High Five: Red 5 Announce New Firefall Beta Plans

Firefall, Red 5 Studios rather fancy jetpack MMO (one of the project leads is the excellent Scott Youngblood, who worked on the original Tribes games) is heading for some beta weekend plans. They explain: “Firefall’s upcoming Beta Weekends are scheduled Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 7-9. These are North American and European 48-hour stress-tests with players encouraged to find bugs, test various features and help the developers improve the beta by providing feedback.”

You can sign up here, with the now-traditional pre-order “founders” pack option alongside it. Recent video below for motivational beta-sign up purposes.


  1. elfbarf says:

    Can anyone who has recently played tell me how the game is currently doing? I’ve been in the beta for quite a while but last time that I checked, there still wasn’t much content in the game. I’ve seen tons of coverage about Firefall’s developers messing with game mechanics but no mention of actual content.

    Having beta weekends/pre-orders leads me to believe that they’re getting close to release so I’m assuming there’s something more to do now.

    • Scouter says:

      When I played it for a few hours it was nothing but boring. I don’t know but I don’t think these types of games are my favorites.

      • selenabryan62 says:

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    • devil_92 says:

      last time i checked they added A LOT of dynamic events,go and recapture towers,fight of the chosen to avoid a invasion,you can push back the melding a bit.

    • Asyne says:

      They’re finished with the PvP and core class concerns that they addressed over the last three or four months, and are moving on to PvE content such as Chosen assaults and events. LGV salvaging, meldnados, watchtower control (as well as watchtower overhauls), melding repulsors, Chosen pods/outposts, reworking thumper salvaging (way better now), new ‘raid boss’ enemy, increase in thumper enemy variety, increase in general enemy variety, improvements to AI, et’cetra. Thus there hasn’t been much new in PvP, but PvE has expanded notably.

      About a year ago they announced they wouldn’t be doing a “release,” instead taking a route like Dota2 where the beta keeps expanding until it’s essentially open. So there wouldn’t be a release proper, though the development milestones are being treated as micro-releases.

      I’d still rate it 4/5 right now, but there’s at least twice the content of six months ago.

    • ZephaniahGrey says:

      The world is still kind of small, but you’re never hurting for things to do now. In fact, it almost feels like there’s TOO MUCH to do. They added a couple of new dynamic events, but the Chosen (NPC “bad guy” army) are so relentless that you barely have time to do any of them.

      The combat’s fun, and people seem readily willing to team up on the fly to tackle some of the larger battles. My only complaint right now is that there’s still no way to track participation. For instance when destroying a Chosen drop pod, the only person to get credit for the event is the one who get’s the kill shot. There’s still exp rewards for all the enemies you kill to get that far, but the fact that it doesn’t handle it all as a single event still bothers me. Not a lot though.

      All in all I’d say it’s come along really well, and most importantly, it’s fun to play.

    • Tei says:

      I have paid a quick visit to the game, and the game feel much more polished. I like all the sci-fi stuff on some of the bases. The game seems to also include now some sort of questline you can do. Is very slowly becoming a good game, this will surprise some people.

    • Danarchist says:

      At the moment the majority of pve boils down to Chosen, Thumping, and just running around killing random bug pods.
      There is also a type of motorcycle race you can run but I found it really frustrating.

      One thing I will say though, the chosen called “Juggernauts” are possibly the most annoying NPC I have ever fought in any game. They shoot these mortors at you that only miss one out of ten times even if your “jigging” left right etc. Basically they are an NPC that uses aimbot. Oh, did I mention 2 hits from them kills you and they tend to spawn in groups of 2-4? I have gotten better at fighting them after a billion tower defenses but I cannot imagine how a new or casual player is going to feel about them. It is one thing to have a challenging opponent, it’s a whole other to have an opponent that can kill you from out of visible range before you even know they are there.

  2. PatrickSwayze says:

    That trailer from ages ago looked sweet but pretty much everyone on RPS slates the game.

    Guess I’ll finally get to try it for myself soon

  3. solymer89 says:

    So last week I dropped $20 to check this game out as I didn’t want to wait for a beta invite. My impressions:

    The quest line was very fluid but due to the game being in beta the quest line itself ran short rather quickly. I got to a point where the game was sending me to every communications tower at each point around the map, to connect with it. Well after running back and forth a dozen times to get to each point the game crashed. The next day when I went on, I had no notifications and no idea where to pick the quest line back up at, or any other quest for that matter. The initial NPC that gave me my first few jobs didn’t have anything for me and if I recall correctly, I was part of the army and was doing that last quest for them.

    I decided to go in to PVP after I couldn’t figure out what else to do. The PVP was fun for a while, the maps were fairly interesting but could be better as they don’t really take advantage of the jet packs. The battling is fast pace and target recognition is fairly straightforward. I can’t comment on balancing and it really wouldn’t be worth doing so, but I will say that the assault class’s primary weapon is beast as of last week. PVP, to me at least, was the fastest way to advance.

    Speaking of advancement, you can change your role at any designated station that allows you to switch, but you must first unlock the different classes in order to switch and play as them. I started with an engineer and opened up the assault class as well for pvp. Upon “leveling” instead of increasing statistics or unlocking new abilities, each class has an initial tree of three separate arms. Each arm seemed to be randomly populated with all the different gear you can equip from upgraded armor to upgraded primary or secondary weapons, to servos, to jumpjets. There seemed to be three “corporations” that produce these items and each item from each corp. had a different bonus that, early on, seemed negligible. But that is how you unlock new gear for your class, through leveling up, and as I stated, pvp seemed to be the fastest way to level. One last thing that I didn’t get to, at the end of the first tree, depending on the route you took to get to the end of that tree, there are three possible classes that you can upgrade to based on your original class. I have no experience with these upgraded classes as I only played for a few days before I decided to let it sit and for Red 5 to add more content.

    The other aspect of this game that I noticed was open was something they call thumping. Thumping requires a hammer that you slam on the ground that detects various mineral deposits. When you find a good location, you call in your thumper, which must be created by you through the crafting (more soon). The thumper proceeds to gather the resources from the spot you choose but draws a lot of attention from NPC’s. You must protect the thumper from these things in order to obtain the resources, otherwise if they destroy your thumper you lose not only the resources but the thumper as well. I believe each thumper took about 15 minutes to craft. The larger and more valuable deposits require a group to survive the thumping.

    The crafting seemed pretty interesting and fairly easy as most anything you kill drops the materials you need to make almost anything early on (even in PVP but only specific materials based on the game type your playing). The only thing that gave me pause was the various crafting times. Basically, you have two initial crafting slots available in which you can create one thing in each slot, but can craft multiple things at the same time. There is a third slot available that required to be unlocked. The Thumper, as I mentioned earlier, took about fifteen minutes to craft. The longest time to craft something that I noticed was seven hours. I’m not too sure how well the crafting will end up being.

    There is also what I would call public points of interest, in that in the story the world is being invaded by the Chosen and they drop in pods/warp in(not sure) randomly around the map. There is a notification each time one of these show up within your vicinity. These attacks contain very strong NPC’s that are most definitely unsoloable, so I mostly avoided them.

    Beyond that I couldn’t really grasp what the game was about other then PVP/resource gathering. I can only assume that the quest line is far from complete as I was able to accomplish what was available to me easily in an hour, give or take a few minutes.

    Overall I am interested in seeing where this game goes. I really burned out on MMO’s the last couple of years but I am willing to give this one a shot. The combat in the game is pretty engaging and I enjoyed my time as an engineer for pve and an assault for pvp. Because this is a FPS/TPS there is a bit of skill involved in how successful you can be and that intrigues me.

  4. MonkeyLord2121 says:

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    Like I said these keys last forever, not just the weekend! Enjoy!

    • terwelu says:

      took number 4, thank you kindly good sir

      also, number 5 seems to be restricted to your address.

    • MonkeyLord2121 says:

      Last one not taken is Number 2. BXTS1-IJLGE-9D4N0-D2DON
      One extra one for good measure. P8TFL-FSTAZ-8H5D8-CVGBC

      Edit: Also If you get Restricted to address it means it got taken by someone else.

  5. Sayori says:

    This game is in beta almost for 2 years…
    Wonder if they ever get out of beta stage, seems like they have no idea what to do with the game.

  6. gallitin says:

    Great game!

    Found a good fan site as well: link to forums.firefallbase.com