PlanetSide 2025: SOE’s Big Plans For The Future

This is pretty much what I always imagine when airplane pilots say we're about to encounter some minor turbulence.

These days, when an MMO maker declares its intention to carry on until the day the sun reveals it’s actually been a giant Pac-Man the entire time and devours us all in one fell wakka, it’s easy to be skeptical. Extremely skeptical. But PlanetSide 2 seems to be off to an especially strong start, and no one ever got anywhere – except maybe off the edge of a cliff – by being shortsighted. And so, in a blog post outlining his three-year plan for the truly massive MMOFPS, CEO John Smedley explained that “we’re thinking about a game we plan to have running in 2025.” Which, as you may have noticed, is a bit more than three years from now. But that comparatively short span is the part SOE’s really focusing on, and by the end of it, Smedley’s hoping for player-owned bases, harvestable resources, seamless oceans between continents, NPC armies, and tons more.

It’s quite a behemoth of a post, but here are some of the standouts:

“We plan on releasing continents that are empty or partially empty where players can build their own bases. These are open world bases, so others will be able to attack them. We’re also planning on having these continents heavily resource based with new resource types that will be very rare, and lots of cool new stuff that can be built out of these new resources. Imagine [StarCraft II] style resource harvesting with physical vehicles doing the mining or the harvesting.”

“Water between continents – seamlessly – this is really hard tech, but our goal is to make the whole planet seamless and allow water based vehicles.”

That last bit, especially, sounds completely insane. Meanwhile, Smedley wants to populate these areas – at least, in part – with NPCs that players can both fight and command. “Imagine,” he wrote, “as the commander of a base, sending an NPC army towards another base MOBA-style – except it’s in the middle of the Planetside 2. This isn’t another game mode. It’s all part of the same game.”

Other goals include weather, tons more vehicles and weapons, and eSports support. That said, all of this is subject to change. To its credit, SOE seems to understand quite well that players are the glue that holds its game together, so they’ll get final say. “This isn’t some ‘vision’ we plan on imparting on our players,” Smedley clarified. “It’s our thoughts on what we think would be cool. We will listen to our users feedback and make changes based on that feedback.”

OK then, apropos of nothing, I want a landshark gun. Anybody feel like starting the petition?


  1. Mr Bismarck says:

    By 2025 I may have earned enough certs to buy a gun.

    • CobraLad says:

      You mean that cheap one for 250 certs?

    • int says:

      Will it still run in the year 2525, If man is still alive, If woman can survive?

    • Shralla says:

      People only complain about cert gain because they suck. I can get easily a cert a minute. What’s your problem?

      • LionsPhil says:

        Parody of the usual “you don’t like it because you’re not as good as me” dullard, or the real deal?

        It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

        • Squirm says:

          It’s completely valid though.
          This game has an unusual tendency (in modern gaming) to reward the better player, with very little given to the losing player.
          If you aren’t good the game will seem unfair, it’s impossible to get certs!
          I felt that way for my first 10 hours, averaging 20-30/hour.

          When you realize you need to apply yourself a bit more than in other games, if you have the capabilities you can put the effort in and the cert gain almost feel’s a little quick.

          • Wild_Marker says:

            Not quite. Most players are complaining that killing seems to be waaaay more important in cert gain that capturing objectives. And they’re right, you get more certs on a meat grinder battle than by, say, flanking the zerg and winning said battle.

          • Phantoon says:

            Yeah. Or resurrecting and healing AFK players who are immediately killed again because they are standing in a bad spot. The #2 player on NA has a maximum of 300 kills- he’s just resurrected a lot of people.

          • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

            Yess. Rather than “good” players it rewards players who will be happy to sit in situations where they can effectively “harvest” certs. Like delaying a base capture and camping their spawn in a tank (or bunch of tanks).

            Just sayin.

          • JohnnyMaverik says:

            Agree with the camping whole heartedly, really annoying when it happens and on some of the bases there’s very little you can do about it seeing as you can’t see let alone effectively damage the 5 Max’s sitting just below the spawn room waiting for people to drop down. Although at that point just stop spawning there and feeding the campers, come back with a tank and some friends.

            Definitely a game where playing on your own is little fun most of the time, so get in them platoons. At that point executing plans and playing together makes you forget all about cert gain because you’re actually having fun, not just trying to grind to that wayward goal of 1k certs. I gather RPS has one or two, and I play with the 77th VEF which is a EU based Vanu platoon who play on Miller. I’m sure there are already tons out there for all of the factions, so just google.

            Also I highly recommend people actually trial the 1k weapons and not just read the description and decide it’s going to change their lives, I play Vanu HA and some of the more expensive weapons are certainly not the best and don’t match their descriptions at all, e.g. the Lasher is terrible and nothing like it’s described, also costs 1k certs. I’d also argue that the cert prices are fine as they are, seeing as if you got enough certs to unlock everything in the first month it’d be a bit anti climatic. The way people can grind certs however needs to be looked at, in some cases desperately so (e.g. camping low populated enemy base spawn rooms).

      • Synesthesia says:

        wow! You must really be great! Can i touch you?

        • Squirm says:

          Way to miss the point.
          I’ve managed to get beyond being utterly awful and clueless. There’s m any tiers of skill above me who are able to make me look like a disgusting peasant.

          The point of my post isn’t “lel im good ur bad xD scrub redditer” The point of the post is: Apply yourself, you’ll get better and it will feel good.
          Skill based games are fun, and this one made me realize just how bad i actually was. Improving has been enjoyable.

          • Universal Quitter says:

            YOU are missing the point that comments like that are 1) not helpful 2) something EVERYONE already knows and 3) at BEST, going to come off as bragging.

            EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THE POINT. Most people just find the point unnecessary and annoying.

            Get it? Can everyone get back to their lives now?

      • MaXimillion says:

        A cert point a minute? So you’ll unlock one expensive gun every 16 hours or so? That’s assuming you don’t want to actually get any actual certs, of course.

        Even for an “MMO”, that’s pretty terrible.

        • Snakejuice says:

          It’s F2P, you are supposed to spend some dosh to speed up the process!

          • Noburu says:

            Bah people want to always bitch and moan, never mind they get to play the game for FREE as long as they choose. Also the game isnt pay to win and you can do very well with only the starting gear.

          • Dorako says:

            Sure, but then if I want all the guns (around the same amount of content as a standard pay to play game), it’s over 300 dollars…

          • Greg Wild says:

            You really, really don’t need to unlock all the weapons. Hell, I’ve only bothered with a shotgun and the two specialized missile launchers for infantry. The trick is to pick a role to specialize in and focus points on that.

          • Phantoon says:

            But you can’t. You can’t do well with the starting gear. Want to be competitive in air battles? You need missiles. Everyone else has them. Want to take out air while on the ground? Well, better get in a max after buying the second AA gun for it, or buy the ground to air launcher for the heavy assault. Want to upgrade your armor? Good, because absolutely anything you buy for armor is an upgrade because you start with nothing there, and because bandoliers (ammo or grenade capacity) take the same slot, you will never have ammo or grenade capacity. Want to have a lightning capable of taking down air? Better buy Skyguard! Want to have a Sunderer with any ability? Better get the certs for it (though admittedly, this is the least egregious).

            Furthermore, did you buy a scope for one gun? That’s nice, you can’t use it on another gun that’s almost exactly identical or the same gun on another character. Same for ammo.

            None of this would be an issue if they would just make it so things you bought are unlocked everywhere, and if you started with more than the bare minimum (considering you don’t start with any armor package, it’s not even the bare minimum in some cases).

            At least the game plays well most of the time now. I’d just enjoy it more if I didn’t have to reunlock C4 after switching from Engineer to Light Assault. If the grind is hampering my enjoyment of the game, I’m not going to give them more money.

          • Squirm says:

            @ phantoon. “can’t be competitive without spending smedbux”

            Rank 1 on server with a character with 0 upgrades and the stock gun.

            away with you!

        • innociv says:

          Yeah. It’s almost as bad as LoL( 30-60 hours per hero unlock IIRC)

          But things like anti air guided rockets, twin anti air max weapons, and anti air light tank guns are super important to unlock.

          I don’t mind a bunch of grind for unlocks, but I better get the required stuff at the start and the unlocks just being side grades.

          They promised side grades at the start, but many things are very clearly upgrades. Only a few starting weapons actually compared to the unlock ones.

          • Phantoon says:

            People say it’s 30-60 hours for a champ, but they don’t take advantage of the Win of the Day. I play one game a day with friends, and though it takes a few weeks, I didn’t spend more than five hours total playing a game I would’ve played anyways.

          • darkChozo says:

            …unless you’re earning about 1200 IP every hour, that’s rather doubtful. The math works out to about 20 hours to unlock an expensive champion if you’re playing a 30 minute match everyday and winning half of them. Certainly better than if you try to marathon it, but not exactly amazing.

          • innociv says:

            Whao what?
            I thought it was like 90 IP for a win? Every 30 minutes. That’s 180 per hour. 35 hours. If you win every game.

            Even if it’s 125 per win that’s still 25 hours if you win every time.

          • darkChozo says:

            I did the math at some point, two 30 minutes games, one a loss and one a win, net you a tad under 150 IP. Add in 150 IP for first win of the day (essentially, the FWotD bonus is worth an hour of play), and you get 300 IP per hour if you’re playing a game a day, which means 21 hours to get a 6300 IP champion. If you marathon it, it’s more like forty hours, but obviously you’re going to get at least two first win of the day boosts in there, most likely more than that. That’s where the 30-35 hours comes from.

    • Squirm says:

      Quick question, are you bad at the game?

      I don’t mean that in a snappy way, It’s an honest question.
      I’m fairly good at it (judging by comparison to other people i see on forums) I average a 5:1 kd and constantly flip points across the map, i actively try to take the continent, and stay away from the unintelligent zergs.

      This tends to average 80 certs/hour (60/120 min/max).
      At that rate i can buy a new gun every 10 hours of gameplay, a gun that the devs have valued at $7

      Of course, the stock guns are already very good, the other guns don’t seem to offer any major advantages, they are after all, sidegrades. So whilst having fun for 10 hours over the course of the next week, i can get the bonus of a gun that would have cost some kids mother $7. Neat!

      Of course, if you don’t have the capabilities/skill to get a decent amount of certs (for every 5:1 there’s a guy on 1:5) the dev’s have thought of you! By allowing you into the game for free, you’re already “up” $60 or so, a small fraction of that will allow you to unlock whatever you want (because it’s certain that the opponent bought a gun, that’s the reason he killed you!)
      So now you can have the illusion of being on the same playing field!

      Please try to remember that the game isn’t about unlocking guns. The game (all games) should primarily be about enjoying yourself. If you’re enjoying yourself and eventually get things for free, where’s the problem?
      If you’re not enjoying yourself, but want to keep playign to get dat gun, then you’re a fucking idiot and deserve all the shit you eat.

      • reyn78 says:

        Please, we get it, you are AWESOME and we suck. Can you please go somewhere where actually people would care how many certs per second you earn?

      • The Greatness says:

        So, because you’re great at the game and I suck at it, I have to pay money and you get stuff for free? And this is fair? I thought this was a game, not a competition. I hardly see why I should be punished because I’m not amazing at shooting people. Fair enough if there was a slight increase in cert gain for good players, but as it is it’s just unfair.

        • Sardaukar says:

          Any change that helps the poor player also helps the great player. Cert gain inflates and prices rise to keep stationcash viable, and the poor player is still at the bottom of the ladder.

          Seriously, though, two of the best ways to get certs involve not shooting a gun. There’s a productive niche role for everyone, and that’s a tremendous credit to PS2.

          • Bluebreaker says:

            u mean the ways that involve using “tools” that half of the time don’t want to work?

          • Sardaukar says:

            I mean the ones that work for ammo, repairs, heals, spotting, troop deploying, and troop carrying.

          • LionsPhil says:

            The medigun is horrendously unreliable, compared to the trusty health-hose of TF2.

            If your charge dies, you have to release and retarget to go into resurrect-healing.
            If the person you’re resurrecting rises, you have to release and retarget to then heal them up (even thought the beam still shows, it does nothing until you reaquire).
            Sometimes it will just plain refuse to fire on someone, usually a fresh corpse you’d really like to be getting up now right now please. (And the way that works, with the popup yes-no and no context, is pretty bad.)

            Plus with so many more players, I really wish it’d smart-target a bit to ignore people who are already at full health when pointing into a crowd, since it can’t overheal anyway.

            I’ve also had the engineer gun get confused such that it’s backward in my hand in the overheat position, yet still fixing my target, beam effect and all, while actually cooling down. Good job nothing mistook that bug for a cheat.

          • Phantoon says:

            The medigun is wonky. The repair gun is worse. It’ll switch from the Sunderer I WAS repairing to a completely full MAX that walked into my field of vision. It’ll ignore healing a MAX unless they’re crouching. It’ll be interrupted by the ammo pack glitch, and still heat up when I don’t even have it out.

        • Squirm says:

          Looks like greatness + reyn are both purposefully missing the point, i’m going to presume they aren’t actually that stupid.
          P2W is squarely aimed at casuals. Or in this case “pay to accelerate the rate with which i can access unimportant sidegrades(except rocketpods which are pretty p2w)”

          If you’re finding your lack of capabilities is holding you back from ‘enjoying’ the game, then you have the option of paying money for it. You have the power to literally shortcut hundreds of hours of play, and get the juicy rewards for a cash price.

          If you’re not a fan of either of those options, and would prefer to just pay once for the game and have everyone on an even playing field, I’d agree entirely. However, the implementation in planetside2 allows anyone to have a huge impact, or no impact and it’s not because of what equipment you have.
          Unfortunately games just can’t be released nowadays without some form of long-term progression system, there’s too many people who don’t play games for fun.

          It’s a shame that the people who complain the most about this sort of system are the people who understand it the least.
          I’m not sure what you think is unfair about awarding everyone equally for the same tasks.
          If you’re bad at a task you’ll get less reward.
          It’s a multiplayer game therefore it’s a competition.

          > Sidegrades don’t matter and shouldnt be how you measure the enjoyment of a game
          > You didn’t pay for the game, you can chose to spend that money on the parts of it you enjoy
          > I imagine the people who think planetside 2 is “unfair” are also supporters of tumblr #1reasonwhy shite

          • sinister agent says:

            “Casuals” are not a thing. Pull your head out.

          • Squirm says:

            then who’s buying the wii?

          • Noburu says:

            All of my thoughts put into an eloquent post, thank you Sir Squirm.

          • Bimble says:

            Yeah, those people who bought the Wii and didn’t play anything other than Wii Sports epitomise casual for me.
            That said it’s planetside 2, there’s always room for one more (best said with a little drool escaping your mouth) I’m in no way awesome, certainly not as awesome as squirm, and I’m trying to unlearn my suicidal medic habits from BF3. I kill loads but I die way more, have a ton of fun doing it, shit I’ve spent time just messing about in a reaver at the warp gate. Cert gain seems fine to me. Slow at first, but if you jump in a squad you get bonus XP for your actions a medic in a battle is an XP sponge. It’s still early days and there’s a fair bit of tk, sucky flying *waves* and squads spread over all three continents, with no one on voice.
            I’ve found that for (my) success a good squad is a must, and I really don’t mind being told what to do, especially when it fits my mantra of, keep sl up, avoid the temptation to heal those just out of reach but in the lof (though watching a stream of noobs being chased to their death by noob medics and engys never gets old, the leeroy is strong in this game) and as long as sl isn’t a dick and isn’t sending us right up the middle, follow orders.

            I’m wittering I know but I have an anecdote. I wish I’d recorded this moment for it’s epicness. NC were rolling out en masse (yes there are NC left on Miller;) ) tank column and sundies galore, flashes riding all over the scenery, air escort the lot, buzzing from victory (we have those too, when you’re all asleep:p). I was passenger whatever in one of the sundies so I’ve got my head out the globe and no gun pah (always reminds me of hammond in that stupid top gear car) anyway we hit the road in a gazillion sc of death and some noob decides it’s a good time to cross on foot, and they do, diagonally, and without anyone deviating from their path, and with inches to spare, he casually jogs across the road.
            The gunners on the sundies were watching, the tanks barrels were bearing down, one almost touching him at one point XD and nobody died, nobody did anything fancy, nothing happened, and it was epic.
            That alone gave PS2 a special place in my heart, not to mention the feel of the guns, the nade launcher on my flash, deviating from medic oO listening for footsteps in enemy bases (zergers keep zergin pls) those revive ‘moments’… Anwyho, pretty good game, free.
            HATE the AI amies idea. Just sayin.
            Shut up Bim.

          • Bharg says:

            How many points do you make per hour? I don’t think I am terrible at the game and I get like ~5000/h. It still takes me at least 4 hours to get 100 certs. How and where exactly are you playing? My squad is avoiding the zerg and trying to cap points, but it doesn’t seem to be whorthwile. The game only seems to award killing, but that obviously isn’t the best way to contribute your team.

          • Squirm says:

            @ bharg,
            5000 is possibly a bit below average.
            On matherson as TR it’s quite possible to consistently average 20000+/hour (that’s with a 50% boost mind!) something in the region of 10-13000/hour is the average we get in our small outfit, doing the same things as you. Behind enemy lines capping points etc.

          • sinister agent says:

            Who’s buying the… christ.

            I thought you people had died out. Damned hope.

          • Phantoon says:

            Agent, I never even hoped for such a thing.

            I just hoped they were too busy on Other Websites to come here.

            Nevermind that Boom Blox, a party game, takes more skill than GEARS OF HALO: BABE MASSACRE 6. I have a cousin that is that age. It’s not like the kids are maliciously repeating exactly what they were told by others, it’s that fitting in is hard at that age, and to do things outside the norm is frustrating.

            I daresay the Xbox is the casual console because of what it’s aimed at- casual gamers. Sure, you can play your Halo obsessively, but you could do the same with Skyrim, and a fair chunk of people that bought that didn’t play it much. I’d venture to guess some of them bought it because “it was what was expected” in some small role.

            And the in-fighting that goes on during a game of Mario Party is anything but casual. Causual, maybe, after the police are called.

            Oh, and one other thing. Skill doesn’t amount to a hill of beans here when you’re outgunned. One person cannot kill three people unless they are in a MAX, or got a lucky grenade.

          • dextronaut says:

            To the OP. Im very glad you said it. I was trying to form the words. I dont see the big deal about everyone being on the same playing field. makes it more fair than n00bs getting just as rewarded as someone with a killstreak for running around TK’ing. Granted, Im not pro or anything and was a bit frustrated at first. But I dont play a game not knowing what Im getting into and I still think the mechanics of it are smart. Ive gotten a little better and its improved. If youre gonna complain about it all the time you’ll never have the optimism to get better. Most people must not understand the game they’re playing. of course it’s a “game,” but a competitive game that’s trying to make it more about skill than gear. It’s a clear sign of that when I saw in the article they are trying to get E-sports impletation ni the future. Either play and get better or dont play at all, or, if youre in that market, pay. The devs are constantly trying to improve the game and take feedback seriously. I know where everyone is coming from and Ive had the same feelings, but the game’s mechanics are far beyond any other FPS at this time and the best thing is, it leaves plenty of room for improvement of my gameplay, and stuff to earn down the road. I didnt play this to have certs HANDED to me for playing poorly.

            And killing 3 people is very likely if planned right, without the need for a “lucky” grenade. doing that every life, no.

        • limimi says:

          Lol, yes. That is how video games work, every video game. If you are better at it than someone else you will get more out of it.

          Note: I am awful at Planetside 2, this is not a ‘I’m great and you can suck it’ post. I’m not going to complain that it is unfair until someone gives me a participation ribbon however, because that is pathetic.

          • Squirm says:

            If anyone would like to play, i’m TR on matherson (us east)! Managed to get into the top 5 for kills today with just the standard TR gun and 0 certs spent. You just have to play a lot and get good at clicking heads.

            Any recommendations for cert spending be appreciated. All i’ve done is unlock the sunderer deploy thingy.
            I can’t tell whether it’d be more fun to stick points into drifter jets + c4 OR go fully into the heavy weapons guy, upgrade that amazing shield etc.

            Name is “Ermurka” on matherson.

            “edit”: didn’t mean to rile so many people with my earlier comments, it’s just disappointing to see people whining about things they A) don’t understand or B) don’t even need!

            The games proven to be a lot of fun so far It’s been a while that a game has made me think “wow” so often as this one. Last time i played a game as much as this was back in 2004/7 with css…

            Have fun all!

          • Phantoon says:

            I find your comments and demeanor distasteful, especially with how you ended with a “your fault you’re mad, I cannot see how I could’ve done that!”

      • Bloodloss says:

        I find it truly baffling that you think 10 hours of play is reasonable to unlock A. SINGLE. WEAPON.

        Sorry, did you get that? I said one weapon. One. Are you unemployed by any chance? That’s a ridiculous amount of time to get a single weapon, and that’s by someone who’s good at the game and experienced like you! And no, people shouldn’t have to pay money at all to be equal to others; but by all means, have fun winning because of your equipment and not due to skill.

        Winning should be about skill, yes, and I hate it in games like, I don’t know, Mario Kart, where they reward bad players with better items. However, something that should never be done is giving bad players, or people who don’t want to spend hundreds of hours to unlock a few guns and modifications, a massive disadvantage with the only way out of it to spend money. It’s a shame people have opinions like you, as you are responsible for all the terrible F2P models that exist, and the reason F2P games will hopefully inevitably die off.

    • colossalstrikepackage says:

      This. I guess it is what you forego for having a FTP model. But I’ve done my fair share of damage with the starting weapons.

    • Kurian says:

      Yeah, anyone complaining about cert gain is definitely terrible. These are the same people that don’t realize that after you capture A, B, or C, that you need to sit on the point to take it over faster. You should on average, if you’re not terrible, get about 50-60 cert an hour. If you’re better than average, you’ll get around 100-150 an hour.

      • Squirm says:

        I’d be shocked if people are getting 150/hour consistently mate.

        In my best ever battle, where i had a perfect position vs some retarded NC’s i ended up 84-0 with a score of 34000/hour, and that was only 130 certs or so (no boost).
        Now that’s a ridiculous score to get, and can only happen when facing against oblivious people (NC).

        That was my highest ever score in 2 months of playing.
        Maybe with the premium bonus + 50% boost you might get 150 average, dunno seems like a stretch

        • Lazarus_Soma says:

          To be fair while squirms’ OP and subsequent posts have been way too overbearing with the I’m great bow before me puny mortals stuff, he does have a point cert gain isn’t really all that bad, everything to be unlocked are simply side-grades and only really about your preference and play style and well; it is a completely free game after all :/ If all your concentrating on is the fact that your ‘dings’ aren’t going up fast enough, then maybe you should re-evaluate why you’r playing the game and concentrate less on the MMO aspect of it.

          • arccos says:

            Actually, quite a few of the abilities and class upgrades aren’t sidegrade, they’re direct upgrades.

            Things such as better armour, increased damage resistance skills, turning a vehicle into a spawn point, decreasing gun kickback, increasing ammo, scopes, lengthening the time your skill is active, etc.

          • Squirm says:

            And the things in your list that are expensive have horrific, fuck it’s. ugh i’ve forgotten the phrase..
            ahh, diminishing returns out the ass.
            for 100 certs you can have 15% extra hp, but then it’s another 500 to get the last 10% (not exact here).
            Hell, you can get 10% extra hp for just 1 cert.

            the other things like the sunderer deployment, and scoeps etc cost between 30-50 certs a pop, even for a very average hour you’ll be able to pick them up. That’s a pretty decent rate of acquisition in my opinion.

            There’s no defending the horrible p2w regarding air superiority though. all the best air weapons are locked behind 1k certs or $7

          • Mattressi says:

            I quite like that there are some things which require lots of grinding for only a minimal gain – it gives something to work toward. However, I think there are some things which should be already unlocked (G2A weapons, some kind of ESF rockets, C4, a decent Liberator secondary and a Lightning turret which doesn’t suck). Also, I think there aren’t enough smaller rewards along the way. The cheaper weapons usually suck or aren’t different from the main weapon other than replacing auto fire with burst (who would want that??). Maybe a few more pistols, a cheap shotgun and some other things which unlock across all classes would be great smaller rewards to work towards. Right now, it’s just a 48+ hour grind until you can unlock rocket pods or whatever other “real” weapons you need for your given vehicle(s)/class(es). The minor upgrades like suppressors feel like a waste if you know you’re saving up for a different weapon, since unlocking a suppressor only unlocks it for that one gun.

            I have confidence that they’ll fix this up later. Give more lower-cert options and some fun things to grind for. Even if the things which need heaps of grinding are a little better (only a little) than other weapons, it will make it feel less like you’re grinding without reward from the beginning.

            Also, hopefully they will make playing properly give you as many certs as farming infantry kills. Right now, I constantly struggle with either playing just for fun and getting certs at an absolute snails pace (~20/hour) or not enjoying myself at all and getting 80+ certs/hour. Fun usually wins out, but then I feel cheated because some weapons/equipment are so clearly straight upgrades and I know I’ll never get them if I play for fun.

    • Sayori says:

      Yes. Unless you are still lagging terribly…

      • Phantoon says:

        Press Q a lot when standing on a safe hill, looking at enemies. I’ve found that’s the best way to get XP while lagging terribly. Alternatively, join rural assaults and just stay in the Sunderer.

  2. Inigo says:

    eSports support

    Gnnngkrrrrrgggglk hurrrrgh.

  3. x1501 says:

    Between this and SW:TOR, 2025 will sure be one hell of a year for gaming.

    link to
    “We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we’ll hopefully have 500 worlds.”

  4. Antilogic says:

    You guys have seen this right? link to Right?

  5. SturmovikDrakon says:

    Oh man, Smed’s blog post goes all the way from August. I can’t believe no one picked up on it

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      I am wondering why suddenly everybody picks it up…

      • sinister agent says:

        Probably because the game’s been released for a couple of weeks now, and by all appearances it’s been a great success. That wasn’t sure to happen in August.

  6. jellydonut says:

    Smedley’s talked about some of this stuff before, notably player-owned territory.

    This could be dangerous for CCP if SOE makes a good gameplay mechanic before they unfuck sovereignty in Eve.

  7. OverTheGun says:

    “eSports support” I hate to be that guy, but PS2 would be one of the worst candidates for an eSport scene in years.. at least in the normal sense of the term like scrims/matches/leagues/tournaments/spectators etc.

    A ranking system between players/clans/guilds would seem the only form of competition outside of natural play and does not make it an eSport.

    In a nutshell, PS2 doesn’t have ANY of the requirements to be an eSports game imo, except for being a game, and a game that’s played against other people.

    Not a bash on PS2, but maybe it was just stuff like rankings that they meant (!= eSport).

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      What Smedley ment was to create something that runs beside the usual PS2 gameplay. It’s nothing that will directly interfere with the metagame of PS2. More something along the lines of a “regular” FPS team match with PS2 assets.
      Also that’s just an idea. It’s not unlikely that a lot of these things will never see the light of day.

      • Somerled says:

        That sounds even worse. Maybe an e-sports server with a whole continent per match up and minimally modified rules for tourney style play. I’d love to watch something like that.

        Oh, and no announcers. Blegggh

        • Andy`` says:

          Higby mentioned esports in an interview really recently, was explaining how they could potentially instance off part of a map (like limiting the playable area to just one base) for more regular-size battles or using an entire map for large scale battles, but not wanting it to interfere with the existing game or pull outfits away from the main game. So the kind of thing they’d probably pull out for events and so on, instead of a regular side-thing or alternate setting for the game.

          Edit: also “In a nutshell, PS2 doesn’t have ANY of the requirements to be an eSports game imo, except for being a game, and a game that’s played against other people.” – battles can be entertaining to just watch as they are, so that could be part of why they think it might be viable

          • Lazarus_Soma says:

            They’ve already had a couple of pretty successful tournaments so far.

        • Phantoon says:

          You say no announcers, but a good announcer can make even people that hate eSports watch it. Like me.

          I don’t care for eSports, but I watched part of the LoL tournament and was roped in because Phreak is really good at announcing.

          Still not going to watch any more of it, but there ARE good “gamescasters”.

  8. mbr says:

    No word on optimization? Because I can only play with 20-30 fps, with every graphical option on low for so long.

    • hemmingjay says:

      It’s optimized pretty well for current gen systems, for example i5 and GTX 570. It is unlikely to get any better due to the large battles, explosions, and multiple sound channels. This game is unique from other F2P games in that it’s not made to be played on every computer but rather is a cutting edge game that is designed for the future. Your next computer will play it well and you will probably still be playing this 5 years from now.

      • Aaarrrggghhh says:

        A lot of AMD users tend to disagree ;)
        SOE also as they stated several times that the performance is not there where they want it to be.

        That there is no mention of optimization in this blog post is because it’s only Smed’s personal ideas and dreams about the future of the game, nothing official.

        • Zelius says:

          I’ve been hearing that a lot, but I don’t seem to have any problems with my Phenom II X4 955 and a Radeon 6870. Nothing fancy, but I can run the game perfectly fine with everything on high. Which AMD systems cause problems?

        • MrLebanon says:

          my phenom ii x6 is causing me 0 problems

      • Shortwave says:

        I keep hearing people say this, even though a good few patches ago I was running it beautifully.
        So I’m not sure if it was AMD’s latest driver, or they did something but it totally botched it.

        I WAS at one point playing this at 60-80fps easily.
        Now again, like many it’s dropped to 20-30fps.

        I understand theres A LOT going on and it’s a MASSIVE world.
        But that doesn’t change the fact I’ve totally been in massive close range battles in a base at 60+ fps before. The other day I tried it and I got excited, it was running great for a while then just bogged down again randomly and wouldn’t get back up to speed.

        Either way, it’s not uninstalled.. It’s awaiting patiently for optimization patches.

    • affront says:

      From a Massively interview:
      “The next couple of months will be largely dedicated to bug fixes, polish, optimization, and stability. We didn’t want to immediately pivot and move on to creating brand-new features until we felt like the state of everything that’s in the game right now was as polished, solid, and fun as it could possibly be.”

      source: link to

    • LionsPhil says:

      Lucky you! I’m in the teens, with everything on low. (I’m completely CPU-bound…and it only seems to be using two out of four cores.)

    • Stochastic says:

      I can’t comment on game performance issues since I’m rocking a 3570K@ 4.0Ghz, but SOE have repeatedly said that performance optimization is an ongoing process. I wouldn’t expect miraculous performance boosts anytime soon, but hopefully in 1-2 years PS2 will be playable on more homely PCs.

    • SuicideKing says:

      1) They recommend an i5 (most likely a second or third gen, ie, Sandy/Ivy Bridge) and 8GB RAM, from the bottlenecks on my system i agree with them on this, they haven’t overstated this.

      2) THIS GAME IS CPU BOUND. Turning graphics to low won’t help anything. If you have a decent GPU, turn the graphics up but leave CPU intensive stuff (i think that counts shadows, not sure) to medium or low. The main CPU load comes from the multiplayer component, which is the entire fucking game. You’ll notice that if you get 20 fps in firefights then you’ll get upwards of 45 in open empty areas. It’s well threaded and favours a higher clock rate and IPC. => get a fast Intel quad core.

      3) Intel > AMD when it comes to gaming (fact, no fanboyism involved here) which might be what’s going wrong with people with AMD platforms.

      4) If AMD’s GPUs are giving you issues, then it’s either the drivers or something game related. It’s a DX9 game after all, you don’t need to have a super powerful GPU to run it at 40fps.

    • Arona Daal says:

      It never goes above 75 % Usage of any cpu Core ,gpu or any kind of Memory. Yet still it has FPS Drops.
      On a System that has no Problems with experimental 128 Players Pr Servers,and can run prettier looking Games without a Hickup ever.

      If this is “optimized”,you have a different Idea of that word than a lot of People including the Developers.

      Developers (21.11.2012): “We aren’t done optimizing. We have tons of optimizations in the works, and a team of guys working on them. ”
      link to

    • Lone Gunman says:

      I have a quad core and I was getting bid performance issues but today It has improved a lot for me. My GPU was even bottle necking the games instead of my CPU at one point so they are working on it.

  9. DanDeath says:

    Base building on empty continents? Oceans and seafaring vessels? Exactly what I’ve been wanting. Oh and a seamless planet.

  10. Aaarrrggghhh says:

    I’m wondering why this suddenly pops up all over the internet?
    Smed’s blog post is from August this year…

  11. hemmingjay says:

    Can’t say enough good things about the game or the support of the company. Have a question? Ask them on FB during business hours and they will get right back to you. Serisouly, what F2P game has this kind of professionalism. All of my SOE hate is fading again.

  12. BathroomCitizen says:

    I love when developers shoot for the stars.

    It’s that kind of mad ambition that made late ’90s game great.

  13. Dowr says:

    Dear SOE,

    We love your ambition and we hope to see major changes to this wonderful game but please… don’t mess it up like you did the first Planetside.

    A humble solider of The Terran Republic.

  14. captain nemo says:

    Armed and Dangerous – It was pretty funny link to

  15. Ergates_Antius says:

    Surely by 2025 we’ll all be too busy zooming round in our flying cars to be playing video games. Right?

    • x1501 says:

      Don’t forget the Second Coming. According to Alice Bailey’s 1946 prediction, it’s going to be just “sometime after AD 2025”.

  16. Shralla says:

    How do they add eSports support for a game that has thousands of players and no instanced battles?

  17. Gers says:

    And it’s still not going to be as much fun as the first game.

  18. tomeoftom says:

    It’s all for nothing until they let you just buy the fucking game.

    • HumpX says:

      so let me get this straight, you want to go back to the old business model where you pay full retail for the game and then a monthly fee?

      Ive been playing since early beta. Ive yet to spend any cert points and im still competitive with guys with high rank and a bunch of gadgettry. I havent paid a dime….yet.

      Tribes Ascend, Hawken and PS2 seems to be getting the free-2-play biz model right. Im sure theres things that could be improved but I’ll take this over the old system any day of the week. but thats just me.

      • tomeoftom says:

        “so let me get this straight, you want to go back to the old business model where you pay full retail for the game and then a monthly fee?

        Or just the monthly fee, yeah. I’ve never payed a sub before, but I’d be willing to for PS2. What I can’t stand is them creating an environment where the player’s supposed to feel jealousy towards those kitted out with the best gear, but also where you can /never/ “just buy it all” because it’d cost thousands. You can never just own the game and get on with enjoying it. There’s always this tension, you’ll always have something spitting in your face.

        Re: simply not spending any money – that’s exactly what I’m going to do, mostly because I don’t want to support the business model. But that means I have to grind for a /ridiculous/ amount of time to get the slightest amount of choice in loadout, and that choice is not a trivial thing. Not having access to the 1000-cert Heavy infantry AA lock-on missile? That’s a serious disadvantage. And, of course, there’s the Dalton. The notion that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have “sidegrades” is bollocks even without the fact that in this instance they’re certainly “upgrades.”

        • Squirm says:

          It’d cost £200 at full price.
          Sales are up to 50% off a lot of the time, so £100 if you bought carefully.

          Of course let’s say you actually use some of the weapons first, maybe you use half of them. Getting one gun to it’s maximum medal gives roughly 1300 certs in total. So then you could look at it as pay £50 and by the time yiu’ve used everything you’ve bought, you’ve earned enough to unlock the rest!

          If you’re jealous of sidegrades thats an attitude problem really.
          They also offer 30 minute weapon trials!

          • tomeoftom says:

            Dude. I’m not paying $153AUD for a game. I’m also not spending weeks for each weapon earning 1300 cert points.

            “If you’re jealous of sidegrades thats an attitude problem really.”
            No, it’s not an attitude problem; it’s exactly the response the entire F2P system is designed to expect. It’s extremely normal to feel frustrated because you lost due to an uneven playing field. Again, they’re not sidegrades. On top of weapons that are simply better, the game also sells direct upgrades in exchange for certs (which you can buy a multiplier for).

            Why are you supportive of this business model? I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you prefer to pay a reasonable price for a game? Rather, you’re being given the choice between:

            – paying nothing and being hamstrung strategically,
            – paying the regular price for a game and still being treated like a second-class citizen, and
            – paying an astronomical sum set with white whales in mind?

            It’s the most bizarre apologism for a very, very insidious business malpractice.

        • fish99 says:

          I’ve bought 2 guns for my HA (the AA rocket and the EM6) and honestly I doubt I will need to buy anymore for that class. That cost £5. So considering other classes and vehicles, I could probably spend £30-50 on this game total and have everything I could want. That’s not an unreasonable sum for the amount of hours I’m likely to get out of the game. I don’t get why people think they need to buy every gun.

          I paid £20 for Bulletstorm and got exactly 7 hrs entertainment out of it. I’ve already had 30+ hrs from PS2.

  19. Soulstrider says:

    Altough most of their ideas are great, I really DON’T want to see NPC’s battles, that feels against the game spirit, at best automated turrets.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      Agreed 100%. If AI enemies show up, I quit.

      • Noburu says:

        I also agree. The dynamics of playing against all real players is what I like about it.

  20. sabasNL says:

    Ambition ✓
    Publisher ✓
    Possible ✓
    Money ✓
    Fanbase ✓
    Profit ✓

    Make this happen guys, seems good to me!

  21. fish99 says:

    My KDR is about 3 or 4, maybe 5, but for some reason in game it only shows 0.7. Must be a bug :p

    Joking aside I suspect that’s about average, and it is at least going up. I’m BR 16, have spent £8 on the game so far, bought 2 guns and I’m having a blast.

  22. fish99 says:

    I’ve just noticed in that Smedley blog he says 15 hours of play to buy the expensive guns, which is not even close to reality. I’ve had probably 400-500 certs so far in about 25-30 hrs, so it could be 50-60 hrs for an average player to get a gun from certs.

  23. fish99 says:

    ” 7) Esports support – we plan on doing this pretty soon after launch. We plan on making this a big big thing and putting a lot of our resources behind it. ”

    Don’t. Spend those resources making the game good for everyone instead.

  24. SicJake says:

    I play Light Assault mostly, I’ve unlocked a shotgun, and my c4, as well as some progress in jump jets and armor.

    I am an average player, not terrible, but certainly not good at the game (1:1 usually), and the cert rate is fine for me. Not to say I don’t wish defending objects gained you more certs, they could certainly increase that, but for standard kills, and capture the rate feels good enough to me. Trick is to get where the action is, and deploy to hotspots. You should be attacking every large objective when able. Also try taking your first 50 certs and buying AMS for the Sunderer. That lets you drive one up to a big battle and deploy as a waypoint. You get 2-3xp for every kill from a player who spawns from it. It adds up real quick.

    If you want a weapon grind, look at Tribes Ascend, where the weapons are a MUST buy, and take forever, at least in PS the stock carbine actually is quite good.

  25. the_madman says:

    Am I the only person here that doesn’t care about certs?

    I play online, with my friends, in a team. The huge amount of teamplay, strategy and communication we use makes the game one of the funnest I’ve ever played. We’ve come over from the Enemy Territory series and this game fits us like a glove, just the way it is.

  26. the_madman says:

    On the other hand, I don’t think that traditional E-sports tournaments can really work with this game, given the public MMO nature of it, but I still think it can be very successful as a live-stream game, which is why I think it’s fantastic that there’s built-in and Youtube support.

  27. hickoryboy777 says:

    Or C&C resource type gathering, that would be interesting, PlanetSide2 has a lot going for it, if they can throw in more sugar and spice and make it real nice, it will be a monster. They seem like they got some really good ideas (I wish gw2 would implement a few in wvwvw) Can’t wait to see them pan out, as in I need to see one of the mosquitoes get struck by a bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm, new meta, fly above thunderstorm clouds…