Brilliant-Looking Mod Mashes Up TF2, Binding Of Isaac

I'm looking very forward to Valve's 'Meet The This Horrifying Gray Embodiment Of Eternal Suffering' video.

Sometimes, modding is a delicate, subtle art – its inspirations many and nuanced, and its results unexpectedly evocative. It’s akin to the flap of a butterfly’s wings – barely even a whisper on the wind, yet capable of breathing pollen-dappled life into countless fields and genres. Other times, modding’s about taking one crazy and thing and cramming it into another crazy thing to make a third, orders of magnitude crazier thing. Which brings us to a completely insane Binding of Isaac mod for Team Fortress 2. The objective, so far as I can tell, is to do normal TF2 stuff (teamwork, friendship, murder) while also dealing with an onslaught of decidedly un-bound bosses. It looks completely wild. Traverse the break’s treacherous dungeons to check it out.

So that looks… chaotic. I’m extremely impressed by the mod’s replication of Isaac’s look/atmosphere (and even a couple of its roguelikier bits), though.

There’s a chance you’ll encounter it in the map rotation if you join up on Slag Gaming‘s zombie fortress server, but the mod’s creators note that it’s still definitely a work-in-progress. The final version, they claim, will introduce two more bosses, 20 percent more content, and “a few other features.” That could mean literally anything ever, but I hope it involves angrily shooting Gurdy over and over and over and over because I am seriously so bad at that fight.

But yes, this looks like quite the thing. Has anyone had a chance to give it a go? Does it… does it actually, you know, work?


  1. int says:

    Crazy game + crazy game = ???

    • Noburu says:


      • stacyparker8 says:

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    • Kasab says:

      Or a highly logical, grounded game. Perhaps two crazies cancel each other out?

      • Snakejuice says:

        I don’t know.. that video doesn’t really support your theory!

  2. Kaira- says:

    The objective, so far as I can tell, is to do normal TF2 stuff (teamwork, friendship, murder)

    A true inspiration for us all.

    Have to say, this seems interesting, I guess it’s time to reinstall TF2 and try this out.

  3. Ruffian says:

    If you stand behind Gurdy, only the bees can hit you, then all you have to do is turn and shoot whichever side the bees are coming from. unless he changed it or something.

  4. Darth_Hobbes says:

    This is just going to end up with everyone either going Heavy, Demoman or Medic.

  5. golem09 says:

    And for oone moment I had hoped somebody had actually repliaced all of Binding of Isaacs gameplay mechanics in an FPS.

    On the other hand, thank god no one actually did it.
    I would probably have dropped everything to PLAY THIS FOR 200 HOURS!

    • Turkey says:

      Well, since the roguelike roguelike door has been busted open. I’d say it’s pretty much inevitable that some indie dev is going to develop a FPS roguelike. And when they do, I’m going to give them all my money.

      • Blackbaldrik says:

        I think ZombiU qualifies as a FPS Roguelike.
        It may not be as randomized as most Roguelikes but it does have leveling, randomized drops, permadeath, and gets insanely difficult at times.

        You may owe Ubisoft all of your money.

  6. Jahkaivah says:

    And thus the two most fun games which let you attack your enemies with urine collide…

    • NailBombed says:

      … leading to URINEFACE! Of course, that already happened in both games…

  7. Velko says:

    The picture at the top is somehow eerily similar to this one:
    link to

  8. BathroomCitizen says:

    Reminds me of crazy Doom wads in multiplayer.