Gearing Up: Cities In Motion 2 Alpha Signup

It seems like only last week that London’s motion and commotion became a DLC package for the original Cities in Motion, and that’s because it was. I’ve never played the original but I have had a sneaky peek at the follow up, for which Paradox have just begun an alpha sign up process. The actual alpha should start on December 10th and from what I’ve seen of the game, it’s a far more intriguing proposition. As in Transport Tycoon of old, cities will grow dynamically and transport links will be an important part of how and where growth occurs. As with most Paradox pre-release applications, this looks to be a proper bugs and warts test rather than simply an early chance for some jollity. Here’s the link.


  1. Low Life says:

    Two mentions of Paradox in the text and a tag, but nothing for Colossal Order. :(

    • zeekthegeek says:

      Nothing on the link mentions them either, not even the EULA for the Alpha signup.

      • dawatticus says:

        Colossal Order have mentioned it on their website.

        “Cities in Motion 2 announced! Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive bring a whole new challenge in mass transit simulation. Sequel to the popular Cities in Motion will be arriving in 2013!”
        link to

  2. Lord Byte says:

    Please, PLEASE have some way to disable DLC or at least have it work in the correct period of time. It ruined the old CIM for me when the solution to any city (even those in 1906 Berlin) was to run superefficient busses (built in 2010 or something) from some DLC. Every DLC vehicle was available at any time ruining any sense of accomplishment AND the scenario.
    I got the DLC with the game in some pack I believe, not knowing it would ruin it so…

  3. mouton says:

    i wish we had a report button

  4. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Cities into Motion? hmmm

  5. Tancosin says:

    RPS seems to be under assault by more spambots than normal.

  6. three60mafia says:

    I am glad that they are using off-the-shelf engine. It seems more fluid.

    Their original engline was too square-based and it made certain systems very rigid. Vehicles and buildings could only be based in a straight vertical or horizontal line. This meant no sloping or curved stops. Traffic could only travel in straight lines, without any overtaking.

    This also meant that buses were pretty much small cheap trains, since they could only travel “on rails” on the road, unable to overtake broken or stalled vehicles, which is the greatest strength of a bus.

    Metro and streetcar systems were well implemented, but I was not a fan of very limited capacities for vehicles, whereas you would have 300+ passengers on a subway stop and your train could fit less than a third of them.

    Either way, lookign forward to this. It is a very niche game. Just like Traffic Giant before it. But I have 220 hours in it, according to STEAM. Just love seeing a well working system.

    I just hope the city-growing part is not essential and you can work with pre-made large city. I don’t want this to be another SimCity. It is all about public transit.