Thumping The Shark: Far Cry 3

What a difference words can make. If I’d seen this new Far Cry 3 video last week, my first reaction would probably have been to chortle about magical tattoo abilities. After reading Jim’s thoughts on the game, I’m too giddily excited by watching those abilities in action to spend any time laughing at minor bits of silliness. Far Cry 2 was a mess but it still managed to produce some of the finest moments I’ve ever experienced in an FPS, so when I see the words “it has kept what was good…and builds on everything else”, damn straight the lens through which I view the trailers changes. Very excited.

It is perhaps no surprise that a game set on an island has great difficulty crossing oceans. It’s out on November 29th in Europe, November 30th in the UK and December 4th in the US. Along with Assassin’s Creed 3, Far Cry won’t be available on Steam in the UK, although Ubi haven’t specified why and the situation may change. We’ll find out what we can.

Uplay won’t be the only option for purchase, with several other digital distributors gladly accepting British monetary offerings.


  1. Utnac says:

    Where’s best to buy this from then? First game I will have purchased Day 1 in ages and would usually go for Steam but that isn’t an option, really don’t want to have to run another piece of software to run the game, just want it to be standalone, will I have any luck?

    Don’t have a Disc Drive or I’d go retail.

    • Barnox says:

      GamersGate? £40 for the Digital Deluxe, which includes DLC bits and bobs, as well as the original Far Cry.
      Also 15% off if you got the IGN code.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        if i buy it retail will i eventually be able to register it on steam? (if/when it becomes available to buy on steam) and will doing so mean i have to log into steam AND that uplay bollox in order to play it?

    • woodsey says:

      £24 on Green Man Gaming.

    • Eschatos says:

      Why is Steam not an option? I see the game is available to preorder there just fine.

    • Tiax says:

      Forget about it, you won’t have the game as a stand-alone.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Isn’t it a steam game, meaning you can’t actually play it without steam?

      I say you should just buy it at, the ridiculous prices steam runs isn’t something that should be supported.

  2. Hahaha says:


    • stahlwerk says:

      That’s what I gathered from it as well.

      The in-between-stabby-bits looked fun, though.

    • Yosharian says:

      Haha I was thinking the same thing, every fucking upgrade basically makes u a stabbing god whats the fucking difference.

      Still fucking pumped for this though.

  3. Loque says:

    Is that a pre-alpha version? Graphics look looks ugly in this video…

  4. SuperNashwanPower says:

    I am honestly surprised that people were surprised that this is good
    @o@ << surprised face

  5. brotherthree says:

    Zzzzzzz Adam

  6. Pindie says:

    The vehicle combat is very familiar and I even spotted what seems to be a checkpoint.
    I am having flashbacks to FC2. Which is a bad thing. So far they have menaged to avoid bringing back its specter.

    Also baddies getting killed. Yay?

    I am sure it’s better than FC2 and yes I have enjoyed FC2 somewhat but my best memory of FC2 is finally earning enough diamonds and side missions to buy the M79 so I do not have to exterminate dismounts – from those god damn cars that kept chasing you everywhere and would always catch up to you – one by one.

  7. Radiant says:

    I’m disappointed no one cried in this news post.

  8. The Random One says:

    Geez, Adam, you trust that Jim guy from that glorified blog full of bias? I wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

  9. Roz says:

    “November 29th in Europe, November 30th in the UK”

    Isn’t the UK in Europe?


    • Floomi says:

      Gosh no. Not if the Daily “DIANA GYPSY LOONY LEFT CANCER” Mail has anything to do with it.

    • Loque says:

      UK: drive on the opposite side, £, …

      No, they’re not.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Our cars are fitted with tea holders, not beverage holders. They run on petrol, not gas. We also keep our side by side in the boot, rather than our pump action in the trunk.

        The US has the american dream, the UK has the British sense of foreboding and doom.

        Tomato. Tomato. Elevator. CELL.

  10. DaftPunk says:

    I dont like this tattoo abillities,its like we are all noobs for fuck sake..

  11. mehteh says:

    I was interested until i found out theyre still using Uplay

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      It could be much worse. It’s not always-on online at least.

  12. sabasNL says:

    A game that comes out first in EU, then UK, then US?
    These are crazy times indeed! (luckily for me though, now I get to play earlier muhahaha)