What Will You Play This Weekend?

So… what are you up to this weekend? What are you going to play? Did you risk Hitman? Or are you going Planetside? Do you ever take a weekend off just to plough through a whole bunch of indie games that you bought or bookmarked by never got around to? I have to admit I’ve been playing catchup of late – which might explain the tardiness of a few of my reviews, but anyway. This is about you: I particularly want to hear from folks playing multiplayer games – what are you playing, who are you playing it with, and does it involve the RPS gang in any way?

(There are some great PS2 threads here and here, if you want a game with friendly types.)



  1. Iskarott says:

    It involves no one but myself unfortunately, though I report results to those interested. Having realized the amount of FROM software games in the past I had not played, I began playing all their action RPGs in chronological order. I’ve gone through the first three King’s Fields and Shadow tower, and I’m working on Eternal Ring before hitting up Evergrace. At the same time, I’m watching youtube videos of FROM games I won’t be playing in let’s play or walkthrough form.

    I will be a grand sage master after this.

  2. nameless says:

    I played a bit of PlanetSide 2 this week, and while I’m amazed at the technical achievements of the game, shooters aren’t my style and I’m unlikely to play again. I *did* however cash in on that GoG.com pick 5 games for $10 sale, so I’m intending to hit that up all weekend. First, Botanicula. Then, Trine. And if I have time, maybe throw in some To the Moon. It’s looking to be a very interesting weekend, indeed!

  3. LimEJET says:

    There’s going to be a Just Cause 2 Multiplayer beta test event this weekend, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my time in Panau.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    More Blood Bowl CE (potentially with RPS people, otherwise I’ll just go stomp the AI). Maybe some minecraft, DotP 2012 or Orcs Must Die, perhaps. Will have to see.

  5. Tukuturi says:

    For multiplayer, I’ll be playing Awesomenauts. It’s all the fun of a MOBA without all the hardcore competitive seriousness and bile. I’ll also be working on some interactive hyperfiction in Twine, because why not?

  6. bad guy says:

    Space weekend!
    Lunar Flight, Mechwarrior Living Legends, FTL

  7. Inzimus says:

    mostly Realms of Arkania 2, with a friend (we’re doing a “co-op” thing about it, put about 20+ hours into it thus far), but also some Dark Mod (for DooM 3), Stunt Car Racer (Amiga) and top it off with some Settlers 2 – Gold Edition…

  8. Kaffka says:

    Still playing Battlefield Play4Free and Minecraft, since those are the few “newer” games that still run on my laptop. :(
    Would love to try out Planetside 2, as it looks to be exactly why I like Battlefield so much…

  9. arkona says:

    X-com / Don’t starve and some Chivalry I guess

  10. Surgeon says:

    PlanetSide 2, literally, all weekend.
    I used to love epic bouts of PlanetSide, when, years ago now, I could get away with a 16 hour gaming session.
    Well, the wife is away, so this weekend I can.

    Anyway, playing with Azure Twilight on Mattherson.
    They were one of the last large and highly organised VS Outfits left when I was drawn back to PS at the start of the year.
    And I’ve been with them ever since.

    We had 126 people on TS and in 4 platoons on Wednesday, and I reckon tonight will be even busier.

  11. Fenix says:

    I’ve been trying to clean my backlog for quite some time, just beat Broken Sword 1, now playing L4D2, and Hotel Dusk on my DS with a couple of Dota 2 matches thrown in between.

    Huge list of games to play, not enough time.

    my backloggery: link to backloggery.com

  12. absolofdoom says:

    Planetside 2, lots and lots of Planetside 2.
    Also some Black Ops 2 Zombies.