The RPS Bargain Bucket: Much Good

Have you been busy recently? I’ve been unable to pry my fingers and thumbs away from my keyboard and mouse for any significant period of time for the last few days. That because all the games are cheap right now. There’s several worthwhile sales going on, including some excellent discounts on a few classics, and the first significant discounts on some of the hottest games from this year. From now until around mid-January is the cheapest time of the year to buy games, so you’ll want to stay plugged in to This is just the start.

Space Giraffe– £1.74/€2.24/$2.49
Gridrunner Revolution – £1.49/€1.74/$2.49
A pair of beauties from old man Minter. He’s seemingly shuffled all the way over to camp iOS these days, but before he did he put out a pair of bloody brilliant shmups for the PC. Space Giraffe is difficult to look at, and slightly more difficult to play, but it’s worth sticking with it until it eventually clicks. Gridrunner Revolution is a remarkably happy game about shooting bullets in pretty patterns. Read some guy called Kieron’s opinions on Space Giraffe here.

Zeno Clash – 69p/€0.99/$0.99
A magnificently bizarre game about punching weird things before they punch you, for basically the lowest price you can ever expect to pay for a game. Here’s what Jim said about this in the RPS verdict:

It is quite dreamlike in that way, but then the narrative of dreams tend to not be much good. It’s an incredibly visual game, and not in an “oh we’re showing off with technology” way. It was more about their abilities as animators and artists. And even the voice acting is okay.

OK voice acting! What more do you need.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – £7.99/€9.88
Apply coupon “NOV20OFFUK”. Registers on Steam. Seems to be UK/some of Europe only.
Alec just couldn’t stop thinking about Bethesda’s return to the world of magic hats, soul gems and cat-people, after their dalliance with Fallout. Dragons are the thing in Skyrim. There be dragons. I enjoyed this for about 20 hours or so back at release, before deciding bollocks to this, and proceeded to uninstall it, planning to revisit it after extensive modding had occured. Amongst my biggest complaints was the fact that it had an interface designed with seemingly no consideration for how people using a keyboard and mouse would want to interact with the game. How’s SkyUI?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – £3.13/€3.85/$4.99
Registers on Steam, and because it’s from you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
Hmm. There’s no analysis of this in the RPS archives, and although I’m fairly well versed in kick-dumping and spin-edging, I’ve not yet got around to this HD ‘best of’ reimagining of the series early glory days. I know a THPS obsessive who has, so take a poke at 87th’s blog about it here if you want to know what to expect courtesy of someone who probably cares about it more than you do. I’d say that even if it’s a bit of a flawed remake, it’s worth a few quid just for a throwaway nostalgia binge. Can you imagine playing this with a keyboard? Please use a controller.

Deal of the week
Hotline Miami – £3.49/€4.24/$4.99
Every other game you have ever played has been practise for Hotline Miami. In my mind, this is unquestionably the best game to come out in the last year. Perhaps even the best thing to happen in the last year, inside or outside of games. It’s a game about killing everyone. Everyone. A brutal ballet of beautiful improvised hyper violence, where the best strategy is to abandon all fear of death, and be ready respond to the moment to moment fisticuffs and gunplay quicker than the other guy. It’ll get under your skin and into your head. Read wot Alec thought here, and RPS verdict here.

Also of note:
Dishonored – £11.99. Apply coupon “NOV20OFFUK”. Registers on Steam.
Spec Ops: The Line – £3.99. Apply coupon “NOV20OFFUK”. Registers on Steam.
The Darkness II – £3.99. Apply coupon “NOV20OFFUK”. Registers on Steam.
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – £2.49/Similar prices in other currencies.
Jet Set Radio – £2.99/€3.99/$4.99
English Country Tune – 99p/€1.24/$1.24
Waves – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
The Binding of Isaac – £1.99/€2.49/$2.49
The Void – £1.99/€2.24/$2.49
LA Noire – £3.13/€3.85/$4.99. Available as either a Steam version, or DRM free.
Split Second – £3.13/€3.85/$4.99.
Bioshock 1 & 2 – £3.13/€3.85/$4.99. Registers on Steam.
Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition, The Dream Machine: Chapters 1-3 & Puzzle Agent 2, PC – £3.28/€/$5.25
GOG Promo: Any 5 for $10.
Captain Foraxian, Cortex Command, Deepak Fights Robots, Jottobots, Little Gardens, Offspring Fling, Probability 0, Puzzle Bots, Starseed Pilgrim, Home, Swift*Stitch, Thirty Flights of Loving & VVVVVV, PC – £10.56/€10.87/$12.99

More cheap games all the time over at


  1. SkittleDiddler says:

    There have been some fantastic sales this Thanksgiving season, the best yet IMO. I wish I had enough money to get everything I want. Sticking to a fixed budget really sucks.

    • Leosiegfried says:

      how does skyrim register on steam as its asking me to download a gamefly client

      • corbain says:

        When you buy it it just sends you a code to activate on steam. No need for the gamefly download client.

      • ChainsawCharlie says:

        You have to go to your Purchase History and then Order History. At least that’s how it worked for other Steamworks games with them.

      • Necroscope says:

        As above
        Click on the ‘games’ tab in your steam client then ‘activate a product on steam’ and follow the instructions
        You might have to fish out the activation code from your gamefly client.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        What they said.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        I just bought dishonored, and the key was sent at the bottom of the purchase confirmation email. Just redeem the code through steam, under the ‘games’ menu item.

        • emertonom says:

          Thanks so much for pointing this out! Just activated mine on steam as well, and it’s happily downloading through there.

          I have to say, my experience buying from Gamefly was not heartening. First I apparently missed some sort of message after checkout where I was supposed to give them my phone number a second time so they could confirm the purchase–they did manage to associate my phone number with my account and call me the next day at 8am to leave a message saying there was a problem with the purchase, but there wasn’t any sort of instant automated call to check on it. Then I got an email from tech support, telling me they needed to confirm my order with me by phone, and if they didn’t hear from me in 48 hours they’d cancel my order–but that the phone support hour were 12-4pm central (I’m in the U.S.) Monday through Friday. Since I was getting the message on a weekend, I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that they were counting down my 48 hours during a period when I couldn’t call them! They did say I could email them to give them a time window to call me, which *could* be over the weekend, but that seemed rather roundabout, and I didn’t really want to be at the mercy of their timing whims. I did manage to contact them today before the time expired, but I wasn’t happy about the whole thing. Then I got the confirmation email, and it listed the game (dishonored) and had a link–which took me to the “buy download” page. I went to the “my account” page, but that didn’t have any “my games” section either, and the “Download (New!)’ link at the top of the screen took me back to the download purchase storefront. Eventually I figured out through the support section that they wanted me to download their client, but I thought I remembered a conversation here about Steam…I’m very glad I checked here again. So much less hassle! All in all, I don’t think I’d recommend this service. Newegg now has dishonored for $25, only $1 more than gamefly charged with the discount code. Maybe I should have waited for it to show up a place I knew I trusted.

  2. Noburu says:

    The one time I would actually buy Skyrim and its UK only DOH!

    • ScottTFrazer says:

      I haven’t tried this, but I work for one of those coupon code websites and it says this code should work for 20% Gamefly downloads:


      • senortacos says:

        NOV20OFF works for the americans. Probably want to update that Mr. P.

        • Randomer says:

          Yep. After the discount it comes down to $23.99. At that price, I think I can still wait.

          • NightKid says:

            Or you could ask a European mate to get it for you. Aren’t Steam codes international?

  3. Aloshi says:

    Also of note, Blockland is on sale for $5 this weekend too: link to

    It’s multiplayer legos plus ridiculous moddability. This is the second time it’s gone on sale ever I think.

    • Wedge says:

      Wow amazing. The game is STILL being updated after all these years? Incredible, I may have to get that.

  4. Colonel J says:

    Lewie, bless you for digging out two amazing Jeff Minter games and putting them at the top of the bucket in a weekend when just about every game in the world has a sale discount on it.

    • adonf says:

      Speaking of Space Giraffe, does anyone know how to change the language on this game? I set mine to French by mistake when I first ran it and now I’m stuck with it. There’s no language options and reinstalling the game doesn’t work. No luck with the Windows registry either.

  5. Abbykins says:

    Does anyone know if logging into Steam with a VPN under a UK IP address would work for these sales, or do they look at your credit card billing address?

    • NightKid says:

      It seems that if you do anything involving Steam and VPN, you risk a permaban to your Steam account. Getting someone from UK to gift it to you and Paypal-ing back would probably be safer.

      On that note, are you from Stateside? If you are, would you be open to a trade proposal?

      • AngoraFish says:

        No. No one has ever been banned for VPNing to Steam. The very small number of bans have been for people swapping accounts and passwords. Don’t swap your account and password with a friend in another territory, just VPN straight in. Thousands do it every week with no problems at all.

        • Dirk Beefhammer says:

          Hmmm…. what I read in various places before I decided to use a VPN to activate XCOM and Dishonored before the EU release was that while there’ll be nothing done if you just use it to play new games a bit earlier, actions have been taken against users who use it to get games cheaper on the steam store. But I dunno really, not talking from personal experience regarding purchases made with a VPN, I’m just going by what I read in various comments/forum posts.

        • HadToLogin says:

          People were banned for VPNing into Steam to make purchases from much cheaper Russian region.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          VPNs will be fine and dandy, until Valve decide to make their use a punishable offense in the next Steam ToS update. Just wait.

          • d32 says:

            I’m quite sure it’s against the law to block access to their UK store for the rest of the EU citizens.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            Why would EU members living outside of the UK need access to the UK client to begin with? That makes no sense. Isn’t the Steam client region-based?

          • Ich Will says:

            @d32 – It’s not illegal, it’s only illegal to take punitive action against you if you buy a game cheaper that is identical to one available in your region (This is EU specific). Having different languages for example in the game make it perfectly legal to prevent you buying it cheaper form a different region.

  6. secretdoorinvisiblewall says:

    Also worth nothing, the LA Game Space Kickstarter has added a number of commercial games to its $15 tier:

    Noitu Love 2
    Velociraptor Safari
    The Basement Collection
    Super Crate Box X-Mas edition

    Not a bad deal at $15, but you also (by mid-2013) will get all of the 30 unreleased games RPS posted about earlier in the week–those being developed specifically for the project by the likes of Cactus, Messhof, Pen Ward, Bennet Foddy, etc., as well as a new game from Keita Takahashi. Even ignoring the warm feelings you get from supporting game devs via Kickstarter, that seems like a pretty good return for $15.

  7. JonasKyratzes says:

    Erm, may I be so shameless as to mention that my own The Sea Will Claim Everything is 42% off until next Friday?

    link to


    • JonasKyratzes says:

      I would like to apologize for this post, and to apologize for apologizing.

      • The Tupper says:

        I feel sorry that you feel the need to feel sorry. I think.

      • tobecooper says:

        You’re extremely lucky that the game is fantastic, because otherwise we would be legally obliged to stone you where you stand. I know it sounds harsh, but internet’s harsh.

        The Hivemind has Spoken.

    • ChainsawCharlie says:

      Nothing wrong with that Jonas!

    • The Random One says:

      Jonas, you should apologize that I read that post and didn’t start crying. That’s not what I expect from my Kyratzes experience (Kyratzeperience?).

  8. iLag says:

    more good stuff: The Sea Will Claim Everything 42% off (buy that!), Cypher 50% off (today only), Phantasmaburbia 33% off (today only) – all of them directly from the devs and all of them worth having.

    Oh, and Defender’s Quest ist also 50% off – on Steam and from the website (which gets you a Steam key and is cheaper for us EU folks). Buy that as well.

    EDIT: oops, scooped by Mr. Kyratzes himself. but he has a point there. buy his game!

  9. Mrice says:

    Im still so dissapointed with skyrim. They fixed a lot of the problems in previous elder scrolls games but the quests are just so boring! I can only collect so many magical doohickies from draugh caves before i start to pine for the days of fishing rings out of wells dropping moose heads on unsuspecting idiots and having crazed wizards fall out of the sky at my feet.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Mods like SkyUI relieve some of the frustration. I felt like I got my money’s worth from just seeing the scenery when I bailed out, around level 30-something. I might go back at some point, but yeah… it’s such a bland game, at the level of quest design and combat/magic mechanics. Clearing out yet another cave gets old after a while.

      I think they also made a mistake in allowing the player to follow every guild quest chain to become a leader. That just feels weird after you’ve done a few. Some of the faction quest lines should have been mutually exclusive, so I’d feel like starting another game from scratch. Right now, there isn’t much incentive for replay.

    • phelix says:

      I have to agree, Skyrim’s quests pretty much seem to be variations of “go to X, kill Y and/or retrieve Z”. I find that Morrowind had some genuinely interesting quests, and more importantly: You had to follow directions to find your target, not just dumbly follow the floating quest marker. And yes, the combat is ridiculous too: The removal of fatigue (or “stamina” as they called it to not confuse the 10 year olds) from most moves removes depth from melee combat, because managing your fatigue was one of the things that kept melee in previous TES games from becoming a bland clickfest. Right now, unless you spam power attacks, you can just whack away. Magic has become somewhat bland too: Rapidly regenerating magicka makes magic duels a clicking chore with simply more damage dealt than received. Even archery has been ‘nerfed’, I was surprised to find I didn’t even have to aim above my target because the game magically compensates for gravity. (On a side note, I recently replayed Morrowind with the fancy Overhaul and it still captivates me like 10 years ago. So yes, I’m a bit of a fanboy)

      /end rant

      • Cytrom says:

        I really don’t get how can people say that morrowind was so great yet think skyrim (and oblivion) is so much worse. They really are pretty much the same with some improvements here and degradation there. It even out each other in my eyes.

        I’m playing morrowind right now, its still as great as it ever was, but it had some serious flaws too. And some of the “hardcore” features (or rather lack of features) don’t really make it superior, just different (or in some cases inferior).

        -Most quests are -just like in skyrim or oblivion- go to dungeon x and kill / retrieve y, plus there’s a few more interesting ones, but that’s the same in all of the later ES games.

        -No quest markers.. so what, I speak to the first random npc who comes my way and he knows everything about my quest objectives and points me in the right direction, and then i have to find it on my own. There might be a little joy the first time you do it, since its like solving a primitive puzzle, but after a few times its just a tedious waste of time, ultimately resulting in the same thing as following a quest marker.

        -No regenerating health / magicka.
        Instead of staying in the game and playing, you sit in menus waiting in game to regenerate or consume a truckload of *realistic* (lol) potions.. so much more fun, right?

        I bet there are some hardcore people out there who find it immersive that you crawl at a snail’s pace even while you are in “run” mode in a big open world game (with no fast travel.. so if you are in the middle of nowhere, you have to crawl back into a city with travel points.. which again is a waste of time, especially if you have already been on that same road many times before). The first thing I do when i start morrowind is to cheat and set my speed to a reasonably high level, where i don’t feel like a crippled snail… (or alternatively i could waste time by enchanting or alchemy just to make equpment that fixes my speed that shouldnt be broken to begin with)

        The leveling system in morrowind was bad, not AS bad as in oblivion, but worse than in skyrim. In order to actually become stronger, you have to grind skills you never even want to use before each level up just so you can put +5 onto attributes as early as possible (otherwise your health /magicka, fatigue will be relatively low even at high levels, because the attributes determine how much vital stats you gain per level and are not retroactive). Again you have to waste time and essentially WORK, just to get to the fun part, while in skyrim you just do what you want to do and you will get more powerful without having to grind. Oblivion used the same system as morrowind, but adding leveled enemies just made the broken system even more apparent (and it also destroyed enemy variety at any given level.. which was vastly improved in skyrim)

        -Hit, miss, miss, miss, hit, miss, miss.
        Having to click 9 billion times to do the same attack, is tedious, boring and it kills your clicking finger in no time. The combat system of morrowind is awful. It makes perfect sense on paper (having everything calculated according to stats like in a more traditional rpg), but for a first person game it is just not fun for 90% of the game. Even at high levels and maxed skills when you actually get more hits than misses, the combat system is still extremely shallow, much more so than in oblivion and especially skyrim, where you actively block, parry, and make hits that actually connect.

        Oh my god those things are the most annoying thing ever! After a while, wherever you go whatever you do, they are everywhere, follow you, gang up on you, line up after you just to constantly annoy you… damn I hate them so much.

        The thing that makes morrowind great is the same that makes oblivion and skyrim great. Finding pieces of deep lore of a detailed world that is bigger than you can actually see, uncovering mysteries and weird stuff, not through quests, but free form exploration and making your own story, where the main quest is completely optional.
        The thing where Morrowind has the upper hand is that the land of morrowind itself is so alien, the natives are so hostile and secretive, that uncovering said mysteries feels a bit more rewarding, but there are enough super annoying stuff that are clearly inferior compared to the newer games.

        (Sry for the wall of text.. playing TES games always give me a mental diarrhea.)

        • drewski says:

          The leveling system isn’t *that* bad, I finished it fine without ever having to grind skills I didn’t want. I did kinda game the system toward the end a little by using more skills I didn’t really need that much just so I could try for 100 in each attribute, but that was for aesthetic reasons, not out of necessity.

          But yeah, Morrowind is a LONG way from a perfect game even though it remains my favourite of the series.

        • Phantoon says:

          Magic was totally neutered.

          It’s why I like Oblivion more than Skyrim- the magic wasn’t yet completely shafted. In Skyrim, you might as well have a sword anyways.

          • Lobotomist says:

            And I too claim Skyrim is without any shadow of a doubt best TES game so far. Anyone saying differently is wearing some thick rose glasses.


            Because Skyrim is the only one where i actually felt “I am there” walking on a high cliff in midst of snowstorm – total immersion.
            All rest is minor things easily fixed by mods.

            Which brings a very good question.
            Why nobody tried to make Skyrim more Morrowindish via modding ?

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            Surely everyone misses the wonderful “match the circle segments to persuade people to like you” mini game from oblivion?


            Must have been a fart joke.

          • Narzhul says:

            Oblivion’s magic was pretty much just as neutered. Anyone that’s played Morrowind will realize that. I see zero benefit to being a spell caster in Oblivion or Skyrim.

          • fish99 says:

            Try summoning a Daedroth in Oblivion. It tanks a whole bunch of enemies for you while you sit there in no danger blasting them with spells. I had no problems with magic effectiveness in Oblivion playing an archer-mage-fighter. I killed most stuff with magic.

            Now archery IS seriously underpowered, but as always there were mods to fix that (as I’m sure there also are for magic).

          • malkav11 says:

            It’s not that magic was made ineffective. It’s that magic was made extremely limited in scope. Morrowind lets you design your own spells around basic effects, with inefficient premade spells that are mostly just there to allow you to learn the basic effects. Skyrim just gives you a handful of premade spells and tells you to get on with it. And both Oblivion and Skyrim have subtracted types of spells that used to exist, like teleports, levitation, and so on.

            Same goes with enchantment. Morrowind let you enchant items with virtually any magical effect you knew, with three different approaches to using them (on hit, on activation, and permanent effect – the last by far the most difficult to achieve), no restrictions about what could be used for what type of effect, and with any parameters you could fit into the item’s enchantment capacity. Skyrim? You peel effects from existing magic items and then (at least until you have a lot of enchantment skill, which I never have) you paste them back down on other items but less effective. Oh, be still my heart.

            I’m not saying it’s all been downhill – improvements in world physics, graphical engine, stealth mechanics, levelling, and certain game systems have all taken place (e.g., personally I love magicka regen and much prefer the perk system to previous renditions of levelling in the Elder Scrolls series, even if the menu itself is a bit batty). But there are huge, huge subtractions along the way and it’s one reason I’m not particularly interested in mods like Morroblivion and its Skyrim equivalent which attempt to take Morrowind’s world and set it in the newer engines. I’m in fact much more interested in attempts to backport the worlds of Oblivion and Skyrim into Morrowind’s engine (albeit much closer to the original lore on Cyrodiil).

          • Phantoon says:

            Yes, what Malkav said. That’s what I meant.

    • Narzhul says:

      Boring people make open world games boring. That’s how I see it.

      You can practically live an alternate life in the game if you want, the mechanics are all there. The quests are NOT as bad as Oblivion. And the writing is much better now. Morrowind is still king, but Skyrim isn’t bad at all.

      • Phantoon says:

        Minecraft had a better story.

        Think about it.

        • Narzhul says:

          No it doesn’t.

          • Phantoon says:

            Aha, so you didn’t think about it! Think about the stories people tell about Minecraft- when told right, (Dwarf Fortress style) they’re tales of adventure, horror, and tragedy. Skyrim is “did you do that thing? I did that thing and it was neat.”

            Dark Brotherhood was better in Oblivion, anyways. Nothing beats murder manor.

          • Unaco says:

            Stories in Skyrim can be just as good as stories in Minceraft. They can be tales of adventure, horror, and tragedy, just like Minceraft or DF. They can be as emergent and interpretive as any other game. One of the best stories I came across in Skyrim had no dialogue, no talking to NPCs, nothing like that… It was a house that Bandits had raided, looking for some secret treasure, hidden beneath in a series of caves/caverns. You followed the trail, picking up and reading letters. It gave an accounting of who the Bandits were, what they wanted etc., but also humanised them somewhat… letters saying how scared and worried they were, what they hoped for their children and their futures, asking someone to look after their elderly father. Skyrim is filled with those sort of vignettes.

            Skyrim didn’t do stories like a BioWare RPG, or something cinematic. But to say it was no good at telling stories is nonsense. It’s a game that tells plenty of stories, if the player tries to read them.

  10. Stellar Duck says:

    Greenmangaming, GamersGate and Impulse are also doing sales. I haven’t really looked at them but I think it should be mentioned since Lewie doesn’t for whatever reason.

    Edit: to clarify: I haven’t really looked at the sales as I’m broke. I’ve used all of the sites before and can vouch that they work and don’t rip you off.

    I’d generally recommend GamersGate though. I really like those guys and they throw in Blue Coins as well when you buy stuff. That’s how I’ve paid for all my CK2 DLC so far. They also generally have stand alone downloads.

    • Necroscope says:

      I’ve always been happy with my Gamersgate purchases and service(fast downloads for me)
      Also, they stock lots of european games, unavailable on steam, which might be worth a look

      • Stellar Duck says:


        And often they allow Euro types such as me to buy in UK prices which can be quite a lot cheaper than continental prices. I’ve used GG a lot thus far and will keep on doing so I imagine.

    • cowthief skank says:

      Dishonored is cheaper on Greenmangaming than Gamefly, if you used their 25% off code (GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q)

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Yea, GMG is never mentioned in these posts. It’s frankly somewhat silly if you ask me. And I’ll pretend you did.

        • SuperNashwanPower says:

          May be because they have something of a patchy customer service history. A lot of folk have found that GMG didnt buy enough keys and they ended up waiting some time after release. I personally had an issue with their banking system, which they blamed on my bank but was actually GMG’s fault.

          I think most people find them ok, but there does seem to be a lot of common complaints online about keys not showing up and so on. They may get better as they grow.

      • NightKid says:

        Probably because it’s not working if you’re from UK. It didn’t work for me

        • Joshua IX says:

          Worked fine from me, and I’m in London.

          • fish99 says:

            And for me, and my brother (up in t’yorkshire).

          • NightKid says:

            Care to explain how you get the discount then? I click on Buy, copy paste the code in Add Code section at the Checkout page and boom, nada.

          • fish99 says:

            Same thing I did, and the code still works because I just tried it (with Witcher 2 because Dishonored is out of stock). I guess you selected more text than just the code when copying it. Also I copied the code from their website, not from the post above.

        • NightKid says:

          Actually I just realised that I was looking at Gamersgate instead of Green Man Gaming because of the previous 2 posts above mine.

          Muh bad!

      • BlackestTea says:

        At this very moment, rightfully so. They ran out of keys on Dishonored it seems (which is not evident from the store page, where the buy button has simply disappeared – only via twitter) and there is no info on when more will come. I generally much prefer GMG to Gamefly, but this did upset me a bit.

        • Baines says:

          Considering comments seem to bring up the subject of GMG every article, maybe there should be a “GreenManGaming is not covered for [insert reasons]” bolted onto the end of every future RPS Bargain Bucket. Though I guess that could be grounds for potential legal concerns, if you weren’t careful about the wording.

      • sweetjer says:

        an hour after I registered with GMG my gmail address was compromised by an application with a chinese IP address. Dunno if it’s related or not, but just putting it out there. Thankfully, I don’t cross pollinate my passwords so the hi-jack was stopped. Again, don’t know if GMG has anything to do with it, just seemed fishy to me. Especially since they couldn’t even sell me a key.

  11. Zenicetus says:

    Rise of Flight is having one of their big sales — 50% off everything except pre-orders through Nov. 28th. It’s a good opportunity to pick up any missing planes or try out some gun mods. The Channel Map seems to be getting close too.

  12. echoMateria says:

    Also there is the Countdown Bundle on Gamersgate. Five bundles that start at $4, then $3, $2, $1 and $0 making $250 worth of games and bonuses for a total of $10 is a 96% discount. I think it’s worth mentioning here. Steam keys are included where applicable.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      That’s a pretty good deal with 10$ for 25 games, although I guess the problem is the risk of a lot of dupes.

  13. LTK says:

    Steam’s daily deals for today are Borderlands 2 50% off, F1 2012 50% off, Deus Ex: Human Revolution 75% off, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 50% off, Shogun 2 66% off, and Mark of the Ninja 50% off.

    I’ve been waiting for Mark of the Ninja, so I’m getting that. You should jump on Deus Ex if you haven’t got it already, magnificent game.

    • Cytrom says:

      I can’t believe Human Revolution is so cheap. Its a 30+ hour game with top quality content in every department, that makes you think, and above all it has STYLE, and its cheaper than some indie games that were put together in 2 days by an amateur. Crazy.

      It doesn’t have much replayablity I guess, that could explain it, but being a great game should be enough replayability in itself.

  14. Radiant says:

    I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to buy Burnout ultimate box before realising I already have it.

  15. The Tupper says:

    Lewie, you asked about SkyUI – it’s professionally slick and stable as a rock. I couldn’t conceive of going back to the original menu system.

    • corbain says:

      The problem I have is with the awful perks level up system (admittedly i’ve only played this a few hours)

      But I find that whole section with the star constellations so horrendously confusing I just gave up.

      • Gorf says:

        it really is’nt confusing….its just crap.

        • Phantoon says:

          It’s confusing on a base level, as in “why the hell are there perks that are absolutely mandatory, perks that I should get just from leveling the skill, and why are there perks that are made useless by hitting higher levels of the skill?”

          Because the perk tree was utter crap. Should’ve been more like Fallout, which HEY THEY DID A GAME OF THAT. It’s like they forgot everything previously, but wanted to steal some ideas from it.

  16. DarkMalice says:

    I really wish you’d told me about the Dishonored coupon before I bought it last night :(
    Ah well, it’s fun.

  17. AlexClockwork says:

    Hum… Any opinions about Tony Hawk from fellow RockPaperShotguners? I always enjoyed skating games, but it’s been a long time since I owned any for the last time. Should I go for this one, or are there better choices?

    • ethone says:

      It’s a decent re-make of the old days with a modern engine. I bought it at full price (12$ or whatever it was) and am content with it. The controls are good in the sense that they’re responsive and not clunky. You can’t re-bind them within the game though, which for my specific gamepad meant that the grab and flip buttons were switched. And muscle memory from 12 years ago amazingly still works…
      It’s also fairly short with only select number of levels from the original two games having gotten the HD treatment. I still have already poured over 10 hours into it just getting two of the characters through the basic set of objectives, not having touched any of the advanced ones or additional modes.

      If you’re interested at all in the game then the 5$ are worth it.

      • AlexClockwork says:

        Thanks, seems like I’ll be getting it then! ^^

        EDIT: Just checked money left for this month. Seems like I’ll have to wait for another sale. >.<

  18. appropriate touching says:

    Hotline Miami – should I watch Drive first?

    • BlackestTea says:

      As somebody who watched Drive after playing Hotline Miami (mainly because it was mentioned in the discussion surrounding the game): I don’t think so.
      I adored the game and the movie and I think I enjoyed the movie even more because of the fact that I had “myself” been the actor of the game. I think on some level it made relating to the movie easier.

  19. Hatsworth says:

    I played THPS2 with a keyboard just fine back in the day, not sure why it’d be an issue unless they added analogue controls or something… Keyboard really is an underrated input device for a lot of games, like 2d fighters. Especially now that you get mechanical keyboards with n-key rollover.

    • tobecooper says:

      Agreed, I played and finished THPS2-4 on keyboard without any trouble.
      I’m a strong believer in choice. It’s PC – we can play either keyboard or gamepad depending on mood.

  20. BlackestTea says:

    Ok, this might be a stupid question, but how do i actually buy anything on gamefly (independent of the discounts)? When I try to create an account it tells me “Sorry, rental and subscription services are available in the U.S only. Check out our Downloads section for games you can buy and download today!” When I go there and and click on “buy download” it invariably says “Sorry, due to region restrictions, this product cannot be sold in your country.” and underneath it states that said game is only available in the US, Mexico and Canada.
    I’m living in Turkey right now but I also have indirect access to a computer in Germany with the same results.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      You can’t :( I hate country restrictions from digital retailers… When it comes to these things, the world turns out to not be as ‘global’ as we think, haha. I’m sure it’s got something to do with taxes and economics but I don’t know the reasons for region locking digital distribution. Anyone?

      • BlackestTea says:

        So what countries can actually purchase on gamefly? I mean, the UK seems to be able to do so, judging by Lewie posting about it without the usual Amazon US warning -stuff, despite the notice on the page that it only allows for Canada, US and Mexico…
        Just curious at this point, really.

  21. Matt_W says:

    FYI, Hotline Miami has apparently been broken since the last update to the game or Steam or something. There are hundreds of Steam forum posts about game breaking errors, with very little in the way of response from the dev. I was very excited about the two times I’ve actually been able to successfully run the game, and very disappointed that I haven’t been able to play more.

    • BlackestTea says:

      Do you choose “enable steam” in the game’s prompt menu at the start? I’ve never chosen the option and I’ve been playing for two or three weeks with only two crashes total (both after tapping out).

    • Colonel J says:

      Played 12 hours last week and played through the whole game without a single hitch in running, and always with Steamworks enabled. Glancing at the forums there seem to be many folk having issues though. YMMV, clearly.

    • fish99 says:

      Mine works.

  22. Subatomic says:

    For those of you in Germany (or those with a German billing address *cough*), Civilization V GotY Edition and the Gods & Kings addon are currently avialable on as a download version for 4,97€ and 7,97€ respectively (activates on Steam).

    Edit: Oh, and Rayman: Origins for 6,97€ as well.

  23. MrLebanon says:

    was I the only one to read NOV20OFFUK as “Nov 20…. AWW FUCK”

    • The Random One says:

      NOV20, FUCK OFF

    • Khalan says:

      Yeah, I immediately thought “Nov 20 o ffuk – why, what happened on Nov 20?”

    • Phantoon says:

      I actually read it as “NOV 20 OF FUK” and was like dude, whoa.

      I’m glad for you that your wife finally wanted to hump. But seriously, I didn’t need to know.

  24. RickyButler says:

    Shame for not mentioning MacGuffin’s Curse! Your own words got me to pick that baby up for the measly price of $1.74 last night off Steam, and gosh dang! it’s a good deal.

  25. SkittleDiddler says:

    A notice for those of you who have been using the 15% off IGN Prime code at Gamers Gate: it looks like the code has expired. I guess “permanent” doesn’t really mean what most people think it means.

    Here’s a link detailing what happened- link to

    I’d suggest anyone who’s interested email Gamers Gate and IGN and let them know what you think about this. What a load of rubbish.

    • Khalan says:

      Thanks for this, I hadn’t received any notice. So much for a “Permanent discount”.

  26. running fungus says:

    Man, after XCOM (may I call it “the XCOM debacle”) I’ve returned to Skyrim in a BIG way, appreciating it even more than I did. So much there. So much. Though yes, I am playing it on the xbox.

  27. kalirion says:

    One of my favorite puzzle games of all time, Toki Tori, is on sale for $0.49. Look past the cutesy graphics – the latter Hard and Bonus levels are devilishly difficult. Note that while it looks like a puzzle platformer, it’s really pure puzzle – no platforming involved and if you mess up at any time, you can do a Braid-like rewind.

  28. Hedenius says:

    Bought and played through Hotline Miami today. I can highly recommend it to anyone who are thinking about buying it. It feels old school and “fresh” at the same time. Like nothing else I’ve ever played. Great gameplay, tight controls, bad ass style. Looking forward to a sequel, or just some more levels.

  29. Narzhul says:

    Amongst my biggest complaints was the fact that it had an interface designed with seemingly no consideration for how people using a keyboard and mouse would want to interact with the game. How’s SkyUI?

    It does its job alright. I’d recommend getting a font replacement as well though. Default is disgustingly fantasy-unfriendly, and to me, makes the UI unbearable to look at.
    link to

  30. Nate says:

    Shogun’s on sale today. Since I just bought Shogun a couple of days ago, and have been playing it, I’m going to recommend a don’t buy.

    It’s not an awful game. It’s perfectly acceptable. I love the setting of feudal Japan. But this game is only a poor mod of previous total war games. High system requirements with no apparent benefit. A move towards gameification instead of simulation. Crappy voice acting (as always), reduced complexity, same cheaty AI (doesn’t ever get smarter, just throws more units at you)– I like total war games, I like feudal japan, but this is way below CA standards. Play TW: Medieval instead, it’s much better.

    • Chris D says:

      I hate to argue but I have to say that on this occasion you are just wrong, wrong, wrong,w rong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

      I’m not saying it doesn’t have issues, but they’re ones common to the entire series and are more than outweighed by the things it gets right. The AI is no strategic genius but it’s perfectly competent under most circumstances, and AI’s actually getting smarter when you increase the difficulty is a thing that has never actually happened in the history of strategy gaming.

      Much as I liked the older entries in the series I find it hard to go back because generally the systems in the later games have steadily been improving with each iteration, (we won’t mention Empire at this point)

      • LionsPhil says:

        AI’s actually getting smarter when you increase the difficulty is a thing that has never actually happened in the history of strategy gaming.

        Red Alert 2.

        Try it. On lower difficulties they’ll march right into your defensive line. On Brutal they’ll try to outflank you. It’s still no tactical genius, but at least it’s not just number-fudging.

        • Hatsworth says:

          As an avid RA2 player back in the day, I disagree and think it was awful. You could beat 7 brutal AI all teamed up against yourself alone.

          • LionsPhil says:

            That you’re good enough to beat 7 brutals doesn’t mean that 7 brutals aren’t smarter (not just numerically better handicapped) than 7 easies.

          • Hatsworth says:

            Yeah, not very good argumentation I agree. But from what I recall it was quite formulaic, building one of a predetermined set of troop groups and then sending them in a line, I think regrouping at intervals(but possibly just using waypoints with no regrouping), to attack. That the easier AI was even worse doesn’t make brutal good, and to be honest the only differences I can recall was that easy built worse troop groups and didn’t cheat when it came to resources. It would never say amass a big army, or change unit composition, or use standard tactics like desolator bombing a Mirage forest.

            I think SC2’s AI on the other hand is quite competent, and changes a lot more based on difficulty. Blizzard even claims it doesn’t map hack(not sure if they just fake this by making it scout or if it actually affects actions).

      • Nate says:

        Before I start to talk out of my ass: I played the original Shogun, Medieval (maybe medieval II?) , and now Shogun II. Out of these, I found Medieval to be the best, and I’m comparing Shogun II to Medieval. I am disappointed that Creative Assembly’s MO hasn’t been pursued by more copycats, because I think it is a good idea: it makes interestingly asymmetrical battles.

        But, I really can’t think of a single way that Shogun stands out from Medieval– maybe the character experience mechanics? The tactical and strategic elements seem rather constrained to me, due to the reduced diversity of unit types and the diminutive maps, and the strategic AI seems really dumbed down. (Tactical AI merely dumb as it ever was :P)

        Still, it has been a few years since I played a previous CA game, and I could be biased by nostalgia. Plus, I think that anybody that leaned more towards games with lean rulesets and away from simulations might appreciate CA’s latest in lieu of its older games. So I’m curious as to what you feel Shogun II did well that older CA games did poorly.

        • Lobotomist says:

          I would say AI on the battlefield. After playing Shogun 2 , I find it hard to return to Medieval 2 and suffer unresponsive and dumb AI of my troops.

        • Chris D says:

          My first Total War game was Rome so perhaps we’re comparing different things, as I understand it the games before that were more detailed but less stream lined.

          It’s been a while since I played Medieval 2 but off the top of my head improvements in Shogun 2 include:

          Naval warfare
          Siege battles are much more fun
          Improved diplomacy and trade
          Improved battle AI
          Cities are handled differently, you don’t have to worry about growing populations before you can do anything.
          Experience trees for generals and agents.
          Automatic unit replenishment
          Attrition over winter
          Tech tree instead of being purely city based.

          There’s probably a few more but that will do for now. I’ll grant you that some of those are more differences in approach rather than improvements as such but I still find that overall I prefer the changes to the extent that it makes going back harder despite thoroughly enjoying the earlier games at the time. Not to mention that it looks much prettier, of course.

          • malkav11 says:

            Also, Shogun 2 supports multiplayer campaign modes, both cooperative and competitive, although I think both are limited to two human players. The only other Total War with this feature is Napoleon, and that only supports competitive play.

          • Nate says:

            Yes, you’re absolutely right– in fact, I believe that my disappointment in Shogun II is less because of the core gameplay, and more because of these new features, if that makes any sense. It’s that the implementation of the new stuff leaves so much to be desired (like naval warfare being “tactics for toddlers”). Maybe that’s not fair of me to judge them for adding stuff, even if that stuff is a little on the weak side.

  31. Phantoon says:

    “OK voice acting! What more do you need.”


  32. BlackestTea says:

    Just need to mention this quickly: The Humble Bundle is incredible… They have 5 tripleA THQ games on right now (Company of Heroes, Saints Row 3, Darksiders 1, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon.