Far Cry 3 Just Wants Us To Fookin’ Cooperate

Just popping his penis on his shoulder there.

Scottish people are awfully sweary. “Fookin’ shite” this and “wee bastard” that. I don’t know. It must be all the batter. One of their potty-mouthed number narrates the Far Cry 3 co-op trailer, which is a grisly mix of explosions and neck stabs, narrated by a man who’s angry with me for something I must have done.

Four-player co-op, with a unique campaign, is certainly some icing on top of the delicious surprise cake that is Far Cry 3. I’ve already designated it this Christmas’s game, the one I’ll play when I finally have time to sit and wallow in a game without deadlines to bother me. And while it’s unlikely you’ll find me joining in with the co-op, from the trailer below I suspect I’ll be one of the lonely few:

The game’s out in the UK this Friday, and you can read how much Jim loved it here.


  1. AmateurScience says:

    ‘Sooo do ye hae big unnuff baws tae fite wi me?’

    Charming. Oor Wullie this is not.

  2. Crimsoneer says:

    I’m kind of disappointed they don’t have a “proper” drop-in, drop-out co-op, Burnout Paradise style – it would have been perfect for this.

    On the other hand, this drip feed of information is driving me up the wall. The game is amazing, all my journo friends and twitter folk are playing it, and I’m sitting here waiting for Friday. Because the UK isn’t the EU, apparently. No oceans and that.

    • nimrod123 says:

      its the french, and your from the UK, does that explain it?

    • Unaco says:

      NO OCEANS!!

    • Tritagonist says:

      The difference between the EU, being the European Union, and the eurozone, being those countries that use the euro as a currency, seems to escape a lot of people – Brits especially. It’s not uncommon to hear Brits talk about “in the EU this, and in the UK that”.

      Having said that, the old release dates rigmarole is getting a bit tiresome but sadly seems set to remain in place for a good while yet. On the bright side, there is actually a small bonus to this: we here in Europe often get the opportunity to read hands-on experiences from actual players that tell us whether the game is any good, and are still able to place an order that comes with all the pre-order extras that have become so commonplace these days.

    • The Random One says:

      No oceans (channels remain)

    • Jason Moyer says:

      At least you folks are getting it this week. We don’t get it until December 4th in North America.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        The idea behind this “no oceans” movement needs to be objective in principle. There is no “over here” or “over there”

    • Lanfranc says:

      No oceans, but a Channel, which can be much wider than any ocean at times.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        This game is so big, it doesn’t fit through the Chunnel!

  3. augustuskent says:

    A welcome addition, cant wait for my copy to come today!

  4. mittortz says:

    …does that accent sound as wonky and poorly-acted to you UK residents as it does to me (a bloody yank)?

    • Gap Gen says:

      My favourite violent Scot stereotype (I blame Consolevania) in games is Tanny from the ArmA 2 PMC DLC. The voice actor often ad-libs ruder things to say than what’s printed on screen.

      But yeah, something about the Far Cry 3 guy comes across as a little forced. It’s not like they’re holding back; they brought out the C-bomb, so I’m guessing anything goes, but perhaps they left out colloquialisms that would confuse foreigns.

      EDIT: Man: link to youtube.com

      • Lambchops says:

        Haha, excellent! Amazed he didn’t try to throw in “fannybaws.”

        • Eddy9000 says:

          Yeh greet bawl-heed!

        • Gap Gen says:

          I am continually amazed by how much he deviates from the script to deliver a non-stop flow of invective.

      • Jason Moyer says:

        He sounds like Begbie from Trainspotting.

      • Eddy9000 says:

        I see your Rab C, and raise you the Scotsman from ‘Samurai Jack’:

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        I live in Scotland and would say that’s a good, perhaps genuine accent. As others have said it’s a glaswegian accent with the dialecty words removed.

        BAW BAGS. YOU DID’NAE JUST SHOOT MAH DUG by the waeeee

      • Max Ursa says:

        i knew a guy that sounded a bit like this, his parents were glaswegian and had moved to yorkshire before he was born so his accent was a mash of the two. sounded terrible. this Callum sounds like his folks moved to london where he fell in a chav crowd.

    • kimded says:

      Nah, thats a scot, I do hope they’ve thrown in a few proper scottish insults :)

      (and since we;re talking scottish, have some Rab C :) – link to youtube.com)

    • solidsquid says:

      Actually it sounds like it might be an authentic, if somewhat dialed back, Glasweigan accent. The actual dialogue isn’t particularly good though, which makes it sound awkward (if it is a real Scot, they’d have been better giving him the script and asking him to improvise on it to get better turns of phrase)

      • Gap Gen says:

        Yes, this is my impression; someone with a good accent being given a fairly average script.

    • -Spooky- says:

      link to youtube.com | Pure gallas denim Jaekit ! Da gloorryy daaiiiss ! :D

    • Rao Dao Zao says:

      He can’t be a real Scottish thug, he said “balls” instead of “baws”!

    • subactuality says:

      The accent sounds legitimate, but it seems to me like he’s speaking very slowly and deliberately for the sake of our less attuned North American ears.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        I think it’s the writing, rather than the accent. Sounds just slightly too much like writing language (rather than speaking language) at some points.

  5. D3xter says:

    Watched this Total Biscuit Video for a while: link to youtube.com and combined with the Trailer back from the E3 that made the story seem interesting: link to youtube.com

    Competent Open World design/gameplay together with a compelling story and good graphics including DirectX11 effects, SSAO and the likes on PCs. Dare I dream?

    • Atrocious says:

      I really liked FC2 and want to like FC3, but the wildlife aspect of FC3 puts me off (together with the aim towards casual players). A bit of that can be seen in the first video you posted. He gets bitten by a crocodile (minute 21), kills it with a knife and takes no serious injuries from it? A crocodile bite just leaves a scratch, I guess?
      Then he stabs it again to get some leather … while the thing is still floating under water. How immersive.
      A few minutes later he kills a tiger without much of a hassle, because the tiger fails to jump into his face. Failtiger. Just like the next tiger who wanders around, almost bumps into the player before he gets scared by the players bow and runs off.
      In another video I heard that wild animals will be drawn into camps when there is a firefight. How realistic is that? As far as I know, wild animals (be they failtigers or not) are afraid of gunfire. They must all have rabies.

      • Caiman says:

        It’s pretty laughable stuff, and really takes you out of it. Despite spending so much time on believable human AI, you’d have thought they’d have hired a zoologist or something to improve the animal AI.

  6. Inigo says:

    One of these days I hope to watch a Coop trailer and discover it’s actually about raising chickens.

  7. Slinkyboy says:

    Split-Screen Co-op :D

    I don’t mind another PC action game to play with your girlfriend. It’s hard to please her what with only playing Portal 2 and L4D2 on PC.

    • x1501 says:

      There’s a good number of PC games that support split-screen. You can even tweak Borderlands 1/2 and Resident Evil 5 to enable it.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        correction- there’s a small number of good coop games.
        Or there’s a good number of bad coop games.

        FPS games with split screen! C’mon devs, is it that hard? The consoles can do it with a bit of downscaling. It is awesome in games like Portal 2, especially when split screen can actually mean two whole monitors.

        Local co-op for those of us with local friends!

        • amblingalong says:

          I’d argue there’ve been a number of bad games which have been redeemed by great co-op; Syndicate, for example, was an absolutely criminal waste of the IP, but had a surprisingly robust and enjoyable cooperative mode.

        • x1501 says:

          “correction- there’s a small number of good coop games.”

          I can only assume that you’re talking about split-screen co-op, not co-op in general. It’s true that the platform has fewer native local co-op titles to choose from, but the overall number of good ones is still fairly high.

          In addition to Portal 2, Borderlands 1/2, L4D2, and RE5 mentioned above, I can easily recommend Dungeon Defenders, Trine 1/2, Magicka, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Serious Sam 3, Renegade Ops, Rayman Origins, Castle Crashers, Shank 1/2, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, and the LEGO games.

          Less recommendable (older or crappier) co-op titles include Dungeon Siege III, Unreal Tournament 3, Epic Mickey 2, The Cursed Crusade, Dynasty Warriors 6, LOTR: Return of the King, Serious Sam 1st/2nd Encounter (original non-HD versions), Terminator Salvation, Deathspank, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, and The First Templar.

          Many sports, music, racing, and low budget indie games support local co-op as well, but I won’t list them all here. The point is that you also take Wii and PS2 emulation into account, the number of worthy “PC” titles with local co-op will probably be at least as high as on any other system.

  8. Maxheadroom says:

    What with this not being on Steam (yet), does anyone know it the boxed retail versions will register on Steam?

    • HadToLogin says:

      Nope, Chuck Tes.. err, Ubi-service.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        Nevermind, i was going to treat myself to that as an early christmas present, but not if im forced to log into their proprietary service in order to play it (I’m happy with Steam, begrudgingly got Origin. Really dont want any more).
        Guess I’ll just wait for it to pop up on a torrent site instead

        Good work Ubisoft, you DRM is actually encouraging me to take up piracy

        • Atrocious says:

          That’s a lame excuse. It’s not their fault that you have two distribution platforms already. I agree that it would be nice to get everything on Steam, but I can understand a big publisher not wanting to become dependent of one third party tool.

          Now that UBI dropped its always-on-DRM for their games, I may actually start buying those again.

  9. Atheos says:

    What? No District 9 references?

    Yes, I registered just to post this.

  10. x1501 says:

    I personally loathe separate co-op “campaigns”. They’re usually short and gimmicky afterthoughts that lack in length, value, and replayability. If we can’t play entire singleplayer campaign in co-op (à la Gears of War, Saints Row 3, etc.), we’re simply not interested in spending our money on more than one copy.

    • Crowbar says:

      Ditto this. I hate tacked on, mission based co-op.

      Just let us play through the SP campaign together, no one gives a toss if it doesn’t make sense. Co-op is about sharing the experience with someone, not gimmicky set-pieces.

  11. CelticPixel says:

    This dodgy, coarse Scottish accent leaves me black afrontit

  12. Eddy9000 says:

    Jolly cooperation!

  13. SuperNashwanPower says:

    I moved from England to Scotland back in 2005 and I still struggle to figure out if people are pissed off with me or just naturally talk like that.

    I am permanently afraid. Help me. Please. I can hear them at the door.

  14. Adjuchas says:

    Shame there isn’t LAN play, Borderlands 2 is living proof that it doesn’t adversely effect sales figures.

  15. Web Cole says:

    Are you implying that Scottish men have massive penises with explosive ejaculate? If so, I can neither confirm nor deny this (but mostly I can definitely confirm it).

  16. scottossington says:

    i can honestly say that my balls are not big enough to face the heat.

  17. The Random One says:

    Soooooooo is this why on the previous trailer the announcer kept referring to the game as “Fook Eye 3”?

  18. PopeRatzo says:

    For what it’s worth, I have known several Scottish people and even dated one, and they do indeed say “fookin’ ” a whole lot.

  19. Azophi says:

    Maybe I’ve missed a trend in earlier years, but 2012 has definitely been the year of watching people get stabbed gruesomely in trailers, right? I remember BF3 trailers always making a point to show one prolonged stab-this-dude-in-the-throat per trailer but that ante certainly seems to have been upped.

    I’ve bemoaned the way interactions with AI in games has been stuck at ‘shooting them but not much else’ for a long time, so I guess drawn out knifings are a step in… a direction.

  20. fish99 says:

    Pity it doesn’t have the co-op mode people actually want to play, i.e. play the whole campaign co-op.