing game in which the characters actually have personalities that matter, rather than just being a bunch of ultimately arbitrary statistics? Which atrocities will these people inflict upon us next? When will it stop? :-(

        • Wizardry says:

          Hopefully it stopped after games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Alpha Protocol were inflicted on the world. At least I hope we’re on the path to recovery now…

          • Hahaha says:

            Please just get it over with and make a game or link to your current or finished work/s. I want to laugh at the reviews it got/will get.

          • Wizardry says:

            The lower scores a CRPG gets the better it generally is. The perfect CRPG would be hated by mainstream reviewers around the globe for being “needlessly” fiddly, too slow and lacking in both cutscenes and personal drama.

          • Hahaha says:

            No, just do it, go and make the holy grail of crpgs then come back and show the people .

            People give mini reviews in the comments here all the time are you classing them as mainstream? random blogs? youtube channels?

  19. remoteDefecator says:

    Sigh, I was playing BG for the first time in ten years when this was announced… really wish I hadn’t spoiled the nostalgia.

  20. buzzmong says:

    As long as they include some of the other refinements that were in the Icewind Dale version of the engine, such as floating text for signs (instead of that text being in the general text window) and other things of that ilk, I’ll probably buy it at some point as I never completed the game and going back now is just painful as it’s quite a poor UI.

  21. bwion says:

    Like a lot of folks, my decision to purchase this is going to be contingent on whether the enhancements offered are significantly better than the (modded) game I have access to right now. And right now, the answer’s looking like a pretty solid ‘no’.

    Twenty bucks isn’t a lot of money to spend on a game. But it is a lot of money to spend on a game I more-or-less already own.

  22. VileJester says:

    Sooo, it’s like the BG mods, except it’s not free…
    No thanks, I’ll pass.

    • Big Murray says:

      Except 95% of fan-made BG mods are rubbish.

      This is presumably of a higher quality.

      • Radwulf says:

        Although many mods are of variable quality (for new content mods this is a euphemism), there are a number of very high quality ones. I always include:

        tobex – mechanical fixes
        1pp – excellent graphics upgrades
        fixpack – loads of bug fixes
        bgt – play through all as one game
        gminion – summons’ ai improvements
        ascension – actually makes tob half decent…just
        scs – amazing ai tweaks
        bg(2)tweaks – ease of use modifications
        generalised biffing – improves performance with mods

        About half of those will be included in the BGEE. Whether I get it or not depends on whether I can use all or equivalents and whether it runs well on Linux. Both are up in the air at the moment.

    • atticus says:

      Except for three new NPC’s with quests and professional soundsets, new locations, new orchestral music, a totally revamped UI, combat and spawning system that isn’t broken and *minor* conveniences when installing – yes it’s EXACTLY like BG with mods.

      Just like a Porche is EXACTLY like your Toyota if you let your homeboys at the local garage give it a few tweaks, or Adriana Lima looks EXACTLY like your girlfriend when she puts on makeup.

      Want more examples of things that are EXACTLY like each other, just ask. Seems like you need some clarifications.

      • VileJester says:

        How do you know that my girlfriend looks EXACTLY like Adriana Lima ?

  23. The Smilingknight says:

    Looks like shit.

    • Ajh says:

      So did the original, people don’t love these games for their graphical beauty.

      • malkav11 says:

        Most of the Infinity Engine games actually have really gorgeous environments and backgrounds. I don’t think that’s so much true for Baldur’s Gate because it was the first one and it’s not set anywhere particularly exciting. But BG2? The Icewind Dales? Torment? Heck yes.

        Take that, compare to Neverwinter Nights’ ugly, repetitive tilesets and weep that Bioware thought this was somehow an improvement.

    • The Smilingknight says:

      Im talking about the so called enhanced version.
      dont be so obtuse.

      the originals, especially second game, looked great, sometimes beautiful.
      This actually is not only – not the same thing supposedly done over – but it looks worse.
      from UI to lightning, color, saturation, contrast, etc. to individual npcs to new areas.

  24. Ajh says:

    Well…it’d be a nice present to get for people who have never played it?

  25. skyturnedred says:

    I wish they would’ve overhauled the UI a bit more. Icewind Dale 2 already reduced the size of some of the unnecessarily large portions of the UI.

  26. Targaff says:

    So the Big World Setup installer makes that whole option a whole lot easier…

  27. Rumpel says:

    the reason i dropped cash on this is mainly for the “new” ui, which they said would be designed with high res screens in mind. guess ive been duped.

  28. Flavioli says:

    Having already beaten this game more than a dozen times, I will not be playing thru the Enhanced Edition. I will, however, be buying it, if just to show that there is still interest out there for an RPG that involves something other than repeatedly clicking on bad guys until they die.